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What Every STONER Must Know | Truth About Marijuana | BeerBiceps Weed

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Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/RanveerAllahbadia INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps https://www.instagram.com/beerbiceps/ TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy https://twitter.com/BeerBicepsGuy TAMIL BeerBiceps : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoM4EsNWQdKlNEK_guukNQ What's good everybody? Today's video is about one of the world's hottest topics currently - Weed, ganja, cannabis or MARIJUANA. A wave that's taken over India. This video is for all the so called stoners out there who are trying to figure this question - is it okay to smoke weed? There is a lot of conflicting opinions on the internet and I feel that this video will help answer these questions. I've also spoken in detail about the REAL BODY HIGH in life - Meditation. There are meditative techniques that India has given the world - wherein you can easily get 'high' or 'stoned' through your own body's mechanisms. Watch to know more. ---------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy facebook.com/beerbiceps BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness, health, lifestyle, fashion, men's grooming and personality development channel Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (445)
Ayush Kaushal (1 day ago)
My Inspiration- Ranveer Allahabadia!! Changed my life and still changing others lives. Thank you so much.
chrisrobinson82 (1 month ago)
What about Religion or Meditation being a form of addiction?
Nishant Bisen (3 months ago)
Inspiring ❤️
Shaswata Sarkar (4 months ago)
Tried to contact on Instagram its not working somehow.
Vegan Fixins (5 months ago)
Hi @BeerBiceps Although, I agree with some of your views. I think WEED is tagged with such misconceptions and that people think it acts just like any other drug be it alcohol, nicotine, cocaine etc. Cannabis is in fact one of the 5 sacred plants in Ayurveda and it's in the scriptures of Indian Ayurveda medicines. Cannabis contains both THC and CBD. the THC part which plays a role in getting one 'stoned' the CBD in fact is a medicinal aspect which helps people with a lot of physical and mental illnesses. Epilepsy, fits, cancer etc and it also helps people with depression and anxiety issues also helps focusing/concentration. Although it's not legal in India and more and more people are being aware of how it works, it's very important to debunk this myth that it's not going to 'ruin' anyone's life, in fact it has been proved that it has the least amount of addiction and can help in recovering from other addictions BUT this brings your point in that everything needs to be consumed in a balanced form and any outside consumption can be over-done. There are Hundreds of different categories of Cannabis plants with various significant and helpful properties. India is yet to legalise it and there are organisations working to legalise 'Medicinal Marijuana' which will challenge modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies, hence the bad publicity of a 'PLANT'. It is completely up to an individual how they make productive use of it. And yes, Meditation have very similar effects! The reason I wanted to convey this is because a lot of people look up to you and I believe you surely did mean it in a very positive and neutral manner but just wanted to share my knowledge. You can check this out, if you'd like to know more: http://www.glm.org/ Keep spreading positivity, wellness and keep inspiring! :) *peace*
Singularity (4 months ago)
Lol, most popular street drug to 'challenge' modern medicine. Hilarious.
Hardik Doshi (5 months ago)
Jashan dhillon (5 months ago)
Real opinions
Cruzinthruspace (5 months ago)
It's crazy how much more rational and open we are (stoners) to healthy criticism about what we put in to our bodies. As opposed to alcohol and other drugs no one gives a fuck or says " let's find out how we can consume this more healthy" "or let's chill bro, dont over do it" lol
Nihal momin (5 months ago)
Addicted to background sound..
Shruthi Nandakumar (5 months ago)
Which is the meditation technique that you follow? Is it the same as the one u speak of in your meditation videos?
Kevin Shah (6 months ago)
The absolute truth!
Ram Iyengar (6 months ago)
Bullshit, Drugs have done more good than bad. Escape from reality? How do you know which is reality? Ever had dreams in which you are so immersed in it that it looks like 100% reality. Only due to these psychedelic drugs mankind evolved into what they are from being apes. With drugs your brain is more active. Look at all the greatest CEO's of the world , most of them some or other kind of pschedelic drugs.. Don't do bad drugs like cocaine, meth etc kids, only do psychedelic drugs, You will be the elite class of people who have experienced yourself in the most higher states of consciousness.
User Name (6 months ago)
i know from a personal reference that weed can give you erectile dysfunction even in your 20s. So be careful
Akanksha Goel (6 months ago)
I love this. You are a gem. Thanks to people like you who are creating a difference.
You Tube (6 months ago)
But you say it's fine to drink occasionally (as the title beer biceps goes), then why are you against weed.
legend b (6 months ago)
Comparing weed with alcohol and drugs shows beer pussys ignorance.
Mridul Pareek (6 months ago)
Bro, then teach us how to do this meditation and reach that meditation high!
Vishavjeet Singh (6 months ago)
Escape from reality? How do you define reality?
Afzal Raza (7 months ago)
:Loved: what you said
Rishabh raj (7 months ago)
Amazingly explained ✌🏻👍🏻
FAKE YOUTUBER 911 (7 months ago)
Sewri mein shoot kiya hai
Raj Patel (7 months ago)
You are the most useful info giving and most efficient youtube i have ever know
Raja Baruah (7 months ago)
Fuck u I use weed and I m a bodybuilder
Swaroop (7 months ago)
Dont do drugs,kids
Swagata Basu (7 months ago)
nice.. saying.... ✌❤..👏..
Adam Pantriangle (7 months ago)
I believe we can do something we love or we're passionate about in reality, and also be super stoned when needed. Sometimes an escape from reality is needed. 🙌🏼
Eagle Eye (7 months ago)
People like beerbiceps and mensutra showing todays youth the right path.
Ujjwal Singh (7 months ago)
Background music though 💥
Subrat Patel (7 months ago)
bro take interview of mensutra.
Åjay kiran (7 months ago)
right on point.........NOW THAT JUST MADE ME SUBSCRIBE TO YOU.
Noah S Kolikapudi (7 months ago)
Very sensible as always!👍 But 'West' too has an other side/spiritual dimension which condemns excess and addictions.
Dipu The Dentist (7 months ago)
I used to smoke up for last 2 years...and I'm only 18 years old. But one day my mother caught me doing it and she cried like anything else. That made me crazy and I couldn't sleep that night. That night I decided to throw all the papers and "maal". Now I can understand that It was a good decision, just because I did it for my mom
Hitesh parmar (7 months ago)
Angrejo ka Sandeep maheshwari....😂 Kidding bro, you always makes me inspired
Apurba Majumdar (7 months ago)
I have a query for those 119 peoples who have hit the dislike button on this video, do they even know or it's just by mistake.
ChieftainFish (7 months ago)
I'm from America, and I can confirm that no one justifies weed use because of the presence of THC receptors in our bodies.
Madhurjya Baruah (7 months ago)
Perfect explanation
Kartik Sharma (7 months ago)
beer biscep weed...this name will suite ur channel
Faeez Parkar (7 months ago)
Plz make a video on how u meditate
alpha male (7 months ago)
Gaurav Dudi (7 months ago)
That's what i believe in n had never indulged myself in smoking and drinking.... Period ..
Bhaskar Paanja (7 months ago)
That's Why your the Best... Bro I'm proud to be your fan
Javed Baksh (7 months ago)
The way of talking kills 😎
kunal singh (7 months ago)
Seriously! Young people should listen to these guy instead of trying to be cool and ruining lives!
KEDAR PATIL (7 months ago)
Such a informative video ..!!💪🏻🙌🏻
shubham Kumar (7 months ago)
Mastebution is also escapism from reality hit like if u agree
John Hilgendorf (7 months ago)
I love when people speak so passionately about things they don't understand
siva karthik (7 months ago)
Sorry bro m stoned alrdy😂
RAJAT SAMKRIA (7 months ago)
Bro just love the way you explain such things in a simple yet interesting way. Bro it would be great if you make video on sleep or pattern of sleep as today's generation is night loving....
Narendra M P (7 months ago)
i was a subscriber of your channel before bur now yet i'm again.
LegenDaddy (7 months ago)
it makes me boil everytime i see ppl with no knowledge about weed lectures about weed
LegenDaddy (7 months ago)
Plus i would like to say that what we are getting in the name of weed in India is a chemical mixed weed so stop talking about the addiction,you are smoking chemical shit, i've been to canada and europe and have tried so many different kind of strains. Different bud gives you different high, i bet Ranveer don't even know what sativa and indica is and how many types of weed there is, but yeah he FEELS that weed is bad so let's go with that, fuck all the study fuck everything true and logical, scientific fuck all that, why because he thinks it's bad Pls educate your self people
LegenDaddy (7 months ago)
I am persuing my career as a music producer and i get so many awesome af ideas while smoking marijuana, again not saying that without it i am not getting cool ideas, but i love it and i ll do everything i can to make this amazing plant legal in India
LegenDaddy (7 months ago)
I don't know why some people blabber things about weed when they don't know shit about it. Weed can ruin your life? Wow it's up to you,if you have the willpower to get your work done,you will do it with or without weed. Weed makes you happy, you love life when you are consuming it, now pls i am not saying that without weed you can't love life, ofcourse without consuming weed you can be happy af and love life. Talking about weed with alcohol and drugs and shit is like the foolest thing you did there. I respect you and admire your views about different things but that doesn't mean you'll blabber about everything,people need to do study about weed i mean people are so ignorant just like you in this video that they'll shit what they feel about weed not what weed actually is so please i would tell everyone here pls educate yourself about weed rather than blabber shit just because you feel it's like that, and fuck Americans, No! people donot start things because Americans did it, plus canada and mexico has legalized it while America has not. And pls life can be miserable with or without weed and you can be the most successful in the world likewise.. for example there are so many billionaires around the world who have done so much work for ppl and for their self who smokes weed almost daily so again pls keep what you feel about weed to yourself and pls educate yourself, preety pls. Plus weed have so many medical benifits aswell, but no why would you talk about that because you FEEL that weed is wrong, it makes me boil everytime i see ppl with no knowledge about weed lectures about weed
rakhi Mishra (7 months ago)
If your actions inspire others to dream more ,learn more,do more,and become more ,you are a leader I wanna say to people who is following beerbiceps "He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument ,but in the right word.The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense" And a special thanks to you my dear bro ranveer 😃😃
Ashish CHANDRA (7 months ago)
ranveer is evolving as a better human being day after day
SWAPNIL NAGARKAR (7 months ago)
Very well said bro
Pravin Kumar (7 months ago)
Appreciate for sharing your insights Abt getting stoned, but meditation is an art plz practice it with proper posture...
Amritha CHANDRAMOULI (7 months ago)
Kudos! I really appreciate your poise throughout this topic! What is the meditation technique that you follow? Could you please share that?
Gamer (7 months ago)
Can you make a video about your meditation technique
dash007 (7 months ago)
Hi bro... U make an awesome inspirational videos... Can u make video on how to deal with negative people and negative vibes around you?
Jitu Sandis (7 months ago)
Hi bro Nikhil Sandis here When people get wrong effect by weed so that is duplicate weed. in India most of we will get weed in duplicate stuff if you smoke original so you will get that high level and that whatever people say the good thing about weed no matter how much you smoke just smoke at night time so that will be good for your body also first Ayurvedic plant is read remember that. in India why we cannot see cool person after weed metal is not that ki if you will smoke so you will get cool and nice personality why there is in India most of Lee we have duplicate word and about us people so there are in some city weed is legal that's why they can smoke original stuff. Don't forget weed is also form India.
Geo Har pal (7 months ago)
Himanshu Mishra (7 months ago)
Amazing bro.. I was an ex stoner and I can relate to you.. It's better to stay away from it..!
Luude (7 months ago)
Hi I'm not Indian but can I be a bro on this Channel too 😎
Zeel Vasava (7 months ago)
You send a very true message to indian youth, Thanks for this video. You put some sense in this youth.😊
DR. D-CODER (7 months ago)
This world is reality? Nope.
Kartik garg (7 months ago)
Roshani Yadav (7 months ago)
U really great sir
Shubham Baheti (7 months ago)
Subscribed for this video!
Raj JD (7 months ago)
Well said
anamika singh (7 months ago)
Should I say I love u
Shubham Dutta (7 months ago)
Thank You.... Much love .
Ishant Doshi (7 months ago)
Damm bro nailed it.. We really need more people like you for This generation. Your vibes are just too good.. Lots of of love from Your brother. In wait for more of this content <3
Ishant Doshi (7 months ago)
@BeerBiceps ❤️❤️🙏🏻
BeerBiceps (7 months ago)
Ramprasad Thakur (7 months ago)
reality of weed in simple words.._/\_
Abhijeet Rajput (7 months ago)
Kya baat shera
Daddy's Princess (7 months ago)
Vishal Sinha (7 months ago)
Bhai nae toe PhD kar rakhi hai weed kae upar
BeYourOwnPerfect (7 months ago)
Sathguru had a similar take on it.. 😊 Well done, more teenagers would now benefit since you have got a distinctive following.. 👍
Devesh Thadhlani (7 months ago)
Those 80+ dislikes are from stoners🌿
skirlix x (7 months ago)
This is my best 2:37 mins in youtube tnx bruhh
Gulzar Shariff (7 months ago)
Thank you brother... Much needed lesson for today's youth... ✌️
Puneet Verma (7 months ago)
Right brother..... no motivation left in regular smokers. :/
shamal desilva (7 months ago)
So good to see one of the cool people speak the truth about weed =) for once!
Paras kala (7 months ago)
True saying. Bade bhai
Koushik Das (7 months ago)
Absolutely right...
NIKET P (7 months ago)
Correct bola bhai exactly!!!
Shivam Rohilla (7 months ago)
Thanx for opinion. Can you elaborate more on that meditation method ? I really need that kind of video from you.
yash Sangtani (7 months ago)
Oh bro that was so awesome explanation 😍 loved it
Ralin Tuscano (7 months ago)
Ranveer bro... nailed it!❤️
sharad garg (7 months ago)
Hit like if you have ever consume Subhash nagar maal
The Ecom India (7 months ago)
Really Amazing Reply :)
Adrian Anthony (7 months ago)
How to do nasha Wala meditation
Bilcool Sirname (7 months ago)
We are all living in simulation. There is no such thing as reality. Heheheh
Bilcool Sirname (7 months ago)
@Hamza ujjainwala think about all the predictions that cartoons make. They all come true in some or the other way.
Hamza ujjainwala (7 months ago)
Bilcool Sirname rick and morty
suraj hawale (7 months ago)
Sahi hai bhai
ŁUCÎFEŘ LR (7 months ago)
Weed is far better than alcohol and cigarettes.... It's don't make u fat as alcohol does ....also it doesn't cause cancer..... In fact it cures cancer
jayneel parmar (7 months ago)
This video is frm nirma University thanks ranvir bhai to come and meet, a very nice talk show with you
Abhay Singh (7 months ago)
Hila dala Bhai ne :) best video ever
Avinash Raj Jr (7 months ago)
Dislike wale sab fukhtey hai🤪
Arun Kumar (7 months ago)
I don't do drugs I don't do alcohol I don't do cigarette And I am 22 Do I deserve to live? Will this society accept me?
JB Surti (7 months ago)
HipHop beats coz it's about weed
Pawan Joshi (7 months ago)
Golden words ....Also please make a detailed video on meditation...

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