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The White Tie Affair - You Look Better When I'm Drunk

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The White Tie Affair's brand new single "You Look Better When I'm Drunk" is available on iTunes now - http://bit.ly/WTAiTunes
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notesfromeden (1 month ago)
play at 1.25. better than the original and definitely better than that nightcore shit. you're welcome also if you right click you can loop it over and over and you cant really tell when the song ends and begins again so time becomes meaningless. I just sat here for 6 hours and wrote a whole thesis to this goodnight
Tricus (3 months ago)
The 2000's were great. Sad that what we have to experience in the newer years.
shewolfsiren (5 months ago)
Would White Tie Affair have any objections if KISS did a cover of this song, particularly Space Ace?  See, my company is producing a series staring KISS, and in one episode, Space Ace is going through a really rough time and---for lack of a euphemism---he gets wasted and belts out his own version of this song.
thotbot5000 (6 months ago)
this is the only song that exists
VK2532 (6 months ago)
Actually the song sounds better when I'm drunk!
Esdrass DC (11 months ago)
2018 present 😎
Jenelle Marin (1 year ago)
Best song ever can’t even find it on Spotify 💔
Harley Quinn (1 year ago)
too slow I like the Nightcore version better XD
Click Bait Sorry (1 year ago)
I love how mellow this song is ♡
Lexi :] (1 year ago)
I just listened to the nightcore version of this song and I was like "I wanna listen to the original" it's much slower but I like it! I'm sure if I listen to this one more often I'll get used to it
Ashley (1 year ago)
I miss them SO much.
Martina Mlinaric (1 year ago)
This song is better im nigtcore especialy when im drunk
Star Fall (2 years ago)
finally found it!! I have been looking for this for so longggg
Meagan W. (2 years ago)
I just remembered this song exists and had to go look it up. I was so emo back in the day and thought I was edgy when I listened to this song. Ah, the cringe.
rick weller (2 years ago)
here cuz i saw em with toadm in 2009 2010
SegmentedOdin (2 years ago)
"Is it romance or is it the Jews." It's always the Jews.
SegmentedOdin lmao
Icey Magnus (2 years ago)
Finally found it again! Lol
gabriela M. (2 years ago)
Cinnamon Fun (2 years ago)
Klance, anyone?
mejai israa (2 years ago)
Sans The Skeleton yes
d (2 years ago)
Anybody here cause you were scene in 2009 and not bc of anime??
Raven Daffodils (3 months ago)
I'm here cause I just discovered TWTA and I really like them
Levi Lucifer (7 months ago)
Emily Drake (8 months ago)
d lmfao exactly why I’m here
Hobabbi (8 months ago)
Came here from a timkon fanfic >.>
Icey Magnus (2 years ago)
d I only found out about this song last year thanks to Pandora. I love this version and not the Nightcore version. :)
I don't know my name (2 years ago)
omg so slow :D
rick weller (2 years ago)
all of what u have here made me laugh :D
Elias Linhart (3 years ago)
Honestly, this is much better than any Nightcore remix. Nightcore is usually too fast and high pitched, it's almost impossible to follow and very, very undesirable. I mean, a quicker version of the song is fine, for copyright reasons, but making it high pitched is annoying unless it's hardly noticeable.
trash child (2 months ago)
Elias Linhart Ikr
Sofia (3 years ago)
wow i was idk, 12 (?) when this came out! damnnnnnn
IANTHE (3 years ago)
I love this in nightcore !! x3
neka tamo (3 years ago)
ToniHugsZombies (3 years ago)
roninwarriorsfan (3 years ago)
I keep forgetting this song after a few months after hearing it once ;_;
oddpriest (3 years ago)
//casually despises the nightcore version
John Isaac (3 years ago)
Speed is best at 1.25
Martine Myren (4 years ago)
Encregen (4 years ago)
Durarara anyone?? :3
Levi Lucifer (7 months ago)
Oh thank God I'm not the only one
Encre Gen here
Jaxir Raywhisper (1 year ago)
mejai israa (2 years ago)
Dusk Rose that's why I came
Izaya .O. (2 years ago)
MJ Flare (4 years ago)
Nightcore is SOOOO much better!?
SC x HC (4 years ago)
So slow then nightcore. O___O
HarryPotter4Lyfe (4 years ago)
"Wait for the buzz to kick in" my favorite part!
Neli Ivanova (4 years ago)
I love the voice of the lead singer!I like the original version better.I came here cuz of the nightcored one.I do not regret this. Love this song!
Justine llI (4 years ago)
people keep saying I look drunk... that's just me I am not drunk
CJ Star (4 years ago)
both versions are boss in my opinion.But this sounds better in 1.25. ♥♥
Michał Brzeziński (4 years ago)
Is everyone here coming from the nightcore version? XD
Anri Braun (4 years ago)
If you dont like the original one why do you even listen to this song XD idc if its nightcore and different you lkke the song from the original one...
Cheyenne Tomlinson (4 years ago)
Lmao, Pandora brought me here. xD
Ariella Shahal (4 years ago)
When you can love both the night core and the original uncounconditionally, you know its a REALLY good song. XD
Anri Braun (4 years ago)
So true mah lyfe right durr
Ariella Shahal (4 years ago)
nightshade 1408 (4 years ago)
Better in nightcore
sister snapped (4 years ago)
So freakin' slow... Gonna go back to nightcore~
yoursenpai (4 years ago)
I'd suggest putting the speed on 1.25
ZetaShiki (2 years ago)
arigatou gozaimasu senpai
yoursenpai (4 years ago)
+fish8480 You're welcome! 
fish8480 (4 years ago)
thanks a lot! it sounds better ;P
Sandu Curagau (4 years ago)
SunSunSolaire (4 years ago)
Am I the only one who despises the "nightcored" version? Or even nightcore as a whole? It just sounds too damn fast and just-- "eugh." Sounds like someone tried to do one of those Alvin and the Chipmunks covers that were so popular in like, 2008.
Agatka Grzyb (1 year ago)
ikr. this song doesn't fit nightcore
ColorfulShadows (1 year ago)
Then why listen to it?
RadSpazBro (3 years ago)
+SunSunSolaire Amen.
AmyDrawArt (4 years ago)
so slow version omg... :D
RAFAROD7 (4 years ago)
Sorry, sorry, i dont talk english very well, but thanks :D
Anri Braun (4 years ago)
+rafael rodriguez speed not velocity but dats fine
RAFAROD7 (4 years ago)
yeah, i put the velocity in 1.25 because makes me remember the nightcore version xDDD
WoWisAwesome4 (4 years ago)
haha yeah it sounds mega slow once hearing the nightcore imo lol but i still love it :D
thotbot5000 (4 years ago)
SO SLOOOOOOW o-o Nightcore version is better :D
Dez Moore (4 years ago)
this song sounds better when nightcore did a cover and made it faster with a bit more of a techno background
Mario Molloy (4 years ago)
I like the nightcore one this one is a bit slow but its still a gud song
Syraphic (4 years ago)
When you play this in 1.25, it sounds like an actual song with normal speed. I can't be the only one that thinks this song is wayy too slow.
trash child (2 months ago)
It's probably because you're used to listening to the nightcore version
Omtaroo Omknee (9 months ago)
Syraphic not really but I see what you mean
Jatrex Smith (1 year ago)
Do you love nightcore songs? Because if yes, that's why it's slow... XD
Micro Meow (1 year ago)
Syraphic it actually does sound better
jason Alander (4 years ago)
This song sounds better when, I'm drunk. 
noizuofficialhatepage (4 years ago)
Via speed 2.
Otaku Panda (4 years ago)
Yes that was good
Toto Ressorp (4 years ago)
1.5x speed makes it tons better.... but nightcore still wins -_-';
trash child (2 months ago)
Toto Ressorp Nah the original is much better
Khadidja Boulahbal (4 years ago)
The nightcored version is way better
trash child (2 months ago)
I hate the nightcore version, it's way too sped up and all
Tricus (3 months ago)
This version is better in my opinion. Reason: It's the sound of the 2000's. I miss those years so much. Everything was perfect back then. Now we just have trash shet everywhere, both everyday life and music. So it gives me a throwback which is nice.
Anri Braun (4 years ago)
+Allison Rodriguez i love both!
Levi Labelle (4 years ago)
+Allison Rodriguez Same here 
Allison Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I disagree for this one... some nightcored songs sound better than the original (I think Na Na Na by MCR is better nightcored) but I like the original for this song.
Yui Komori (4 years ago)
listen to a music after listening to her nightcore is a bad idea x) it sounds too slow... But anyway, i think it's a good song :)
TheAnimehannah (4 years ago)
Listened to the Nightcore version then decided to listen to the original - wow, so  slow and so low. . . 
707 Nime (2 years ago)
@Niamh Connell i only know this song because of that version XD
TheAnimehannah (4 years ago)
Whoa whoa what!? Such heaven exists!!! 
Niamh Connell (4 years ago)
Please tell me you watched the izaya and shizuo night core version :3
Arcueid Brunestud (4 years ago)
Feeling the same ! 
shmuli9 (4 years ago)
Ah, the summer of 2010.  The title is funny - reminds me of "having beer goggles".
Nicole Rodriguez (4 years ago)
This sounds so slow compared to the Nightcore!! XD
Joshua (3 years ago)
Ikr XD
loser (4 years ago)
The nightcore one is High Pitched and Fast, but this song is the original one, which sounds better.
Sarah Macleod (5 years ago)
I like them :)
Sasu123456789x1 (5 years ago)
Still love this
Barbara-Anne Russo (5 years ago)
LOVE this song :)
The Big Gay (5 years ago)
Gj :)
john egbert (5 years ago)
da real rulezbreaker (1 year ago)
fucking autistic smurf voices.. ugh if you need to, make it faster without giving it literal asscancer
Levi Labelle (4 years ago)
+umm no Agree
umm no (4 years ago)
nightcore is fucking bullshit
Holly Bevans (5 years ago)
John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe i love you.
Pöpli8 (5 years ago)
" June 8, 2012, it was revealed that the White Tie Affair had broken up"
Agatka Grzyb (1 year ago)
FrigginOutOfBlue (5 years ago)
Dandy_Man (5 years ago)
What happened? I can't even.
Carlos Sullivan (5 years ago)
This is one of my favorite songs
I love this song so much! You guys rock! :D
JJ .Zahhak (5 years ago)
If you're going for Sollux, then it's almost right. He doesn't capitalize. (I used to type like him, as well as Gamzee, Terezi, Latula, and Mituna to piss my friends off, since none of them know Homestuck and therefore it is a little harder for them to read it)
ThatOddYoutuber (5 years ago)
Omg your picture!! -fangirling-
VTNWalker (5 years ago)
That song sucks sh*t BTW.
Brett Stolz (5 years ago)
Sorry, Bloodhound Gang's "Pretty When I'm Drunk" is a bit better.
Stroke The Forge (5 years ago)
Nobody Epic and KYR SPEEDY!!!!!!! YAY!
JJ .Zahhak (5 years ago)
I'm gonna be the odd one out and say that a Homestuck video introduced me to this song.
Joyce C (5 years ago)
Doesn't everybody look better drunk? XD
Nick Allman (5 years ago)
What happened to you guys?
ilost mymind (5 years ago)
Subscribe to me if nobody epic brought you here!!!:)
holyhell111 (5 years ago)
love this song
maesys (5 years ago)
What is nobody epic o.o
Russell Mahaney (5 years ago)
Bob Mann (5 years ago)
Nobody epic
littlebit_19 (5 years ago)
What's up with all the nobody epic comments?
ross stodgell (5 years ago)
Nobodyepic !
Jason (5 years ago)
nobody epic
deathguy186 (5 years ago)
nobody epic:)
Sean Gregory (5 years ago)
Nobody Epic!
Stefan (5 years ago)
Pan (5 years ago)
This song is hilarious. eue
Mekaylaa presseault (6 years ago)
Love song
Marth (6 years ago)
@codadragon because you threw a rave.
jovany cortez (6 years ago)
This song goes out to the girls how look good already but look better when we're drunk
Mikayla V (6 years ago)
I know right D:
Mikayla V (6 years ago)
xD It means you are ugly and look prettier when the guy is drunk.... xDDD
CCJ (6 years ago)
Eaaaaaaaa drunk tonight
AwesomeRainbowSoda (6 years ago)
SillyIbexe (6 years ago)
¿ʞunɹp sıɥʇ ʇǝƃ I pıp ʍoɥ 'uɐW
miasalvano88 (6 years ago)
All you people like, "omg my bf sang this to me it was so romantic xoxoxooxo :)))". you so realize that isn't a good thing, right??
christeen c (6 years ago)
oh o_o ...
Lauryn Bellamy (6 years ago)
My boyfriend sang this song to me and I jus couldn't stop touching and kissing him afterwards
Rosa Danielle (6 years ago)
This is there last song lol and I'm sad ):
Rosa Danielle (6 years ago)
I miss em D: ):
theLivingDeadDani (6 years ago)
Try reading The Hunger Games and then maybe you'll figure it out.

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