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Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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At "The Boss" junket, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell answer a WIRED Autocomplete interview together. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Masterminds. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (4182)
Kleigh Metz (2 hours ago)
I’m allergic to bandaid adhesive too!!! I thought I was like the only one
Kevin Jackson (15 hours ago)
Do blackbear
Esunge Ntiege (1 day ago)
" carpet matches the drapes yall" 😂
My 2 faves.
sharad Gupta (3 days ago)
So nobody searched for KB's funny vedio or hot picks 🤔
Liam Gerald (3 days ago)
Titoo 😂🤣🤣🤣
VictoriaReis (4 days ago)
“i spoke brazilian” my brazilian soul just cringed
Isabella Almeida (4 days ago)
Spoke Brazilian hahaahhaha
Tom Carneiro (4 days ago)
She would “speak Brazilian” hahaha I’m glad she said Portuguese after that 🙌🏼🙌🏼
La'Ra24356 iok (4 days ago)
The way she says tattoos
Meme Nyman (4 days ago)
The way she says tattoo lmao
Ahsfreakshowlove (5 days ago)
“Is Kristen Bell really singing in Frozen?” Melissa Mccarthy: *gunfingers*
H F (5 days ago)
The sorority reaction 🤣🤣
* MEP* (5 days ago)
Kristen bell Drake bell Taco bell Tinker bell Christmas bell What a bell???
m e h e k (4 days ago)
Abel (the weeknd)
kayla McLaughlin (7 days ago)
1:56 wtf
Kyawphone Myatkhine (7 days ago)
I click this one for its thumbnail
Jay Lopez (7 days ago)
Does Kristen have "tat oos"?😂
Mystic Jade (8 days ago)
Did she just say "tuh- too
FIFA Gamer (8 days ago)
They are soooo weird I love them
Naglaa Beshay (9 days ago)
Melissa ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Starr’s Life (9 days ago)
1:50 WTF 😂😂😂
Kristen Bell's nipples got erect after M.M groped her.
Foodie Eats (3 days ago)
Oh...oh wow
Thais Ferreira (10 days ago)
I needed to hear Kristen Bell speak in Portuguese ♥ So sad that she doesn't remember any word :(
Thayri Nelia (11 days ago)
Inlove the way kristen says tatoos 😂
Caleb Wilson (12 days ago)
Spelt colour wrong it said color
lizzyr494 (10 days ago)
Caleb Wilson in the UK we spell it colour, think it’s just spelt color in America.
Erik Sivec (12 days ago)
i know Melissa McCarthy is related Jenny Mccarthy. They are cousins
Kitten Sprinkle (12 days ago)
Do you all remember when Melissa was on Gilmore Girls?!
Moka The dawg (13 days ago)
CJ YA MEME BOI C (14 days ago)
1:49–2:00 How lucky
Ana Luisa Dias (14 days ago)
This video never gets old! I love them so much!!! 😍🎉🎉
That Girl Reacts (14 days ago)
Brazilian?? I know she corrected herself but still... what a disappointment! 😑
José Vitor Resende (15 days ago)
at first i was :/ she said “brazilian” but then she corrected herself so it’s all good. she simply specified brazilian portuguese, no need for drama here.
José Vitor Resende (2 days ago)
Mateus Cardoso “naaaaaaaao, eu gosto tanto de você, como é que você faz isso comigo?!” hahahahah ainda bem que rapidinho tudo se ajeitou
Mateus Cardoso (3 days ago)
Caraca eu tive um segundo de surto psicótico nessa parte.
Carly Hernandez (15 days ago)
raja farina Freesia (15 days ago)
i cant brain the fact that she pronounced tattoo as tuutuus lol
V A L E N T I N A J D (15 days ago)
A Tatu
Kennedy Kaiser (15 days ago)
People who don’t know these actresses will be so confused just because of the intro lol
Grindy McFall (15 days ago)
What movie?
emilia ramon (15 days ago)
Lets all just take a moment and applaud for kristens way of saying tattoo 😂
Heth Soares (16 days ago)
SPOKE BRAZILIAN ? Really???? Really???
EhCloserLook (16 days ago)
Did not expect these two comedic talents to begin brazenly sexually assaulting one another in the middle of this interview. That took me by surprise.
Andrew Paxton (16 days ago)
Hey. I always say "Titto" too
Fandom Girl (16 days ago)
Tattoos. TATTOOS. Not tttoos. I love you Kristen, but no.
Maja trtanj (16 days ago)
"tuhtoo" -Kristen Bell, 2016
Addison Butcher (17 days ago)
This is amazing I love both of them
Monica Guedes (18 days ago)
Spoke Brazilian omg no
Crazy 999 (18 days ago)
Vegetarian 🤢
Mydhili Krishnan (18 days ago)
She’s not vegetarian she ate all the shrimp in the good place. 😂
Cameron Rodrigues (9 hours ago)
Erika K huh I didn’t know that😂
Erika K (22 hours ago)
+Cameron Rodrigues Of course. Lots of different brands.
Cameron Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Erika K wait rlly???
Erika K (1 day ago)
There are vegan shrimp though 😉
Cameron Rodrigues (9 days ago)
Mydhili Krishnan well I didn’t think that u would know what that meant bc if ur original comment and if you reply to me I WILL report you so don’t reply and don’t mess with me bc you will be sorry
Sophie Belle (19 days ago)
i.love Kristen bell in the good place
Samvit Choudhary (19 days ago)
The thumbnail tho
JJ-Soowa (20 days ago)
I cant listen to Kristen say tattoo
Owen Lee (21 days ago)
Lol carpet matches the drapes lol
Stan Chang (21 days ago)
Brazilian language? You mean Portuguese?
Makeup For Amateurs (22 days ago)
Bridgette Harrington (22 days ago)
fun fact brazilian isn’t a language it’s portuguese hahah
Kia R (23 days ago)
Thank goodness these ladies are funny cuz I think 8 year olds were polled on these questions. Dumbest questions ever.
Joana Lopes (23 days ago)
Ok but when she said she spoke Brazilian omg.... I was soooo triggered 😂😂😂
keefie80 (23 days ago)
Kristen..wot a gal! A wicked sense of humor. Watched all her late late talks with "Creg" and their trip to Paris...she is so much fun to be with. Its like she runs at double speed. Her singing is amazing....there oughta be a vehicle for her and Anna Kendrick to sing together. Why craig didnt marry her is a mystery.
Davies 404 (24 days ago)
I only know her as Eleanor Shellstrop
Aishwarya Debnath (24 days ago)
Carpet matches the drape y'all......😂😂😂😂😂😂
Starly (24 days ago)
Alex Kess (24 days ago)
Spoke Brazilian 😂😂😂
Kasey Vogl (25 days ago)
Gabriel Nakayama (25 days ago)
Spoke Brazilian? Goooooosh why don't people know that we Brazilians speak Portuguese aaaah
Arshia Dang (25 days ago)
Tutus 🤣🤣
Yougant S (25 days ago)
Saw thumbnail...... And m here 😅 Love melissa 😍😍
Christopher Jansen Ng (26 days ago)
Precella jb (26 days ago)
Did Kristen say autocorrect??
JJ Mtz (26 days ago)
Vikki Bytheway (26 days ago)
Tattoo 😂
Aima Naman (27 days ago)
cynne love (27 days ago)
Why does she say tattoos like that
GlumGatsby (1 month ago)
Kristen bell is a riot... and is humoring the creature next to her graciously
Vivian (1 month ago)
She said Brazilean, I'm TRIGGERED
DRATERDIPUTS (1 month ago)
3:25 ☹️
DRATERDIPUTS (1 month ago)
2:10 reasons why I love Melissa McCarthy
Arvid (1 month ago)
Kristen Bell and Craig Ferguson would have been a lot more fun! 😜
Mike 767 (1 month ago)
Tu toooooooooo
I love these two together 😍 Their energy is amazing
Cass Barron (1 month ago)
I too am allergic to bandaid adhesives. They cause my flesh to pretty much melt itself and burn
Eric Monaco (1 month ago)
look at her hand in the thumbnail
Anirudh Ganesh (1 month ago)
1:48 is what you came here for. thank me later 😂
Angie Flores Matias (1 month ago)
Omg she spoke "brazilian" xDdddd
Camren (1 month ago)
Everything about this interview is funny and I literally can’t stop laughing
nerdiest of them (1 month ago)
I have no allergies
DahliaRane (1 month ago)
Does Kristen Bell have a TUTTOO
ava cyr (1 month ago)
You could see the pain in Melissa’s eyes when Kristen pronounced tattoo.
ALDCqueen (1 month ago)
I feel so offended. Australians don't sound like that! 😂😂
The isn't her !!
OnceBlinkExoL Exo (1 month ago)
Oh look it's sookie
Peaches Rose (1 month ago)
I like Mellisa McCarthy.
backwardshousecoat (1 month ago)
Is that really how kristen says tattoo?
Radznik3018 (1 month ago)
Lalo Lujan (1 month ago)
Spoke Brazilian hahahahaha,
Kimi (1 month ago)
"When they get old they drop like flies". This is why you ended up in The Bad Place. ;)
Ben Cary (1 month ago)
Why do so many people find these two funny? This is a serious question
Samuel McCracken (1 month ago)
Ben Cary women aren’t funny
MCRoadAdventures (1 month ago)
If Bell is vegetarian, why did she keep stealing shrimp in that good place show?
MCRoadAdventures (1 month ago)
+Samuel McCracken well?
Samuel McCracken (1 month ago)
MCRoadAdventures 🧐
Mukki Merc (1 month ago)
Kristen bellend for saying tattoo the way she did made me want to punch her in the face
Bakers Xox (1 month ago)
This is the best comedic duo in the history of time
Debbi A (1 month ago)

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