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Emporio Armani Men's Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show

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Emporio Armani is a hub of individuality that encourages everyone to be themselves; an identity which is characterised by the projection of one's own personality, finding character, strength and uniqueness in the differences in each of us. The collection has a decisive, urban spirit, with an emphasis on the idea of new elegance: precious but not frivolous. The city wardrobe has a dynamic tone, combining the innovation of the lines with that of the materials. Discover more about the collection: www.emporioarmani.com Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emporioarmani Twitter: https://twitter.com/emporioarmani Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emporioarmani #wearsEA
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Text Comments (60)
Henry Mv (9 days ago)
Good but boring
Dude Mdna (17 days ago)
Great collection 👏👏👏
Tony Meaney (24 days ago)
Fabulous collection. Love his clothes.
Abdou Mca (25 days ago)
اتمنى ان اصبح عارض ازياء عند ارماني tahnkyou
Kin W (1 month ago)
Dont like it. Terrible this yr.
que musicas bonitas
Johanne (1 month ago)
C'est moi ou c'est mal filmé ?
Major Hudson (1 month ago)
Love fashion fashion is my life joy
mike mendel (1 month ago)
Not a good line from for this year .... Armani
Abdou Mca (1 month ago)
very good emporio armani brveau beautiful take you
Gustavo BR (2 months ago)
9:19 ?
люд в черном их охраники и секретарши.(драматичность).если пиджаки сделать чуток длиньше ,эфект будет лучше.сумрачные мысли нагоняет(1984.movis),однако все выдержано и комфортно.и орудие кушать где возложить ....(драматичность)
No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 (3 months ago)
when does it go on sale?
james rippingale (4 months ago)
Stunningly elegant,just wish I could afford the clothes
Forhad_ibn Aziz (5 months ago)
anyone have identified music (6.06--6.32 )?
Thomas Abbott (5 months ago)
Emporio Armani, yes Enjoyed the Men's Fall winter 2018-19 Fashion show, wonderful collection, An Real nice style of clothing.
Eduardo Gm (5 months ago)
que setting barango, argh
Mielad Melad (6 months ago)
Emporio XXI (7 months ago)
You know the last song name?
Susi Dziewulski (8 months ago)
the start is soooooo funny, how did he use all this fur???? for him not so usual....heart, I guess it`s fake....
blizzu1337 (8 months ago)
rly nice walk from the 9:18 pair. beautiful idea.
Dr A (8 months ago)
It was unclear if that was deliberate or if she decided to become a Chatty Cathy, and whether or not he was annoyed or amused! It looked awkward, regardless.
X (9 months ago)
the matrix has you
Ekrem Ayna (9 months ago)
Nice design but terrible service. I had tons of problems about made to measure and after sales in Japan. Glamour starts and instantly fades in catwalk.
Chris King (9 months ago)
DOCET IN PETRA (9 months ago)
Tanto nero, velluti e ispirazione Japan. La pelle è superba. Non comprendo i pantaloni. Comunque una bella collezione.
ivan garcia (9 months ago)
what's the name of the last song? i love it
ivan garcia (9 months ago)
thank u so much Federico Martelli. I love this song :D you are a wonderfull artist
Federico Martelli (9 months ago)
Federico Martelli - Far From Home
arcticablue (9 months ago)
Georgio Armani, you are the greatest designer of men's fashion...ever!!!!!!!!
Michael S. (9 months ago)
Bravo Mr. Armani, finally a collection with class and timeless fashion. I can find so many I must have's in this offering. The Black Shearling coats in the beginning of the show are a knockout.
Virginia Gutierrez (9 months ago)
Jhu Siaobo (9 months ago)
Favorite menswear show and music!
Victor Jimenez Barajas (9 months ago)
Great,Succssese !
cheong728 (9 months ago)
Some designers haven't figured out that most people don't want clothes that are radically different each season, there are very few true fashionista customers. Most of us want classic timeless fashion that is just beautiful, without having to have an arts education to figure out the "meaning " of their clothes. Bravo Armani for not giving a f *** about fashion "critics".
JavierGjurup (9 months ago)
Anyone can tell me the songs that are playing?
Friend2FriendnMA (9 months ago)
My favorite menswear designer of all time. Another grand collection! You are THE BEST Mr. Armani!!!
arcticablue (9 months ago)
He is the greatest designer of men's fashion ever, in my opinion! Every collection is perfection! I am sad that he is 83 and won't be around forever, but more than anything, I am ever so thankful for the his talent and the beauty he has shared with the world! He is the man solely responsible for making me fall in love with men's fashion and he makes every piece look like eye candy and all of his shows are flawless! I love Georgio Armani!!!!!!
Enrico Silvestri (9 months ago)
Giacomo gianniotti
Porschedude8 (9 months ago)
Bellissimo! ♥️
Leyenda Reidel (9 months ago)
Daniel Flor (9 months ago)
Majestic. Sartorial. All wearable. Impeccable. The King of fashion, indisputably IS Armani!!!
Luan Lopes (9 months ago)
Incredible, simple but very elegant. Mr. Giorgio Armani is a genius.
Pat Keeler (9 months ago)
love Armani..fav
Pat Keeler (9 months ago)
love Armani..fav
Rom Pan (9 months ago)
Pat Keeler me too i love armani.
naquiqui (9 months ago)
me encanta que regresara el concepto anterior de las pasarelas de una sola linea, para mi es característica armani, y la colección, dios que mas puedo decir divina
Hamna Rukhsar (9 months ago)
Hamza Vert (9 months ago)
المجموعة توحي بالجرأة والغموض حبيت الألوان وjackits كتير أما بالنسبة للأحذية ماعجبوني
Anita Gabriella (9 months ago)
Lo adoro! xx ~
New Gen (9 months ago)
Simon bolivar (9 months ago)
Very elegant and chic
Rom Pan (9 months ago)
Mohamed El houari my facebok is https://fr-fr.facebook.com/public/Romain-Panon
Simon bolivar (9 months ago)
What's your Facebook?
Rom Pan (9 months ago)
Mohamed El houari yes it's right
Jonny Bones (9 months ago)
Excellent men's collection from this brand you can't go wrong.
Friend2FriendnMA (9 months ago)
Rom Pan (9 months ago)
Rom Pan (9 months ago)
I love Armani and if anyone wants to talk about it my email address is [email protected]

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