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A BETTER Folding Phone??

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Text Comments (1742)
UltraClue (1 month ago)
OMG! That gunshot finger at 1:17 slayed me LOL
playnite (2 months ago)
So are you a tech channel or a politic channel? More of the second one 👎
ShamblerDK (2 months ago)
Let's be real; Nokia phones are for grandpas.
Devansh Jangid (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me in which video does Linus say why not both?
HavokR505 (2 months ago)
5G rollout in canada will be at the speed of a tortoise thanks to our wonderful net neutrality laws. woohoo
hershycows (2 months ago)
Stereotypical Canadian Riley is one of my new favorite things.
ChaosPotato (2 months ago)
What's up the 3 cameras thing?
xorkatoss (2 months ago)
wut? China was supposed to make a cheaper foldable phone...not 600 usd more expensive lol...Guess we have to wait 5-6 years to drop them at the 1000 usd price range...
Christopher Mellinger (2 months ago)
Great timing
D'oh Nuts (2 months ago)
I like how the Samsung folds closed. ?it protects the main screen way better.
Dr. Fresh_2k (2 months ago)
WTH is up with Riley and this new style of tech news? It's like it's slower. I like the old way better.
TheOnlyEpsilonAlpha (2 months ago)
Hololens is dead already! Give it up Microsoft! They always spread fake fov videos of it to act like you would see a whole screen but literally you could see a glimpse of what is been shown! Second : it just supports Windows Universal Apps and like this throws away the biggest advantage Windows Platform have: Their myriad of Applications existing on the platform for one of Microsofts other Deathbirths: Their Universal App System.
AAA aaa (2 months ago)
Central pahk
Cillian (2 months ago)
lol who uses sony
gameflux (2 months ago)
They can keep the folding phone ! No thank you !
Gorilla Jones (2 months ago)
Your hair, it looks heavy. You're a heavy hair person. Sleeping must be difficult for you. Poor bastard.
Zihao Ding (2 months ago)
I can't to see a fordable iphone 5 years later and sells $4000
Riley Patterson (2 months ago)
Riley is the best at tech linked
Xeonbones Master (2 months ago)
Bradley Gordon (2 months ago)
Garbage it will scratch like crazy can’t set it down anymore
Aziz Amin (2 months ago)
our pal jerry rig everything has been folding phones for a while now
ugryz (2 months ago)
what was that 0:40 blue flash?
Ed Jack (2 months ago)
this video has been & still in my recommended feed because the guy in the thumbnail looked like Shane Dawson after seeing 1 chuck e cheese vid about him
JJC 133 (2 months ago)
LG "I want a phone i can unlock by flipping it off"
Pa Zo (2 months ago)
why dis-inform people about Huawei spying thing? US has not provided any prove.
Hsieh Yu-Hung (2 months ago)
more better!
Ibraheem Productions (2 months ago)
That air gesture stuff.. didn't Samsung already try that with the galaxy s3?
• AR • Productions (2 months ago)
the cringe
Kel-al (2 months ago)
who's hyped 5G brain cancers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua1QzJi6Cwc
Simple Gameplay (2 months ago)
Introducing the all new iPhone "Split". A flying foldable smartphone with 69 cameras, capable of 50K and a 500,000 mAh battery. We call it a Split, because you can also take it apart when unfolded and give the other half to your loved ones, set the destination route, and it will fly there. Available models will be : iPhone Split - $30,000 iPhone Split + - $35,000 iPhone Split S - 32,500 iPhone Split S + - $38,500
KYB77 (2 months ago)
2:42 why not both🤣🤣🤣
watchEm (2 months ago)
The Hololens 2? Where was the first one??!
Titus Kent (2 months ago)
"Cool stuff, LG. But you're still not Samsung." I DIED
SL Mobile Review (2 months ago)
Please My Channel SUBSCRIBE Now
Untouchable Players (2 months ago)
6 cameras on a phone.. What a joke..
Untouchable Players (2 months ago)
6 cameras on a phone.. What a joke..
Ian Pillow (2 months ago)
If it recognizes the veins in your hand. Some dumbass is going to use his dick. Awkward but not unheard of method on a Subway.
Hammayon Pervez (2 months ago)
That Canadian skit at the end was the best!
roxxer1968 (2 months ago)
I have motion (gesture) sensor on my old LG phone 4years old.. "news" ?
Christopher Gil (2 months ago)
2:58 Its basically a flip-phone without a keypad. I'm dissapoited
DrakoonLP (2 months ago)
Lol Never was a fan of Samsung, but Huaweis Design is just shitty. Because one side of the big display is used more than the other. So after some time the little leds in the OLED are stressed more. Samsung has 2 displays, which should lead to equal stress on the leds
Kiera The Bird (2 months ago)
Look at the tech samsung made 😂 it was since 2014
Bryan B (2 months ago)
Huawei should sue Linus media group for saying that Huawei spies on people without supplying any proof. It's not like LMG lacks the equipment to monitor network traffic...
Rockman (2 months ago)
1:16 I like the gunshot effect. Kewl.
ChronoXShadow (2 months ago)
LG's new phone is pretty cool... or is it? Have they fixed their numerous overheating issues, yet?
RocSaltAndPepperMint (2 months ago)
Out folding gives more stress on screen. Simply it needs more room to bend. Think about when you make book cover. If you make it to tight book doesnt close or you RIP your cover. Out folding is rly bad idea for folding phone... that's why Samsung and LG had to wait for 10years to make better bendable display. If it was out folding they could have probably released bendable phones 5 years ago
MattacksRC (2 months ago)
But how will screen protectors work now. I like my glass screen protectors. This is not possible on a foldy phone.
Benis (2 months ago)
The problem with the huawei foldable is that there is not way to protect the screen, like at all
Ty Hibbard (2 months ago)
I want HTC to make phones again, I miss my HTC M8! </3
Verbose the Talking Cat (2 months ago)
Wow. Now all phones will copy the fold feature. Another reason to charge high prices for the phone.
Rudolf Nosek (2 months ago)
I think that the Huawei design is ridiculous. Not because in phone mode you have on both sides screen. I am more concerned about the scratch resistivity of the phone. The two sides with screens will scratch all the time and also they are using a plastic screen (because flexibility) .The phone will get damaged just by being in your pocket with your keys,coins or anything metal. So the Huawei design is a big no from me.
RandomGuy OnYT (2 months ago)
They all copied the flip phone
Helicard (2 months ago)
Talk to the hand
Renqiang Yuan (2 months ago)
5G in Japan: 1GHz+ speed 5G in US: 600Mhz speed
Leon Camero (2 months ago)
Did you just say that Huawei mate x is better? I don't see how folding it outward is better than the galaxy fold inward.. am I missing something?
craziedzombie (2 months ago)
Why are you talking about a Chinese company that has been obviously sneaking into countries governments. Not to mention that they are Chinese. Dont give them the time of day for a while
Taikamuna (2 months ago)
_Still not as good as my SouljaPhone X+_
Cyberock (2 months ago)
Is there any way to get the hoddie that Linus has on in his videos?
Araki Hisahsi (2 months ago)
Fuck Huawei, they stole technology.
Carla Visentin (2 months ago)
Just get a tablet
Waffle Artist (2 months ago)
Watching on a Nokia 5
stakimaN (2 months ago)
Softer picture and FHD ? Please, go back to the Sony camera, you guys.
_FlipPhones:_ *Am I A Joke To You*
willardisafatman (2 months ago)
Gotta say, that finger shot was top notch. I stopped paying attention to the video as soon as I saw there was still some particulate floating down.
Camden Dexter (2 months ago)
You forgot to tell me to subscribe and/or like the video. I'm so lost.
Simon Shaw (2 months ago)
I worry the fold on the phone will wear out and damage the screen with so much folding... and now, the chance of breaking my screen is higher that it is on both sides.
Kinzuko (2 months ago)
Yeah screw Huawei...
Jimmy Yim (2 months ago)
【華為Mate X】Samsung摺芒技術被偷? 賣畀中國公司獲利$1億 三星(SAMSUNG)Galaxy Fold摺芒手機近日曝光,將智能手機推向新里程。華為也不甘落後,今日發佈了新款摺芒機Mate X,看起來比三星的更薄,宣傳更聲稱「世界上最快的5G摺芒機」。國產手機緊貼三星陸續推出,但去年11月,南韓爆出了一單官司,水源檢察署起訴11名被指向中國洩露三星OLED摺芒技術的工作人員,意味中國取得OLED技術並不「單純」。 報道稱,涉案人員成立一間獨立的空殼公司,獲取三星的使用設備和螢幕圖紙。然後,他們在中國轉售這些文件,非法獲利155億韓圜(約1.08億港元)。這11名被告當中,有3人(包括公司CEO)已經被捕,等待法院開庭審判。 控方提到,遭洩漏的技術為三星顯示器公司經歷6年的研發成果,其間投入38名工程師,投資更高達1,500億韓圜(約10.5億港元),甚至被指定為南韓工業技術保護法所保障的國家核心技術。 據了解,OLED螢幕與傳統液晶顯示螢幕相比,多了輕薄、高亮度、耗電量低等特點,隨着市場快速發展,中國相關面板產業近年也在積極開發OLED面板技術。究竟中國電訊公司有否竊取技術,還需要調查後才能獲得最終答案,但若此事屬實,必將牽出中國熱炒摺芒技術的相關企業,其後果自然十分不利,國產摺芒手機或將受此影響而推遲上市。
Exia2004 (2 months ago)
ussles tech for phones
Flash 🇿🇦 (2 months ago)
I wonder what ever happened to that guy that promised he'd comment on ever single video Techlinked put out, simply because he was here when the first video was released on this channel...
Jack Break (2 months ago)
This Riley guy.. i like him
albert enweremchi (2 months ago)
you guys are good
eagel nest (2 months ago)
What a efficient thief
Sick (2 months ago)
2:43 get ready for an copyright
Joe Da Silva (2 months ago)
It's not bloody better. Have you seen the crease on the Huawei?
Motivator Warrior (2 months ago)
the middle is not so nice if you look carefully.
Sauce Television (2 months ago)
”What I think... Is an objectively better design” Phone wars in a nutshell
SeenCreaTive (2 months ago)
"Don't forget to send it!"
number 21 (2 months ago)
LG made s ds
Daniel Woodward (2 months ago)
3:06 yeah no thats just a ds
KillerkoUK (2 months ago)
that hand gestures to control your phone seems like the most dumbest idea ever since that ms/xbox failed tech I forgot how it was called...
Derpy Dude (2 months ago)
Flip phones: am i a joke to you?
Gungan (2 months ago)
Head phone jack or it's worth $0. My wife has become annoyed at the lack of one on the pixel 2 every since she started going to the gym.
K I L O (2 months ago)
THIS IS CREEPY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lprxRA9JMZ4
PelaajaW (2 months ago)
They are thing Again
FalconFlurry (2 months ago)
These phones are getting out of hand, time to just calm down. I feel like more focus is being put on taking pictures and bad aesthetics than the actual cell phone part
viewerFAC (2 months ago)
Didn't apple already do this with the new iPad Pro?
Kobe Bean Bryant (2 months ago)
2600usd foldable phone? I'll buy s10plus and ipad pro 11" instead. It'll only cost me 2100usd
Jason Kowalski (2 months ago)
Funny and informative as always!
Moonwired (2 months ago)
Do you want to get smarter? If you said no, then you should go do this brain training, wait so you’re saying it definitely doesn’t make you smarter?
꧁꧂ (2 months ago)
It's the BEST!
BillyJoe1305 (2 months ago)
I actually prefer Samsung's design. I want my main screen protected by the fold, and another one on back. One I can actually put a screen protector on.
Akil Jacob (2 months ago)
But the Mate X cost $2600....let that sink in!
It’s Ourtube now (2 months ago)
0:40 did anyone else see that screen glitch on the phone?
LitCast (2 months ago)
Yo I'm so stoned I though this was a Sam Seder video
Youssef Weheiba (2 months ago)
Riley's here. Now let's bring over the rest of the NCIX news staff and it will be like they never left in the first place 😢
Youssef Weheiba (2 months ago)
Huawei Spying jokes are quite funny when you think that they're coming from a country who spies on its own citizens. Also, Don't fret over your conversion rate. $2600 is almost 50K in Egyptian currency which is several months of my salary
ICEMAN GT (2 months ago)
Rob bobnot (2 months ago)
Do Ameridumbs really believe the huawei spy story? That is fucking hilarious.
natwat123 (2 months ago)
I would love to be able to throw my files into a rubbish bin with the hololens when I want to delete things.
volvo245 (2 months ago)
I'd much rather have China spy on me than the US. I haven't heard of China kidnapping foreign nationals to imprison them in a concentration camp with no due process. I haven't heard of China drone bombing random foreign civilians on foreign soil...

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