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Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

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Music video by Vanessa Carlton performing A Thousand Miles. (C) 2000 Interscope Records
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Text Comments (135318)
JG El Pandillero Bonito (2 minutes ago)
Like si la conoces por lattrel Spencer
I am a meme (3 minutes ago)
All I here is: Memes memes memes and more memes
Robert Daly (52 minutes ago)
White Chicks made this song internationally known
GiLliRBLX (1 hour ago)
I wanna have a ride too?!
Diego Tamayo (1 hour ago)
Aguante Latrel !
Kevon Plays (2 hours ago)
2019 and I love this song for the meme really
Arthur Eby (2 hours ago)
Aw hell no! She didn't put the cover back on the piano! : ( reeee!!!!
Xxxcameron_myers (2 hours ago)
Anyone from white chicks? And 2019
Anne (2 hours ago)
This is a beautiful meme song
It’s Your Girl Laya (3 hours ago)
making my way down town with pablito
Gogo Touris (4 hours ago)
Who´s here because of Terry Crews?
The rich Boy (4 hours ago)
This goes for White Chicks
Biff Danielson (5 hours ago)
Destiny Rodgers sucks
Edwin Rios (5 hours ago)
Who listen to this in May 2019?
Timo Uribe (5 hours ago)
Walking down the block with the glock
333.333. 333,33 (5 hours ago)
a nilluu a mis yu :v
Um doce de pessoa (5 hours ago)
"Eu sou linda, absoluta! Eu sou Stephanyyyy!" Quem lembra?😂😂
Harold Pastian (5 hours ago)
Best Eyebrows in a Music Video award Lifetime achievement Vanessa Carlton
Jean Da Silva (6 hours ago)
Como você descobriu? Eu adoro essa música! 😂
Myllena Ramos (6 hours ago)
Big Chungus (7 hours ago)
Alexander Lopez (7 hours ago)
¿ Y dónde están las rubias? Jaja😂
Zachary Hutchins (8 hours ago)
Who came here for out chill lord, albert?
jorge castillo (8 hours ago)
Latrel spencer
Z gamers (9 hours ago)
amaro n (9 hours ago)
Im here bcz of white Chicks
Lino Diaz (10 hours ago)
this is awkuard are just going everywhere with a piano running over people hahaha
Ciara Ciccolella (10 hours ago)
0:31 2:48 You’re welcome
Meowry (10 hours ago)
Cuberistic (11 hours ago)
can this comment hit like 10000?
Nate (11 hours ago)
Just randomly started singing this song today
Alek Silva Gonçalves (12 hours ago)
Clement Ho (13 hours ago)
Who's here because of white chicks?
Akibbi Doe (13 hours ago)
I still don't like that she threw shade at Chris Brown after he chose to appreciate her on international women's day just because of his past
Geoffrey Druyts (14 hours ago)
what the heck siivagunner?
Laura Lee (15 hours ago)
White chicks always comes to mind 😂
Devendra Chaure (17 hours ago)
Only bcz of White Chicks!!!
Toaster Kerstan (17 hours ago)
Kred four (17 hours ago)
john mayk (18 hours ago)
White Chicks brought me here
Johnny YUTU (19 hours ago)
Soy el único que al escuchar esta canción hace el movimiento de cabeza como el negrito de donde están las rubias?:v
Aktimoose (19 hours ago)
Thanks Siiva, very cool!
Manga jim (19 hours ago)
This song gets me every time❤❤❤❤❤
Manga jim (19 hours ago)
wylsen (20 hours ago)
Who's here from wayne
A TSUSHI (20 hours ago)
懐かしい! めっちゃ聴いてた歌!
Mairaylin Perez (20 hours ago)
Who is seeing this in 2019
Cndy Vm (21 hours ago)
2019 !!!!
Ender Rock (21 hours ago)
Alfie Clark (22 hours ago)
Rubbish lololol
Lis225 (23 hours ago)
Who watching after 10 years? :D I 18.04.2019 I Love from Poland <3
I remember this song "white chicks movie" I love it😍😍😍😗
Holly Marie (1 day ago)
The vines on this song 😅🙌
DJ Creeper (1 day ago)
LaSalle ?
enterthehatch2 (1 day ago)
*shakes head violently* and I need you
Luiz Henrique (1 day ago)
Terry Crews 😎
Majo García (1 day ago)
❤You're still here 2019 ... Deny it
PrinceG28 (1 day ago)
Every time I see a cute white girl
KyaraBondima (1 day ago)
*Sponsored by Uber Piano*
Dungeon12 (1 day ago)
0:20 Start Just something I remember 0:31 Making My Way DownTown
bondy sk8 (1 day ago)
1:24 look the hands wtf
Carla González (1 day ago)
Yo lo vi por ¿Y dónde están las rubias?
Felipe Castro (1 day ago)
Latrel music
Thomas Slone (1 day ago)
i remember this on mtv every morning alongside greenday and evanesence, before mtv turned into garbage reality shows, damn i wish i could go back to 2003 and stay there forever....
v11ckb (1 day ago)
Não tem como escutar sem lembrar de *As Branquelas*
Emanuel Reyes (1 day ago)
Press F for this channel...
Ariana Westwood (1 day ago)
2019 ?
bitch lasagne (1 day ago)
How did you know I like this song
øver game (1 day ago)
that's reminisce too many good moment when i was kid . i watched this clip then my eyes get marveled hearing her singing and seeing this piano rinding through the america ...
Latrell <3 Spencer !
Chillin with Pretty (1 day ago)
Vanessa is goregous!
Billie Jean (1 day ago)
Makin my way through the green screen tonight.
Maria Diotallevi (1 day ago)
I love this song ! Jajajaja
Alyssa Horoff (1 day ago)
Ahh. *Fresh yet very old memes.*
I Tre Nanni (1 day ago)
The Proclaimers
Sarah Leigh (1 day ago)
Sarah Leigh (1 day ago)
I need a pianno now
FRED RAVEN (1 day ago)
i love this song non génial
Oscar Ghost (1 day ago)
Oye esa es mi canción :v tutututuututut
Oscar Ghost (1 day ago)
Like si sabes que película es
Danielly Andrade (1 day ago)
Brad Testosterona (1 day ago)
White Chicks!
張皓宜 (1 day ago)
White Chicks song
welmar _xp9 (1 day ago)
Jose Martinez (1 day ago)
Her CD was the first I ever bought when I was 15. Barely had any money but it was worth it :D
hyperrahim (1 day ago)
Sometimes I wonder if she was in front of a green screen or being pushed down a steep road with that piano, calmly pretending to play the keys for each segments.
A damn good green screen, but I then see her hair isn't moving much :/
Ester Smith (1 day ago)
ISAEL Ceto (1 day ago)
Es hermosa. 😍
Imran Hussain (1 day ago)
Metric version: If I could fall into the sky Do you think time would pass me by? Cause you know I'd walk a thousand six hundred and nine kilometers If I could just see you tonight
thomas reed (1 day ago)
Do u have a licence to drive that piano 😂
Who's still watching this in 2019
Rufaro Wiseman (1 day ago)
Andre Luis (1 day ago)
Terry Crews elevou o alcance dessa música!
Deez Nutz BOI (1 day ago)
When I shoot ya in ya ne... wrong song
Abhijeet Sahoo (1 day ago)
Terry crews brought me here
Ender Rock (1 day ago)
vannia mutiara (1 day ago)
what a legend song? 💖🌈
rohit malik (1 day ago)
i just saw her passing by in INDIA..
jonnygogo bravo (1 day ago)
That owl is hanging to her piano for a 1,000 miles...

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