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Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles (Official Video)

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Music video by Vanessa Carlton performing A Thousand Miles. (C) 2000 Interscope Records #VanessaCarlton #AThousandMiles #Vevo
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Text Comments (128648)
spirat (3 minutes ago)
Samuel Hernandez (21 minutes ago)
Diablos señorita!
Arlan Kusuma (31 minutes ago)
I literally search "girl playing piano music video" This is too accurate XD
Q Ball (1 hour ago)
Love this song❤️❤️❤️
blacko fire (1 hour ago)
Denis Daviglus C. (2 hours ago)
I don't know in the US but in Peru this song owes a lot to Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) singing it in Wayans' movie.
새침펭귄 (2 hours ago)
한국인 있으신가여?!!!!! 손!!!!
Muhammad RIDHO (2 hours ago)
juni 2019??
Prysteena Abiena (3 hours ago)
2019 anyone??? (Btw I like your piano)
Stary Najebany PL (5 hours ago)
She look like markiplier Xddddd
Aex Lee (6 hours ago)
KameKungz * (7 hours ago)
10 years ago LMAO
Juancruz Gonzalez (7 hours ago)
"Aaah yo queria al negrito."
Æsir Chaos (7 hours ago)
10 years already?
D. Van V. (7 hours ago)
Operating a rolling piano without a license can get you into severe treble...
Jonathan Hirsch (8 hours ago)
-Sings about walking 1000 miles -Also drives a piano for the whole video
Samuri2724 . (9 hours ago)
When you find out how to use a green screen...
Dj Lazzlow (10 hours ago)
This type of edit back in those days was revolutionary and still is for me😂..
Cosmonauta 009 (10 hours ago)
¿Alguien más por "¿Y donde están la rubias?" ?
moOd fAn hEre (10 hours ago)
Me when the fuel in my car finishes
Vuong Tran (11 hours ago)
10 years already ?
Queen Persephone 1125 (11 hours ago)
Tomato Turtle (11 hours ago)
Queen Persephone 1125 no 1984
Tanner Howard (12 hours ago)
How'd you know I love this song !!!
La Alchemist (12 hours ago)
Chris Walker (12 hours ago)
1910: In the future there will be flying cars. 2009-present: Making my way downtown, walking fast...
Mauricio Alejandro (13 hours ago)
"Diga ao grande homem que eu disse, grande homem!"
Larissa Bellini (13 hours ago)
10 anos dessa música, mdss
Larissa Bellini (3 hours ago)
@Capitão ÂNCORA Clash A música? Concordo, acho que nem da sua.
Larissa Bellini (3 hours ago)
@ツChris Eu digo no YouTube. Aqui, essa música foi lançada em 16 de junho de 2009.
Capitão ÂNCORA Clash (7 hours ago)
Ela nem sabe de tua existência kkkkk
ツChris (9 hours ago)
17 anos foi lançada em 2002
Spiderman Miles (14 hours ago)
Playing on that piano while watching the nice view outside in real life would be so bad a
Zaki (14 hours ago)
OMG this just reached it's 10 year anniversary 2 days ago
Ark is Watching (15 hours ago)
About a year too late at best, and it wasnt a great meme at the time, but... *Mass clicking*
B • 20 years ago (18 hours ago)
Timbimz (18 hours ago)
10yr Anniversary!!!
Ayoub Wardani (19 hours ago)
Im listening in 2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mr. MEMES (19 hours ago)
ブウ魔人 (19 hours ago)
kick buttowski episode :v
Stewie Griffin (19 hours ago)
Jesus Ramirez (20 hours ago)
I love this song since 1999 now 2019
Mitch Salawine (21 hours ago)
The Piano is Vanessa's Vehicle! Amazingly, that is what writing a novel is like. You sit down, create and go down roads, times and places, some you remember, some you create. And at the end of the chapter, there you are back in your office. Just like Vanessa returns to her garage. A beautiful song and extremely insightful concept for a music video.
Candelaria Gomez (22 hours ago)
wait how was this on white chicks if the movie came first
Louis Leslie (23 hours ago)
Expats just finding about this meme LOL
NastyQBABY gaming (1 day ago)
Nikki Dequito (1 day ago)
Prettiest face of 00s
sara rosario (1 day ago)
YO TENGO YO TENGO YO TENGO i came from flamingo
Reda Moumni (1 day ago)
Rachna Khandelwal (1 day ago)
2019 yeah 💖
In. Lms (1 day ago)
i cant believe she's 39yo now omg.
Suh Nascimento (1 day ago)
As branquelas parte 2, já! Haha🇧🇷
ocluna 123 (1 day ago)
I wonder how this girl still got no accident on the road while playing piano
Sereous313 (13 hours ago)
It's a green screen lol hint her hair doesnt move when it's driving.
Piccolo (1 day ago)
Pla ket ket ket ket
itz gacha moonlit (1 day ago)
I wanna practise playing piano with this song Love the song
TIN LEE (1 day ago)
i searched "driving piano song" then got here...
chuboli Aguilera (1 day ago)
jose lopez (1 day ago)
Vanessa wrote this song in 1995 and it was released in 2002.google it...look it up.she wrote it about a guy she was with but she will never say who it was about!!! Irma
KILLER乛 DANISH (1 day ago)
Sara Ali khan always slays ❣️
Kazumi Sawatari (1 day ago)
My Big Sis Was 6 when this was created
Pedro Palacios (1 day ago)
Who is still making their way downtown?
Legomilk • (1 day ago)
Alguém BR q ñ seja idiota e leso❤vontade de amar lindo som
Carlo The Waifuer (1 day ago)
InsaneMan508 (1 day ago)
A normal day in US.
Kid Rolex (1 day ago)
Mega Gamer Retro (17 hours ago)
An hero
iToon (1 day ago)
0% bad words 10% piano 90% shake your head insanely like Terry Crews
Cauã Reis (1 day ago)
Today is teen years for this song, Thank you Vanessa!
Cauã Reis (1 day ago)
Hoje é dez anos de música parabéns Vanessa!
Bruno Bispo (1 day ago)
Como VC sabe Eu adoro essa música
Thanis (1 day ago)
B R A S I L Em frente do meu portão Te esperei Te esperei Não veio Agora eu vou te mostrar Que não sou mulher Não sou mulher De esperar... Eu sou linda Absoluta Eu sou Stefhany No meu Cross Fox Eu vou sair Vou dançar Me divertir Nao vou mais ficar te esperando Pois agora eu sou... Demais!
Cleetus_barney (1 day ago)
Oh lmao 10 year anniversary of this song LOLOL
Sali Omar (1 day ago)
Fantastic Song... For our Countries 😊😊✌️✌️ and also for the Broken hearted..💔💔💔
Exactly 10 years since this song came out
E-friend (1 day ago)
One of the most iconic song and mv. Never gets old hehe
Joe W (1 day ago)
Always reminds me of New Mexico back in 2002/2003 - anytime I was driving on I-40 cross country w/out fail that song would come on. Good times.
Ellia Hode Eshye (1 day ago)
You are gifted.
NoMore Food (1 day ago)
A parody reminded me of this song
Bosse bläckfisk (1 day ago)
Imagine seeing this passning by on your way to Alabama.
Super Unbenannt (1 day ago)
Plaket-ket-ket-ket and now you are bleeding.......
Akira Toriyama (1 day ago)
80's people: There will be flying cars in 2019, 2019 people: We have the fastest bus with a train nose
Akira Toriyama (1 day ago)
Bia Paiva (1 day ago)
No meu Cross Fox Eu vou sair Vou dançar Me divertir
Priscila Gomes (9 hours ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me lembro mais da Stéfany e do latrel do que da própria Vanessa quando escuto essa música
Encoder Fashion (1 day ago)
Thanks, I love this song. I listen to it over and over again
xStarx CR (1 day ago)
*mAkiN ma wAy dOwntoWN*
Purple Gaming (1 day ago)
Woman *travels in Piano .. .*Le Cars __ Am I joke to you?
Siniestro Mario (1 day ago)
I wanna a duet with Terry Crew.
Royal Eagle (1 day ago)
Memes aside, 10th anniversary! (since this vid released)
E - Ruz (1 day ago)
hundred thousanda of viewers came here just to listen to this meme song without liking the video and subscribe. lol
Lucas Z (1 day ago)
Quando eu ouço essa musica so lembro das branquelas kkkkkkkk
沅來姜 (1 day ago)
serena ahmed (2 days ago)
White Chicks
Rolling Stone (2 days ago)
Real nigga anthem.
SOTL 77 (2 days ago)
Pla-ket-ket-ket brought me here
Areef Rana (2 days ago)
Any body here coz they saw it from white chicks xD
Fat Andy (2 days ago)
Jerry Garza (2 days ago)
Where terry
Lyrics ASF (2 days ago)
cleanest energy vehicle ever Tesla want to know your location vanessa
Taimur Ali (2 days ago)
*Making my way through the hood*
Adriana Avila (2 days ago)
HAPPY 10 YEARS!!! Congrats Vanessa and thank you. Love this song, always have, always will since before ‘White Chicks’ 😂
You came here for *Pla-ket-ket-ket*
Electric Cake (2 days ago)
10 year anniversary!!! Still great song
MrInuhanyou123 (12 hours ago)
this music video is 20 years old, not 10. it was just uploaded to youtube 10 years ago
LinCe Present (2 days ago)
Outrival 980 (2 days ago)
10 yearss❤️❤️

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