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Jessica Miller - Interview

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A short talk with supermodel Jessica Miller (born in Las Vegas, 1984)
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Ryan Turner (6 years ago)
Damn.. It's been 2 yrs lol, I don't even remember writing that post it's been that long ago! And Yeah your right I know nothing
fan soad (6 years ago)
esta es para el clip de aerials?
Chi Opie (7 years ago)
Why does it matter who he's going out with?
Ryan Turner (8 years ago)
@SANDYASON-- I'm sorry you get confused easily.. jessica haves a condo in New york where they was staying the week after thanksgiving (when i posted that comment)! And yes they are "still" together... actually they never broke up! Sandy you know NOTHING! get a life!
Ryan Turner (9 years ago)
Jessica is my cousin and i was just with her this past week for thanksgiving and yes she's still with Daron from system of a down. She left for new york yesturday to meet up with him
Sofiella (10 years ago)
she still is coz in the credits bit on Darons new album scars he says that he would like to thank his girlfriend jessica miller so i guess there still dating!! =)
foofighterjct (10 years ago)
she was 2 years ago....dunno about that these days
Sofiella (11 years ago)
shes dating daron malakian
OhhSnapCals (12 years ago)
hahahaha paris hilton? no... those voices are annoying.

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