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The Microsoft Monopoly

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In the 90s, Microsoft was the undeniable ruler of PC industry, but all it took was one pesky web browser to bring it all crashing down. This is the story of how that didn't happen. Music Used: Late - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (0:00) No Good Right - Freedom Trail Studio (2:06) Weekend in Tattoine - Unicorn Heads (5:21, 10:57) Tiptoe out the Back - Dan Lebowitz (8:14) Birds - Silent Partner (16:24) Clips in order of appearance: The Kids' Guide to the Internet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A81IwlDeV6c (4:37) Windows 95 Commercial #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kt6wVyNWos (6:03) Macworld Boston 1997 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHhHww-S-3s (10:02) Bill Gates Deposition Part 9 of 12 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odJNphz9GPg (13:33) Bill Gates on the Antitrust Case (2001) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5_fBqZrwA0 (15:47)
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Text Comments (1001)
Ryan (8 days ago)
If Apple sells macOS for people to install on their PCs and makes Macs cheaper, Windows will be d e a d Edit: Oh and bundle Nvidia drivers in macOS out of the box
Brandon H (11 days ago)
Omg flashback overload seeing the Real Player logo
pc that runs xp (12 days ago)
were can i buy the game ?
[GD] Pythonbites (23 days ago)
*Laughs in Linux*
John R. (23 days ago)
**Google Chrome** The browser Microsoft failed to.
Manuel Reyes (25 days ago)
And that's how I met your modem
ErikDJ123 (26 days ago)
At least MS doesn't act like a monopoly unlike Apple who forces you to buy software only from their App store, sucking all the profit away from the actual software developers.
A cucumber (28 days ago)
Very interesting.
A. B. (30 days ago)
Don't worry bill gates knows what best for everybody!!!!! What a POS person. Never liked Microjunk anyhow.
jimbobbyrnes (1 month ago)
so thats why i cant delete that useless program
Mac Canma (1 month ago)
Firefox for life bruh!
DerpToni616372 (1 month ago)
"since we like choice" *_wait what the fuck_*
TheDankReisen (2 months ago)
Watching On Debain 8 lol
Jimmy (2 months ago)
I wonder what Microsoft's OS market share would look like today if they didn't have Directx or if another API such became the dominant gaming API in the mid-2000's. I know the majority of PC gamers choose Windows because the Directx library is massive. Sure, you can play a lot of titles on Mac and Linux but there is really no comparison vs DX games. Imagine if they made DX compatible with Mac or Linux, would that have killed off Windows' market share as we know it? Or, would people still buy their OS even though you could just install a freeware version of Linux on your new laptop or desktop and have a very similar experience and software library to choose from. Would OEMs like Dell, HP and Lenovo still include a copy of Windows on the majority of machines they sell or would they ship them with Linux? I don't see why since it has to cost OEMs more to include Windows. Personally, I think Windows would not be the dominant desktop or laptop OS in terms of worldwide market share without DX. I think the duo of Linux and OSX would match if not surpass the total Windows systems if DX wasn't what it is today. I think that DX being Windows exclusive had a bigger impact than their browser business in terms of helping them keep market share.
Mister Marc (2 months ago)
You forgot to say that M$ literally went to the Netscape office and said : "We'll buy you or we'll kill you."
Tommy Two Tones (2 months ago)
Your music is so chill
imdasupanoob (2 months ago)
why does the linux bird have muscles
Matthijs Hebly (2 months ago)
Let the haters come, but: Microsoft under Satya Nadella is a different company altogether. Microsoft now has some of the best software out there, Open Source, such as e.g. VS Code and other products.
Vaggelis Basoukas (2 months ago)
UNTILL in Linux ....get their heads out of their asses... and FINALLY COLABORATE with React OS ( handling X86 apps) . Microsoft will soon DESTROY all other companies.
afarewelltokings (2 months ago)
That CNN article about removing IE from 98 was published 6 hours before i was born. i really was cursing internet explorer right out of the womb
Kenneth Persad (2 months ago)
*#$% the Microsoft haters.....long live cilppy!
CombatHD (2 months ago)
it said *REMOVE FROM DESKTOP* when they put it in the trash can. Not *REMOVE FROM PC* !!!Man, politicians are REALLY stupid when it comes to modern mishaps.
CombatHD (2 months ago)
Microsoft made bad decisions in the 2000's like mp3 player and crap, and these expenses started to pile up as they were making more and more fails. This caused them to loose $300 billion in just a decade.
CombatHD (2 months ago)
Microsoft should have saved Sun microsystems instead of apple. apple is WAY too LGBT and hippie
CombatHD (2 months ago)
90's Microsoft - 1 trillion 2010's Apple - 1 trillion
RiU_XD (2 months ago)
this video perfectly shows why I absolutely hate anything Microsoft. I mostly use Linux for almost anything.
K.D.P. Ross (2 months ago)
*So* glad that nobody says things about 'surfing the Internet' anymore.
Wyatt Biker (2 months ago)
I want to puke when i hear or see IE😝
coo4634 u (2 months ago)
The story I heard was that IBM originally approached the guy who made CP/M for their operating system. He didn't respond quickly enough, so they contacted Bill gates and provided him with a copy of CP/M. And armed with the OS, he quickly developed a rip off. And him coming from a family of lawyers negotiated a sweet exclusive deal. Then when IBM wanted a GUI, they paid MS to develop OS/2, who developed bloated software while simultaneously developing Wondoze which they owned. Maintaining their monopoly. Every step along the way, they ripped off others. While at the same time demanding strict copyrights and licensing of their own.
Patel Vidhu (2 months ago)
Microsoft will remain limited to pc operating system since they do not believe in creating superior products and other companies like google and apple are providing better products.
Aleksandr Podyachev (2 months ago)
Down with the Microsoft Empire! Join the Linux Rebellion!
Steven Mancera (2 months ago)
Is it true Microsoft even made some their exclusive web standards that will only work for their Internet Explorer browser???
sup me (2 months ago)
Why dosnt google hand out the new system updated to the other phone manufac.so they could release around same time but no and then they crow that fast updates are a feature ..lol ill be glad when they stop making google hardware they copy apple to much
Karthikeyan A K (2 months ago)
Keep cal and use Ubuntu.
Ray Navarre (2 months ago)
No problem, Bill Gates is trying to be a philanthropist.
Edaz (2 months ago)
Dead monopoly
Steven Kaeser (2 months ago)
Interesting trip down memory lane. You skipped some of the earlier OS offerings, like CPM, which IBM chose not to use.
EvilGrin (2 months ago)
why didnt this video talk about more recent advancements like renaming to edge, or ie changing to base on chromium
Tsavorite Prince (2 months ago)
Vijay Lalwani (2 months ago)
Annoying voice pitch
maczufaxdd (2 months ago)
my windows update just jumped from 60% to 57%
That Random Guyーさん (2 months ago)
The only way you get true choice and freedom is if you use Linux. No other platform or OS is going to give you what you get with Linux. Perhaps, the better word would be to use open-source, but comparatively, I feel that the Linux community has seen a lot of growth while maintaining a great maturity.
Daniel Jackson (2 months ago)
apple is best (2 months ago)
billyhatcher643 (2 months ago)
i still use firefox to this day and fuck google chrome forever they suck and if i get a new laptop and it has that shitty browser ill remove it right away
Pugweed (3 months ago)
This is what happens when you provide for a market where most consumers know nothing about their products.
PSK Research (3 months ago)
Something's wrong with the timeline. I was definitely using a Mozilla browser around 1996 with the Linux version of WebTV, & later with the Windows version of WebTV in 1997.
Kone dib (3 months ago)
Now theres a monopoly on who can get the most information about someone lmao
Leandro Tami (3 months ago)
Today we live in an era of closed platforms where your apps cannot do the same as the OS manufacturer's apps because the system just does not give you the same tools. In this sense, a random app developer is not on a leveled playing field. Windows is very annoying when you change your default browser, it basically has ads for Edge built in the OS, in the same way Apple "invites" you to try Safari every now and then when you choose for a different browser. In short, what Microsoft did in the 90s is nothing compared to what is happening right now.
Ryaken (3 months ago)
Ironic though, I don't use Microsoft edge but Firefox instead. Saving your tabs to an account and having those pages backed up is really useful.
Abe TT (3 months ago)
Microsoft is a nasty filthy big rat :) One of the reasons why computer industry is so filthy... DEATH TO MAFIA!
KeZaRo0 (3 months ago)
bill is giving half his fortune to charity, so it all worked out in the end
Fred Pilcher (3 months ago)
MS should have been outlawed and Gates should have been locked up.
FunkBungus (3 months ago)
My favorite bit of all of this is the judge deleting the internet explorer icon. and microsoft with the surprised pikachu face when nothing happens.
Lapis Wolf (3 months ago)
10:50 they laughed because they already knew Apple wouldn't allow real choice of anything...
Joseph (3 months ago)
Great video detailing how government interference in private industry can be extremely damaging.
enticed2zeitgeist (3 months ago)
It's shit like this that makes me dislike Bill Gates, despite his philanthropy. I hate it when companies compete using their own weight and not their innovation.
Njul (3 months ago)
Please talk more about Linux!
TheNintendofangirl ! (3 months ago)
watching this with headphones dude.... you nearly bust my ears.. your voice over is so quiet (and these are great headphones) your clips are ear busting... long time watcher of your content btw.
Apl Nk (3 months ago)
Void Linux for life <3
lemler 3 (3 months ago)
RealMedia player!? that's what happened t that? damn dude that was the best media player ever back on windows xp lol
lemler 3 (3 months ago)
@Steve Johnson yeah, I use vlc nowadays, but back then real media player would let you download flash content like videos and music if you wanted and add it straight to your library. Back in the windows xp days that was super nice. Now you have browser plugins that can do it for you. it even had a web browser but it wasn't very good
Steve Johnson (3 months ago)
You can still get it -- just that VLC probably does a bit more, and is open-source.
Daniel (3 months ago)
I am web developer, I used almost every browser there is. Brave is my choice right now .. it's basically chrome with privacy/adblock build-in but chrome and firefox are very good also .. vivaldi is another very nice browser. As I said .. right now Brave is best. PS: vivaldi is best for power users and it was my favourite brwsr but because I've tried several new linux distros a week I needed browser with an account sync and vivaldi didnt have this feature so I had to use chrome or firefox. But I've heard that they added it to newer version so I'll definitely check it out.
CipherBytes (3 months ago)
MS, Apple, both as shady as the other. You gotta wonder about a company that can make the leading OS but cannot make a browser worth a damn.
Valley of the Boom
Alzter S (3 months ago)
Informative and interesting. Nice research!
rk 4391 (3 months ago)
fyi Netscape became Firefox and nobody uses IE anymore. All is relatively well. Now we just need Linux to take over where Windows and MacOS are dominant, and computing will be as free (as in freedom) as it was always meant to be.
Daniel Livingston (2 months ago)
I think Linux needs to become more consumer-facing for that to happen. Ubuntu is great, but it isn’t as great as using a Mac. If you’re a developer then you can’t beat Ubuntu, but for the general consumer, it’s not good at all
Fans, Speakers, and more (3 months ago)
Jay Roy (3 months ago)
use firefox the new Netscape with this addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firescape_navigator/ :D
clopier (3 months ago)
Ahh the butthurt is strong in this 🤣🤣
Steve Bliss (3 months ago)
I will NEVER forgive this evil POS company for all their evil lying tactics! Starting with the MSDOS crapware!
xTroop18546x (3 months ago)
"Since we believe in choice"? FUCK YOU, STEVE
"What files should we remove" LOL how this did not get them a contempt of court charge I do not know.
isaid stream (3 months ago)
Monopoly = let users pirate Windows I think Microsoft have the most sad monopoly in the world
Willibef (3 months ago)
"The tech industry has gotten a lot more open, competitive, and most of all diverse since the days of the Wintel dynasty."  What are you smoking?
Hapa man (3 months ago)
Software Giant Microsoft net worth is $753 Billion dollars but it has hard Time beating Sony & Nintendo net worth $ 16.49 Billion dollars but Xbox one can't sell that good
Kamel (3 months ago)
I love the video, but at the end you seemed to imply that Microsoft no longer has a monopoly. That isn't so, they have kept up their shady business practices and in turn has kept competitors from arising. Microsoft isn't that scared of mac, because you have to buy a different computer to use it. Linux on the other hand is 100% free and runs on any PC. Microsoft is now partnering with OEMs to ensure windows is the only OS that can run. If you could run Windows software flawlessly on Linux, the world would experience something that it's never seen before - the ability to actually choose what OS you want to use.
TheLinuxNerd (3 months ago)
OMG so im using a fork of Netscape navigator WTF on linux 2 layers of weirdness
TheLinuxNerd (3 months ago)
replay if your a Linux weirdo like me
ryja official (3 months ago)
i love microsoft
Davide De Luca (3 months ago)
Watching it on an Ubuntu Linux... the irony...
lmcgregoruk (3 months ago)
17:07 - 17:21 They also didn't stick to that either "Microsoft failed to include the screen in the Windows 7 SP 1 update, which led to a 63 percent decrease in Firefox downloads during the nearly 15 months that Microsoft failed to show the screen to SP1 users, costing the company about 9 million downloads. Microsoft was fined €561 million for failing to show the screen to Windows 7 SP1 users.
Rannon (3 months ago)
Going by the few lawyer videos I've seen I'd say that it sounds like Bill was overly trained by his lawyer(s)
Dalmation (3 months ago)
I'm more of a ChromeOS person then a Windows person
Shaun G (3 months ago)
Qush Aes (3 months ago)
I long for the day when Linux will rule the world.
Meleeman (3 months ago)
lol i embrace the microsoft doctrine of EEE, when i write software lololol
BLx Droid (3 months ago)
Google took a lot of tricks from Microsoft's playbook.
Kenneth Persad (2 months ago)
Including their colors (red, green, blue & yellow).
unknown (3 months ago)
when you're gonna do aprilfools video again?
SteveMHN (3 months ago)
Concerned??? What do you mean??? LMAO
Marcus W (3 months ago)
Apple are the umbrella corporation
Shubham Bhushan (3 months ago)
Bill Gates is as evil as Jobs
Wonginism (3 months ago)
Some of the learnings and outcomes of this would be interesting to investigate when it comes to theorizing if microsoft could've made windows phone successful and a bit on why they didn't really try to make windows phone successful.
Vinsensius Gracia (3 months ago)
Just another apple prores monopoly
Tyler Durden (3 months ago)
In depositions it is very common to clarify definitions of words, that’s not being evasive. Speaking about monopolies, I looked up the definition. Microsoft isn’t
Bob Riemersma (3 months ago)
What about the early 1990s when Microsoft threw its arm around Apple, handed over a wad of cash to keep the failure afloat, and this duopoly then squashed all competition?
Boxcarcifer (3 months ago)
Shit I had a Compaq Armada Pent 2 Laptop running Windows 98 & it Screamed! I finally Shot It! Even with @ Sticks of Ram...47K +47 K ? I am 70 Years old I do remember that I forget- RAM dam...It weighed 87 Puonds and was my AWRDRIVE MACHINE- Cain and Able/ them Gold Cards from OroNIco Sysco Lucent Technology, a SOUP CUP WiFi Antenna, & a Ham Radio UHF VHF SHF REqrencies to monitor Rooseters in the Chivken Yard the Crowed on 8:11 C 8:11 A
Boxcarcifer (3 months ago)
I first learned on Netscape Navigator at the Public Library in Austin, Texas, and about 2000 I found the Austin Linux Club ! I still have my old netscape.net account active, under aol.mail with the 4 Letter Password. I first got it 1999 or 98. It is a 'RELIC"
ccricers (3 months ago)
That's savage how the EU made their version of Internet Explorer load a list of other browser links as the homepage.
Boxcarcifer (3 months ago)
I remember William Clinton's Janet Reno (U.S. Attorney General, on the day Judge Jackson ruled to break up Microsoft): Today's ruling will have a profound impact not only by promoting competition in the software industry, but also by reaffirming the importance of antitrust law enforcement in the 21st century and the importance of competition. Janet Reno, Microsoft customer - Washington Times https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2000/jun/6/20000606-011423-2228r/ Jun 6, 2000 - The agency's choice in operating systems is an awkward subject these days because the Justice Department is suing Microsoft on antitrust ...U.S., 20 STATES SUE MICROSOFT, ALLEGE ABUSES - The ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/...sue-microsoft.../38bdf8a5-60a9-4466-9acc-92dc334...May 19, 1998 - "Microsoft has an excellent record of innovation," said Attorney General Janet Reno. "But we want to make sure that the field is open to the next ...
asdf (3 months ago)
Microsoft is defeated. Apple is next.
Rossypooh (3 months ago)
thank you for the information. well done video

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