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The Microsoft Monopoly

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In the 90s, Microsoft was the undeniable ruler of PC industry, but all it took was one pesky web browser to bring it all crashing down. This is the story of how that didn't happen. Music Used: Late - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena (0:00) No Good Right - Freedom Trail Studio (2:06) Weekend in Tattoine - Unicorn Heads (5:21, 10:57) Tiptoe out the Back - Dan Lebowitz (8:14) Birds - Silent Partner (16:24) Clips in order of appearance: The Kids' Guide to the Internet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A81IwlDeV6c (4:37) Windows 95 Commercial #2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kt6wVyNWos (6:03) Macworld Boston 1997 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHhHww-S-3s (10:02) Bill Gates Deposition Part 9 of 12 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odJNphz9GPg (13:33) Bill Gates on the Antitrust Case (2001) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5_fBqZrwA0 (15:47)
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Kone dib (17 hours ago)
Now theres a monopoly on who can get the most information about someone lmao
Leandro Tami (1 day ago)
Today we live in an era of closed platforms where your apps cannot do the same as the OS manufacturer's apps because the system just does not give you the same tools. In this sense, a random app developer is not on a leveled playing field. Windows is very annoying when you change your default browser, it basically has ads for Edge built in the OS, in the same way Apple "invites" you to try Safari every now and then when you choose for a different browser. In short, what Microsoft did in the 90s is nothing compared to what is happening right now.
Ryaken (1 day ago)
Ironic though, I don't use Microsoft edge but Firefox instead. Saving your tabs to an account and having those pages backed up is really useful.
Abe TT (2 days ago)
Microsoft is a nasty filthy big rat :) One of the reasons why computer industry is so filthy... DEATH TO MAFIA!
KeZaRo0 (2 days ago)
bill is giving half his fortune to charity, so it all worked out in the end
Fred Pilcher (2 days ago)
MS should have been outlawed and Gates should have been locked up.
FunkBungus (2 days ago)
My favorite bit of all of this is the judge deleting the internet explorer icon. and microsoft with the surprised pikachu face when nothing happens.
Lapis Wolf (3 days ago)
10:50 they laughed because they already knew Apple wouldn't allow real choice of anything...
Joseph (4 days ago)
Great video detailing how government interference in private industry can be extremely damaging.
enticed2zeitgeist (4 days ago)
It's shit like this that makes me dislike Bill Gates, despite his philanthropy. I hate it when companies compete using their own weight and not their innovation.
Njul (4 days ago)
Please talk more about Linux!
TheNintendofangirl ! (4 days ago)
watching this with headphones dude.... you nearly bust my ears.. your voice over is so quiet (and these are great headphones) your clips are ear busting... long time watcher of your content btw.
ko U. (4 days ago)
Void Linux for life <3
lemler 3 (4 days ago)
RealMedia player!? that's what happened t that? damn dude that was the best media player ever back on windows xp lol
lemler 3 (3 days ago)
+Steve Johnson yeah, I use vlc nowadays, but back then real media player would let you download flash content like videos and music if you wanted and add it straight to your library. Back in the windows xp days that was super nice. Now you have browser plugins that can do it for you. it even had a web browser but it wasn't very good
Steve Johnson (3 days ago)
You can still get it -- just that VLC probably does a bit more, and is open-source.
Daniel (5 days ago)
I am web developer, I used almost every browser there is. Brave is my choice right now .. it's basically chrome with privacy/adblock build-in but chrome and firefox are very good also .. vivaldi is another very nice browser. As I said .. right now Brave is best. PS: vivaldi is best for power users and it was my favourite brwsr but because I've tried several new linux distros a week I needed browser with an account sync and vivaldi didnt have this feature so I had to use chrome or firefox. But I've heard that they added it to newer version so I'll definitely check it out.
CipherBytes (5 days ago)
MS, Apple, both as shady as the other. You gotta wonder about a company that can make the leading OS but cannot make a browser worth a damn.
Valley of the Boom
Alzter S (5 days ago)
Informative and interesting. Nice research!
rk 4391 (5 days ago)
fyi Netscape became Firefox and nobody uses IE anymore. All is relatively well. Now we just need Linux to take over where Windows and MacOS are dominant, and computing will be as free (as in freedom) as it was always meant to be.
Boeing 797 (5 days ago)
Jay Roy (6 days ago)
use firefox the new Netscape with this addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firescape_navigator/ :D
clopier (6 days ago)
Ahh the butthurt is strong in this 🤣🤣
Steve Bliss (6 days ago)
I will NEVER forgive this evil POS company for all their evil lying tactics! Starting with the MSDOS crapware!
i live for this kind of thing. people love to forget about ms, thank you for making this vid man
xTroop18546x (6 days ago)
"Since we believe in choice"? FUCK YOU, STEVE
"What files should we remove" LOL how this did not get them a contempt of court charge I do not know.
isaid stream (6 days ago)
Monopoly = let users pirate Windows I think Microsoft have the most sad monopoly in the world
Willibef (6 days ago)
"The tech industry has gotten a lot more open, competitive, and most of all diverse since the days of the Wintel dynasty."  What are you smoking?
Hapa man (6 days ago)
Software Giant Microsoft net worth is $753 Billion dollars but it has hard Time beating Sony & Nintendo net worth $ 16.49 Billion dollars but Xbox one can't sell that good
Kamel (6 days ago)
I love the video, but at the end you seemed to imply that Microsoft no longer has a monopoly. That isn't so, they have kept up their shady business practices and in turn has kept competitors from arising. Microsoft isn't that scared of mac, because you have to buy a different computer to use it. Linux on the other hand is 100% free and runs on any PC. Microsoft is now partnering with OEMs to ensure windows is the only OS that can run. If you could run Windows software flawlessly on Linux, the world would experience something that it's never seen before - the ability to actually choose what OS you want to use.
Nonetrix (7 days ago)
OMG so im using a fork of Netscape navigator WTF on linux 2 layers of weirdness
Nonetrix (7 days ago)
replay if your a Linux weirdo like me
ryja official (7 days ago)
i love microsoft
Davide De Luca (7 days ago)
Watching it on an Ubuntu Linux... the irony...
lmcgregoruk (7 days ago)
17:07 - 17:21 They also didn't stick to that either "Microsoft failed to include the screen in the Windows 7 SP 1 update, which led to a 63 percent decrease in Firefox downloads during the nearly 15 months that Microsoft failed to show the screen to SP1 users, costing the company about 9 million downloads. Microsoft was fined €561 million for failing to show the screen to Windows 7 SP1 users.
Rannon (7 days ago)
Going by the few lawyer videos I've seen I'd say that it sounds like Bill was overly trained by his lawyer(s)
I'm more of a ChromeOS person then a Windows person
Shaun G (6 days ago)
Qush Aes (7 days ago)
I long for the day when Linux will rule the world.
Meleeman (7 days ago)
lol i embrace the microsoft doctrine of EEE, when i write software lololol
BLx Droid (7 days ago)
Google took a lot of tricks from Microsoft's playbook.
unknown (7 days ago)
when you're gonna do aprilfools video again?
SteveMHN (7 days ago)
Concerned??? What do you mean??? LMAO
Marcus W (7 days ago)
Apple are the umbrella corporation
Shubham Bhushan (7 days ago)
Bill Gates is as evil as Jobs
Wonginism (7 days ago)
Some of the learnings and outcomes of this would be interesting to investigate when it comes to theorizing if microsoft could've made windows phone successful and a bit on why they didn't really try to make windows phone successful.
Vinsensius Gracia (7 days ago)
Just another apple prores monopoly
Tyler Durden (7 days ago)
In depositions it is very common to clarify definitions of words, that’s not being evasive. Speaking about monopolies, I looked up the definition. Microsoft isn’t
Bob Riemersma (7 days ago)
What about the early 1990s when Microsoft threw its arm around Apple, handed over a wad of cash to keep the failure afloat, and this duopoly then squashed all competition?
Boxcarcifer (7 days ago)
Shit I had a Compaq Armada Pent 2 Laptop running Windows 98 & it Screamed! I finally Shot It! Even with @ Sticks of Ram...47K +47 K ? I am 70 Years old I do remember that I forget- RAM dam...It weighed 87 Puonds and was my AWRDRIVE MACHINE- Cain and Able/ them Gold Cards from OroNIco Sysco Lucent Technology, a SOUP CUP WiFi Antenna, & a Ham Radio UHF VHF SHF REqrencies to monitor Rooseters in the Chivken Yard the Crowed on 8:11 C 8:11 A
Boxcarcifer (7 days ago)
I first learned on Netscape Navigator at the Public Library in Austin, Texas, and about 2000 I found the Austin Linux Club ! I still have my old netscape.net account active, under aol.mail with the 4 Letter Password. I first got it 1999 or 98. It is a 'RELIC"
ccricers (7 days ago)
That's savage how the EU made their version of Internet Explorer load a list of other browser links as the homepage.
Boxcarcifer (7 days ago)
I remember William Clinton's Janet Reno (U.S. Attorney General, on the day Judge Jackson ruled to break up Microsoft): Today's ruling will have a profound impact not only by promoting competition in the software industry, but also by reaffirming the importance of antitrust law enforcement in the 21st century and the importance of competition. Janet Reno, Microsoft customer - Washington Times https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2000/jun/6/20000606-011423-2228r/ Jun 6, 2000 - The agency's choice in operating systems is an awkward subject these days because the Justice Department is suing Microsoft on antitrust ...U.S., 20 STATES SUE MICROSOFT, ALLEGE ABUSES - The ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/...sue-microsoft.../38bdf8a5-60a9-4466-9acc-92dc334...May 19, 1998 - "Microsoft has an excellent record of innovation," said Attorney General Janet Reno. "But we want to make sure that the field is open to the next ...
asdf (7 days ago)
Microsoft is defeated. Apple is next.
Rossypooh (7 days ago)
thank you for the information. well done video
Austin Hibdon (7 days ago)
Haha. Apple Computers, Inc believes in choice. Such a good joke. They were and are no better than MS.
flameshana9 (7 days ago)
Imagine if half the energy that went into sabotaging the other guy went into improving your own products. It's like we're all little chimpanzees flinging stuff at each other while wearing a little crown👑 on our heads to make ourselves look special. Humanity is so foolish and infantile. What's even weirder is how all the tech people endlessly praise the advancements in technology, ever gushing over the latest and greatest gadget as "The most advanced [insert fad here] evar!1!" Does anyone in this day and age use their brainpower? Technology should be to create something useful, not be tossed in a landfill in 2 years while paying for that Google exec's 4th yacht.
Tony Vi (7 days ago)
Can you buy a new pc on a store without Windows?
Gianluca Badejo (7 days ago)
I love Microsoft. The alternative is that god awful Windows ripoff; Linux thing. Linux is used by pedophiles and real ale drinkers. Fact.
Huey Long (8 days ago)
my buddy @madutakam led me to this video, and if she says its good enough to like than I say its worth the trending tab. Anyway shoutout to the woman who diagnosed me with Leprosy behind the Denny's. Love you!
ZerqTM (8 days ago)
it's good to remember what total pigfucking asshole Microsoft has been in the past.. and is likely to be in the future if it thinks it can get away with it.
daphoenixto (8 days ago)
I no longer use Microsoft or Google products I am free of the Oligarchy who knew that Ol Billy Gates is following in his Eugenics Grandfathers footsteps Why should I fund Psychopathic Demons and their agenda of Socialism & depopulation....
Frank G. (8 days ago)
Actually Microsoft monopoly begins way before ms-dos back in the Microsoft Basic days.
weaktech (8 days ago)
an excellent video. thanking you.
S.C. Eptic (8 days ago)
Great overview of how Bill Gates fought so hard to become the beloved philanthropist, and humanitarian he is today. Think his conscious was hurting him? Nah.
Dominic dos Santos (8 days ago)
Run Linux. You can't complain when you're willingly jumping off a cliff
Mr Glass (7 days ago)
Play many games on Linux?
Yasin Hasan (8 days ago)
Microsoft Monopoly is always a good thing, i support it.
D Sharp (8 days ago)
My PC took a big Microsoft yesterday. Windows10 blows donkey dick.
KeiKAndLies (8 days ago)
Interesting, os fan boys come out of the woodworks with these videos. Mostly because (such and such company/entity) hurt my feelings therefore I feel butthurt about it, or there is a feature I don't like therefore throw a massive tantrum fit and boycott it until I get what I want, or my privacy is in danger and I'm changing to a different one even though I have/am used/using another company's privacy intrusive service/application anyways because I am soo great and knowledgeable and definitely not hypocritical. Boo hoo, get real, this is our reality, these are companies, they need to serve the most people whilst being profitable. This is "why I am not coming back again" rhetoric is childish and irresponsible. Looking at it subjectively without impotent rage will probably be better for you in the long run anyways. That is my rant about OS fan boy tribalist war tantrum fight done. Hope you had a good day, as I just use this as some kind of outlet for my frustration. Thanks for reading till the end, see you in the net.
abdu rahman (8 days ago)
First, I didn't watch the video. Second, monopolies does not exist in a free market and anti-trust laws are useless and wrong.
Marcus Aurelius (5 days ago)
Fuck off
Purpleboye_ (8 days ago)
Windows: you do not have permission to do that Hades: *I own you*
Data Grab (8 days ago)
*Microsoft, Google, Apple. All American companies. I'd rather have them spy on me than China.*
qwerty keyboard (8 days ago)
same better dead then red
Kenneth Malinich (8 days ago)
You do a great job with these videos.
AlinaDoesStuff (8 days ago)
4:38 OH NO
Yora (8 days ago)
I remember Quicktime and Real Player. But I can't remember what they were needed for.
George Kountouris (8 days ago)
that is what a great company microsoft is! you cant take em down!
se7vennld (8 days ago)
Tell the Story of Apple doesn't third party hardware makers.
:) For the end consumer, it's way more convenient for just an OS to existing cos the program's developers would have to work just for one platform making cheaper all of the process.
seasong (8 days ago)
Apple: we believe in user choice Also Apple: Lets invent as many apple only cables as possible 😂😂😂
Volvirth (3 days ago)
*And to pay a tax for each one produced because they're literally against the law.
Microsoft edge = shit web browser
peabody (8 days ago)
screw microsoft i switched to linux 4 yrs ago and now I have control over my computer NOT some corporation. my computer now does what I WANT IT TO DO!!! thank you linux mint!!!!
Mr Glass (7 days ago)
And it really does nothing
Boomer Kuwanger (8 days ago)
@7:50 Is that true? AFAIK, you can run 16-bit Netscape Navigator on Windows 95. Or was the extant versions incompatible because of the changed/new network stack (IIRC Trumpet Winsock was used in Windows 3.x)?
Avaixus (8 days ago)
A lot of this seems unfair towards Microsoft, its natural for any company to enter into advantageous business deals. Why should the government force them to advertise their competitors, & grand third-party companies details about their operating systems. Details that were created by Microsoft using Microsofts resources, if they create something they should have a natural advantage. These monopoly laws are stupid & completely unfair.
Hachi Roku (8 days ago)
ill take firefox over chrome anyday
interwebtubes (8 days ago)
Let’s hear it for computer viruses; Helping keep garbage software going
Quamikaze (8 days ago)
6:00 that's the only way I watched all the videos on the Win95 CD as a kid. :O
zdrux (8 days ago)
Microsoft has a large share of the market, not a monopoly. Nobody is stopping you from going out and using any competitor products.
Jessie James (8 days ago)
IBM had an option to buy MS DOS they choose not too. IBM would be big dog if they just added PCI to their PC's
Ch Pe (8 days ago)
Say what you want about Microsoft. They aren't banning people from platforms or interfering in politics.
Ch Pe (6 days ago)
+roopiin 91 are you referring to the Microsoft app store? Nobody uses windows phone.
roopiin 91 (6 days ago)
They are banning/censoring consumers within their microsoft store if you say one bad word about a sjw, and they manipulate user reviems to suit the developers.
Ginger Kitty Project (6 days ago)
No, Microsoft hires entire Blackwater death squads to eliminate programmers for their code. Like the murder on Gary Kildall of Digital Research.
Chad Suggs (8 days ago)
I hope you have a video about Internet Explorer itself. If not I hope you make one. I've never understood Microsofts stupid fixation with IE. It's pretty much always been a bastard little brother to better browsers. I would like to know the honest truth of how much money total they have put in to IE since the beginning. I've tried to use it for over two decades and there is always a browser that does everything better than IE. I've always been embarrassed by IE and Microsoft pushing it. I have historically loved Microsoft. At points I've been borderline Microsoft fanboy lol
anikanbounty97 (8 days ago)
there apple to and nividia for monopolies
Lordcron (8 days ago)
What a wonderful trip back in time. I made the shift from the fast food industry to the Tech Sector back when Windows 95 was just about to hit the market. It was so cool! Loved how fast the industry was moving and changing.
Chad Suggs (8 days ago)
I must say, you have done an amazing job on this video. Informative, accurate and well researched. You got yourself a new subscriber. Also if you get a chance to respond... Are you in your 30s by chance? I'm 38 and you seem to speak about Microsoft a certain way. It's hard to explain but only people from the 90s to early 2ks talk like that about Microsoft. Like I said its hard to explain lol I don't mean anything bad by it. Quite the opposite actually.
Damien Gibson (8 days ago)
lol u think its bad that ie was on unix platforms before... *cough* look at the latest edge >.>
Now This Is epic. (9 days ago)
And now... Internet Explorer and Edge are the shitty browsers.
Sky Kast (9 days ago)
Gave up on win ten with repeating errors
Johnnyxp64 (9 days ago)
when other companies have the amazing developing tools MS has and allows millions of power software been created on windows and not just silly mobile apps... and until another company has an OS so compatible with the entire hardware outthere... then Microsoft is kicking ass and the rest just cry. is not a monopoly. is just better on this.
Leonhard Frommhold (8 days ago)
Johnnyxp64 but because MS has the tools and everyone uses it there is never a reason to develop tools for anything else in the first place. The insane market share and financial prowess of MS give them an edge over any competitor that can’t be overcome. That’s what a monopoly does, it uses its market share and profits derived from that market share to maintain that overblown market share and to stop competition.
PirateKitty (9 days ago)
Long live Linux and other open source software. Death to Micro$tuffed, Googly-lies and alike. Now the crooked Bill Gates has developed a conscious and is spending his stolen money to do good around the world! I guess karma wins in the long run.
Tony Johansson (9 days ago)
Been using firefox since the early 2000s on my personal computer, still works great. Thunderbird is great too. (Outlook is complete shit) Edge is fine, use it everyday on my work computer.
Bagha Shams (9 days ago)
Google products gained market share because they're just so good, and kept getting improved over time. Microsoft products only ever gained market share because they were bundled with PC's and the masses had no choice but to use them and get used to them. Chrome's winning of the browser wars was the most uphill battle of any war that's ever been won, and yet they pulled it off because they poured incredible energy into making the product as great as possible.
Shill for Science (9 days ago)
Netscape was great for the time.

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