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In this challenge, 4 photographers shoot the same model! Each person picks their own location, outfit and photographs the same model to showcase how different each of their styles are. PHOTOGRAPHERS Sawyer ► https://www.instagram.com/sawyerhartman/ Sawyers Channel ►https://www.youtube.com/user/sawyerhartman Phil ► http://www.instagram.com/p.hil Mark ► http://www.instagram.com/marksingerman Jess ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi MODEL Hannah ► https://www.instagram.com/hannahtrib/ Our Amazing Videographers Flannery ► https://www.instagram.com/flanneryunderwood/ Cruz (EDITED THE VIDEO) ► https://www.instagram.com/jonbrandoncruz/ MAKEUP ARTIST Courtney ► https://www.instagram.com/courtneyhagenmakeup BUY MY PHOTO COLORING PRESETS ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/ FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/jessicakphoto WEBSITE ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/jessicakobeissi
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Text Comments (4141)
Jessica Kobeissi (5 months ago)
Which photo was your favorite? Let us know what and WHO you would like to see in the next episode!
Lauren Marsh (2 days ago)
Jessica Kobeissi hey Jessica, where can I get hold of the prism ruler?
Sarah Schumacher (4 days ago)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO. I'm actually wanting to do the same thing with friends of mine. I don't which was photo was my favorite, but I will say my eyes were drawn to Sawyer's final shots the most. All of you are amazing though and thank you for sharing this video.
warlyfresh (4 days ago)
Mark's pictures looked the best to me
Kelvin Chege (8 days ago)
I'll go with Mark. There's something about his method of capture that is just eye captivating
Souvik Sarkar (10 days ago)
Phil's at the stairs and yours at the house front. Overall, Phil was the winner.
rozbeh ariya (5 hours ago)
phil was the best in all except the street one , he killed it on the rest , bravo
Agustin Reyes (7 hours ago)
Nikon guy killed it!
Bsparky Hatton (12 hours ago)
"My dog ate my photo"
mark Kravchenko (19 hours ago)
How much did cannon pay you?
Trading Saham (20 hours ago)
Why does Sawyer holds a phone out on the lens when shooting?
tammy canubas (22 hours ago)
the nikon d750 85MM SUPPER SHARP
trivia ventures (22 hours ago)
Mark.....the winnnnnneeerrrrr.....yeeeeeeooooooo
Bratislav Metulski (23 hours ago)
THE BLACK MAN does always the best job in this video !!!
Monika (1 day ago)
The guy with beard is the best one
Ike Willoughby (1 day ago)
Yo why my iPhone Xs take photos as good
Shama MJ (1 day ago)
So cool
You Tube (1 day ago)
sawyer wins
Orio Menoni (1 day ago)
Guys, if you shoot a model sitting on a stairway from below, using a superwide lens, you end up with HUGE FEET, and that's exactly what happened here in two of the photos... that look really ugly because of that. If you want that pose at all costs, you should AT LEAST shoot with the camera at the same level of her belly button. That would have kept her feet within acceptable proportions.
Rowan Wagner (1 day ago)
Sawyer was the best photographer. The guy in the leather jacket did way too much smoothing on her skin.
Benny Elsensohn (1 day ago)
7:12 It's the Halo Multiplayer Voice!
Daisy Valentine (1 day ago)
Sawyer & the guy with the leather jacket I really loved their photos💖😍
Daisy Valentine (1 day ago)
OfficialSultan (1 day ago)
Guy with the beard did good through all them.Then the last one the woman and the dark guy and the beard guy did good
Théo michel (2 days ago)
The girl photographer is pretty bad... Imo
tabot birhan (2 days ago)
Olly Pavlova (2 days ago)
I feel bad for saying this as a female but damn girl come onnn
Olly Pavlova (2 days ago)
dumb people tryna be famous 101
Skeptic Spartan (2 days ago)
dude with the leather jacket killed it. best overall.
Skeptic Spartan (2 days ago)
Vanilla ice take it down a notch. LOL, just kidding. Great idea, one shot 4 photogs.
Antonio Mata (2 days ago)
Sawyer crossed the line a bit :/
Jayoshi Majumdar (2 days ago)
i think Phil was the best
Denis Koka koka (2 days ago)
Mark ...
яна котова (3 days ago)
Black guy and in the jacket! 3 and 4!
ottawamountainman (3 days ago)
Is that Irene Rudnyk in the background at 10:49 ?
lina othman (3 days ago)
im some jealous from the quality of their photos
Hello, i wanted to get an intervalometer for my Canon 200D. Can you recommend one ? I tried searching the net.. but couldn't find anything :(
Isabella M (3 days ago)
Too much edition n the photos
Sharai Clarke (3 days ago)
Phil & Mark 🤪
rob ord (3 days ago)
i always love the last photos
d a y d r e a m e r (3 days ago)
I dont exactly know what it is but I really loved Phils photos
Tessa Tasula (3 days ago)
I hate Sawyer
Sheza FaraSofea (3 days ago)
1st round: Phil 2nd round: Mark 3rd round: Mark 4th round: Sawyer Damn, you guys are so good..
Zetura (4 days ago)
Without post-processing, Mark would have killed it, but he totally over brush the skin. That's really sad :( Don't touch your model ! She's beautiful and your pictures would have been amazing :(
Oxehh Sy (4 days ago)
low key the model looks like margot robbie with a taylor swift body.
Sandra Munoz (4 days ago)
I honestly think the cameraman could have gotten amazing shots as well
Petit Wonders (4 days ago)
Mark crushed this deal to pieces.
originalsuki (4 days ago)
Phil's shot from the first challenge was my fav, but it was VERY hard to choose. You guys killed it. It would be hard to take a bad shot of that model.
Amin.Vlogs (4 days ago)
Sawyer was the best tbh
Lucia Garibay (4 days ago)
How cool is that the host always let the other photographers take better pictures and she always let them win!  I totally love it.
River Beats (4 days ago)
that dude looks like he could be kid cudis brother lol
Tyler Alexis (4 days ago)
I know nothing about photography and I don't know why Youtube suggested this to me, but I LOVE THIS! :)
SimpleSid (4 days ago)
Jessica I’m such a fan of yours thank you soooo much!!!!
Philipp (4 days ago)
It's Gabie (5 days ago)
All of them were fantastic, but they guy in the leather jackets!!! GODDAMN!!!
Vitus Films (5 days ago)
guy with t-shirt of adidas red and white is a very great photographer..know what to do...
Link the Lung (5 days ago)
The model is gorgeous... even if we only shoot her with mobile phone camera i think
Mauricio Romero (5 days ago)
The guy in the leather jacket chose the most dangerous location he could find and his photo had a blurred background that could be shot anywhere else.
Sophia Xie (5 days ago)
eric miyan (5 days ago)
marks photos are soo different. Wow
frivoulous11 (5 days ago)
THe people who shot this and edited it are amazing! They always manage to get great angles and the shots are dynamic without feeling rushed. It’s almost like sometimes you could take a still fro, the b roll and itnwould make an awesome photograph. The editor in combination clearly sells all the amazing shots. I love the way they play with speed of dynamic shots and background music timing.
Ken Man (5 days ago)
That white guy sucks with his stupid tattoo.
Apple Nicole (5 days ago)
Mark - Editorial Phil - Aesthetic Jess - Natural Sawyer - Creative
Apple Nicole (5 days ago)
PHOTO 1 I especially loved Mark’s shot and Phil’s shot, but Mark had a do-over so I’m giving it to PHIL, lol. PHOTO 2 All were great. This is a toughie…hmmm, JESS. PHOTO 3 MARK, Phil second. PHOTO 4 I wanted to say Mark again, but I’m gonna give it to JESS. She took advantage of the location. Mark killed every shot, imo. All photographers are EXTREMELY talented, though.
Ane Mary (6 days ago)
What foto editor do you use?
Connor White (6 days ago)
Sawyers are garbage. It’s to much.
Ahmed Zeeshan (6 days ago)
mark is the man ❤️❤️❤️
Girard Mendoza (6 days ago)
can u do sports photography next shoot? with just a digi camera or some regular camera. :)
acrum04 (6 days ago)
The first photo showed at the end. For sure.
David Cartalla (6 days ago)
I want to deck Sawyer
Sarah Harris (6 days ago)
loved this!
+Tec (6 days ago)
Why don't you bring in a male model? That would be very interesting.
Rony Swaid (7 days ago)
The guy in the leather jacket is Insanely good
Oliver Keely (7 days ago)
I was trying to enjoy the video but there's a black hole on her nose sucking the life out of everything around her.
Becca (7 days ago)
The model is pretty :)) great work guys
Andrea Ruiz (7 days ago)
yall should do this with Bryant!!
Thomas Cn (7 days ago)
So much photoshop
Travis Liang (7 days ago)
mark's photos are insane
Devyn Davis (7 days ago)
I wish you wouldve did a side by side comparison of each round at the end as a quick recap
Val (7 days ago)
The first model looked so annoyed at 1:58
Eugenia Gonzales (8 days ago)
Can I model for ya'lls next video? My instagram is @gatitaohay and I can email you images from my portfolio id you would like :)
polarjeez (8 days ago)
why are the shots so edited...
bluexavier69 (8 days ago)
The model is so lucky..
Jake Wilson (8 days ago)
Mark is the best in this
MawgZ (8 days ago)
This reminds me of Andrew huangs 4 artist make a song with same sample
CoolSlayer131 (8 days ago)
Here is me giveing that guy a hard time
Fred Garvin (8 days ago)
Jess's photos were the best.
adem ittou (8 days ago)
Mark is the best in all shoots i think
June Bug (8 days ago)
Phil took the best shots.
Jason Hiew (8 days ago)
For me NO.4 photographer took awesome pictures!
Pygmy Puff (9 days ago)
The introductions made no sense at all.
Virtual Soul (9 days ago)
✨ PHIL won all rounds ✨
Family Foley (9 days ago)
Sawyer got so many lenses bro lol
I think Saywer captured the girl genuinely laughing the best. :) You could see all her teeth which means it was a real laugh. It gave me happy vibes.
Josie Depew (9 days ago)
sawyer's photos are absolutely stunning ! I would love to work with him
Wren Kelly (10 days ago)
Am I crazy or did Sawyer used to date a youtuber? Blaire Fowler maybe? No? Know him from somewhere...
Radiya Sinare (10 days ago)
I just love how they are shooting. It look fun there and love the model she is very easy to work with and she make it comfortable
Katie Walker (10 days ago)
model = if Blake Lively + Taylor Swift had a baby
Shelley Goodwin (10 days ago)
Jess won for me everytime. I like the photos but I think they were also the most flattering of the model too.
Niraj Bhavar (10 days ago)
4th guy wins and then 2nd
When mark said "just dont..." I thought he was gonna say somethin more professional than just "just dont hit your head on the poll"
Austin Cohea (10 days ago)
You have to hit like 3 buttons to delete a photo I don’t believe jt
Dakyner ™ (10 days ago)
13:58 da heck is this outfit the old man is wearing ^^
Janet Wambui (10 days ago)
They all look so nice 😭😭 what even😁😁
Janimal Photography (10 days ago)
Love the idea, but why don't you present the raw images. I do not like the photoshop work (5:20). Next Challenge; ONE shot with NO post production ! Straight out of the camera. Ready guys ?

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