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In this challenge, 4 photographers shoot the same model! Each person picks their own location, outfit and photographs the same model to showcase how different each of their styles are. PHOTOGRAPHERS Sawyer ► https://www.instagram.com/sawyerhartman/ Sawyers Channel ►https://www.youtube.com/user/sawyerhartman Phil ► http://www.instagram.com/p.hil Mark ► http://www.instagram.com/marksingerman Jess ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi MODEL Hannah ► https://www.instagram.com/hannahtrib/ Our Amazing Videographers Flannery ► https://www.instagram.com/flanneryunderwood/ Cruz (EDITED THE VIDEO) ► https://www.instagram.com/jonbrandoncruz/ MAKEUP ARTIST Courtney ► https://www.instagram.com/courtneyhagenmakeup BUY MY PHOTO COLORING PRESETS ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/ FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/jessicakphoto WEBSITE ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/jessicakobeissi
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Text Comments (4726)
Jessica Kobeissi (7 months ago)
Which photo was your favorite? Let us know what and WHO you would like to see in the next episode!
daniel fernandez (1 day ago)
mark is the best
Kylie Lane (2 days ago)
You guys should put a poll at the end of the video
Jomar Oliver (12 days ago)
I❤️ the last pic. In the 2nd challege
Jomar Oliver (12 days ago)
I go for the 3rd picture
Kaay Cowell (14 days ago)
Jessica Kobeissi i would like to see jordan matter
Carlos Franco (5 hours ago)
Im sorry but in the 3rd loction and outfit all i could think of was "where is sawyers top lip, does he have a top lip!!"
kayandra roper (11 hours ago)
On some situation she looks like lele pons
Reactionz AJ (13 hours ago)
0:43 dudes in the middle look like they posing for a picture but jessica looks like she's just confused and the dude on the far right looks like he sees a murderer outside.
Jhope and his sprite (23 hours ago)
all of them are really good but that black guy nailed it! good job
Katie C (1 day ago)
0:30 when you try to get your word count up on an essay 😂🔺
Buffy love tyinus (1 day ago)
7:01 did she fall or something?
Lazarus Thabile (1 day ago)
thats o cool you guys
Mark's photos are the best.
Awesome Coolfun (1 day ago)
Lowkey your model reminds me of one of my cousins that I haven't seen in a while thanks
Ilys Hoshi (2 days ago)
SlayedByNaya (2 days ago)
I really wish someone would take my picture
Extra Channel (2 days ago)
1st shoot the black man was the best
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
Anne Laure (2 days ago)
In which city is it ?
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
los angeles
Greg Castro (2 days ago)
First time I’ve seen this series of vids. Love it, awesome concept! Interesting to see the different viewpoints and styles.
GOLDEN YEARS (2 days ago)
I loved ur model shes amazing!!
SMART ARTIST (2 days ago)
I wish they'd take my photos😍😍 I MEAN ALLLLL ARE AMAAZING
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank you!
Zoya Khan (3 days ago)
Melbourne Meliodas (3 days ago)
Sorry if I anger someone but did they use filter or is it the Camera doing it?
Melbourne Meliodas (2 days ago)
+PHILVISUALS Oh I see lol, Nice pictures btw. It was beautiful!
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
Melbourne Meliodas yes! the only black photographer in the video 😂
Melbourne Meliodas (2 days ago)
+PHILVISUALS Oh I see. I thought it was the camera. But one question. Who are you? Are you one of the photographers in the video?
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
we did all unique editing on our computers
Emery (3 days ago)
I think I just fell in love with Mark
0riginal _Panda_Child (3 days ago)
Phil's photos were a step above everyone elses
Mochi gurll (4 days ago)
8:40 is my favorite
Neha I. (5 days ago)
Wasn't Sawyer hitting on Hannah all the time 😂😂😝😝? I felt so .
Natalie Norris (5 days ago)
Loooooove these series. ❤️
Lana-Jean Fogel (5 days ago)
Dhamayanti Setiadi (5 days ago)
LauKilam (6 days ago)
The last challenge was my favourite bc Sawyer couldn't talk
Smiling Kitty (6 days ago)
Location 1 Phil and Mark won that one. Location 2 Sawyer and Phil won. Location 3 Phil and Mark won. Location 4 Jessica and Mark won. Overall Phil for his talent to capture the model's personality with good focus and mark for his rich fully focused photo's he can make anything look good. :) Those were the two best photographers for this episode in my opinion.
grafittix (6 days ago)
The guy in the leather jacket's photos were consistently my favorites.
Erik Montoya (6 days ago)
I would love to jump on one of these ❤️❤️
Bung gelo (7 days ago)
Phil Jessica Mark Jessica Y'all slept on Jessica model is gorgeous
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank you
Kaitlyn Kennedy (7 days ago)
I think all of Jess’ pics have a very Vogue-esque style. I really love them 🤷🏽‍♀️
Looks like fun was had by all.
Brooke Hickerson (8 days ago)
I just want an entire portfolio of Phil's photos
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
i'm down, lets go brooke.
Rylan's RRealm (8 days ago)
Sawyers last shot is amazing tho... 😍 but overall I liked Marks photos 😍😜🙃🙂
Oarabile Seletswane (8 days ago)
I thought he said poor photographers In the intro
Jehad Landajol (8 days ago)
jessica and the man wearing black jacket are the best for me
Yo nigga is the damn best photographer, man!
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
Mrinal Pakhrin (9 days ago)
Loved mark's photography and also the photos
Emelia Thompson (9 days ago)
Jordan Matter!! (I think that’s how you spell his name.. lol)
Hoan Nguyen (9 days ago)
Hoan Nguyen (9 days ago)
Rosanna xoxo (9 days ago)
That model is so beautiful wtf 🤤
Bob Ross (9 days ago)
You should’ve taken a pic of that guy at 13:59 cuz he looks aesthetic asf
Samurai (9 days ago)
phillll 💪
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank u!
billy wang (9 days ago)
Model is cooool.
what is the song that the guy sang one show
Ve Doble (10 days ago)
JAJAJ EA SPORTS. It's in the game.
Lexi Tartaglia (10 days ago)
"just the tip"
xoyr (10 days ago)
I love this idea, even though I know nothing about photography. AND she is gorgeous!
TRIPAKYTIN YTB (10 days ago)
phil's pics r the best???
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank you!
Imani Brooks (10 days ago)
That one guy Swayer looks exactly like Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy!!! Omggg
Emily (11 days ago)
Mark would be my first choice, all of his photos were stunning. BUT I think Jessica’s shot at the last location might have been the single best of them all.
Joan Esperanza (11 days ago)
Photos' times: 5:08 8:36 12:21 15:38
Bieber Tamara (11 days ago)
great model, expressive! Jessica has an extreme sharpness in her pictures. Everyone has a great look
Sharda baunthiyal (12 days ago)
8:36 the best photo ever taken by anyone . . . .💕 Love you
Bummie Bommie (12 days ago)
LuMilla Africa (12 days ago)
Phil rox!
Huie D. (12 days ago)
Excellent model. She kept upbeat though the whole session. 👍🏾👍🏾
Jomar Oliver (12 days ago)
Phil dominates them!
Linda Lackova (12 days ago)
I think the Black man made the best shoots. They seem to me to have feeling kind of
Risya Nabila (13 days ago)
The model kind of looks like margot robbie
Eric Lozaga (13 days ago)
are these edited afterwards? cause that kinda defeats the purpose
Maria Lobetos (13 days ago)
I LOVEEE Mark's shots
Jada loves Mammoths XD (13 days ago)
To be completely and utterly honest.... MARK IS MY FAVOURITE!!
D Smith (13 days ago)
9:31 “Kendal Swift” ? 😂
Aniah Akal (13 days ago)
Im not a photographer... but i am a fashion model i would love to work with you guys hooooly amazing!! So talented
Alfonso Atzeni (13 days ago)
Wonderful photoshoots!!
jajuiscool (13 days ago)
is there a video where each photographer edits their picture??
pizza papa (13 days ago)
emvlogz (13 days ago)
they rely so heavily on everything but actual photography. no story all fluff.
Dovii Dalla (13 days ago)
Thanks, Jessica! Great job in presenting and I love the challenge of ONLY taking one shot. Coming from the pre-digital age when film was expensive and treasured - this was delightful to experience.
Tommy Berger (13 days ago)
She’s so attractive...
Nini (14 days ago)
phil is so cute awe
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
The Cherie Amour Show (14 days ago)
Jessica and Phil tied for the 1st photoshoot. Jessica won the 2nd photoshoot. Phil won the 3rd photoshoot. Sawyer and Phil tied for the last photoshoot.
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank you!
Kayla LK (14 days ago)
Sawyer's upper lip must be on vacation
Epurope (14 days ago)
Were there any post edits done before the photos were shared? They looked like they might have been touched up that, or you guys are certainly just professional photographers either way all of them were great! I want to say I liked the black guys the best (not sure of his name).
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
my name is phil! and all the photos were edited before they were shared
Denise Rae (14 days ago)
woahhh havent seen sawyer in a hot minute
That Person :0 (14 days ago)
yall so tiny compared to her
Corinna McNair (15 days ago)
i ship sawyer and hannah.. sawnnah?
Kira L (15 days ago)
Phil was by far my favourite photographer!!
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
i appreciate this!
Adrianax Makeup (15 days ago)
This is such a cool series. Please never stop doing this challenge. All the photos were AMAZING. I wish they were my friends, so they can always take pictures of me.
Rachel Hunt (15 days ago)
okay but why does sawyers pic for the 2nd one look like it is the pov of a stalker???
Maddy Digweed (15 days ago)
The dress was really pretty in the second one! 😍
SHAZA (15 days ago)
all of you dude are talented really!
Alyssia Nicholson (15 days ago)
Binge watching
Ponno Kutir (15 days ago)
Apart everything, someone FEED the model.
manish silwal (15 days ago)
what's the point on being in the street??
Nineson Rongngi (16 days ago)
I like photo graphers
vashtify (16 days ago)
omg that voice was amazing XDD
Sammy Pierre (16 days ago)
Phil and Mark did it for me.
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
thank you!
Jacob Smith (16 days ago)
13:58 that guys fresh
Blue Ocean (16 days ago)
Your all did amazing tho
AnkasaurusRex (16 days ago)
best in my opinion 1st shot- 4,1,2,3 2nd- 4,1,3,2 3rd- 2,4.1,3 last-2,or 4 can't pick ,1,3 all of them a great though!!
chandra chann (17 days ago)
can u show the camera setting like iso,F and aperture in you'r photo result please ?
Deneka Steward (17 days ago)
I never, and I mean never comment on YouTube videos but how dare all of you have that young lady in the street an none of the pictures chosen captured that lmao love this series
PHILVISUALS (2 days ago)
sorry :(
Sachin Singh (17 days ago)
You guys are awesome photographer.
Just Someone (17 days ago)
me: pretending to know what they're talking about
Jay Pea (18 days ago)
Sawyer's like the loser version of Scott Disick.
Shar Dances (18 days ago)
Loved the last two pics for every challenge!

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