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In this challenge, 4 photographers shoot the same model! Each person picks their own location, outfit and photographs the same model to showcase how different each of their styles are. PHOTOGRAPHERS Sawyer ► https://www.instagram.com/sawyerhartman/ Sawyers Channel ►https://www.youtube.com/user/sawyerhartman Phil ► http://www.instagram.com/p.hil Mark ► http://www.instagram.com/marksingerman Jess ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi MODEL Hannah ► https://www.instagram.com/hannahtrib/ Our Amazing Videographers Flannery ► https://www.instagram.com/flanneryunderwood/ Cruz (EDITED THE VIDEO) ► https://www.instagram.com/jonbrandoncruz/ MAKEUP ARTIST Courtney ► https://www.instagram.com/courtneyhagenmakeup BUY MY PHOTO COLORING PRESETS ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com/actions-presets/ FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM ► http://www.instagram.com/jessicakobeissi FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/jessicakphoto WEBSITE ► http://www.jessicakobeissi.com TWITTER ► http://www.twitter.com/jessicakobeissi
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Text Comments (4944)
Jessica Kobeissi (10 months ago)
Which photo was your favorite? Let us know what and WHO you would like to see in the next episode!
Emiliana (19 days ago)
not Sawyer
Fela Johnson (1 month ago)
Jessica Kobeissi You guys were all great but ALL Mark’s photos stood out for me personally, loved watching this ❤️
JoJo (1 month ago)
Blonde guy has th best photos and dryest attitude lol
Jess Edgar (1 month ago)
Can u do an episode with a kid model
# Str (6 hours ago)
*8:38** the best one!*
Brady Gardner (7 hours ago)
In the last shoot, what was the glass piece you guys were holding called??????
Jastine Gem Tato (1 day ago)
Why is this not a tv show?
Heyit'sDakota (3 days ago)
I think sawyer and the Phil did the best
Brian Mates (4 days ago)
Love this one. Amazing shots.
Kahtia Howard (5 days ago)
Am I literally like the only person who didn't like Phil's photo's the best? In fact, his came almost last for me. Especially the composition of his own location, the angles of her body didn't have a nice flow or focal point. I liked Sawyer and Mark's best.
Foreground foliage gives the impression of the photographer hiding behind it: creepy. It must stop. It never worked, ever. lolol
Dust Till Dawn (5 days ago)
shoot 1 #4, shoot 2 all were awesome but #1 was my fav!, shoot 3 #2, shoot 4 #3
Sasha Galbraith (6 days ago)
at . the end of the video you should have all the photos that didnt make the final cut . cause i would like to see how some of the stuff you all do turns out
BENAY ALTUN (7 days ago)
All of them are really good
TheQueen (7 days ago)
The guy with the black leather was the best
Jennifer Najera (8 days ago)
i love how awkward 0:30 was because same girl, same:')
Henry W (9 days ago)
6:52 “that’s like ‘just the tip’ I know where this goes mark”😂😂
jupis0990 (9 days ago)
Leather jacket was my fav
BDS Thami (9 days ago)
i like the photography of mark and the black man....
Ssbae Cutie (12 days ago)
The model face look like dua lipa + Taylor Swift
:P (13 days ago)
For the smiling one they shouldn't have told the model so that they had to try extra hard to get her to laugh
Lola Alvarez-Maldonado (13 days ago)
I liked jessica's pictures the best
Ellen Burkett (13 days ago)
I liked the third guy
Adrienne Cheng (14 days ago)
why do all of them set a stopwatch... why not actually use the timer function
Beb's life (15 days ago)
they all amazinggg😍🤪
SecretMermaid (15 days ago)
Mark was my favorite
Kristy. B (16 days ago)
For all the amateurs to photography it’s not the camera it’s the cameraman that makes the photo come alive.
Kristy. B (16 days ago)
The most beautiful photo is the one you don’t edit, the one you don’t add filters, the one you don’t change
ENGR. RENATO SEGOVIA (17 days ago)
My goodness... jared polin was right... damn
Trophy collector (17 days ago)
I don’t know there names but the black guy is the best 😍
danz beard (17 days ago)
Mark... smh... definitely a deliberate deleted photo. Phil has an eye, that's for sure.
Clarissa Ashley (18 days ago)
I really liked Phil's photos!
Emiliana (19 days ago)
wtf Sawyer is so annoying
狙.擊.霧.域. (19 days ago)
Mark and Phil's ones are the best ones I think. Sawyer is good too, depends on the location actually.
Ujjwal Kumar (19 days ago)
what kind of bees produce milk?
Great video. I am somewhat new to the art of photography, please take a look at some of my aerial photography videos and subscribe if you can.
Adam Hamaoui (21 days ago)
Ordeal Dube (22 days ago)
Great video. Phil is the best What the name of the soundtrack on 02.00?
Blake Englehart (22 days ago)
Guy in the leather jacket
Bill Bynum (23 days ago)
This should just be called... I shoot canon
nicolette lobos (23 days ago)
and why you dont mention the cameras and lenses????
Joe Schwartz (23 days ago)
black guy he is the best
Anas Ansari (24 days ago)
Sawyer has taken the best shots
Cynthia Leal (24 days ago)
Does anyone know what that crystal thing was at the end?
Teffy Briones (24 days ago)
He can say Taylor Swift 💓, luv this black guy
Ray - (25 days ago)
i really like mark’s style of photos
Ajoep (25 days ago)
Phil and Mark did a great job on this one !
Kalashnikov Inc. (25 days ago)
Phil and Marcus are the best by far
Elana Jimenez (25 days ago)
I wish I could be the model in one of them
Mira's Spring TV (26 days ago)
the man with dark skin ones WOW they are all very good tho well done
Jasmin Sarita (28 days ago)
Loved it but what is that crystal looking stick thing that they are using while photographing?
Luna Zepetoo (28 days ago)
Plot Twist: they actually shoot her
sari sari vlog (28 days ago)
what is the purpose of changing the location if you shoot only medium shot? i think you should consider the location so better to shoot wide angle.
찬영0 (29 days ago)
Phil fineeeeeee
찬영0 (13 days ago)
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
WildFire The Theta (29 days ago)
Jessica, I just want to say... you are a huge inspiration... I’m a 14 year old photographer... this is all thanks to you and Brandon Wolfel... thank you...
I dont know but when the girl photo girl it will look more feminime(?)
Ella Zoerhoff (29 days ago)
2:51 what A meam
itstheNdoc (30 days ago)
'Farmer glasses ' like farmers r more interested in farming nit fashion but it looked good anyway
Paracosmic (1 month ago)
the black dude had the best photos for me
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
Thank you
Yihua Pu (1 month ago)
Is no one gonna say that the model is drop dead gorgeous!
ChildishC (1 month ago)
does anyone know what filter she uses for her videos?
VHS (1 month ago)
Phil, had the best shots overall. Sawyer, while seems like a fun dude, his work is just not good at all.
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
Thank you!
Aijay Junaid (1 month ago)
Is it just me or Sawyer looks a lot like Scott Disick 😁. Btw I loved Phil's shots
The Sauce (1 month ago)
can someone teach me how to do photography i’m so jealous 😕
Jolanta Wnuk (1 month ago)
1,3 <3
Maan Saaab (1 month ago)
that model is smokin
Samuel Hutton (1 month ago)
So all of these people are pro photographers, but none of them know "deleted" photos can generally be recovered fairly easily? Have they never had a memory card fail? Or deleted important photos before? Seems like something all photographers should know.
VIP Productions U.K. (1 month ago)
Sawyers pics were best
DIRTY5IVE (1 month ago)
Rusty Bushman lmao
Fred Bugembe (1 month ago)
The fact is i like all the photos, but how do edit your images?
Dedra Nicole (1 month ago)
Black guy won every picture was a masterpiece
chuggingmouthwash (1 month ago)
Sawyer is so cocky
PhoeniX Gaming. (1 month ago)
i feel bad to say this but the blonde guy should stop photography , also the girl .
NaYa (1 month ago)
is it only me that thinks 2:11 was a great shot
Hopefully (1 month ago)
The black guy's photos were my favourite. They all looked so good!
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
Hahha, thanks! My name is Phil btw!
Betty Monroe (1 month ago)
Pics are stunning, and that model is beautiful! 😍💯👈🏾
Deja Smith (1 month ago)
Phil was A1! Y'all are all creative af.
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
thank you!
Videos For Alex (1 month ago)
What is that metal piece they are using and why? 🤔
Vladimir Ognyanov (1 month ago)
Perfect work of the model and video operator! But you and the four photographers are fired!
Ricky Permall (1 month ago)
Like the black guy's pics!!!
Vladislav Terzi (1 month ago)
Mark is dope, my absolute favourite in each round
Olfranck K (1 month ago)
which camera and lens were used to shoot this video??? Great job to you all!!
Ask April (1 month ago)
They were all so good 😍
CONVICKTO Group (1 month ago)
Translate this about 13:59 O mendigo mais rico que eu já vi, usando um fone mais caro que o meu, de óculos de marca, e tenis de playboy hahahaha
ora k (1 month ago)
The guy in the leather jacket was the best
Childish Ink Brain (1 month ago)
Suddenly I just want to follow this guys on insta and see more of their amazing work!
k3vin94 (1 month ago)
Sawyer needs to chill
Jason Eberts (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this Marks photos were my favorite
Kain (1 month ago)
14:47 what is he using?
Kain (1 month ago)
Ah a lense
Leroy Glass (1 month ago)
The black guy is the best. But the one who looks like LazarBeam is the most annoying.
Kel (1 month ago)
For round 1(rainbow steps), I liked Phil’s and the guy in the leather jacket’s photos best, for 2, Phil takes the cake
williams9071 (1 month ago)
I dont see how this shows any kind of raw professionalism when all the pics are photoshopped like crazy
Olga Marin (1 month ago)
This was shot in Silverlake
Tyoma Torbin (1 month ago)
This one is really interesting, innovative and inspiring! I enjoy watching it!
ella sygar (1 month ago)
phil.... oh honey.... you need some taste the photos just were not doing it for me.
PHILVISUALS (13 days ago)
Jasmine Marie Molina (1 month ago)
4th guy is my favorite love his pics
TheOfficialSIAIS (1 month ago)
Challenge 1. Pic 3 👌🏾 2. 4 😍 3. 4 🥰 4. 3 🤩
BT Editz Zone (1 month ago)
Osm videos
Jag Media (1 month ago)
I loved Mark's but I felt like the skin was too smooth. It's natural to see pores. Looks like an alien otherwise
The bushman
officially sam (1 month ago)
How tall is she
- jc (1 month ago)
omg 😭❤
JJDS 1998 (1 month ago)
who is the redhead?

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