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Lounge Kittens- Love Is Only A Feeling (The Darkness Cover) Glasgow Garage 29/4/17

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Lounge Kittens performing The Darkness song 'Love Is Only A Feeling' at Glasgow Garage
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Charlotte King (1 year ago)
The lack of views says it all. One of the band, Jenny Deacon lives with a UK Child Maintenance Evader, George Say from Southend on Sea is a DeadBeat Dad who owes 3 yrs child maintenance to his son and wife. This lowlife and his seemingly lowlife girlfriend think its ok to not pay UK Child Support for his 3 yr old son and instead blow it on a luxury gambling holiday to Las Vegas on the 01st June 2017 for Jenny Deacons birthday. George Say and Jenny Deacon of the Lounge Kittens you should be ashamed

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