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Little Mix - Strip (Official Video) ft. Sharaya J

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'Woman Like Me' is nominated for British Artist Video of the year at this year's BRITs awards! Vote here: http://smarturl.it/BRITVIDLITTLEMIX Little Mix - Strip ft. Sharaya J (Official Music Video) Little Mix's fifth studio album LM5 is OUT NOW! Get your copy here Official Music Store: http://smarturl.it/LMMusicStoreYTD LM5 Standard: http://smarturl.it/LM5_YTD LM5 Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/LM5Deluxe_YTD LM5 Super Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/LM5SuperDeluxe_YTD Follow Little Mix: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LittleMixOfficial Twitter https://twitter.com/LittleMix Instagram https://www.instagram.com/littlemix/ Spotify http://smarturl.it/LittleMixSpotify More great videos here http://smarturl.it/littlemixVEVO Subscribe to Little Mix on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/littlemixYT Strip (Lyrics) Take off all my make up Cos I love what’s under it Rub off all your words Don’t give a uh I’m over it Jiggle all this weight yeah You know I love all of this Finally love me naked Sexiest when I’m confident You say I ain’t pretty Well I say I’m beautiful it’s my committee Say we too provocative Still look at me, look at me, look at me uh! Come for my girls you blocked Be Daily Mail ratin’ manana a la noche I don’t owe you nothing Nah I don’t give a no not anymore If you got lil boobs love it If you got a big ass grab it If you got none, babe rock it It’s your life, go get it if you want it Up in the mirror like ah yeah Lovin’ my figure like ah yeah When I’m slim or I’m thick I’m like ah yeah Swear I’m a kill em like ah Chorus Strip Take off all my makeup Cos I love what’s under it Rub off all your words Don’t give a uh I’m over it (Strip) Jiggle all this weight yeah You know I love all of this Finally love me naked Sexiest when I’m confident I ain’t scared anymore My body outta control Baby I know that you love dis, dis, dis, dis I know ima hot Gotta do what you want If they love it or they don’t I know you ain’t ready for dis, dis, dis, dis Baby take it off Strip Da da da, da da da da da Da da da, da da da da strip Love who you wanna Don’t give a damn issa man or a woman Wanna talk about colour It’s the skin that I’m in yeah I get from my mama I’m a woman don’t test me Baby I’m growin’, my stretch marks are sexy I don’t owe you nothing Nah I don’t give a no not anymore If you got lil boobs love it If you got a big ass grab it If you got none, babe rock it It’s your life, go get it if you want Chorus Strip Take off all my makeup Cos I love what’s under it Rub off all your words Don’t give a uh I’m over it (Strip) Jiggle all this weight yeah You know I love all of this Finally love me naked Sexiest when I’m confident Take off all my makeup Cos I love what’s under it Rub off all your words Don’t give a uh I’m over it (Strip) Jiggle all this weight yeah You know I love all of this Finally love me naked Sexiest when I strip
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Text Comments (30819)
Jill Armstead (19 minutes ago)
I love u
Poetic Nicole (35 minutes ago)
Can anyone help me with regarding copyright? I want to this song due to the message in it and make a video to celebrate Women's History Month by celebrating women of all shapes and sizes but it's kinda hard lol
I can’t believe I am going to see all four of those beautiful people in November ❤️❤️
4426134949 Sofia (2 hours ago)
Ojalá no se separen
Aaron Murray (2 hours ago)
My sis said that I look ugly now I fill beautiful
Capn Phuktard (4 hours ago)
What a load of garbage.
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
This is a message to everyone who says the video is "sexual" and who says that's why they're too sexualized. You really have a problem with nudity. YOU are sexualizing them by saying all of this shit. Seriously each time you see someone naked you directly link it to sex. I mean, they're not singing any sexual lyrics and not twerking and doing explicit dance moves in this music video ? Have you even listened carefully to the lyrics ? There's nothing sexual about this. It's just about loving yourself without any makeup and loving your own body the way it is. I can't even understand you. You all act like showing skin is bad, when being naked is completely natural. We all have a body. We were born without any clothes on. I can understand the fact that you think that showing sex on tv is bad, because of children in the audience, but there's really nothing sexual about nudity. I feel like i can't even explain it because that just sounds so obvious. Now stop linking nudity with sex, we all live in a skin/flesh.
Sanai Paulin (5 hours ago)
Everyone is beautiful. Don't impress someone with a while bunch of makeup be who you are. Don't jump off a building, you ain't a cat. Don't cut your skin,your not paper. Live your life who cares if your fat,poor,bald. The important thing is your personally.
Katie Hates ya xx (6 hours ago)
Does any one released that “take off all of my makeup cause I love what’s under it”and they have a full face of makeup 🧐🤨
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
Full face of makeup ? Jesy may have lipstick but that's all lmao
arianna narvaez (6 hours ago)
I love little mix bc they can inspire so many girls to be confident in their own skin❤️
fabfan00 (17 hours ago)
for all the people who body shamed Jesy. . . really? are you that stupid? everyone is pretty no matter size! and also, Jesy is Gorgeousssssssss along with all the girls, and also thanks Little Mix for destroying Homophobes and Racists! I love them!!!
Sofia Vogelius (18 hours ago)
“I am a woman dont test me” ❤️
Micheal Jackson (19 hours ago)
Jesy shouldn't be singing this song, when she got plastic surgery, what happened on loving ur figure?
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
She didn't get any plastic surgery. I guess you speak about her lips. Well she just overlines her lips all the fucking time, just like in this video. I even have some recent pics from her instastory when she doesn't wear any lipstick/makeup and you can clearly recognise her sweet litte face. But yeah idk why she still overlines her lips in a music video for a song that promotes self love saying "take off my makeup cuz i love what's under it"
Game Those fruits (20 hours ago)
I seeing them in November yay
TYNE Rader (1 day ago)
If u slow mo it 😂
Hannah O'Byrne (1 day ago)
Can they collaborate with Shawn mendes
lena mekonnen (1 day ago)
love it such an inspiring and empowering song....love ya.. you go girls
JamieLyricVideos (1 day ago)
I thought this was a no music parody
롤 롤 (1 day ago)
I love you
Pshycho Blahboss (1 day ago)
You can't buy a confident will🌸👊
Kika (1 day ago)
every women should watch this ❤️
leighsnachos (1 day ago)
i didn’t even notice the video was in black and white
GothicNiniBalor (1 day ago)
All the hurtful words written on Jesy is what I was always called. Still being called by those words despite the confidence I have.
OSCARS JOINT (1 day ago)
Nigeria Lewis (1 day ago)
Sharaya did that👏🏾🙏🏾👸🏽
Nigeria Lewis (1 day ago)
Confidence queens 🖤
Nigeria Lewis (1 day ago)
Reef13 (1 day ago)
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
Wasabi is a song for you !
Txell S (1 day ago)
Queens👑💞 you are my inspiration😇💘
Cherry (1 day ago)
Sharaya, such a queen
Cherry (1 day ago)
Jesy body is so goal
Mick Nordström (1 day ago)
My God! What is it with girls today? This is the worst shit i have watched!
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
Poor baby "girls" can't love themselves and have to wear makeup OMG what is it with YOU lmao
Inge Celis (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who has noticed that Perrie is chewing a gum ( from 2:25 you can start to notice)
Marilyn Harwell (1 day ago)
Okay I'm about to break it down finally a song that I may download on my iopd I do not and will not were makeup I don't Hind my flaws at all when I go live on my channels no make up and how I'm losing my weight I did not all natural no pills no going under the knife how I'm growing my hair I'm doing it the natural way I may use some kind of hair biotin or I may not the way it's going I may not or just take it for the hell of it but anyway no make up I don't smoke or drink I were sunblock I eat right and yeah I work out so I'm good on so many levels
Joanna Turner (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who loved 0:32?
MickMack (1 day ago)
I watched this while im pms'ing and i cried. lol
Malika Boutaher (1 day ago)
The people who disliked this video is just jealous😁
William Edgar (1 day ago)
Merian Cita (1 day ago)
por que tienen que meter la bandera en todo??
taylor fann (1 day ago)
1:07 1:20 😍
Ifrah Ifrah (1 day ago)
Okey even the video is black and white!
Zoe Scheiderich (1 day ago)
I love this but if would've been really cool they had actually taken off all their makeup
Niki P. (2 days ago)
What I love about this song and little mix in general is that they really pay attention to things such as self confidence and women empowerment...I mean their songs aren't only about loving someone and being in a relationship, but they focus on loving and accepting yourself first.
Aiquel Alquisola (2 days ago)
Kressa Tecson (2 days ago)
Sharaya J ♥♥♥
Alejandro Ali (2 days ago)
Ugh Jesyyyy ugh why sooooo
Milan Benek (2 days ago)
Horrid!!!!! and I'd slap each of your nasty faces right after the vid's beginning
C'mon Mixers (4 hours ago)
X X (1 day ago)
Milan Benek oh god😂😂😂😂😂
A Purple Kiwi (2 days ago)
This is grim they are so sexualised :(
Jayrah Garrett (2 days ago)
You should invite Michelle Obama tho😍😍😍😍
OPS 2017 (2 days ago)
I love this ❤️💋🔥
Fernanda Reyes (2 days ago)
Love the way you are 😙❤❤👍
Daniel Pikett (2 days ago)
If they release Wasabi- then god help the haters.
Daniel Pikett (2 days ago)
As a Male this empowers me also! I am an LGBT Male and to know my identified girls feel this confident is amazing.
Juliana Pinheiro (2 days ago)
Empoderament. This hymn will never be forgotten, better music. ♀️ #girlspower
Bunny Bear (2 days ago)
Fifth harmony who?
TheTheblacklion (2 days ago)
elina 234 (2 days ago)
Love it 😍😍😍😍❤❤👑👑👑
bumb9 (2 days ago)
This MV is the pure essence of #LM5, not Think About Us' video. This should have been the next single or even Joan of Arc... #SorryLittleMix
Debbie Brown (2 days ago)
All them ladies are brilliant
River Dawn (2 days ago)
this vd is good
River Dawn (2 days ago)
Leigh-anne is the most beautiful LM girl
Adelia's World (3 days ago)
Teo Nd (3 days ago)
Love this song!!!!😘😘 I sing that song in school time
Love jesse's part💞
Brianna Grambo (3 days ago)
Do not be mean do not judge how people look like
Milla The Unicorn (3 days ago)
2:18 Sharaya J is telling us to WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
Milla The Unicorn (3 days ago)
Anyone else think it's ironic that they say "take off all my makeup, cause I love what's under it" but they're wearing makeup? No hate, though. They always look amazing ❤
Scarlett Smart (3 days ago)
I mean it is getting a message across but ummm yeaaahh......
Barbara Pittman (3 days ago)
Great message
Adorable how you guys did some scenes with your mother's so sweet
Obviously Me (3 days ago)
I hope one day I'll be as confident as they are.
Taffara Mckenzie (3 days ago)
Who is here today??🤗
pablo marin (4 days ago)
This should be at least 200 millions views, period
UnTal Bart Gamer (3 days ago)
Jajajaja 25 views 😂😂😂
Megan Nolan (4 days ago)
i love this
Layla Hopkins (4 days ago)
Ariana’s new album ‘thank, u next’ is on my channel💕
luca durante (4 days ago)
mentalparadigms (4 days ago)
Melany Ulloa Sosa (4 days ago)
Amo este álbum todas las canciones están muy padre y hermosa 💜💜💜💜💜 Little mix
Yaa Baucum (4 days ago)
This video makes me feel so much better about my body.
BeRmUdA HH (4 days ago)
Sharaya is from the four?
mee thao (4 days ago)
They should collab with black pink. I love both their style.
Henrique Rodrigues (4 days ago)
A Valdomirooooo
Aparecida Melo (4 days ago)
Oooooooo Valdomiro lá goe
Nastja Lavric (4 days ago)
2019 👇
Yunmaicetu Saho Saho (4 days ago)
I'm gonna shut up
urh oven Klas (4 days ago)
Ness Chwe (4 days ago)
Little mix is underrated they are queens and they teach all girls and boys that we are all beautiful they are SLAYING
Naaz Akhtar (5 days ago)
Btful song
Elena Mark (5 days ago)
great message, and all power to them, just found it weird and kind of hypocritical that they were wearing makeup in the vid "take off all my makeup, cause I love what's under it"
Gacha Cute Gangsters (5 days ago)
Yeah we girls are beautiful without make ups Girl power
Simran Sahota (5 days ago)
Sharaya j GOD DAMN GIRL 😭❤️❤️❤️
Priscila Drogorub (5 days ago)
l lover
darcy johnson (5 days ago)
this song made me feel more confident in myself
x해바라가 (5 days ago)
self confidence is such a refreshing and freeing feeling. im here for it 💜
YungFlex_TWC 215 (5 days ago)
Empower 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😍😍😍🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
King Kong (5 days ago)
I like it that I see Sharaya J here. I'm her superfan
bieber KING (6 days ago)
Pascal Sussan (6 days ago)
This song is so underrated
slightly unsightly
Ím Príí (6 days ago)
Sharaya J looking like she is also part of Little Mix.

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