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Billie Eilish - bad guy

6544622 ratings | 290007321 views
Listen to "bad guy" from the debut album "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", out now: http://smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM Follow Billie Eilish: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/billieeilish Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/billieeilish Twitter: https://twitter.com/billieeilish YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/BillieEilish Email: http://smarturl.it/BillieEilishEmail Store: http://smarturl.it/BillieEilishStore Music video by Billie Eilish performing bad guy. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/xedZeW
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Text Comments (295788)
Софи Б (13 seconds ago)
This is my fav song!
Kübra Zorlu (54 seconds ago)
βlιzαrd δlαδhεr (1 minute ago)
Anybody else see alucard? Hehey not bad
(1 minute ago)
Клип говнище неприятное, естественно
Alessandro Mensi (4 minutes ago)
non so la gente come faccia a dire che questa canzone sia bella
Shrerd_Inc (4 minutes ago)
So this is what music has devolved into eh?
Krixi Cô Tiên Thỏ (4 minutes ago)
Stop at 1:25 Billie eilish face is like: arhh!!!!what is that 😭
TF2 FUNNY MOMENTS (6 minutes ago)
This is América FAIL LOL
сливва (8 minutes ago)
NotDevo Fortnite (8 minutes ago)
what type is this ?
Xomo (10 minutes ago)
This is SixNine girl version 💪🤘‼️
William Xoxo (11 minutes ago)
i hear a lot of couch pillow in the back
Pavlik Gamer (12 minutes ago)
Duh! *music starts playing* (my favourite moment)
We Panika (14 minutes ago)
Matt C (14 minutes ago)
This is the cringiest shit since dedotated wam.
f v (14 minutes ago)
Plague Doctor (16 minutes ago)
reminds me of throwing frozen peas at trick or treaters
Chabi Buns (17 minutes ago)
oh god... she's damn pretty
Zigga Moog (18 minutes ago)
The Red Knight (18 minutes ago)
Is this even music? It just shows how messed up this generation is and all those views.. lol i think your fans are more fuk ed it the head then then bill. Just a heads up bill music has a melody and a chorus, i couldnt even finish the vid while taking a sh it
MUSTAQIM Azmi (19 minutes ago)
Meme song of the year... Duh!!
Soul Hacker (19 minutes ago)
Hello 911,im bad guy
ImYourSpoon (19 minutes ago)
Turn the volume all the way up. You won’t regret it. :)
JOHN GR (21 minutes ago)
Props to the people who made this instrumental
Arsen Nikoyan (22 minutes ago)
Billie Ellish, I love your songs!
Stojan Mitev (23 minutes ago)
You are a problem
Till Linderman (23 minutes ago)
I Fucking hat this song it’s so bad I like it
MR Tailor (24 minutes ago)
I love биляш❤❤❤
Mohammad Alharrasi (24 minutes ago)
1:14 =Duh 😂😂
Weronika Cv (26 minutes ago)
she is actually me when WDW starts playing
The GINGER BREADSTICK MAN (26 minutes ago)
This is some weird shit even by her standards
waterlily. (26 minutes ago)
mans who she was sitting on while he did push-ups is the real star here
soytari manyak1 (27 minutes ago)
1:54 look at her face its like a eyedrug 😍
Vengo por meme
Bl ue (28 minutes ago)
im a bad guy duh Starts playing spongebob song
waterlily. (29 minutes ago)
white shorts now red my period 😔
Lizandra Tinajero Sanchez (31 minutes ago)
Cool 🤩🤩
IgnitedIce81 (34 minutes ago)
Umm what?
Bellas Unicorn World (34 minutes ago)
I did a tik tok of bad guy
sarah grattan (35 minutes ago)
Mama: Sad Girlfriend: Mad Dad: Seduced Hotel: Trivago
Immortal Killer06 (36 minutes ago)
Billie Next Song: Plants Vs Number 1
manifest AMV (36 minutes ago)
Remember XXXtentacion😭
Min ARMY (37 minutes ago)
The pinnacle of music.
Anubha Barwa (38 minutes ago)
Feels like Lazy song I should sleep now 😴
Joyce Blas (39 minutes ago)
I love you Billie
• g00gle cat • (40 minutes ago)
2:11 **TikTok has joined the chat** 2:26 **TikTok left the chat**
MILYHYA A (41 minutes ago)
Im....... THE BAD GUY!!!!
Liza D (44 minutes ago)
So typical lol.
Jesse 7797 (44 minutes ago)
I quite like this song
savage life (45 minutes ago)
Why what happened to the beautiful voice billie
World Destiny (46 minutes ago)
I'm not like other girl, I'm actually a guy
Dragos Rozsnyai (46 minutes ago)
Imagine if the roles were reversed in this video, regarding empowered women and used men ..
Юля Минакова (47 minutes ago)
Bad guy
Юля Минакова (47 minutes ago)
Cookie_Mish (48 minutes ago)
Billie Eilish: I am Emo Also Billie Eilish: i am a two year old at heart...
Yaboyalonzo (51 minutes ago)
Sanctuary- joji
Diego Ponessa Tenore (54 minutes ago)
Вика Виктория (54 minutes ago)
Ван лав
beto gonzalez (55 minutes ago)
plants vs zombies intensifies over 9000
Artbreaker (55 minutes ago)
I don’t normally like her music but this one’s a bop
Andressa Luana (55 minutes ago)
Bukyru (57 minutes ago)
Anyone else a little upset she chose the spinning around on the rug and not a big couch?
Carmi Suay (58 minutes ago)
The last scene in this music video makes Billie Eilish even hotter in a not sensual way. So catchy!!! 😏
Просто Лада (58 minutes ago)
BTS- Funny (58 minutes ago)
The song so good
BTS- Funny (59 minutes ago)
JungKook of BTS I know the song
_ЗАЛАЙКАЙТЕ пускай америкосы задумываются что здесь что то крутое! _
Matthew Pavi (1 hour ago)
Im fslling asleep soon !!
crixfox (1 hour ago)
Die kommt mir sehr sympatisch rüber :D
X3_ (1 hour ago)
Me when I stub my toe: "OO THAT SH*T HURTEDED." The ghost that is haunting me: "Haha I do that."
Hoseokb ts (1 hour ago)
Do you think Jungkookie watched this?
Supersonic gamer 456 (1 hour ago)
Me and Billie have something in common we are both weird but funny and there is nothing wrong with being weird either
Amin Abbasov (1 hour ago)
Она больше на наркоманку похожа чем на певицу! Наокомания а не клип
Lee Barton (1 hour ago)
Rikard Von (1 hour ago)
Doesn't matter how weird are her videos...she is very cute
Your Local Trash (1 hour ago)
3:00 That guy would have broken his whole back if I was on top 🤣🤣
Петя Пупкин (1 hour ago)
шо за пиздец здесь происходит скажите изволь ъеъ
panfilo pro (1 hour ago)
Pinshis videoclips raros
James Jameson (1 hour ago)
Im a bad guy... but in a different kinda way. I can’t fix a damn thing, i guess that’s what I get from getting my handyman knowledge from Tim the tool man talor :(
Logan Ferrer (1 hour ago)
Needs more couch
Rodrigo Fuentes (1 hour ago)
Diablos su mirada me hizo volver a caer en depresión
MGGOD2X 2 (1 hour ago)
I’m the bad guyyyy duh
Go to 300M ❤
Ja Boi (1 hour ago)
1:11 it’s sounds like a legit zombie
Zale Rogers (1 hour ago)
Billie: duh 13 year old girls: OMG THAT'S SO INSPIRATIONAL!
tvv equalizer r (1 hour ago)
This is the videos that made me do drugs
JazzyGaming Nizhnikov (1 hour ago)
Look At 2:00 WHY??! Lol Wtf
Dubstep Dishwasher (1 hour ago)
Exotic GamingZ (1 hour ago)
This song just won the contest for the most disturbing song of 2019!
Doctor_Disco (1 hour ago)
Yo is that bionic pig in a bag
7headsofdragon (1 hour ago)
The Lower Astral Plane of the Bad guy.......is the Ego of the Skin without the Mercy of the Love from within!!!
X Family (1 hour ago)
How many t-shirts rewind| | | | | |
French frigs (1 hour ago)
B-but why??
Rich (1 hour ago)
I'm bad guy Да
Conqueror Of Europe (1 hour ago)
what is this...
Чёрный Чаёк (1 hour ago)
Ezra Tarang (1 hour ago)
Your so pretty
camlong89 (1 hour ago)
This isn't even music...pure trash posing as art. I'm sure some edgy teens art going to "educate" me though.
Dude in black jacket: what the fuck am here for again Billie: WASSSUP. AHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAH

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