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FULL Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

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Microsoft unveils their biggest news, games, trailers, and more at their Xbox 2018 E3 press conference.
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Text Comments (2782)
Devashish Athawale (1 day ago)
Ayy new Halo! fuck yeah!
This is John Denver 👨 He is 0 years old. Like to make him older
Early Earl (5 days ago)
Good job Phil!
Omar H (6 days ago)
The only thing Xbox needs is more exclusive action-adventure, platform and survival games to compete with Playstation's Uncharted, Last of Us, Until Dawn, Yakuza, Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous and Detroit: Become Human. Xbox gamers basically want games with amazing graphics, beautiful environments, epic realism and explosive action. Microsoft certainly has the potential and I'm confident that it can deliver.
NightfallIV (12 days ago)
"It's been 10 years since Devil May Cry 4 was released, and fans have been asking for a true sequel ever since" We have? I thought that's why we got the soft reboot? "So this is our response, loud and clear that we hear you, Devil may Cry and Hideaki Itsuno are back! I feel like this is seeing your coworker after a 4 days weekend, and they go: "Miss me?"
huzar237 (12 days ago)
Electronic Arts? More like Electronic Arse
The Haven (13 days ago)
Excellent conference.
Bartosz Skorupa (15 days ago)
Why Microsoft thinks that people who spend shit ton of money on traveling and going to E3 care about mobile crap?
Don Mackay (16 days ago)
1:34:14 best part
Project Scorpio (17 days ago)
Phil Spencer is a game changer for Xbox. The Future looks awesome with him as Head of Xbox, im 100% sure.
Those worthless mother fuckers are NEVER going to do what would guarantee them a TON of money...Halo MCC on PC
AJROSS80 (25 days ago)
You just know Phil Spencer has a Stylist that he asks her to make him look 'Trendy' so that he comes off as a Gamer😂 I can never shake the feeling when I see him on an E3 stage that he's an old guy wearing young guy clothes, Mutton dressed as Lamb. The whole Team Xbox wardrobe is the same. Leather Jackets, 'Trendy' teeshirts and worn washed Jeans lol
Cescolo (26 days ago)
it's funny, "MS won", won what? i didn't see ms on stage this year, just a conference with so many reveals, reveals of games that will come out on every console/pc, ye maybe i've seen something from ms, forza, halo and a few indies.. let's just be honest, the "only" good news here was the 4 studios/SH that are now working with MS, stop.
This Guy Right Here (1 month ago)
So gassed up currently Microsoft you fucking smashed it And just when I thought I was losing all hope for Xbox too
Gaming With Dondoom (1 month ago)
Xbox is so OP
Nico Hamman (1 month ago)
make a spiderman game
Shadow The wolf (1 month ago)
IncomingPixels (1 month ago)
Man this live chat replay...makes ya depressed looking at it.
ZeVio74 (1 month ago)
God I love Itsuno!
C G (1 month ago)
Please microsoft, let Nintendo use Banjo and other Rare Ip’s in virtual console. Banjo, Conker, 007...64 and GBA games 😭😭
TheInvinsible (1 month ago)
everyone in the live comments insulting Microsoft is obviously a ps4 fanboy
Chau Hien (1 month ago)
1:00:10 what the song is ?
BLACKFOREST GMG (1 month ago)
PlayStation for life
G2 LTT (22 days ago)
*get a new life!*
This Guy Right Here (1 month ago)
Gtfo then this is an Xbox conference
miguel roman (2 months ago)
dude, who talks like that! the Division 2 looks ok but not jaw dropping. who ever voiced that female was even worst than the guys talking. let's take the capital back! yeah ok 4 guys against an army? to me, the plot should have been about something else! who knows maybe it'll be good regardless of the setting. 🤔
NPC Number 4560901 (2 months ago)
What no sports and tv with Don mattrick?
brain the skeleten (2 months ago)
IttiOnYouTube (2 months ago)
No new banjo Kazooie game. A LITTLE disappointed
YERSE MORUQ (2 months ago)
Not Prince of Persia
stant gaming (2 months ago)
I hate because xbox live gold
G2 LTT (22 days ago)
PlayStation plus and Nintendo online doesn't count?
SusloV GAME (2 months ago)
Exclusive !!!!????)))))))))
オベ (2 months ago)
1:15:13 Jump force ジャンプ演説開始 1:16:40 Jump force ジャンプpv開始
MP Reviews (2 months ago)
Best E3 conference right here. Microsoft did such a great job this year, great pacing (unlike sony, whos pacing was really awkward), Awesome games, and lots of them to boot (again unlike sony, who showed off less than ten games and out of all of them only KH3, RE2, Ghosts of tsushima, and spider man looked good), and it was just all around a great conference. This fully restored my faith in xbox. Can’t wait to see what they do next!
SecondStopSam (2 months ago)
So we happy few is on the game pass? sweet
DastardlyDude98 (2 months ago)
Xbox 360 2?
Kk Kk (2 months ago)
helo microsoft.fortnait free LAIV FREE IOVE LOVE LOVE
PUBG.N (2 months ago)
Game xbox 360
Alpha Male (2 months ago)
Watching this straight from my Xbox One in 1080 60 Fps 🔥😎✌
CbbcFan 187 (2 months ago)
Stephen Mani (2 months ago)
Nero back hooooooooo!!!😱😱
Azael Sanchez (2 months ago)
Me gusta mucho el Microsoft
Max Harrison (2 months ago)
Me gusta todo
8-1 Reaper (2 months ago)
Fuckkkkkkkk DMC 🖕 bring back og Dante🖕🖕🖕🖕
Marc Gzlz (2 months ago)
damn! 5 studios that's nice!!!
Andy Kaihuri (2 months ago)
cross platforms
elige brown (2 months ago)
if they would put half the energy into games and the graphics as they do showcasing, the games would be epic. trailers look epic,games look like crap. we don't need new consoles, need to put power into currant consoles.
Freddy Voorhees (3 months ago)
Should I upgrade to an S? Btw I am on a strict budget all i want to know is if the original Xbox 1 can still run 4K compatible games with okay graphics/framerate
Freddy Voorhees (2 months ago)
Ninja Wiener ok
Ninja Wiener (2 months ago)
Freddy Voorhees get an S.
sukerv (3 months ago)
jump force: naruto one peice dragon ball death note
Pranav Turlapati (3 months ago)
I'm excited about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Cyberpunk, Forza Horizon 4, Halo Infinite, and Fallout 76. They may be better than State of Decay 2 and Sea of Theives.
Banana Peel Gamer (3 months ago)
Not a racing fan but forza horizon 4 looks good
D Boy (3 months ago)
shit box one x really let me down aye spiderman alone on ps4 kill shit box
This Guy Right Here (1 month ago)
No. Just. No. Shut up.
YouAreAllBots (3 months ago)
The amount of "L" spamming in the live chat is honestly stupid.
Sanjay Athawale (3 months ago)
2 minutes 22 seconds in and this is already better than EA's and PS e3 conferences...
RedDevilRussell (3 months ago)
I just wanna play battletoads..
Nadia Kluger (3 months ago)
I don't trust microsoft
Snake eye (3 months ago)
hey folks does anyone remember that game they talked about saying that you will play as 2 type of monsters the game name was project wight
Pastrano Mailbox (3 months ago)
I have the one x and this has disappointed me to the point of buying a PS4 Pro on Amazon. Games, exclusives, NEW CONTENT. Not this derivative BS.
FlashingBlueNeon (29 days ago)
Reading through the live chat for DMC5. I'm disappointed they didn't show this in the PS4 stage, Everyone would have lost their shit if it was on the PS4 stage Edit: it's at 1:08:00
Caio Mattos (3 months ago)
Video game de retardado.
Ultrajack2208 Marachi (3 months ago)
Halo Fricken Infinite'
Jhon Dumaop (3 months ago)
How I wanted to attend e3 just to raise a banner against microsoft windows update.
Gabriel Skariah (3 months ago)
awesome presentation
صلوح Xover (3 months ago)
بس الموسيقى فخمة
صلوح Xover (3 months ago)
والله ألعاب بيض😂😂😂
Kenny Munson (3 months ago)
Phil Spencer is a gift
ZeVio74 (3 months ago)
Top moment for me was when Itsuno came on the stage as the Director, I love that guy and DMC3 + 4, DMC5 is gonna be absolutely on fire!
datsa toilet (3 months ago)
Microsoft you ruined conker and banjo kazooie I will hate you for all eternity and you can't take a playstation only game like kingdom hearts and put it on the xbox
Daniel Claggett (3 months ago)
Microsoft didnt ruin conker or banjo. Both of those series are relic's of the 90's. Blame Rare because that is the studio that actually work on those titles. If Rare wanted to make another banjo or conker game, THEY WOULD! Sony was full of themselves this year at E3 so I am glad games are jumping ship to xbox. Keeps brats like you in the real world.
The Wielder (3 months ago)
And this is why no one likes Sony's fanbase. Cause they're a bunch of self obsessed children who think they're the only ones entitled to video games
Skaddadle (3 months ago)
To all the people who said Sony was going to do better: at least you weren’t as bad as EA’s conference
Ghostfreak 2.0 (3 months ago)
Did anyone else noticed in cuphead that D.L.C thing? Delicious Last Course😉😁😁
tevi blekhman (3 months ago)
I think ea games are fun
Aleks Stj (3 months ago)
I rly dont get why some ppl say that this is great e3. Why? If you care about 3rd party game then its OK but if you like me want more exclusives then this is awful e3. Crackdown 3 we know about that game for like 3 years,Battletoads wont be released any time soon,Gears 5 is just another Gears nothing special same with Forza Horizon 4. Gears Tactics wont even come to Xbox. Only good thing about that e3 was Halo Infinity. This e3 just prove what is known for like 2 years that Xbox One is dead and that MS dont care about One anymore. Only reason why they still somehow supporting it ,is Live Gold. So saying that MS had great e3 is just nonsence,all 3rd party games will be on PC and PS4,all MS games (all 5 of them plus Gears Tactics and Gears Pop) will be on PC,Gears tactics is PC exclusive etc... If anything MS had good PC press conferenc but aweful if you look at this e3 as Xbox press conferenc.
SkkyKidd (3 months ago)
Damn a lot of microsoft fans in the chat are mad more people get to play their games.
The Wielder (3 months ago)
I checked the comments and I mainly saw Sony children bringing this up. And they always complain when other people can play video games, go and look at the comments on videos showing Crash Bandicoot and Nier Automata coming to Xbox if you don't believe me
CoCoCo XoXoXo (3 months ago)
Minh Phạm (3 months ago)
Wow just realized how people bash off Ori series by its "indie" badge. Like AAA games do actually have something new lol.
Minh Phạm (3 months ago)
Yeah the fanboyism in here is unreal.
The Wielder (3 months ago)
It's not even an Indie. But people are just that desperate to hate on anything made by Microsoft
rad eb (3 months ago)
division 2.can not wait to play this .
jase12354 (3 months ago)
microsoft as not won until final dicision july 2
FCO 10 (3 months ago)
Am I the only one getting Avatar vibes while listening to Oris' music?
Derpsy (3 months ago)
waiting for microsoft to give me a good reason to buy an xbox. 360 had way better games...halo was better, gears was better, even had fable. Now what? a chibi version of gears, and a trashed franchise they call halo? no ty
David Drysdale (3 months ago)
As a Sony fan I want NOTHING more than to see Microsoft succeed, I want that one massive game like God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn that gives me that big push to get an X-Box. Forza Horizon 4 almost does that for me. Competition in the industry is only ever a good thing, Sony are starting to get a tad complacent, their E3 show was an utter disaster, the 4 good games just saved it by the skin of the teeth. Glad to finally see Microsoft invest in the future, but we won't see these new projects for 3 - 4 years.
Sean LF (3 months ago)
ps4 = schet
Megan Duncanson (3 months ago)
Seeing the cars drive around Edinburgh in forza horizon makes me so happy, it's so beautiful 😍
RecordX (3 months ago)
So glad to see a new trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The new reboot series is not talked about enough. They really are some great games and ROTTR is still my favorite game of all time. Can't wait for the full 4K 60fps action that comes to tomb raider this year on my Xbox One X.
Chubby Meep (3 months ago)
Phil Spencer is an amazing dude.
Noah Cole (3 months ago)
The fuck halo 6?
Tjclub Gaming (3 months ago)
They took a shot ps4 with fallout76
vi hu (3 months ago)
cody cigar
Pecho E Mono (3 months ago)
D.O.N. para play 2 ...los que no tengan play4 para jugarlo ok bro
Burt Macklin (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song at the end?
Ben Aussem (3 months ago)
Tunic looks fucking sick
[GiN]P1G_BEN1S1495 (3 months ago)
Microsoft should do something about the first install update. Shit takes so long.I’ve been waiting for the past 3 hours and its still on 39%. For a 1gb update. Hopefully this sane download speed doesn’t apply to games cause R.I.P to those games over 10 gb. Gonna finish downloading until next week. I just hope this update finishes so i can play my games. Microsoft get yo shit together and fix this problem. This is coming from a PlayStation user who’s used to fast download.
[_1_5_] Max_Melon (3 months ago)
why you hate Xbox tell me why noob
Sergio Fratto (3 months ago)
I keep watching this conference cause it's awesome
I was playing halo 4 on my friends XBOX. And it felt like i was cheating on my P.C. Just bring halo master chief collection on windows for goodness sake.
Sean Carpenter (3 months ago)
Microsoft can fuck them selfs
Small Echos (3 months ago)
Its a shame that xbox has hardly any exclusives, developers obviously would rather go to Sony. I have an xbox one and can see Microsoft over promise on far too many things.
Larissa de Paula (3 months ago)
Finally We Happy Feel is coming.
KNITE 4EVA (3 months ago)
I was watching this on my Xbox and I thought something was wrong with my TV at the beginning 😂
saleh _SA (3 months ago)
Microsoft is back baby
Furry Shit robix (2 months ago)
TYPICAL GAMER YT tbh pc is better
TEAM TPICAL GAMER (3 months ago)
Universal Mario (3 months ago)
1:34:17 Was this scripted?
4393kb (3 months ago)
What is the song on 01:37:00 ?

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