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Yngwie Malmsteen - Spanish Castle Magic

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Awesome Hendrix cover recorded live in Leningrad in '89
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daskitten1 (10 days ago)
I love Jimi, but anyone who disses Yngwie is clearly just jealous. Absolutely monstrous drummer too!
Matthew Stull (13 days ago)
2:35 yeah.... he's like, "This is so fucking easy!!"
kirozinovitch (21 days ago)
F... amazing cover. The only one that compares is Melvin taylor's voodoo chile's cover. My good lord this is music !!!!!
Manuel Montiel (29 days ago)
Joe Lynn Tuner is best vocalist of this age Trial by Fire Malmsteen band
Rising Force (29 days ago)
Manuel Montiel (1 month ago)
on minute 2:30 his sustain is from hell awesome
rosa lara (1 month ago)
this sounds like 80's hairband crap, such a disappointment. Hendrix cannot be touched even Yngwie knows it, ask him
Mr. Big (3 months ago)
Man the guitar player is an attention whore.
Purple Haze (3 months ago)
It's weird I looked up spanish castle magic right after listening to malmsteen and one of the video's was this lol
folk (3 months ago)
Reprise géniale du grand hendrix
falsepride (3 months ago)
Yngwies best Hendrix cover ever. So proud of him here.
joseph bvr (4 months ago)
This sounds nothing like Hendrix. Pretty lame for name sake but an okay lead if you're into 80's hair bands. I'm good. Hendrix live in Sweden leave it alone!
Nicole Costa (4 months ago)
Come on Yngwie bring it hard for Frankie boy!!!
J.t. Orem (4 months ago)
Singer is crazy
・ぷにターク (5 months ago)
インギー様と同じくらいJoe Lynn Turnerが目立ちます
Marco Carta (6 months ago)
Best version "EVER"
Elmore van dodewaard (7 months ago)
Can`t go wrong with Malmsteen&LynnTurner
olivier odimba (7 months ago)
What's the name of the guitarist is really good
#Hesch tag (2 months ago)
It's probably Jack Butler
diego zenti (8 months ago)
so much studio overdub but a great version of a masterpiece
Blue Meanie (8 months ago)
...Joe Lynn Turner gave a great performance. Very Blueish.
Habbit (9 months ago)
This band taking Spanish castle magic out of hendrix. Glad hendrix wasn't there.
pjones8404 (10 months ago)
One of the most remarkable solos ever. It's by far my favorite Malmsteen solo. It's much more musical and restrained but never lacking in fire and passion. It's just brilliant.
村山宏之 (10 months ago)
Gray Sinclair (10 months ago)
A brilliant guitarist and the consummate showman!
Tomasson Hess (10 months ago)
Viva Jimi Hendrix
fritshits65 (1 year ago)
them fokkin S T R A T O CASTERS!!!
fritshits65 (1 year ago)
from the times @SUPER CHANNEL ,..I just keep coming back at this ....that`s a thick 30 years!!!!...anyone remembers??
Vanei Pontes (1 year ago)
The Best Show Of Malmsteen🎸👏👏👏👏👏
tubalix (1 year ago)
with stevie SRV the best Hendrix performers!
80s Rock And Metal (1 year ago)
Armando Araújo (1 year ago)
Awesome cover and solo. Malmsteen God!
rozzie101 (1 year ago)
Got this album when it 1st came out, I still love it.
#Hesch tag (6 months ago)
Still have the LP and used to have the VHS and on a lot of songs Yngwie replayed quite a bit, making the LP musically much better but flawed as well.
Glenn Hecker (10 months ago)
rozzie101 The full concert has recently been reissued on DVD. (And I was elated to find out!)
Krister Bergman (1 year ago)
He is the BEST
Thrash Headbanger (1 year ago)
i mean, i know this guy is great, has his own classical style and all, but every fuckin move he does just scream Blackmore.
rudy barton (1 year ago)
the fucking guitar is an extension of his body amazing !!!
Anderson Miranda (1 year ago)
fritshits65 (2 years ago)
still knocks/ROCKS me off of my feet!!!!!!
BlueSardigna71 (2 years ago)
kein mccrory (2 years ago)
yeah ya right he would
Käptn Meier (2 years ago)
Has anybody Tabs for the first fast lick starting the solo in 1:50? Great one!
Mario Saecker (2 years ago)
great singer!
David Johnsen (2 years ago)
And people say Yngwie is soulless... bunch a twats
Jason Shults (7 months ago)
Man....Jimi could hear the groove in everything. He turned that groove into music. Listen to Jimi play this tune live. It isn't about the notes, or the tone. It's about the groove, and these guys don't have it. Yeah, this isn't a bad cover, but it isn't Jimi's groove. Not even close. Yngwie has a bunch of critics. Those people either don't know shit about classically trained guitarists, or they clash with his style. Words like "soulless" are used by simpletons who don't know how to use the language so they resort to slang that is meaningless.
thehawk ofmetal (9 months ago)
David Johnsen haha omg ikr 😂
diego ballatti (2 years ago)
Dos mangos no vale esta versión,puro circo al pedo
J.C Rodríguez (2 years ago)
imagínate cuánto vale tu opinión entonces...
Michael McCullagh (2 years ago)
hendrix would hvae loved this solo!
KEN STOUGH (3 years ago)
Yo Pingwee, stop playing that classical arpeggio crap and play more of this!
Al Doiron (3 years ago)
+Kenny Darko lol
John Bugg (3 years ago)
excuse my French but my gog kick fucking assssssssss !!!! have seen him 4 times and is still underated  how is that?
John Bugg (3 years ago)
he still fkn rocks to this day!!!! jimi would be proud !!!enjoy!!!!
Chris Carmichael (3 years ago)
1989 Russia -After the wall came down
BrianS317 (3 years ago)
Shame this lineup broke apart.
Cheryl Dotson (3 years ago)
Happy birthday to one of my icons- JIMI HENDRIX!
holden meisner (3 years ago)
everyone in the comments seems to love this cover. im not crazy bout it. not bad but i wouldnt call it great. hes talented no doubt but he kind of metalized a hendrix song lol. just not for me i guess haaha
CrossTheLine1000 (2 years ago)
Yngwie fuckn owns this song!
mondola (3 years ago)
+holden meisner the original is pretty proto-metal itself. One of Jimi's hardest songs.
thomas sundan (3 years ago)
Jævla gay gays detta her.rune har autografen og er stolt av det :P hahaha
misterbracks (3 years ago)
How to fuck the soul right out of a classic song. All these cunts are interested in is their fucking hairdoos, stupid fucking clothes and shoes, and posing like gay pandas. Ive never laughed so much, and that fucking Yngwie with his pathetic little poof kicks. If I'd have been on that stage I'd have shown him what a proper kick up the bollocks feels like...haha
CrossTheLine1000 (2 years ago)
jeleaus huh? hurts huh?
whatshendrix (3 years ago)
+misterbracks Wow... And I thought Yngwie was a douche...
Field Hippy (3 years ago)
+misterbracks I took your point to be more the poser point than the "doing a cover" slant. Aint nothing wrong w/ a cover. Yngwie writes alot of his own shit too. 
misterbracks (3 years ago)
+Field Hippy...... course he was a fucking poser, but you 're missing the point...... he also wrote the fucking song ...!!!
Field Hippy (3 years ago)
+misterbracks Dude, do you not realize Jimi was at times a poser? He tried hard to be sexy onstage. Hell, he screwed the guitar onstage in many a gig. If he would've live longer, do you think people would still be eating it up/falling for it if he were doing those moves in his 50's plus, you know air screwing the guitar? He got away w/ things in a young r'r world that people would make fun of now, imo. esp. if he were to do some of that stuff as an old man.
W Capshaw (3 years ago)
0:50 seconds...WAIT, LET ME FIX MY HAIR!!! LOL
purpleibby (4 months ago)
Actually hair gets under the strap and pulls....that's why he lifts the guitar...that shit hurts and I don't blame him lol, I would like to keep the hair on my head instead of being ripped out lol.
RIK VARTIGYAN (3 years ago)
Horrible attire. Awesome performance.
Maureen Wagg (2 years ago)
+RIK A.N VARTIGYAN lmao You have to be a female to appreciate the skin tight pants...and I do appreciate them a lot. It's too bad guys opt for baggy pants now. Not attractive at all.
Sigkim (3 years ago)
+RIK A.N VARTIGYAN If there was any justice he would have been wearing a leather jacket with the long fringes on the arms.....come on...you had one too:) Then again, this was the thing back then and I just like the music...he kicked this song in the ass!
jk fn (3 years ago)
The awesome music makes up for their shitty taste in clothing haha
kiteyadragon (3 years ago)
joe is a great singer !
Subho Md Dali (3 years ago)
i think this is one of his best solos ever. So much raw sexual feel that u dont see in his other works
joseph bvr (4 months ago)
Love your comment
captainoamerica (3 years ago)
3.05 mins of foreplay before a full on rock n roll orgasm @ 3.10
smooth457 (3 years ago)
ok i have heard many covers of jimi and i have to concede this is the best. not exact but very good. because its so different i have to give him props and he keeps the groove. this is my favorate malmsteen cover.
Jimi Hendrix (3 years ago)
i BET , Jimi would be proud of Yngwie , i mean this is one of the BEST hendrix Interpretations , i ve heard (and i ve heard much )
Matthew Stull (13 days ago)
It's nice and heavy
Sjef S (4 months ago)
This and lukes freedom
Gary Moore (1 year ago)
yeah i agree, its 2017 now, and what i hear here from 89 still knocks the spots off of anything anyone plays today. I fail to see the next hero doing what Jimi did, there have been a bunch of brilliant creative magicians like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to name just 2, but the shift jimi created and the influence he has had makes him a legendary godlike figure.
Benzel (2 years ago)
Agree, this and Vaughan's Voodoo Child interpretation are very well put together. But then you go to watch Hendrix play these at Woodstock and you just realize how sovereign he was still.
Dubailand 1555 (3 years ago)
+Jimi Hendrix Big Time proud!
Darian (3 years ago)
this guy has so much style with the electric guitar its unreal
hendrixexperiencedig (3 years ago)
drummer :(
perpetual61 (3 years ago)
+hendrixexperiencedig Anders Johansson along with his brother Jens Johansson on keyboards.
Black Jeans (4 years ago)
Who is this vocal machine??? 
Black Jeans (3 years ago)
Derek I. Benkovich (3 years ago)
Joe Lynn Turner
saugata mukherjee (4 years ago)
He has his fans and his haters, but no one can deny his undoubted mastery of the guitar.
Tiswanto CDjohan Jr. (4 years ago)
song of jimi hendrix version Yngwie <3 love it's ...
RorysIrishTour (3 years ago)
+Tiswanto CDjohan Jr. Hendrix cover...
Tiswanto CDjohan Jr. (3 years ago)
Yngwie Cover ...
Lone Eagle (3 years ago)
+Tiswanto CDjohan Jr. wrong, its by the Jimi Hendrix Experience
dougy12 (4 years ago)
Good player but them kicks are shite
Matthew Taylor (4 years ago)
Another great guitarist
hazor777 (4 years ago)
was that a Sweedish karate kick?
hazor777 (3 years ago)
+mano a mano I doubt it - he was actually kicking at the ghost of Bach , basically defending his stage territory.
mano a mano (3 years ago)
+hazor777 That's him kicking picks into the crowd. After a kick you'll always see him grab a new pick off the mic-stand.
Jon Howard (4 years ago)
A song with a lot of character, soul and groove.  Musicians have always seemed to have liked it.  
hulusi soydan (4 years ago)
muhteşem ... majestic ...magnificent ...spectacular ...  
luigi ventroni (4 years ago)
Come rovinare una bellisima canzone con 1000 note al secondo.
Darrin Ros (4 years ago)
The fucking animal of the Hendrix groove.  Jimi take some notes...  Ha just joking....
Mika Putkonen (4 years ago)
jimi ! this dudes make it al live ! 
Luis Felipe c (4 years ago)
Toca mmuito!!!!
UcanThnkItuCanDoit (4 years ago)
For real though this is pretty damn good. If he would chill with the sweep picking and ridiculous shredding it would actually sound quite a bit like Hendrix. The beauty in this song, at least when Hendrix did it, was in it's simplicity. Also, the vocals are also pretty damn good. Impressive.
Glenn Hecker (10 months ago)
epic103 I think so, too. I think Hendrix would have enjoyed his unique sound and style, and probably would have invited him to jam.
Maureen Wagg (11 months ago)
UcanThnkItuCanDoit You wish you could shred like this. If you don't like Yngwie feel free to go somewhere I don't have to see you ridiculous comment. This is my music and I love it.
epic103 (4 years ago)
+hazor777 That's your opinion... but Yngwie's got a great performers style and he's pretty smooth and cool also. 
hazor777 (4 years ago)
I agree - Yngwie is more appealing & sounds better when he leaves more space and doesn't try to fill every fucking minute milisecond of a beat w/1K notes! But Hendrix had waaaaaaay more performer's STYLE than Yngwie will ever have. Hendrix was just smooth and cool as hell , live......
MrDeepFriedOnion (4 years ago)
+Will Scott Jimi played played piano and harpsichord to an extent, as well as bass on on alot of the Electric Ladyland songs. Obviously not Yngwie level, but that's more because of his short life.
borntofiremusic (4 years ago)
the secret to enjoying malmsteen is to not watch him play, just listen and use your ears.
epic103 (3 years ago)
+RorysIrishTour This performance is also legendary. 
RorysIrishTour (3 years ago)
+borntofiremusic His performance is like a bad 3some with 2 guys and a girl, way too much eye contact.
epic103 (4 years ago)
I like watching him play too.
Eurico Alves (4 years ago)
This is the best cover of Spanish Castle Magic
Rock & Wolf. (4 years ago)
2COOLGHOULS (4 years ago)
What a fantastic cover Yngwie put his own stamp on it while keep the spirit of the original song bravo!
nathalie guffroy (4 years ago)
jimi hendrix woul'd love it
Lone Eagle (3 years ago)
+nathalie guffroy nice bit of speculation
Seán Austin Lewis (4 years ago)
wow, he just completely rips off blackmore with his moves lol
#Hesch tag (2 months ago)
Yngwie is a true original
Maureen Wagg (11 months ago)
Seán Austin Lewis Ridiculous. You are jealous because he is really this great and women love him for his moves and his shredding. Not a poser. He can back up his talent.
Louis Caldwell (5 years ago)
Malsteen walking all over vocals, what a jerkoff.
Glenn Hecker (10 months ago)
Louis Caldwell To me, it's more like the singer and the guitar are talking back and forth to each other. A little call and response, ya know what I mean?
Maureen Wagg (11 months ago)
Louis Caldwell I do not agree. This is mainly to do with the guitar and the vocalist is epic. I can hear him just fine.
epic103 (4 years ago)
+Boob Wiley I love this version tho, it's killer!
marci persia (5 years ago)
un grande omaggio al DIO JIMI
Michael Brown (5 years ago)
Yeah, he's a great player... (Not always my favorite) This version the singer makes it cheesy, but it is the 80's... lol What bothers me is the fact that Yngwie says he wasn't inspired by Hendrix... THEN WHY DO YOU PLAY SO MANY OF HIS SONGS
#Hesch tag (6 months ago)
He even said during an interview that he wouldn't be sitting there if it wasn't for Hendrix. Besides he always used to ( dunno if he still does that) thank Jimi on his albums. He just didn't want to be a blues-based player and ventured into classical music. He is still a lot more blues than Steve Vai.
2COOLGHOULS (4 years ago)
+Louis Caldwell  Yngwie cites Hendrix all the time as inspiration
Louis Caldwell (5 years ago)
+François Le Coadou I have my facts straight and heard from his own mouth, Hendrix is not really a musician. He is a liar and not nearly as good as HE thinks he is.
François Le Coadou (5 years ago)
Yngwie actually says Hendrix is one of his biggest inspiration, get your facts straight...
Sardath13 (5 years ago)
That is why rock is pretty much dead nowadays. No one reinvents or innovates, they just copy flashy playing for attention/fame. Tom Morello and John Frusciante are the only ones who I can think of that brought guitar to a new level after the years 2000.
epic103 (5 years ago)
You're ridiculous! Hendrix was great but he's nowhere near Yngwie Malmsteen. The stuff Yngwie plays is on another level.
thinlizzy44 (5 years ago)
There isn't anyone even on the same god dam planet that Hendrix was on, not even close. Not Santana, not Paige, not Richards -nobody. Listen to The Band of Gypsys live stuff, specifically Machine Gun and the Woodstock live stuff, particularly the Purple Haze>Villanova Junction Jam. And I mean really listen to it. Then let us know what you think. I'd rank about a thousand guitar players better than this Ingwe character. Hendrix would have plenty to say about it but proud? Lol..
thinlizzy44 (5 years ago)
Agree 100%. I actually use to think the same thing about Alvin Lee. Something happened in 1980 though; rock music, guitar playing in particular, took a turn for the worst and it never came back. Listen to Hendrix do Voodoo Child, or some live shit like the BOGs Machine Gun. Even the Woodstock stuff....there are a lot of notes there but they all mean something. Jimi had H-bombs n shit going off man! Ingwe's notes are just flying aimlessly into space all over. And they don't mean a dam thing.
Sardath13 (5 years ago)
You don't know how right you are. This is the problem with many guitar "icons/gods". Too much flash, way too less feel. For fucks sake people, the guitar is not a speed contest, or a challenge to see how many notes you can throw in, it's a way of expressing yourself through music. Yngwie truly is a guitarist, but Hendrix is an artist above all.
BATISTA BUSA (5 years ago)
joe lynn turner on fkn vocals hes fkn awesome
epic103 (5 years ago)
With that said... Yngwie does sing and play guitar at the same time. Yngwie sang Voodoo Child on the G3 tour, and he sang Red House at the Budokan in Japan, and he also sings on three songs on his latest album "Spellbound."
Ari Pekkala (5 years ago)
lars is good guitar player :)
TheGallantGentry (5 years ago)
Which is obviously the song we are currently talking about... -_-
TheGallantGentry (5 years ago)
AGAIN, my comment refers to the fact that Hendrix sang the song himself and played the guitar on this song. In this performance, one person is singing and another is playing guitar. If you are lacking in an ability to count, I'll help you out. Jimi is one person. In this performance, the vocalist and guitar player make up two people. That's one more person than Jimi. I wasn't referencing anyone else in the band. The are irrelevant to the argument, much like yourself.
TheGallantGentry (5 years ago)
I was alluding to fact that Jimi SANG and played guitar on the song. The two people I was referring was the vocalist and Yngwie, "you fuckin dummy." By the way, thanks for taking time out what I assume to be a busy schedule of sifting through two year old youtube comments to remind us all of the fact that you are an idiot. It must feel good going out of your way to blow your horn just to get your dick knocked in the dirt.
rizqi islam (5 years ago)
i like every his performance. he had special style. i'm fans from indonesia
epic103 (5 years ago)
Really? I thought Yngwie did a really good job here. I thought he did a good job creating a Hendrix vibe on this track. Plus... his vibrato is just sick!
Latino Nationalist (5 years ago)
Yngwie is awesome, but in my opinionHendrix performs this song so much better
epic103 (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the Vivian Campell comment was meant as a joke. Because to put Yngwie Malmsteen and Vivian Cambell in the same sentence is ridiculous. I've been following YJM's career for about 26 years and I never heard that before. With regard to Blackmore... yes he incorporated some classical music into his playing but he was still mainly blues based with some classical mixed in, whereas YJM is the opposite, he is more classical phrases with some blues mixed in. YJM is more Baroque :)

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