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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am [Official Video]

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Text Comments (46826)
Boudebouza Mohsen (5 hours ago)
perfect Charlie!? ❤
Sai Teja (8 hours ago)
anyone in april 2019?
Manisha bisht (11 hours ago)
The way I am😎😎😎
Charlie, I'm your big fan
OXOX JILEE (12 hours ago)
Me:how is your singing so good Charlie:that's just the way I am
Josip Jagic (13 hours ago)
why don't you always have that messy hair
Charlie Puth❤
Dhirashree Deka (15 hours ago)
A true puthinator will know why he chose to be a girrafe in lil dicky's earth video
Fu Ba (15 hours ago)
I want comeback.
Gracie Wallace (18 hours ago)
every time i watch this video i always watch it over again
Giàu Ngọc (18 hours ago)
I love youuuuu
Sanskriti Dutta (20 hours ago)
LA spoils normal, peaceful lives.#theLAsyndrome
Mahesh Shirsat (21 hours ago)
Why this song so underrated??
Rodrigo jose Jose (1 day ago)
My name is Natasha I love you#sou do Brazil
Gracie Wallace (1 day ago)
love ya charlie :P
Faraz Khan (1 day ago)
Wao what a beautiful girl ❤
Samuel Conceição (1 day ago)
nossa !!! a aparencia do charlie mudou muito !!!
Via Barat (1 day ago)
Can i know who's charlie ex?
Bledii Mendes (1 day ago)
His voice is just so beautiful 😍
amaniazmi seoudi (1 day ago)
amaniazmi seoudi (1 day ago)
Yael Dávila (1 day ago)
Me recuerda a smooth criminal de michael jackson 👌👌
Paulo R. (2 days ago)
Why are you so perfect Charlie!? ❤
Siera (The Chosen One) (11 hours ago)
OXOX JILEE (12 hours ago)
Charlie:Course that's just the way I am
wahiba tira (2 days ago)
Who can even hate u!!!
Mae Gy (2 days ago)
Charlie, you should be BTS' eighth member. 😁😘
Mia Huang (2 days ago)
when is the new album comming
The Selfish Tree (2 days ago)
People rlly went to sleep on this nigga after see you again...
Haya Rizwan (3 days ago)
Charlie is amazing
Jennisna Brown (3 days ago)
Siddhi Jaiswal (1 day ago)
Don't forget that he toured!😅
kitty kitty (3 days ago)
😍😍😍😍 so 🔥
Zillax Killax (3 days ago)
We love the earth. 🌍❤️
BollyЖoreGrande (3 days ago)
Carly Lownds (3 days ago)
I love the song that's just the way i am
Rishi Ranjan (3 days ago)
Charlie puth sir, i m your world biggest fan which you hung in your living room..... 😆😆😆
prismathicc (3 days ago)
*he's a total ZADDY*
Jayk Wonderful (4 days ago)
God Charlie is sooo damn sexy! I have such a major crush on him! This album is fabulous! Great job Mr. Puth! 😍😍😍
Ибо Ахмедов (4 days ago)
your sings this favorites is RONALDO and /attention/ i love your sings
uday parmar vins (4 days ago)
I just want to you get a reply from you if possible 😅😅 edit: thanks for the love Charlie puth 😍 big fan from India and I've been trying so hard to get a reply from you guy and now I am going to show my friend and yeah I voted for no 1 👍 at da mags you guy are you my favorite and what can I say more? Umm do anything I gonna watch anyway! Love you Drew / Charlie puth 😍
Tasnim Prova (4 days ago)
I think Charlie the best
捞仔 (4 days ago)
You are my cup of tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonia Lin (4 days ago)
Roxi Cora (4 days ago)
*2019??* 🙌✨💕💕🤔🎶😍💖😊👑👏💫💞❤✌❣💝⭐
Samar Marho (4 days ago)
This song looks like it’s from the 90s
sanjeev sarkar (5 days ago)
What a Hairstyle jst love ittttt
Indestructible Potato (5 days ago)
Mickey (2 days ago)
glad im not the only one who thought that
melody btob (2 days ago)
Yeahh true, and i rewatch and listening this song because i felt just similiar... i am not alone who felt this hahaha
Katy Sobhy (2 days ago)
yess me too the first time i heard boy with luv it i said it sounds like charlie puth song
Hanshiel Kim (3 days ago)
My sister thought same! She always said like that. "It's similliar! Believe me!", and well, I can't denied too 😂
Zunaid Kabir (5 days ago)
Im your very very big fan . Please come to Bangladesh . And come khulna. Meet me .
clara oswald (5 days ago)
2:24 his abbs :0 I I love charlieee
Khaun and Pat (5 days ago)
x c.f. could (5 days ago)
Kkr ooorvo
LISA (5 days ago)
Honstly, this is my song. I can relate every single rylic.
Herman the hermit (5 days ago)
Charlie's songs are mainly about arguments
rafi dzaky (6 days ago)
Good voice boy
Ly Trương Official (6 days ago)
Omar Acosta Guerra (6 days ago)
لا تلاحظون ان bts يقلدون Charlie buth 😂😂 ياخي مقودين
MRmr army (4 days ago)
قولي قلدوه في اي شيء او ماماماااي ولو كان في تقليد مكنش سكت
ViVa CASANOVE (6 days ago)
ทำไมชาร์ลีน่ารักยังงี้ว้าาา ☺️💖😊 Nice Song I like ❤️✌🏼
chino_fukuyama_ちの (6 days ago)
2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20 2:20
no BODY (6 days ago)
SupiesK (6 days ago)
Army: The chorus: "Tell em all" sounds like the Boy with Luv chorus "Oh my my my" AllKpop: BTS PLAGIARISES CHARLIE PUTH Army & Literally everybody else: 😑
Loïck (3 days ago)
I agree that, I was like " WTF that the same sound "
jughead's hat (6 days ago)
lmao everyone's talking about Jungkook in these comments
Samar Marho (6 days ago)
By the way I am a new member of Charlie puth
Yogendra Singh (6 days ago)
By seeing to comment section I can say that army is everywhere 😂😂 😂
Aayushi Singh (7 days ago)
Lots of love from india......
Vickey Vaughn (7 days ago)
I'm love the music a lot .along time
Sanjana Rajendran (7 days ago)
Who *could* hate you Charlie?
vanilles 840 (7 days ago)
You can either hate me or love me but that's just the way I m 👍👍😍
aishwarya ray (8 days ago)
shivang 💞💞💞💞
Hahsha Sbshsgfg (8 days ago)
He’s proper sexy 😍😍
Muhammad Nazmul (8 days ago)
this fantastic work of music won't get viral and won't get much views and likes . Those maked-up shemales {Fk(BTS)}shitty videos will get those likes and views! Fuck u gaals... fk y'all!!!
CPF SakethVEVO (7 days ago)
😂😂😂😂 Even though this won't get many views... A lot of people listen to Charlie everyday....bts songs don't go viral...Their fandom stream day and night...but there is no use
지수 (8 days ago)
BTS copy this?
Hayle Pizans (8 days ago)
I would punch this kid..drunk or not...so i guess an ok song
slm cnm (8 days ago)
Jillian Valentine (9 days ago)
MUSICAL. GENIUS. This sounds like Japanese American Pop Jazz Prog Stuff
Swiftie Linh (9 days ago)
Guys, maybe bts copied the part 0:35 I'm not the only one think like that, right ?
Swiftie Linh (1 day ago)
+Maryam Irfan Rashid ikr
Maryam Irfan Rashid (2 days ago)
Swiftie Linh I don’t think they copied but it sounds the same
karen goto (9 days ago)
This kid has been on youtube for years, finally, it's paying off. No Comparison!
Mathilda (9 days ago)
Because of you I tried Lavazza coffee
CPF SakethVEVO (9 days ago)
Who is Here after boy with luv..??
Gunhoe toe (9 days ago)
Look like it from the 2000s
Subhasish Mazumder (9 days ago)
Like : Eminem (The Way I Am) Comment : Charlie Puth (The Way I Am)
Evisaint (9 days ago)
So yummy!
Krystal Shelby (9 days ago)
k so who's gonna mash this up with BOY WITH LUV?
Pratap Bhuyan (9 days ago)
Charlie Puth you looking very handsome
Mr. Boy (9 days ago)
are you suputh?
Đan Ngọc Nguyễn (9 days ago)
0:35 rlly similar Boy with luv - BTS 😂
Swiftie Linh (9 days ago)
Klaus (8 days ago)
Them: Your so Bad at Math Me: (Imma tell them all) You can either hate me or love me but that's just the way I am
Kingsley Pewds (9 days ago)
Charlie Puth ✔️ Bts ✖️
1 MINITE STUDY (10 days ago)
نونو انا (10 days ago)
You are crazy awy
Son Nguyen Nam (10 days ago)
Be like you and I love you so much.
Y.B11 (10 days ago)
Charlie puth or Michael Jackson Like=Charlie puth Comment=Michael Jackson Polls of the century 🤙🤙
richard guerrero (10 days ago)
One day my hair looks like Charle puth then a lot of girls likes me
ugly _only_today (10 days ago)
It sounds like BTS new song Boys With Luv https://youtu.be/XsX3ATc3FbA?t=81 And The Way I Am https://youtu.be/EQnk-h-LCpQ?t=34 I agree = LIKE
Nam Vu (10 days ago)
Charlie Puth 10 months : 40 mil views BTS 10 hours : 40 mil views :)))))
사과 (9 days ago)
왜 비교질이야 씨발롬아
Key Monstar (10 days ago)
Sounds like BOY WITH LUV
Key Monstar (8 days ago)
Haha lol yes😑🤣
Marcos Martinez (10 days ago)
Key Monstar luv*
Marcos Martinez (10 days ago)
Key Monstar boy with you is a copy
Aleksi Äikää (10 days ago)
he has a really nice body and i am really glad he shows it off more now because a while ago he never showed off at all and he refused too do that not that long ago
Bhupen Chandra Sharma (10 days ago)
Very nice song
Bethel Girma (10 days ago)
This should have more likes and views wtf it's a great song 😠
ZippyMe (10 days ago)
Who thinks he kinda looks like Gordon Ramsey

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