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Refashion mens dress shirt into my casual top

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Sewing, revamp mens shirt, refashion mens shirt
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Love it.The shirt is wonderful.The singer is WOW.Regards from Munich dear Blanca.
Blanca Acosta (2 years ago)
Morita Saludos! Muchas gracias. That was my hubby's old work shirt. The sleeves were stained beyond a good cleaning. He was about to throw it out, and I fixed it for myself. The singer, Wanda Torres, my sister who is now with the Lord in heaven. Thank you for your kind words words.
MY Orchid Adventures (3 years ago)
That shirt makeover was absolutely awesome!!! I loved it!!! You did such a fantastic job!!! :)
Blanca Acosta (3 years ago)
+PictureMaria1 Thank you Maria. It was a nice shirt except for the dingy sleeves, so I removed them and gave this shirt a feminine look.

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