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Black Real Girl Thinspo Volume 9!

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Black girls need thinspo too - and we need girls that look like us! These girls aren't SUPER DUPER skinny but they're all very thin/slim/slender. YOU CAN DO IT! BE STRONG! STAY ENCOURAGED! DON'T BE SWAYED! STAY THE COURSE!
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BUILD HIM!!!!! (5 years ago)
THIS WORLD IS FUCKING CRAZY!!!!! Both African American males & females have brought into the "hype" of a black woman having to have crazy big ass & thick hips, to even be concidered to be relevant, that normal looking (and I mean "normal looking" with luv not as an insult) young black females are starting some kind of new movement, just by looking like normal sized young females? A HUMONGOUS ass is "abnormal", which was only brought to life by the silly new era hip hop industry!
SneakyLix (6 years ago)
Thats the hottest look on Earth.. lol for real...
bethysys (9 years ago)
They are beautifuuuuul
XxFASHIONxXxDELUXExX (9 years ago)
1:50 is freakin awesome! luv her hipbones
buffalodaughter (9 years ago)
I always love your music selections! Excellent video

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