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The House falling into the Sea Blackwater Co. Wexford in 4K UHD

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There used to be a lovely big beach here and now it has all gone, replaced by rocks trying to stop the erosion. Ballyconnigar beach, Blackwater Co. Wexford Follow me on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter https://www.youtube.com/c/TrevorQuinn https://www.facebook.com/TrevorQuinnPhoto/ https://twitter.com/TrevorQuinnPhot https://www.instagram.com/TrevorQuinnPhotography/ WebSite - https://www.trevorquinphotography.ie Phantom 4 advanced video drone footage. Enjoy. Please Like and subscribe.
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Peter Loxham (4 months ago)
Still plucking up the courage to fly over water. But I will! What editing tool do you use?
Trevor Quinn Photography (4 months ago)
Peter Loxham I crap myself every time I do it but you have to trust the drone. I am using Premier Pro CC, wasn't actually happy with this one as I rushed it together 😁
Rolex0071 (4 months ago)
Excellent shots my friend well done . You have a excellent drone there. Funny I was going to shoot there in June but the wind was too high for the spark.
Trevor Quinn Photography (4 months ago)
Thanks Rolex, My parents have a holiday home here and I have been going down here for around 40 years. It is a shame the beaches are all gone now

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