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Only Essence VINYL Old Skool UK Garage Mix

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No frills & fx...straight off the shelf...just two decks and a mixer...old skool styleee! Enjoy! ...p.s. don't watch the messy hair! Lol! Damn! 🙈😂
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getcarter4dynamo (1 year ago)
43:07 quality mix!
getcarter4dynamo (1 year ago)
The mix at 36:69 is pure quality. Very enjoyable!
getcarter4dynamo (1 year ago)
Another stomper mix and superb selection. Vinyl control is very professional. You do them technics sl1210 mk2's proud. Impressed I am.
Vital Grooves (1 year ago)
getcarter4dynamo ...bit rusty but I still got it! Lol! 💜 thank you for appreciating!

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