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Fat Chicks Music Video - Trisha Paytas

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buy this song on itunes! https://itun.es/ca/GIMg6 BUY MY ALBUM "FAT CHICKS" ON ITUNES HERE! https://itun.es/ca/GIMg6 DIRECTED BY: Andrew Vallentine http://www.andrewvallentine.com PRODUCED BY: Replay Collective http://www.replaycollective.com PRODUCER: Siddharth Ganji DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Doug Potts PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Angel Herrera EDITED BY: Joel Terry COSTUME DESIGNER: Michael Philpot CHOREOGRAPHY BY: MiKE MUNiCH FEATURED TALENT: Sean Patrick Parnell Carlton Totten Shannon Stanley Jennifer Buckingham Rufus Tanksley Danielle Dawn Aiko Cuanan Catherine Lydon Peter Chandos Line Producer: Varun Verma 1st AC: Rob Kramig 2nd AC: Alex Valencia Gaffer: Anirudh Gattu Key Grip: David Damiata Stacey Best Boy Electric: Paul Montoya Dolly Grip: Nick Federoff Best Boy Grip: Matthew Mendes Grip: Eeshan Roy, Alvaro Ortega, Rolando Alvarez Art Director: Edwin To Propmaster/Set Dresser: Prerna Chawla Trisha Paytas hair by Angel ig @princeangel1987 youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQc1Y__VY2V6FvTaIMt5MmA Trisha Paytas hair assisted by Jesus ig @jucieg Trisha Paytas makeup by Arianna Garcia ig @makeupari_ Talent Make Up Artist: April Rudy music production Kale Flowers @kalezilla youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3wlrhsGBF1BtZV501zBCA Pete Mills ig @petemillsmusic Raymond Herrera http://www.universalmediatalent.com Camera Rental: Divergent Camera http://www.divergentcamera.com/ Special thanks to Cadillac Jack's Cafe http://www.cadillac-jacks.com/ "Fat Chicks" is an original song. Written by Trisha Paytas. all rights and ownership belong to Trisha Paytas.
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Text Comments (37060)
Hell yeah
Maky Productions (15 hours ago)
*Me after I drink a shake*
Bagels for Life (17 hours ago)
I’m right here
Alicia Russell (21 hours ago)
She’s not fat she’s so flipping thick now she may think she is fat but she’s not she’s thick but I love this song
Yellow Iconic (1 day ago)
✨omg skinny legend✨
Joshua Fuhrman (1 day ago)
the old man at 1:18 is literally me when I see anything slightly disturbing.
Luisella Gacha (2 days ago)
Makes Song about Loving yourself No Matter what size -gets liposuction
ATaylor Productions (3 days ago)
Thick girls are so much better than stick bitches.
Mcrkilljoy25 Way (4 days ago)
Pin up Trish is E👏V👏E👏R👏Y👏T👏H👏I👏N👏G👏 YASSSS BITCH
Maxine Lenae (4 days ago)
people who fat shame trisha,, she is hot. coming from a picky lesbian, she is hotter than all my exes
jayda m (4 days ago)
Why am I watching this at 2:00 Am, I’m also 97 pounds and 15, this is wack.
Chelby Roszman (4 days ago)
You make the best videos and you make me feel better about my looks thank you for makeing this video this is my favorite one oh and I know why I am thick cause I like all kinds of food and don't want to be some thin skinny stick and not fit most kid clothes and I fit women sizes
Sienna Allen (4 days ago)
Bitch I’m here
Issy Rose (4 days ago)
Is she white or black ?
TheCrayCrayGirl (4 days ago)
Issy Rose are you blind ? She clearly white. Both of her parents are white too
Justin Dough (5 days ago)
so Lemme just say it’s great to make a song empowering people but dont beautify fatness. Some people some people can’t help it and if you can, do. It’s ok to be a little overweight but OBESE no! Obesity is one of the biggest killers
Ramune Sodaroo (7 days ago)
You can drag Trisha for anything but you can't say she's ugly
Sarah Walton (7 days ago)
Trish is not even fat
TaurusSpacie Gacha (8 days ago)
I'm not fat, I'm just *thicc*
Sakura Editz (8 days ago)
she’s not fat, she’s curvy y’all just jealous cause she has shape unlike y’all.
Tobias Krebs (9 days ago)
America is weird
Isabella Hunt (9 days ago)
This looks like where the music video for fuck you from cee lo green
Golden Azhar (9 days ago)
This is also rude to skinny people No hate by the way
Jadyn G (9 days ago)
- little Pawtners - (10 days ago)
I‘m neither thin or thicc but this made my self esteem go through the roof.
Serena (11 days ago)
Nightcore Anxiety (11 days ago)
Me after eating 1 pancake.
Crandall Gibson (11 days ago)
She ain’t even fat
Call me Trash (12 days ago)
Trish might do some dumb shit but the forever slaps
Savannah Hayes (12 days ago)
This song raises my confidence by 98%
Mady Housler (12 days ago)
Honestly I feel offended on how good you look in those outfits
sunny (12 days ago)
well im slim but my friends call me skinny and it really pisses me off, most of them are really jealous because of my six pack and my bum and legs...and hips, but so what if you're skinny OR fat? i don't care if i have a fat boyfriend...really it's the personality i look for, and looks ofc but if their nice enough and generous i'd date them. this video is literally body shamed victims therapist, which is good! i luv all of u, skinny and fat <3
too christ (12 days ago)
Yas gurrrrllll That s my mood for 2019
Francisco Estrada (13 days ago)
Love this song! You’re so confidante! You are a great inspiration! 👍
wait- HAWLDAWN why does this slap?
yunus chicken (14 days ago)
Trisha is not fat she's thick
Alexxx (15 days ago)
Queen 💖🤣
Alisa (15 days ago)
Taurus vibes
So we have "I Want U Back", "Call it Whatever", that song from Nicki and Gabi & this song that was filmed in that cafetaria...
Melly Mel (16 days ago)
Only in America ...
Big Chungus (16 days ago)
I love how she's self confident and she still doesn't diss skinny girls. Im looking at you Meghan Trainor. Yes. You.
Caroline (16 days ago)
pure bodyshaming
Sexy fat girl.
Ayaka Emiko (17 days ago)
I'm here raiding my bf's refrigerator
Lilly Brecht (18 days ago)
Love this miss Trish
I'm skinny af.....but love this song lol
Caesar Hamato (20 days ago)
She looks so good!!!
Estreya Lara (20 days ago)
this makes me for confident and ill stop wearing sweaters so much tysm and ilysm
Me after going to the dollar store and spending $6.90:ALL MY FAT CHICKS WHERE U AT
Esme Maclachlan (20 days ago)
When I finally got happy with my body people started calling me a slut so I resorted to chocolates and I'm happy af
Galaxywolf Unicorngirl (21 days ago)
You’re not fat you’re thick and some guys like their girls thick
Starry Night (21 days ago)
She's a cute, curvy fat tho. But about me, the pot belly fat? 😂😢😂
Erin Gregor (22 days ago)
Trish is actually so beautiful omg I’m in love 😍
Sarai Calderon (22 days ago)
Cher Lloyd: want u back vibes
LeAnndra Grames (22 days ago)
I love this song so much, I’m 11 and I weigh 162 pounds! I hate it but this helps a lot with my self esteem
stxrmyclqds_yt (22 days ago)
Dairy Queen,thats where i am.
Nina cidreropulus (23 days ago)
I would never describe Trish as fat. She is stunning and I love this confidence 👌
Matea Orešković (6 days ago)
get sober
Anika Sattiraju (23 days ago)
Electra Dots (23 days ago)
Then see her more recent videos!
Hershey-chan (24 days ago)
The girls were two skinny tbh
Fangirling109 (24 days ago)
I’m a healthy weight for my height but I have a lot of fat.
Elyn Baltzersen (24 days ago)
She makes music!!!!!!!!!!!
Luisella Gacha (25 days ago)
Omg shes so! Obese and needs Help immediatly
Liongirl47 XD (24 days ago)
Luisella Gacha no you need help you can’t just assume she’s obese and if you actually watch her videos she is perfectly healthy and she’s probably going to the gym more times in one week then you have in your entire life worry about your own body not others
Addison Fitzgerald (25 days ago)
She isn’t even fat I literally don’t understand
Haley Jacobs (26 days ago)
Oh hunny you better know that plus sized girls do it better!!!
Aleah Marie (26 days ago)
Me at a all you can eat buffet
Bill Furler (26 days ago)
Me when i eat 4 slices of bread
Jules // (26 days ago)
Bobby Tarantino (27 days ago)
Why does anyone dislike this?
Crazy Guy (23 days ago)
+Liongirl47 XD well it's more likely to be what I said but whatever, make fun of the girls who are actually healthy. Lol
Bobby Tarantino (24 days ago)
Liongirl47 XD ahhahah
Liongirl47 XD (24 days ago)
Skinny girls with -A cups can’t handle her beauty
Crazy Guy (26 days ago)
Because they don't like the song. Pretty simple really
Kitten LPS (27 days ago)
I love how natural, confident, and beautiful you are
Laurel (27 days ago)
If being fat is so cute and hot why are all the men in this video skinny. Why can't there be 'fabulous and tasty' fat men too? Hmm
Kylie Ky (27 days ago)
Did you know the fatter you are the more less lucky your gonna get kidnapped because they won't be able to pick you up fast enough. So keep eating and enjoy yourself
ArtStorm (28 days ago)
I have some major self esteem about my big figure but this just shot it up this makes me so happy, thank you trish ;)
ArtStorm (25 days ago)
Crazy Guy thanks captain obvious
Crazy Guy (26 days ago)
If you are less that probably wouldn't be the case
Sushai Animations (28 days ago)
It’s 9:30 at night what have I found on the internet
Rose Thompson (28 days ago)
The pool has no water…
Rose Thompson (23 days ago)
LMAO probably!!
Liongirl47 XD (24 days ago)
Rose Thompson probably because all the girls were so thirsty for the guys 😂
jessica walters (28 days ago)
YASSSSS!!!!! my summer anthem
Kaydence Martinez (29 days ago)
Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssss girl
lifewithmatt (29 days ago)
*I’m here miss paytas*
Lilly Newsome (30 days ago)
she is so pretty!!!
What do u want? (30 days ago)
Cant relate im a fucking skeleton
Sam (30 days ago)
υиιqυє яσѕє (30 days ago)
2:57 something I would do to someone I hate
Leahfountain (30 days ago)
Kay Harp (30 days ago)
You are not fat you are so bootieful❤💙❤💙
Mary Y (1 month ago)
It’s 10 pm and i ate an entire apple pie This song makes me feel better
Izzy Francisco (1 month ago)
fabulous and tasty thats right
Lauren Rosin (1 month ago)
Trish is not fat!!🙃
Annv13 GAMES (1 month ago)
me: *showing this to my skinny friend* Friend: I luv dis song IMA GO EAT! 10 mins later..we go to mc donalds and she just ate 1 chicken nugget xd
Alvin Hogeland (1 month ago)
Girl u so right u be who u wanna be don't let no other tell u different u can tell them just so leave u alone
me after eating a meal at mcdonalds
Chad Dean (1 month ago)
Meghan Trainor is quaking
Kadiatu Hallowell (1 month ago)
Good song but she sounds terrible but she is pretty?
sarah 2005 (1 month ago)
Every skinny girl in school being called skinny:
Alexa T (1 month ago)
Are we just not gonna talk about Tyler the Creator’s cameo
Corinne Vella (1 month ago)
Wait can I be real? Trisha looks stunning in all the outfits
Ethan Brooks (1 month ago)
Your just made because you fat and please don’t shake fat that’s nasty a women is 300 pounds come on why is this in my recommendation man just uhh
Lala Land Nina (1 month ago)
If only she had stayed this holy. I mean like this wasn't that sexual, but she sang a song about loving Jesus after she's done so many horrible things for views.
Gurl you ant fat you just thicc beatiful.
NicePersonNamed Summer (1 month ago)
I can’t change how skinny I am it runs in my family😒 thanks for making ME feel better, I have feelings you know
vaniwa (18 days ago)
NicePersonNamed Summer (1 month ago)
You didn’t have to bash on skinny girls :( why dosent anyone like me. Why dosent anyone like skinny girls

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