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Fat Chicks Music Video - Trisha Paytas

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buy this song on itunes! https://itun.es/ca/GIMg6 BUY MY ALBUM "FAT CHICKS" ON ITUNES HERE! https://itun.es/ca/GIMg6 DIRECTED BY: Andrew Vallentine http://www.andrewvallentine.com PRODUCED BY: Replay Collective http://www.replaycollective.com PRODUCER: Siddharth Ganji DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Doug Potts PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Angel Herrera EDITED BY: Joel Terry COSTUME DESIGNER: Michael Philpot CHOREOGRAPHY BY: MiKE MUNiCH FEATURED TALENT: Sean Patrick Parnell Carlton Totten Shannon Stanley Jennifer Buckingham Rufus Tanksley Danielle Dawn Aiko Cuanan Catherine Lydon Peter Chandos Line Producer: Varun Verma 1st AC: Rob Kramig 2nd AC: Alex Valencia Gaffer: Anirudh Gattu Key Grip: David Damiata Stacey Best Boy Electric: Paul Montoya Dolly Grip: Nick Federoff Best Boy Grip: Matthew Mendes Grip: Eeshan Roy, Alvaro Ortega, Rolando Alvarez Art Director: Edwin To Propmaster/Set Dresser: Prerna Chawla Trisha Paytas hair by Angel ig @princeangel1987 youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQc1Y__VY2V6FvTaIMt5MmA Trisha Paytas hair assisted by Jesus ig @jucieg Trisha Paytas makeup by Arianna Garcia ig @makeupari_ Talent Make Up Artist: April Rudy music production Kale Flowers @kalezilla youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3wlrhsGBF1BtZV501zBCA Pete Mills ig @petemillsmusic Raymond Herrera http://www.universalmediatalent.com Camera Rental: Divergent Camera http://www.divergentcamera.com/ Special thanks to Cadillac Jack's Cafe http://www.cadillac-jacks.com/ "Fat Chicks" is an original song. Written by Trisha Paytas. all rights and ownership belong to Trisha Paytas.
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Text Comments (36799)
Da Ji (2 hours ago)
Christina (10 hours ago)
You go girl ❤️ tell them wuts up
Lizzie B. (1 day ago)
Sometimes i feel like Trish forgets the lyrics in the songs that she makes. Shes is so beautiful, yet she calls herself ugly and it hurts my heart because she is so iconic and gorgeous i just wanna hug her 😪
Amanda Loscutoff (1 day ago)
Her spraying the skinny girls thoooo LMAOOO
Dagny Mist (1 day ago)
She’s not fat she’s thick
Jordan (1 day ago)
Adam Levine is that you ??
kennedy white (2 days ago)
at least your pretty im fat and ugly
Jada Meade (2 days ago)
Trisha looking like a snacc with snacks. 😍
kennedy white (2 days ago)
im fat
Bellatrix lestrange (2 days ago)
sisters shook (2 days ago)
the girls near the pool when Trisha sprayed them... it's just water. And the pool wasn't even full
Tony Khoury (2 days ago)
Trisha is beautiful :-) I love her style I am very skinny but I also wouldn't like to be sprayed with a hose Trish. Like srsly I eat a whole cake and I'm skinny and my mum said I have a good (Macabalism?) IDK I am so skinny.To all the people out there who aren't skinny don't worry you are perfect just the way you are and if you get bullied and people are calling you fat just remember Trisha telling you that you are beautiful no matter what and I hope you have a good day and sorry for wasting your day and time love you all!
XENA Gaming (3 days ago)
*sexually sings about food* my queen
Jessica Cook (3 days ago)
Britney is quaking
MᎯNI (3 days ago)
Lmao she’s not fat just thick
sexy shadow (3 days ago)
People just jealous cause they Anit got any juck in the trunk.i was raised that guys like to have something to hold at night lol que Megan trainer
Frances _xx (4 days ago)
Me after eating literally fruit I need help
Frances _xx (4 days ago)
Y is this so iconic
Celesté (4 days ago)
confused mind (5 days ago)
The best weight is we're u aren't soo skinny that your malnurited and and are in danger of so many conditions that can cause your passing but don't be so much overweight that ur gonna have have diabities or in danger of a heart attach because then it's not good for you other then that ur perfect the way you are don't try to be like those insta modules cuz u don't know what happens behind the scenes
Sha[Na]Leaaa (5 days ago)
Unfortunately I’m not fat at all, but I almost want to be so I can have an excuse for this to be my anthem. I feel like such a poser. 😂
Bella Davis (6 days ago)
Where did she film this ?
VOLDEMORT' SISTER (7 days ago)
Eating fried chicken while watching this
Lauren LPS (7 days ago)
*All mah fat chicks where you at?* *RIGHT ERE BOO.*
Of course there's no fat guys.
Marta Behr (8 days ago)
Makeup terrible..hair love it
Mandapanda 4545 (9 days ago)
Nice job Trish this song describes my life perfectly
Yvonne Rose (11 days ago)
I love you Trish the way you teach us to be proud of our bodies even if we have a little extra. That's hot.
Val Brooks (11 days ago)
Love your hair like this❤
Catrin Parry (11 days ago)
melisa house (11 days ago)
Uhh... didn’t really like the song but it just repeated the same thing
Dennise Collazo (11 days ago)
Lilly S (11 days ago)
Omg thank you! This helped me encourage my chubbiness... thank you so much! ☺️
DIRK FIZZLEFUNK (11 days ago)
Yes you are a fat chick.
Just Grace (11 days ago)
I like all size girls! I hate that lots of men and women only like skinny girls!
Kiwi Pie (11 days ago)
Tbh I think fat girls are soooo pretty! They are bigger than the mean skinny girls because they have more personality!
Kiwi Pie (11 days ago)
Trish is so beautiful!
Siobhan Finn (11 days ago)
As a skinny girl, I can assure any chubby or fat girls that your tits are a lot nicer then mine and I am jealous
redcandi 39 (11 days ago)
She don't look fat... thick.
UnicornsHaveSwag (12 days ago)
*Thiqqsisterhood where is you?*
Mary Alamo (12 days ago)
Why am I just finding this ...
Jack McCarthy (12 days ago)
Fat hoe
Madeline Sprecher (12 days ago)
Catchy song and being body positive, good message
SophiaMacaroni (12 days ago)
Thank yo soo much for this I fell so secure now!!!
Stephanie Delgado (12 days ago)
Wow I love it!! Thank u girl u made feel proud to be a thick girl
ninja kiwi (12 days ago)
FAT F abulous A s T risha
Charlotte Yūgen (13 days ago)
And my mom's only ever told me "don't drink that second glass of milk or you'll be a fat fucking whore"
Matiah Sharbono (13 days ago)
fabulous and sexty
Francesca Troiano23 (14 days ago)
No hate to Trisha she’s amazing but i always feel like the other thick girls in the music videos look just like overweight and obese like in Thick, meanwhile Trisha looks just like curvy.
Joy miao (14 days ago)
Just here for Catherine!!
Leah Jones (14 days ago)
She is not Evan fat
Martha Graves (15 days ago)
Emma Sprouse (15 days ago)
Sorry I'm not a fat chick... I'm a skinny legend
Haley Potts (15 days ago)
yes trish i love you soo much you are so insperationle
Claire Leonard (16 days ago)
Preach. You aren't fat, you are THICC. Work it, hunny. Work IT! <3 <3 Lots of Love *kisses
shrimp_roll (17 days ago)
The diner at 1:25 is the same one from clairo's flaming hot cheetos music vid
Haylee Lynn (17 days ago)
1:26 queen
Claire Andrea (17 days ago)
I listen to this every day
livnlf2thefulst (18 days ago)
I love it!!!❤️💕😻
Bre Bockelman (18 days ago)
I want to be besties With Trish so bad
Prehistoric Vandalism (18 days ago)
We at home
Tiny Babies (18 days ago)
Fat is not in my vocabulary,it’s *thicc*
Abriel Vawter (18 days ago)
But she is RIGHT
Abriel Vawter (18 days ago)
This is dum
BayBay Plyzz (18 days ago)
YASSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHH OMG Shakira sister where are you? Lmfao ily SO MUCH!
Sxad • Vibes (18 days ago)
Right here sis
S S (18 days ago)
Lily Fitzgerald (18 days ago)
Trisha isn't even fat she just has big b*obs
Faleh Adel Almusairei (18 days ago)
Madison Barlow (18 days ago)
Why does this give me confidence?
Jenna Beyer (19 days ago)
All these people commenting stuff like “this really helped my self esteem” wow it’s really therapeutic to see thin people get sprayed by a hose
Kimberly Perez (19 days ago)
I want to make over to look just like Trisha Paytas
Tbh this song bringed my self seteem up a little idk if I'm fat just feels like it my boyfriend said I'm not fat but too me it just feels like I am
Sophia N Bakker (19 days ago)
This is actually really good. I've had it stuck in my head for so long
Lexi Marie (19 days ago)
Marc Heeps (19 days ago)
Don't call yourself fat all the time you are not fat you're just 100% woman and not fake
Isobell Martin (19 days ago)
Why are they sunbathing at a skate park
Kiya Mullikin (19 days ago)
I honestly don't find trisha fat, but I do find her fabulous
Emily Young (19 days ago)
Your not even gat
Kiya Mullikin (19 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Vienna Sausage :3 (19 days ago)
*All my fat chicks has entered the chat*
Holly Isaac (19 days ago)
It's all about being comfortable in your own skin. Ima fat chick deal with it!!!
Ziggy paul (19 days ago)
It should be thick chicks
Queen Mia (19 days ago)
Me after a binge
briggsmadness (19 days ago)
I thougt it was all about that bass but its all about that fat and how you drop it low and shake that fat 😍😣
Cinnamonbunz Yum (19 days ago)
Joseph zak (19 days ago)
That bearded guy Is definitely why I'm gay ❤️
Randall Christian (20 days ago)
She’s not fat she’s thick
Keziah Mcewen (20 days ago)
Exempt the part that’s she’s not fat at all
Grace HILTON (20 days ago)
Myla Madison sings (20 days ago)
Fat means fabulous and tan <3
Kawaii Puppy (20 days ago)
Love this song
Elena Louise (20 days ago)
Trisha is actually so beautiful, and I adore this video
Junior Hurtado (20 days ago)
Fat F fabulous A and T thicccc
Justin Hart (20 days ago)
Trisha is so pretty
Colt _The_Aussie (21 days ago)
Tbh she is not even that fat♥️ But she worked it in this video‼️🙏🏼
Christian Williams (21 days ago)
Uh that's not fat tho..
Amaya Lemke (21 days ago)
The pool dosnt have waterrrr
Gracie Smith (21 days ago)
I'm right here
Jannelle Ingham (21 days ago)
She's not afraid that's clear biiiii🤗😍😍😍

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