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Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer (Official Music Video)

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“Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/n3g9db8 tour tickets and merchandise available at http://www.childishgambino.com/ Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp Character Design by Justin Richburg Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein #ChildishGambino #FeelsLikeSummer #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (135930)
Wolfie sun (1 hour ago)
This song played on the worst summer of my life up to this point. Tbh it brings back such melancholy emotions
Yeison Hernandez (1 hour ago)
me encanta
Fishing With Dom! (1 hour ago)
I'm on summer break in....26.5 hours! Got this track on repeat 😎
Now that game of thrones season 8 is out IT FEEL LIKE WINTER
dalyn craft (2 hours ago)
the freak did i just watch...i like it LOV IT BETTER
BriansThing (3 hours ago)
The beat is so chill. Goes awesome with the saxophone!
Onyx Theory Arts (5 hours ago)
This could possibly be THE BEST SONG EVER
Harsh Upadhyay (5 hours ago)
Who else wanna live in this hood?
max wallau (6 hours ago)
da real slim shady in Pants
Evans ouma (6 hours ago)
Nikhil Verma (6 hours ago)
Zyzz Lunin (6 hours ago)
Охуеная тема , чтобы меня .
_davii04 _ (7 hours ago)
Fifa 19🤚🏾?
Esteban Castro (7 hours ago)
for some reason I feel more winter than summer with this song, its cold.
Jonah Flowers (9 hours ago)
This video and song are the ultimate test to see whos eyes are really open to what sort of increasing problems we face around us vs The people tied up in other people's lives and pop culture that truly holds no physical importance to our lives. I for one failed miserably the first time I watched this
Nizami Abdullayev (10 hours ago)
00:25 " Ona denən düşməsin yıxılar! " eşitdim )
nekon sultr (11 hours ago)
Who is here from fifa 19 ?
若璇 王 (14 hours ago)
soul of music
FIFA lol...
João Victor De Oliveira (15 hours ago)
Que vibe, que clipe meus amigos... salve do Brasil bro
Frosty 1 (16 hours ago)
The hood
disconnected (16 hours ago)
Cold (16 hours ago)
Everyone's paying attention to the backround rather than the lyrics, this is reverse "this is america" He's talking about climate change. Even though there is also meaning to the backround, still.
Matthew Russell (17 hours ago)
where's Eminem, Tyler the creator, and Kendrick Lamar?
Pedro Machado (17 hours ago)
this look so much like 28, miss all that people so much wtf
janessa (18 hours ago)
beautiful 💜 and i really love the reference to global warming.
Mark Kerce (2 hours ago)
janessa references
Fan g (18 hours ago)
Donald Glover is one smart individual. Listen closely! Pay attention. #StayWoke
dryclean eugene (18 hours ago)
donald glover can do anything
Srgoot Negaling (19 hours ago)
lil yatchy 2:44
SaimMC (20 hours ago)
The cameos plus the song. This is a fire project
Neptune (21 hours ago)
This reminds me of the boondocks
Deahra Shelton (21 hours ago)
He be jamin
1:06 pause there and you see snoop dogg
Tailyson Rodrigues (22 hours ago)
FIFA 19 💗
Iliana Washington (22 hours ago)
The michal Jackson got me
Lucky11 1 (22 hours ago)
Mr HARVEY (23 hours ago)
Lol future ran the buisness ran the buisness from drake easter egg 1:47
Ariana LIz (1 day ago)
This song is so beatiful!!!!!!!!!
stefan landøy (1 day ago)
love from Norway :D
Michonne Rowley (1 day ago)
I love how Childish Gambino makes being aware of the social issues around seem so cool
Ae26 e (1 day ago)
it would be the dream to live in that neighbour hood
Code Name: Jordan (1 day ago)
Mid 2019: Who the hell is lil pump?
Lulik (1 day ago)
Самая наилучшая релаксирующая музыка, которую я слышал
slgb10 (1 day ago)
Watch Guava Island and come back and show love to this video :D
Hugh Mulqueen (1 day ago)
Ironic cause Winter is coming.
time -othy (1 day ago)
where is eminem?:(
Kim Lou (1 day ago)
So Earth by Lil Dicky was a rip-off from this song?
Anthony Lopez (1 day ago)
Everytime I listen to this all I can think is... "Ahh, finally some good music to vibe to."
Shubham jha (1 day ago)
Naomi Love (1 day ago)
This song already makes me feel nostalgic.
Charlotte Johnson (1 day ago)
Really looking forward to a great summer this year... Anything is possible... So many adventures ahead..only positive and good...if any bumps do pop up,that is all that they will be,bumps in the road😉😍🤗
Dimitri Couwenberg (1 day ago)
MG smooth as :)
LIGHT FUME (1 day ago)
123ml views we did it boiis!!!!!
Loc Phan (1 day ago)
1:05 so fking annoying urg
Tawana Dangare (1 day ago)
Lil Pump and Trippie Redd (00:46) 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’ (00:48) Kodak Black (00:57) Migos (1:00) Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith, and Birdman (1:20) Will Smith (1:25) Azealia Banks (1:28) Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott (1:29) The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign, and Frank Ocean (1:35) A$AP Rocky, Solange, and Willow Smith (1:39) Soulja Boy (1:41) Drake and Future (1:46) Kid Cudi (1:59) Kanye West and Michelle Obama (2:06) Beyoncé and reference to Fredo Santana (2:15) Reference to XXXtentacion (2:25) Lil Uzi Vert, Oprah Winfrey, Kehlani, and Tiffany Haddish (2:42) Lil Yachty and Charlamagne (2:45) Gucci Mane (2:49) Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Wiz Khalifa and JAY-Z (2:51) Ball Brothers and Young Thug (2:58) Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, and Lil Wayne (3:01) Rae Sremmurd and J. Cole (3:03) Janelle Monaé and SZA (3:11) Chris Brown (3:29) Outkast (3:39) Rihanna (3:47) Whitney Houston (3:54) Michael Jackson (4:04)
Joey Wes (23 hours ago)
+Tawana Dangare you'll do better next time lmao
Tawana Dangare (1 day ago)
+Joey Wes Feels bad man😅😂
Joey Wes (1 day ago)
Sorry bro no likes for you
Flaming sword_xxx (1 day ago)
True very true
Jesse Velazquez (1 day ago)
Listening to this happy asf off acid
romeo babyface (1 day ago)
When you're smoking weed watching the sunset on the hills
Jess Hutchins (1 day ago)
It fells like summer
Jah-Sire Burnside (1 day ago)
Facts in NY
Myriam Ama (1 day ago)
All swimsuits at $25 ! https://clothza.com/
H K-Y (1 day ago)
Here again from Earth
רז שלף (1 day ago)
Lol it was upload at the sad day ever
Ben Stroud (1 day ago)
That 1.25 speed has such a good bump..
Mabidika Mashishi (1 day ago)
Fifa 19 soundtrack brought me here
Zooon’s Clips (2 days ago)
I’m so happy they added Michael Jackson
ShootUP 173 (2 days ago)
2:27 Trump and obama
kyxhk (2 days ago)
I know this feel.
westboundNinja1 (2 days ago)
The song that you know will be part of everyone's summertime nostalgia. I'm 32 and even this makes me think of summers growing up. So many memories. Gambino is just who we deserve.
21JohnnyKash (2 days ago)
I wonder how Nipseys cameo woulda been if he made this after he died...
Joey Wes (1 day ago)
As an angel in the sky
Kyng Symba (2 days ago)
This song sounds like another song i like from the chorus? 😐
Mystical Moon (2 days ago)
The ice cream melting at 2:29 looks like xxxtentacion’s haircut colour, is it telling us that he died? Since it’s melted
Nice (2 days ago)
No. It's just ice cream. You are over-analyzing lol
Lastrevio (2 days ago)
Michael Moturi (2 days ago)
Who here's also trying to cleanse their ears from that lil dicky song?
ipunk baik (2 days ago)
click this @KBgo to see athe coolest video you would've ever see
Armon Lexmark (2 days ago)
Just happened to play this song today and it's my dads birthday. The tears and memories. R.I.P DAD
Pedro Machado (17 hours ago)
u gotta be strong bro
Amigo (17 hours ago)
Armon Lexmark I’m sorry I’m pretty young so I’m exteA sorry
RUDEBOI KODY (19 hours ago)
Armon Lexmark (20 hours ago)
+Ryan thank you
Armon Lexmark (20 hours ago)
+RTV wolfy101 Playzz thank you
Why am I now hearing this song?
Ag Ga (2 days ago)
E n d
Crazy sockmonkey (2 days ago)
This song makes me cry each time I listen to it
Gabriella Hinzano (2 days ago)
This song is deep
ThatMemeyGhostBoi (2 days ago)
I remember when it said it was posted three or five hours ago. Now it was posted seven months ago. Time flies
Yeferson Hurtado (2 days ago)
SMOKEMIST (2 days ago)
best song to just stare and seep into it while high af
burger6599 (2 days ago)
Reality is very near
Jerome S (2 days ago)
This song is dope af
ghostfacekillah36 (2 days ago)
The fact that y'all dont pay attention to his actual message about global warming and instead who is in the video is just proving his point with this music video
FireFly Epic (2 days ago)
Listening to this after that shit "Earth" song by Lil Dicky. This is so much better and says so much more.
DashAxterous _ (17 hours ago)
Lil dicky made that in a comedic way, this ain’t comedic, Bino’s unbeatable
Justin Calleros (1 day ago)
Same haha
joshua griff (1 day ago)
HeatedFrost (2 days ago)
im a lil dicky fan but yeah this song is better
R Singleton (2 days ago)
I’m so late to the party 🎊 great song awesome video.
Jo. Game (2 days ago)
Que te valla bien bro ..
Yaelin Otero (2 days ago)
I’ve watched this video so many times and I JUST NOW realized that all the celebrity cameos and meanings and stuff is a way to distract us from the bigger picture: Global Warming
Mumbo Sauce Radio (2 days ago)
*yo, this song & video made me cry.. Very Deep. Reminds me of summer madness by will smith mixed with In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins*
Katya Kaminska (3 days ago)
Berni Parker (3 days ago)
Les USA...c est de la merde.....
אורי אליצור (3 days ago)
where is kendrick?
Aavale' Storm (3 days ago)
Me likey😅😅😅😅
kingmilk 242 (3 days ago)
who those kids
CNN Zucker SSSUCKSSS (3 days ago)
Does anyone work in this video? Must be Democrats on the Government doll.
abdulrahman alsaeed (3 days ago)
This song make me love my family more ❤️
ThッMミ (3 days ago)
So much Eastereegs

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