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Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer (Official Music Video)

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“Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/n3g9db8 tour tickets and merchandise available at http://www.childishgambino.com/ Directed by Donald Glover, Ivan Dixon & Greg Sharp Character Design by Justin Richburg Co-Produced by Fam Rothstein for Wolf + Rothstein #ChildishGambino #FeelsLikeSummer #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (131938)
ritasimmons36 (26 minutes ago)
Vacationing in Vietnam its 79-99 all year long.
Di Ferrera (34 minutes ago)
I'm hopin' that this world will change But it just seems the same...
Leonardo sampaio (53 minutes ago)
pablo vittar 2:18
lol trippie red's smile is so goofy as a cartoon lol
Mateusz Wądołowski (2 hours ago)
Great truck, meaningful lyrics and original video...while watching I was hoping that there will be included a person which wanted changes the most - 2Pac...damn, it would be awesome seeing him in one of those dark theme parts. peace
dachou55cs (3 hours ago)
FIFA players ?
Karolina LARBEY (3 hours ago)
Drissa Malengela (3 hours ago)
There is trippie red , migos, metro bomin
Hasmatuchi Alexandru (4 hours ago)
If anyone has a playlist of songs with the same hypnagogic vibe, send it my way <3
Jr ReAtZ (5 hours ago)
I just noticed the animated characters were different rappers/singers
no name (6 hours ago)
hlumelo kebeni (6 hours ago)
this song is slept on
Jacob Turner (7 hours ago)
R.I.P. X
Yoh Asa (7 hours ago)
been watching this guy grow since his comedy skits which were also gold lmao
J Thomas (8 hours ago)
Did he even write this? Because he uses ghosts writers to make hits🤭
the animator five (8 hours ago)
When u realize childish is quitting music 4:46
Matthew Stevens (8 hours ago)
Great animation, fantastic song, has that old 70's Marvin Gaye sound
SpeciamDraws (8 hours ago)
I don't know. I like ur dances but I dont like ur rapping.
Braxton D. (9 hours ago)
0:12 great to see when your eyes are adjusted to darkness
Still Chillin (9 hours ago)
Is it col to not like something so fresh?
Mr Bird (9 hours ago)
Where’s the symbolism?
김동욱 (9 hours ago)
Kenja no Ishi (9 hours ago)
It's 33 degrees where I live rn, still listening. Good stuff
Ace Hardy (10 hours ago)
NBA DOS (10 hours ago)
Cornball ass [email protected], go home ta ya wyt girl..
Joe Lopez (10 hours ago)
One of the musical geniuses of our time.
Anonymous (10 hours ago)
This is a good on a long stretch road by yourself driving at night type a song.
the pegasus kid (10 hours ago)
This song sucked, it's pandering trash.
Ecool dagod (11 hours ago)
I realized the animation has a bunch of rappers
Ecool dagod (11 hours ago)
GOAT_? (11 hours ago)
Is that xxx in the car at 0:48 R.I.P.
crypted mindset (10 hours ago)
Nah that's 21 Savage and someone else but x is supposedly the ice cream
Banana Berry (11 hours ago)
*Posted September*
YOUR GOD (12 hours ago)
I usually don't like modern music but for some reason childish Gambino just reels me in
Sigm here (12 hours ago)
When I heard,"This is America" by this dude, and I listened to this...I never knew he had such a beautiful voice.......💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
박진수 (12 hours ago)
I feel like winter
FoobyDude (12 hours ago)
quite wholesome
Christian Gomez (12 hours ago)
Fifa 19 bought me here
Jesus Christ (13 hours ago)
1:20 is that Comethazine?
Jessyca Aguirre (13 hours ago)
We focused on the artists in the video . But we don’t listen what Childish is trying to say on the lyrics. I feel like that’s what the message is in this song
Oluwatobi Omotoso (14 hours ago)
I LOVE this track and I LOVE this video, but anyone kinda shocked Kendrick isn't in here at all?
Grafik Art Studios (15 hours ago)
Hiphop synthwave?
Rain Stormfront (15 hours ago)
Nice Song.. excellent storyboard and animation :)
Birtycle 204 (15 hours ago)
Great song great animation
trevian crowe (15 hours ago)
Basically I got from this ... all the rappers out in the street now a days don’t gaf . THEY REALLY out here about that action catching the clout. They’ll feed you lies so you can go kill yourself in broad day light good info or bad. 💡. Everyone in the shadows have tried to tell truth and they are real. But no one wants to fuckin listen. Everyone Just wants to enjoy what’s easily absorbed like the sunlight . Basically .. at the time of the video these rappers are being seen doing something 24/7 in the news . Too much! sunlight (exposure)is bad for you . The brightest stars shine in the dark. Therefore Fuck society imma take my introverted ass back in the house. I got what I need for the day. Only thing I wanna know is why ...Jcole was outside? That nigga go into hiding every year. But again ! At the time of this video. Was he not disrespecting the little kids dreams in real life? . Think people. And you wonder why they say 90% of the world works and the other 10% works smarter. Come on THINK .. our brains are inside the dark given to us to use !!! Stop soaking in all this exposure that they are feeding us. Learn to think for yourself.
AN DR (16 hours ago)
Amadeus (16 hours ago)
Childish gambino got copystriked by his own label
[RO-FA] Blue Lions TV (16 hours ago)
Fifa 19?
Joan (16 hours ago)
kendrick, ice cube , jay z ????
Kiyoshi Hioa (16 hours ago)
Fifa 19
Esme G (16 hours ago)
Why isn’t anyone talking about the animated artist? Lil Pump, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Trippie Red, Migos, Xxxtentacion, Kodak, and Lil Wayne? Hello, don’t y’all see them too?
Stefuu (17 hours ago)
Cant wait for Summer to begin and listening to it in my Cabrio while going to the beach
emporium sku (17 hours ago)
feels like fifa 19
Giovanni Iahn (17 hours ago)
is this song on fifa or I am crazy?
Clay Dinero Beatz! (18 hours ago)
Second artist in life to make me cry to one of their masterpiece...
TheVisageGamer (18 hours ago)
Its drake at the left 1:51
Oozie Haze (18 hours ago)
My boy Gambino, you are a true artist. 💫💫💫
Squirrel Dude (18 hours ago)
2:23 the brown and white ice cream is a reference to xxxtentacion, his hair used to be black and blonde like that
Amanda Miller (19 hours ago)
this song make me cry cause how he explains how our world is right now....this is real!!!
007diego2 (19 hours ago)
This guy, Glover, is a genius. We need to appreciate what's coming out of this guys heart and mind. Creative people of this magnitude don't come around that often.
Lasagna Eliminator (19 hours ago)
he is a wreckless unstoppable force moving through the streets.
REZR (19 hours ago)
FIFA 19 brought me here... Good song!
Elesia Hamilton (19 hours ago)
Love this song
Scott (20 hours ago)
FIFA 19 Vibes
Prunes TheGod (20 hours ago)
1:20 is that Comethazine?
kyd villain (20 hours ago)
How is Frank ocean and ASAP rocky in here but not Tyler the Creator
A T Gaming (20 hours ago)
Who here coz of FIFA
Skengman Adi (21 hours ago)
This animation gives me scooby doo vibes
Rita Menezes (21 hours ago)
Uma merda
second son (22 hours ago)
Pls subscribe to me❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😎
dale mcghee (22 hours ago)
All Gambino’s songs are Marshell Lee’s songs period
joey bossup (22 hours ago)
Bumping this in the winter
Luciana Varella (22 hours ago)
Como não te amar?????
Blair Clyde (23 hours ago)
This video was cute af☺️♥️♥️🤘🏽
Gustavo Souza (1 day ago)
0:44 lil pump?
Daniel Larsen (1 day ago)
Thanks for making good music to have sex too
That Epic Gamer (1 day ago)
Claims to be rich: *HAS NO EARPODS*
AnoniMouse (1 day ago)
Richar es el mejor youtubeer
Jordan Brown (1 day ago)
cool it cold not hot
ray hanes (1 day ago)
Big Soulja in da cut
Victoria Robertson (1 day ago)
The world is definitely still the same
Sujan Fernando (1 day ago)
.. 0,9
Dr. A3 (1 day ago)
Where feels like Summer 2019?
Aisha Molelogic (1 day ago)
Jcole part 😂❤️ and 21 savage part is just lol 😂❤️❤️🔥
david Urrea (1 day ago)
Damn bro u a G
Lewis Coy (1 day ago)
Michelle Obama letting Kanye West knows it's okay just know that I, WE Got you
Nicolas stuardo (1 day ago)
Like si vienes por Richarbetacode
oliver reyes (1 day ago)
What could come nexts from hip hop? could anyone but compton and West side save it? Please believe there is soo much to grab. Stay up and keep listenin to all your favorites even if they are not being heard on the radio.
7 Minute Crafts (1 day ago)
The ice-cream represents xxxtentation
7 Minute Crafts (1 day ago)
The ice-cream represents xxxtentation
MUSIC CHANNEL (1 day ago)
Slimmi jimex (1 day ago)
FIFA 19?
General Apeshit (1 day ago)
Also, I wanna see a Gorillaz and Childish Gambino collabo
General Apeshit (1 day ago)
This is quite possible one of the best songs ever recorded.
that1badanimator (1 day ago)
r there any other songs or bands like this? I like really mellow beats and I cant find any
Coco Bandicoot (1 day ago)
Who came from dame tu cosita?
does stuff mzht (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah is summer feels like
ViLed Clan (1 day ago)
When you realize the song isn’t entirely about the music video
Andy Penabaez (1 day ago)
Y wasn’t 69 in this
HXD (1 day ago)
Why do y’all keep talking about global warming you all sound dumb are you not watching the video 😂
hdueue hdueue (1 day ago)
What the hell just happened, i feel like a decade has passed..

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