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Interior Design. Welcome to my FALL CLASSIC GLAM bedroom tour. I hope you enjoy the video and get some inspiration and motivation that will will move you to create something special for yourself or someone else. Fall is suvh a beautiful time of the year with its color changes that nature givea us. I have added touches if GLAM WITH GOLD and some classic fall colors as well. Angelic Interior Designs 2931 Ridge Rd. Ste 101-138 Rockwall, Tx 75032 AngelicInteriorDesigns.com Instagram Angelic Interior Designs Subscribe , share and comment
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Y Mar (6 months ago)
Just beautiful...where did you buy those lamps....simply stunning
They were actually a DIY. Thanks for coming by and hope to see you again.
N. Joy (6 months ago)
WoW!! So serene & classy!  💕 it!
Thanks again Joy.
T J (6 months ago)
You can tell you are a professional🤗 you did an amazing job ❤#an expert indeed🤩
Thank you TJ for the kind words. 😙
M.A.G. Visions (7 months ago)
Your bedroom is amazing i love all your beautiful decor so lovely and comfortable
Yes it is , i have to be my own guest, lol
Inspiredby (7 months ago)
Another beautiful project. The picture with pumpkins is so pretty. Very classy room.tfs
Thanks so much
Madam M.M Styleicon (7 months ago)
I love your decorations! Very elegant! Thanks for sharing.
Shantonya The Realtor (7 months ago)
Love the Thankful pillow and all the pretty pumpkins. TFS
L E (7 months ago)
So talented where do you buy your items
Various places Homegoods specialty shops flea markets vintage shops just about any and everywhere. I like variety with decor and styles
LovingMe_ Jan (7 months ago)
Awesome job....Very elegant
Hello again thank you
Create With Cindy (7 months ago)
Shenell Your bedroom.is gorgeous Love your classic look
Thank you Cindy
Dena C (7 months ago)
Beautiful bedroom. Just showing som love on your page
Shelia Moss (7 months ago)
This was very elegant fall bedroom decor and the picture on the wall fit the decor perfectly. Thanks for sharing this video.
petalisbless (7 months ago)
Beautiful room decor my dear 💙💚
G-ma Dee Housewife (7 months ago)
Your bedroom is gorgeous 🍁🍁🍁
Thanks Dee have good one.
Angelia Denise Interiors (7 months ago)
This room is s classic, love the lamps and side tables.😍
Thanks so much Angelia
prayer Warrior kj (7 months ago)
I really love the room is very gorgeous it's the picture of Chanel Regional
Kj you are kind thanks so much hugs🤗🤗🤗
West10 Tv (7 months ago)
The lamps are so gorgeous!! I love how the colors blend, and the picture could go with so many Fall pieces!
Yes so true i like to be move pieces throughout my home fir years to come thanks for viewing
Robin Harris (7 months ago)
I like the room its very beautiful.You have great taste.Have a bless day.👍
Such music to me thank God for viewers like you
Rollin' with Anita (7 months ago)
The room is gorgeous is absolutely gorgeous Shenell, classy and serene. TFS!
Thank you my Yt sister for support
Dream Chaser (7 months ago)
Beautiful! Looks so cozy. New Subbie!
Awe appreciate and welcome welcome welcome
Gods Grace Interiors (7 months ago)
Sooo beautiful😍😍😍😍 new subbie
Thanks alot for the support
Bella D Designs (7 months ago)
I’m so so loving your videos !! Girl these are awesome. I’m loving the blue so so much!! 💗Shenell this is beautiful
Me as well! Thanks for coming over and viewing
The Warren Family (7 months ago)
Wow, you are very talented! Looks very nice!
Thanks Family
ALWAYSGSDESIGN (7 months ago)
Love this lamp very gorgeous I New sub you and Houston this bedroom is beautiful decor what store you buy this lamps tfs
Thsnks so much
Kenya's Decor Corner (7 months ago)
Hi Shanelle! OMG, this is so beautiful! I love the wall art and you have the same pumpkins that match it! Can I ask where did you purchase the wall art? TFS!🍁🍂🍁
I made it Kenya. It was a DIY
Hi sis thank you for visiting my channel I am now a subscribed to your Channel hope you becoming to be a Montgomery Family member as well smooches 💋
Thanks Emma looking forward to more.
Back at you. Thanks for coming over
This is beautiful. Love everything. I like your style of decorating. Tfs😊
Thanks so much Monique
Ann David (7 months ago)
Nice work....Looks beautiful :-)
Thanks for commenting Ann David
Tosh Time (7 months ago)
I love this room decor layout. You always do an amazing job:)
Appreciated Tosh
Inspiredby (7 months ago)
I had to watch this twice. The colors your chise are so beautiful. This room is gorgeous. Love the pumpkins.tfs
Oh my how kind thanks
Life's Little Thingz (7 months ago)
Gorgeous!! I love your color scheme. The pops of navy blue, gold and white are beautiful color combinations. You did a fantastic job decorating your bedroom.
Thanks so much for coming by
sweetsavant (7 months ago)
Your room is so beautiful, Shenell. I love the soft colors and candle light
Yes like candle light, it is a must have
caron1310 (7 months ago)
Hi Shenell! Very nicely done! I love your white spread/comforter set! May I ask where you got it? Stay blessed!
Yes you may, i bought it at Homegoods about 6 six months ago but i am sure uou can still find. You never know when it cones back but usually does
Sydnee Charnice (7 months ago)
Beautiful and classy
Sydnee Charnice (7 months ago)
+Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell you are very welcome doll ❤💜
Thanks so much Sydnee
Margaret Scott (7 months ago)
I love it! It look sooo peaceful and glamarous👍🌹🌹
Thanks for coming Margaret looking to you see you again. Giveaway coming really soon
MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB (7 months ago)
I love this room!
Hello and thanks to you
MszAfr33canBeauty (7 months ago)
Beautiful decorations 🤗💕
Thank you
I love navy and the mirrors above the nightstands are lovely 😍😍😍
Much appreciation Terry
Anna Floyd (7 months ago)
Beautiful Room
Thank you Anna and looking forward to seeing more of you come by again
The New Orleans Gardener (7 months ago)
Very Beautiful!! Yes, this Bedroom is very Calming and Filled with Lovely fall colors, Very Nice, Thanks for sharing and Enjoy your Day
You are so welcome and thank you for stopping in
I love your colors and each and every decor piece is Amazing!! The picture just brings everything together!! I need those lamps for my Son's room they are so Gorgeous tfs!!!
Awe sweet, i can not give them up just yet. Thank you lol🤣
EasyLivingwithElle (7 months ago)
Absolutely Beautiful💙💙💙💙 I love all things Blue & White! Those lamps are stunning and I love love love the Blue & White Gourd. TFS ~Elle
Appreciated Elle. I like blue and white it is so classic for design and has been for so many years i am happy it has made a resurgence
Jamaicagirl123 (7 months ago)
Really really pretty thank you for sharing have a great day
Hello Jamaicagirl and thank you
Prittylady lex (7 months ago)
Very lovely! Tfs🍁🍂
Thank you Lex
God's Daughter (7 months ago)
STUNNING ! The room looks like a Bed and Breakfast Scene , I would surely stay there and feel like a Queen . My favorites are The Lamps ..OMG ! Where did you find them ? And the Painting so lively and pulls everything together . You are exceptionally talented . God has really blessed you with a gift .
Thanks so much happy you like the lamps i will have to uoload the video on them hope to see more of you
My Happy Home (7 months ago)
Hi Shenell, this room looks so beautiful and inviting. The lamps stands are absolutely stunning. Everything works so well together, like Barbara said, even the painting on the wall is a perfect match. Love it all 😍💋
Oh kindness is such a motivator. Thank you
Kimberly Cochran (7 months ago)
The room looks comfortable and classy. Great job!
Thank you Kimberly
Melanie Kate (7 months ago)
Looks lovely. Love the colour combination you’ve picked
Thanks a bunch sweet Melanie
HomeDecoratingwithLiz (7 months ago)
Beautiful decor!! New subbie🌸
HomeDecoratingwithLiz (7 months ago)
Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell Thanks😃
Good day Liz and welcome welcome welcome. You know i am watching ☺
Nickel and Dining (7 months ago)
This simply beautiful and creative. I love the pumpkin picture and I fell out my chair for those lamps.
Oh my do not hurt yourself girl, lol. Much appreciation to you.
LoveDianaBanu (7 months ago)
Shenell everything is so beautiful and compliments each other very well. The navy blue pillows, the blush tones, the gold lamps... that picture is amazing. Wonderful job again my dear!
Thank you Diana always.
Decorating with Barbara (7 months ago)
Beautiful! I love your choice of colors for this room. How did you find the pumpkin in the picture to match so closely to the one on the bed? You have such an eye for detail. Tfs!
It was a DIY Barbara
Thanks Barbara. We will have to talk on that. 😁
I Am Just Sharing (7 months ago)
Shenell this room is beautiful love how you incorporated Fall but not overdone. Also those lamps👀
Thanks so much
omg everything is Beautiful I especially like the lamps and pillows color combination great job
Muc love Gigi
DeOndrea Walker (7 months ago)
Nice 👌👍💞💞
Hi Shenell!!! I am soo lovythis bedroom!!! I love the lamps and the touches of pink and blue!!! I love the twist of the lamp base!! I love how you grounded everything by using the white bedding!!! And white mirrors I love it!!!Everything is so perfectly thought about in this room!!! I loved your video Shenell!!! Xoxo Pam 💝💝♥️💝
Appreciate it so much Pam let us keep it going

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