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The WORST Toddler & Parent Tantrums Ever! | Toddlers And Tiaras

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Watch some of the worst tantrums from the show, and we don't just mean the children! Subscribe for more great clips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2vlpX8sNDBmPcY_1_QSGJg?sub_confirmation=1 Like TLC UK on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uktlc/ Follow TLC UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tlc_uk?lang=en Visit our website: http://www.uk.tlc.com/
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Text Comments (22921)
Florence Musasiwa (6 hours ago)
You are so rude I will never want to be you. You are stupidly horrible
Janet McGibney (11 hours ago)
Why would you do this to your Child!!
Vanisaurus Rex (11 hours ago)
That’s why when I’m gonna have kids, I am getting a BOY 😇 I Rather buy him video games than UNCOMFORTABLE Dresses 😇
Sad Rose_17 (12 hours ago)
Karli Dusenbery (15 hours ago)
The little girl in the beginning is freaking ugly she looks like Godzilla
briony stevens (23 hours ago)
How did yeah why is the rat you will lyric that child is a little spoilt brat I say
Dunnowhour a (1 day ago)
this birth control ad is long as hell
Bradley Seals (1 day ago)
And its also torture
Bradley Seals (1 day ago)
This place is just horrible
CORROSION.X (1 day ago)
No you're all in your 40s parading your daughters like disgusting show animals. Have some class
The Soldier (1 day ago)
That first girl is lItTeRaLlY the blonde rich girl in Princess and the Frog
studybunnies x (1 day ago)
Why tf do these four year olds sound like people who’ve been smoking for 40 years ?😂
RamenDesctop (1 day ago)
*Even adults have tantrums.*
Seiko is Holly (1 day ago)
You’re punished for being 4!
Qwerty Drey Fly1 (1 day ago)
How do parents raise their child? Take them to beauty pagents!? Pfft Fashion ain't cool when you're soo young!
Derek Dimond (1 day ago)
4:42 Don’t take drugs kids
Tomlosy (1 day ago)
Shes ugly!
Gabby Wilson (1 day ago)
4:42 me off a bar at homecoming
El Bananinha (1 day ago)
Elyadi Abadi (1 day ago)
2:33 the zombie invasion is coming
derpderpz (1 day ago)
0:04 “yes I am beautiFUUUL”
Elyadi Abadi (1 day ago)
Artifical intelegant try to make bratty kid to make a good kid
Elyadi Abadi (1 day ago)
Good I want you to be a huge piece of turd that kid is like person in loud house
4:42 w-what is that lil xan
Thekingoflorda Games (2 days ago)
Filty peasants in this comment section
Danielle Sychr (2 days ago)
Black Rose (2 days ago)
She’s getting a *LiTtLe* frustrated
DylanPlayz174 (2 days ago)
Spoiled fucking brats.
TiMe FoR SHARKS!!! (2 days ago)
go to hell
KFC Hat Girl (2 days ago)
4:16 the one of the most annoying laughs i have ever heard in my life time
Clarice Fisher (2 days ago)
What a spoiled little girl I can't understand what she's saying "give me some time because" I mean that doesn't make any sence. What the F*** what a little B****
Fatima Witherspoon (2 days ago)
She a toddler come on now why would you say that you know it's gonna make her feel attack away like come on now common seats use Common sense
Abiel Sutanto (2 days ago)
Entitled parent in the making
Chiquitita_6311 (2 days ago)
These parents don’t know... How to fucking parent
Brianna Andreacci (2 days ago)
The first girl was just mimicking her Karen Mother behavior
3DS Guy (2 days ago)
Best condom commercial ever
S k (2 days ago)
Poor kids this how they get mess up spoilt . Also why that mom leaving her lil girl with a stranger. They to band all this.
" if I'm beautiful then I'm allways beautiful " - biggest spoiler baby kid
Pikachu 4Life (2 days ago)
Total absolute ultimAte B R A T S!!!!!!!!!
These kids and parents are god awful! I would be so embarrassed!!
Nuclear Power plant (3 days ago)
She did 👌
Isa Kawaii (3 days ago)
Esme Fourie (3 days ago)
Most of these kids are brats cos their parents make them think they own the place
/\ greenтea /\ (3 days ago)
Okay why tf someone bring a goat at a beauty peagent?
Emma Herron (3 days ago)
*Kid screams “GET AWAY FROM ME!” While a person with a camera is chasing her throughout a hotel.* Me:OOOOOKKKKKAAAAYYYYY
Deanna Hodak (2 days ago)
Its TLC enough said
Wtf is a threenager?
-bluegold- (3 days ago)
ok but tell me why the first one and the one with the crowns sound like lifelong smokers
Every person in this Video All them are son of a bi#@$ what the f!!!!
Konsistency -_- (4 days ago)
Using your CHILD to win a argument. Fucking disgusting
Amshley :3 (4 days ago)
The girl that was crying that she was beautiful she sounded like James Charles am a celebrity
Perla Rivera (4 days ago)
This is so sad .... it’s not even funny it’s just sad
Rachel El Abbady (4 days ago)
Boy that one mom seems like shes on opiates or something...I would be too if I had to live with a brat like that...
Jasy Davis (4 days ago)
2:24... So you are seriously going to lock a three-year-old in a room with a bunch of grown strangers with cameras?
ItsRaining (5 days ago)
2:26 The poor camera dude is still trapped in there with her
CallMeJay 47 (5 days ago)
Who else remember gram of cocaine
Eileen Kauffman (5 days ago)
Michael Jackson Vlogs (5 days ago)
0:03 Yes I am Beau Ti Fuull
Sophia Nowack (5 days ago)
When the goat is more behaved then the children AND adults
Mah darp (5 days ago)
The goat is more mature than those parents That proves how stupid they are.
Julie for life (5 days ago)
Oof I thought that first girl just woke up but I guess I was wrong she was dressed for a pageant even though she looked “interesting” 😂😳😐😅
Royal SunDae (5 days ago)
*mother trying to convince herself and the viewers her baby isn’t the devil*
Heny W (5 days ago)
This wohle thing is so wrong and sick
Denise Nyström LeCat (6 days ago)
Poor goat ♥
raiden Assaad (6 days ago)
Dis some white people stuff
Thanos (6 days ago)
I HATE these type of little girls. They are just horrible
Catherine Amador (6 days ago)
Shes brat i wish i will kill her
isabella cookie (6 days ago)
*I just want them to grow up and watch these videos and see how much of a spoiled brat they are*
Nicci Allens (6 days ago)
IM ALL WAYS BEautiful EvEn WhEn Im NoT BeAuTiFuL
#UnicornLoverPlaz (6 days ago)
0:03 you are so ugly and fu**in hell
bryant myers (6 days ago)
the first one sounds like a 70 year old smoker
Carolyn Chen (6 days ago)
This girl needs a chill pill
Master Of Kingdomz (6 days ago)
She looks like one of those rip-off Barbie dolls from a dollar store
CoraRae Canals (6 days ago)
MOM: she has to have herself mentally prepared ME: she is 6 or 7
Skye Gauthier (6 days ago)
OK but why does that one guy have a goat?
charel kroon (7 days ago)
2:38 im dead why is he holding a goat whats going on??? Lmaooo
Princess Kenzie (7 days ago)
Um my name is Makenzie....😂 I guess I’m a brat now😂
Alexandra Cranberry (7 days ago)
Pure pieces of crap...the mothers that is.
SUMO (7 days ago)
This cant be healthy
Liam Laffin (7 days ago)
this show would be called how not to raise a chiled. I konw someone who got hit for acting like this
Liam Laffin (7 days ago)
She is not butiful, she is a moron. if she was a boy i would sucker punch in the moulth, not like i have never done it to everyone
marcela tagle (7 days ago)
always fat ladies pushing poor little girl
Xcreenz M9 2 (7 days ago)
I just want to slap the first girl I think I went too far with what I said
This isZoree (5 days ago)
Shes soooooo uglyyyy
Gacha Squad (7 days ago)
I love the gote
Gacha Squad (7 days ago)
She is cute
Fabulous Being (7 days ago)
MacKenzie looks and sounds like Roxanne
califoreignia weekend (7 days ago)
I wonder where these kids are now lol
Catherine Leigh Traut (7 days ago)
those children sound like 50 y/o worn-out stripper who smokes 10 packs of cigs a day
TROPANG POTCHI ツ (7 days ago)
that mom say time aut she is bad🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
MrKuros (7 days ago)
Sometimes I feel a bit scared about becoming a dad within the next two years (we are trying). Raising a child will be the most important thing I will do in my life. But watching this calms me down, as it's impossible to do a worse job than these parents.
kani_mar (8 days ago)
These kids are retarded - however their parents are even more retarded.
LaJuana Pruitt (8 days ago)
I like the video because you're acting like a 1 year old
Lance Hoskins (8 days ago)
These poor children. They're being destroyed by exploitive people. Such exploitive parents forcing this on their kids. Some people should just stick with pets because if they bring their children up like this then they will be destroyed when they're older. Such horrible parents.
Ahegao Akunie (8 days ago)
The goat scene , I would’ve slapped her mom.
HyperDragonixZX (8 days ago)
Your not beautiful YOUR A SPOILED BRAT
Eletric_ Ox (8 days ago)
2:24 when you fall off ur crib
Gacha Life lia (8 days ago)
She’s not beautiful, she’s a ugly spoiled brat
Eddie Scorsese (8 days ago)
This is straight up child abuse...
lamara oxford (8 days ago)
This is all the parents fault cause they spoiled her
Scared Or DEAD (8 days ago)

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