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Very Funny Lions

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Text Comments (75)
Victoria Morris (1 month ago)
First clip: "I think he's a softie at heart" "Do you think he likes you?" That's a female...idiots ¬_¬
Payton Steele (7 days ago)
When the one guy said I’d like to see it swat at it that would be funny I wanted to put him in there and let the lion bite his face. Did u get beat by a girl
Andrei’s World (7 months ago)
RIP Leo and Cecil
Sree Supraja (8 months ago)
very funny
The superior skeleton (9 months ago)
Furries. Furries everywhere.
Someone 67295 (1 year ago)
R.I.P Cecil 😭🙏☝
SilverlonewolfX (1 year ago)
blugeagua (1 year ago)
And it's weird how he didn't seem to care about saying that right in front of women knowing they are right there and might be bothered by it. But nope, he has no empathy or care for others.
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
**Feminazi alert** warning, a potential feminazi has commented her retarded opinion that no one asked for. She is edgy, stupid, and hypocritical, do you wish to roast her? *yes* *no*
Seand102 (1 year ago)
blugeagua It was a joke, and it seemed as if they were close friends.
blugeagua (1 year ago)
What's even more ridiculous is that the guy felt like he just HAD to say that when there was absolutely no reason for it, which shows that he feels he has some sort of issue with females in general. What a pathetic loser.
blugeagua (1 year ago)
That guy at 1:00 is a fucking misogynistic piece of shit. And it's disturbing that they found that funny
Sebastian Hilton (1 year ago)
classical american lesbian feminzasi!! getting offended by a joke!!! chill outt bitchh!!
RollandB (1 year ago)
Are you ok? Do you need a blanket?
Eee ww (1 year ago)
guys help me. I watched video 2 month ago but i cant remember the name. There was 2 lion and one buffalo. One lion jumped buffalo ant bited it. Other one jumped to other lion and fucked other one. Help
The ducks give no f**ks
Isaac Garcia (2 years ago)
simba was walking slow so I fold him to MUFASA
Selina Parvin (8 months ago)
Isaac Garcia tyg-
Comet (2 years ago)
Girl: Shes not very bright lion Man: Shes a female what do you expect 0:57 Oooooooh things just got real
Logan Taylor (1 month ago)
Nia Williams ok Mr.Feminist
Nia Williams (1 month ago)
+ThatOneTroller I want him dead
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
10/10 I want that guy to be my friend
John Kimmel (2 years ago)
This video never got going.
Nzinga Bedelia (3 years ago)
fym where's your homies???
claudia durant (3 years ago)
So sad about the senseless death of Cecil & then his brother was killed too?
Iluvanime Kawaii (3 years ago)
Lion Laughing Latest Funny Video Trending 2018 --- https://youtu.be/5OkA-f-CAcY
K1ro Extophia (3 years ago)
Lion want eat you haha
Nicole Craven (3 years ago)
Some people are just plain stupid with their comments that leave on your video. This video. Sorry they left stupid comments
رقيه ح (4 months ago)
Nicole Craven رزتشككدوردتغسخخذوردلسكنودعذههههذوردتعيثوز
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
Too many triggered feminists complaining about the second one.
Nicole Craven (3 years ago)
Thank you "Mike" for dedicating this wonderful video to Cecil
silver dog101 (3 years ago)
Who is Cecil
tetsuo (3 years ago)
+Frodo Bolbo Here's the full truth, dumbass. Some guy payed zoo people to lure the lion out, the lion had a collar and was shown to be a zoo lion. He killed the lion, and took a picture with it, then claimed he didn't know, even though he paid for it to be lured out, and it still had a collar. And I also knew who Cecil was before he died. Please don't think you're smart.
Frodo Baggins (3 years ago)
+silver dog101 I bet you ONE MILLION PRETZELS!!!!! that you did not know who Cecil was before the "whole coverage and reasons" "gratefully" given to us by the media in "full truth"
Debbie Sullivan A (3 years ago)
Rip Cecil, Jesus and St. Francis saw what they did. Its no easy ticket into Heaven. They will pay.
Puro (2 years ago)
What the fuck does fantasy figures have to do with anything? Oo
Frodo Baggins (3 years ago)
+Debbie Sullivan A There are a bunch of animals abused, poached and tortured around the world, every single country. With what you just said, you should be crying all the time. No offence, but you have to be very naive if you only feel bad when the "news" "explains" the story. Ive looked at the actual unbiased case not distorted by the news. I suggest you look at that instead of watching those backwards "journalists" 
Debbie Sullivan A (3 years ago)
You have to excuse me. I have always tended to get very emotional when I hear or see an animal in distress, hurt , killed or abused. I have resorted to tears. I cannot stand to even read some articles about this subject. I won't apoligize be ause I have always been like this. It's my nature.
Frodo Baggins (3 years ago)
+Debbie Sullivan A its but what about the other poachers in lown over by the media, sure I feel sad, bAfrica? No action is taken against them. What he did was wrong, but the amount of hate towards is family is truly wrong. Let me ask you something. Did you know Cecil the Lion before the news?
DragonofEpics (3 years ago)
R.I.P. Cecil
723lion (3 years ago)
RIP Cecil.
Frodo Baggins (3 years ago)
+V. V. Malazan yep RIP
silver dog101 (3 years ago)
Who's Cecil
Falcon2Dragon (3 years ago)
Comment about what to expect from a female, then looking for your guy friends to back you up.... SHAME
amanda justo (2 months ago)
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
I found the bitchy feminist.
tetsuo (3 years ago)
+Falcon2Dragon lol, they all laughed. you're really taking it too seriously, it was very funny and you're being salty because you're a special snowflake who can't be exposed to crude humor.
Bobthebagel (3 years ago)
97th view yeah!...oh wait,NO ONE CARES
Teresa Wright (9 months ago)
Muneer Khan (3 years ago)
I care slightly
Minecraft Dawg (3 years ago)
Rip. I agree.
Nazareth (3 years ago)
ProfilePicture6056 (3 years ago)
The second one was so stupid and wasn't funny at all
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
*Feminazi alert* warning, a potential feminazi has commented her retarded opinion that no one asked for. She is edgy, stupid, and hypocritical, do you wish to roast her? *yes* *no*
Teresa Wright (9 months ago)
ProfilePicture6056 >:(
tetsuo (3 years ago)
+ProfilePicture6056 Edgy AND stupid, what a great combo!
Suga Moo (3 years ago)
Wait I don't remember writing that but I agree with you But don't tell someone to learn to spell when they stopped learning English grammar when they were 8
ProfilePicture6056 (3 years ago)
The second one was so stupid and wasn't funny at all
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
You've already commented this, dipshit.
Barrett George (3 years ago)
diegogonzo (3 years ago)
I knew this was a dedication video! R.I.P Cecil
DoctorSuspense (3 years ago)
"Not a very bright lion." "Well it's a female whatdya expect? Where's my homies?" God amongst men.
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
*k n e e l b e f o r e c h r i s t*
ThatOneTroller (8 months ago)
Blugeague fuck off feminazi trash. Nobody asked you for your retarded opinion and calling people douches when they're not makes you look even more stupid. Go away and kill yourself.
DoctorSuspense (1 year ago)
blugeagua Cheese with that whine?
blugeagua (1 year ago)
DoctorSuspense typical misogynistic douchebag that is. Treating females as though we're some sort of monolithic species. Even though all living beings are individuals. Calling him a "god amongst men" really shows the insecurity and how pathetic you really are.
Ivan Ponce (3 years ago)
Hola mamá
Elzbieta Nowakowski (3 years ago)

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