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Carbon dating methods are based on 3 unprovable assumptions!

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It is all based on guesswork, conjecture and some very wild imaginations, we can measure many things about a rock, we cannot directly measure its age.
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Jay-Ar Berceles (1 year ago)
which of the following is FACT, religious BELIEF or scientific THEORY?
Luke Wood (8 years ago)
so then you can officially state exactly how you think, actually better for you than me>>
Luke Wood (8 years ago)
I'm coming up with a checklist with others, no more "vagueness"....there will be implicit answers, easiest way right?
Luke Wood (8 years ago)
so, in your determination, every rock, planet, star, all exist within 6,000 years....yes or no?
Luke Wood (8 years ago)
and please don't even bother coming at me with your typical "ad hominem" speech, I'm sick of it, everything you stand for is "ad hominem", FAITH!! You throw the term around without even realizing your own paradox.....
Luke Wood (8 years ago)
ok, we are talking about the difference between having maybe $1 in your pocket as opposed to maybe $4.6 billion, that's 4,600,000,000, and that's just OUR planet....someone is WAY WAY WAY wrong, not 1-2 million, not 6,000 or 15,000...you still going to put your entire existence into one nice man from long ago? ..just doesn't make any sense frenchy, I applaud your conviction, i do, but it just isn't ..... if we were talking about the difference from 1-3, i could accept error, but don't you see?

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