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How Do I Get a Girl to SEND NUDES?

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Ladies, you like chocolate and teddy bears? well if we get you that for an occasion it be nice if we got some nudes. Instagram: @Jimbaslice Outro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLARMbgINwc Email: [email protected] Other social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jimbaslice/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheJimbaslice
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Text Comments (1231)
Game Cop (7 days ago)
Fooling time
Katoof (9 days ago)
*S e n d n u d e s.*
Timothy Lowbal (11 days ago)
i never ask for nudes, i ask girls to not send them reason when you get a girls nude pic and then jerk off to her in tons of Of different ideas I'm different ways and positions then when you actually see her in person and she doesn't live up to the fantasy you created of her it ruins the relationship it ruins the Sex cuz she is not as good as your fantasy and that is the reason I do not ask for nudes also on a side note when you tell a girl you don't want her to send you nudes nine times out of 10 they send them anyway and then you particulate tell them again please honey don't send me nudes and if it's a girl who sends it once doesn't matter what you say to her she's going to send more so it's almost like a double-edged sword by not asking nine times out of ten you get tons
Lucas Lang (12 days ago)
6 inch is slightly above average
Siguiendo Conejos (17 days ago)
Lee me see sumethinh IT JST GETS ME XDDDDDDDDDDD
Suppressinq (20 days ago)
His initials are JZ I'll let you wonder
Just a random neko (23 days ago)
You passed😂
Angelo Tornabene (28 days ago)
Love the content bro👍🏼
Angelo Tornabene (28 days ago)
🔥naruto music
NDroid Gamer (1 month ago)
Israel Sanchez (1 month ago)
Districtone_ (1 month ago)
Lemme see sumin ahahaha
Jaruto (1 month ago)
TRS DON (1 month ago)
4:20 more than a shogun
VorteX GameR (1 month ago)
Liiz Pem (1 month ago)
Pocahontas in the thumbnail is so beautiful.
Colonel Cider (1 month ago)
Wait why did kakashi graduate a rogue ninja of the hidden mist?
Sammien8r C (1 month ago)
Kakashi is my fcking Senpai, fite me
Abby Kanaar (1 month ago)
Danny Pratama (1 month ago)
Darn it so interesting. Eh
S_ea (1 month ago)
Hasen't even asked the question " I don't speak english "
Bryan - Brawl Stars (1 month ago)
I tried all these... I got blocked
Rian Sami (1 month ago)
Wxndrx add osaamantha on snapchat she sends
Saint Kevin (1 month ago)
Sandler Esperanza (1 month ago)
2:22 meme laugh
ZeroClips (1 month ago)
Village hidden in the fuck boi
Rafi Reynaldi (1 month ago)
Alright, fellas. We found a real legend right here 1:46
lifematch (1 month ago)
2:36 that girl is soo pretty!!!!
Mucahit Cetin (1 month ago)
Markus Isles (1 month ago)
The hoodie guy was the best.
Kowshik Khan (1 month ago)
ending 😂🔫👌
takakzu (1 month ago)
Im testing
Beckham (2 months ago)
Thumbnail girl lookin sus 😏😉
Cheriet Sifeddine (2 months ago)
this ep is crazy 😂😂😂hhhhh
Ya Boi SkinnyPenis (2 months ago)
I straight up just ask my sluty frends like hey bihh send nudes I'm horny and they always down for a dic pic 😂😂 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
austin albus (2 months ago)
This dude is a trooper
Luis Leal (2 months ago)
For all you idiots that don’t know where to look for the answer. The girl said it . “I don’t mean to bother you but I’m wondering what’s underneath your clothes, cause you look so nice.” .. meanwhile y’all listening to the dude in the end talking about sending this bullshit “🌾👀🌾”
Zebra Gamer (2 months ago)
Video title should be " How to be a pervert"
toommy lee (2 months ago)
yo what hairstlye you have on you ?
LegacyGameplays (2 months ago)
LegacyGameplays (2 months ago)
nudes?.......Who fucking needs one when you have a Georgous girlfriend
ObeyMe Yaser (2 months ago)
Why u always go for the African people GOD DAMN
Demented E - The Trapper (2 months ago)
2:28 where your glasses right bro😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎
Waleed Khan (2 months ago)
Get a Damn Konoha Headband!
Joey Brody (2 months ago)
Send nudes jutsu
Arthur Morgan (2 months ago)
Mohammad Lutfor (2 months ago)
4:45 lol the hidden grass headband is appropriate for the sensei who peek from the bushes for nudes to give.
mermaltim68 (2 months ago)
2:22 where did thst guy get that corvette jacket?
First Name Surname (2 months ago)
I don't ask girls for nudes, they ask me
T1PS1 Skrew (2 months ago)
I’m gonna try this. I’ll keep y’all updated
curiosity zero (2 months ago)
Your videos are pure gold
I'm glad I subscribed to this channel 😂😂
Jiren The Gray (2 months ago)
Gmoney Savage (2 months ago)
yo the black dude was honest asf we don't need nudes we got pornhub lmao
Dineth Madurawala (2 months ago)
4:30 - 5:00 Best scene in Youtube history
Ninja Gaming (3 months ago)
Hahahaha u got me bro. 4:57. That was freaking funny
P (3 months ago)
Like those Naruto effects of the Video
BMA N (3 months ago)
Like if you’re going to use the last method🌾👀🌾
Coray Marugg (3 months ago)
Here for the Naruto background music
Tejas Pathak (3 months ago)
You use naruto music very well😂
Tom Wunderlin (3 months ago)
Black people are great
Unknown GaMing (3 months ago)
Another rice gum
oh yeah yeah (3 months ago)
What should i say when someone sends me nudes, do i say "nice tits" or Nah?
PuteraHazim99 (3 months ago)
3:31 this nigga got a nudes diploma
Awesome gaming (3 months ago)
Aisida Patrick (3 months ago)
Siddhant Barthwal (3 months ago)
You are a Sensei 😂😂😂
googs Man (3 months ago)
Sapnu puas
SirAkihiro (3 months ago)
Taught me to be creative with my pics
Marsha Lai (3 months ago)
Jimmy, bestow us your knowledge on asking for nudes lol
charles galvez (3 months ago)
I said I’ll sleep then saw this. I need to know how 😎
Toxic Scorpios (3 months ago)
I know it's too late to comment but sapnu puas
DivineDishWasher (3 months ago)
Lmfaoo this guy is my idol.
Julyan Mercado (3 months ago)
This shut was so funny dude
I SpicySauceJR I (3 months ago)
I thought it was RICEGUM it the thumbnail😂
Relentless (3 months ago)
Jimmy out here protecting us.
Krutarth Patel (3 months ago)
Fuck that bush thing worked hahahahaha
Revenger 211 (3 months ago)
1:54 ma nigga gets shit straight
Ankit tiwari (3 months ago)
Fuck nudes send food
The ParodiaN (3 months ago)
bruh the naruto song got me dead 😂
DankChipz (3 months ago)
When she says "this isn't fun anymore" Guy:SHADOW CLONE JUTSU
Juan Crast (3 months ago)
Yeah.. This definitely 101% works.. Time to get those nude pic~~~~~~ Thx dude
jacob stoltman (3 months ago)
Asks Kakashi to give him pains headband
7thHokage Naruto (3 months ago)
Yo ma man I passed the chunin exams thanks to ya now I'm a jonin
D_LOWGAMES (3 months ago)
Krackhead 21 (3 months ago)
Just say sapnu puas
Miles (4 months ago)
This guy is fucking FUNNY
CallMe Kenneth (4 months ago)
Just like send a picture of your cat (if you have one) then just tell them "you saw my cat can I see yours" or something
Francisco Martins (4 months ago)
Bro Kakashi-Sensei's Advice was actually good I guess... Imma try that
DJ TMP (4 months ago)
So fly
Jordan (4 months ago)
Bro the Amazon prime card is official. The first one I have had made out of metal.
Gary Zhu (4 months ago)
Gautier Campagne (4 months ago)
VinceLV (4 months ago)
Village hidden in the Fuckboi LMAOOOO
Game Head (4 months ago)
Bruh that's the village of the cloud headband with a and Killa bee
Heart Of Acid (4 months ago)
"Passed his chunin exams in the village hidden in the fukkboi" lmao I'm so fukking done xD
KingRocks (4 months ago)
0:14 what song
Johobo (4 months ago)
Mafian1231 (4 months ago)
I come from the village hidden in the FUCKBOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Mafian1231 (4 months ago)
That last moment😂
Milan Van Der Woude (4 months ago)
Just let my dude see sumthn

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