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Secret Admirer Short Movie - English Sub

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The film tells the story of a man who has a crush on a girl , but did not dare to express them. soon realized that they would follow the national exam and will probably never meet again , he ventured to write love letters to women he loved. Until one day a friend of the woman investigate who was sending a love letter to her friend and he stopped writing and started up the courage to express love in person If You want to know me, you can find me at : Facebook : Ditirta Putra Ramadana Twitter : @rama_jrx Instagram : @rama_jrx Path : Ditirta Putra Ramadana
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Text Comments (6)
Erhawe (11 months ago)
Gacocok ah, mending ama aku
reupload ya? ini mah film nya Monti Tiwa “Cornetto - Cinta 4 Rasa” official video nya nih : https://youtu.be/a9lJBpOTvdY
Dede Crime (1 year ago)
Kapan ya endingnya nanti bisa kayak gitu.? 😂😁
Deeky Dama (1 year ago)
u sir made my day
angelo bilag (1 year ago)
Hard to confess 😭
abram satrio (2 years ago)
keren abis :)

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