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Microsoft Corporate Video

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Produced by VRset.com - Microsoft corporate video for re-branding of downtown Los Angeles Nokia theater at AEG L.A. Live. I filmed the aerial footage of the world's largest Microsoft emblem designed and built by Signtech on top of the Microsoft Theater using a handheld camera shooting in HD 1080 24P aboard the R44 Raven II helicopter piloted by motion picture chief pilot Robin Petgrave . VRset produced this Microsoft corporate video with the cooperation of: L.A. Live - Gensler - Jones Lang La Salle
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Text Comments (12)
Khansa Luthfiah (1 month ago)
I wanna entering microsoft building in my future
Monty Gill (2 months ago)
Love and Respect for Bill Gates.
Shah salam khan (7 months ago)
My best company Microsoft
zulfikar abdillah (8 months ago)
Zübeyir (11 months ago)
i love microsoft
TBking rock (11 months ago)
We Love u Microsoft
TBking rock (11 months ago)
I love Microsoft
Yoshi Silviu (1 year ago)
i like the original xbox the original xbox by microsoft ;)
broad wrestlers (1 year ago)
This video helped me to see the need to tell a story with a video, not just report an event. I feel that the interviews could have reflected a higher quality, and the overall length of the video was excessive, but anything with aerial footage always grabs my attention. Thanks for sharing!
Samir Soni (9 months ago)
Steven John Photography hii
santhosh kunder (1 year ago)
overall length of the video was excessive. I too fee the same

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