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Carbon Dating is a Hoax

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rstephenw (1 day ago)
Dude, there are 114 scientific references at the end of the article. As you noted, science is based on reproducible results. So, how about you pick one, reproduce their experiments and give us your results rather than bloviate about things you don't understand.
jeff raborg (2 days ago)
What a dumb dumb you are. Unreal
Daniel Martel (3 days ago)
Stupid people read more then or less then one book I guess... You must think ants are making the sounds in your radio. Sooooo logic...
Wesley K. (7 days ago)
Shocking how many thumbs down this video has. Tells a lot. Romans 1:28
Justiceforall (3 months ago)
Thank you! I have been telling people this for years now.
James Hannah (2 months ago)
And for years, you've been an idiot
Vicki S. (4 months ago)
I admire your tenacity, Hans.
Vicki S. (1 month ago)
+Henning van Wershofen Of course I suffer from paranoia, but it's not unwarranted. Anyone who doesn't suffer from paranoia in this insane society is just naive.
Vicki S. (1 month ago)
+Henning van Wershofen Yeah right, tested by whom? The very "sane" doctors? No thanks.
Vicki S. (2 months ago)
+Henning van Wershofen As a matter of fact, I do fear a certain kind of tech mind control thru the internet. But I really have no choice in the matter if I want to be a part of society at all. It's a tranny world and we exist in their world, not vice versa.
Arno nümuss (4 months ago)
Wait a second, you determine gender by skull shape?
Arno nümuss (12 days ago)
+Jesus protects What are you referring to?
Jesus protects (12 days ago)
+Arno nümuss if anybody still believes genders are a thing after knowing about dr. Money, the man who coined the term, then i don't know what to say anymore.
Patrick B (2 months ago)
BATTIS94 I feel sorry for you.
Knees Of Gomorrah (3 months ago)
Well I know that and you clearly know that but there seems to be quite a few people out there that dont know that....... lol
Fingolfin74 (3 months ago)
+Conspiracies by Hans 3 I know some German "scientists" who did something quite similar. Actually, they were quite famous during a (luckily short) time period they nowadays call the "Nazi Period" and the "Third Reich". Ever heard about these guys?
ben burnage (5 months ago)
Ky Wilcockson (5 months ago)
What is the FTM shit he keeps spouting? Am I missing something?
Robert Shelburg (3 days ago)
+Patrick B Jesus gives great stigmata hand jobs. Ask him for one when you get to fantasy land.
Ky Wilcockson (2 months ago)
+Patrick B listen dipshit, I served 24 years in the British Army and have seen more action than you have seen in movies. If you wanna "eat me" then come get me you coward. I have fought the fight, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with American, Ghurka, Afghan, Canadian, German, Nigerian, Chadian, even French soldiers and each one of them is more of a man than you are. Look me up... There's only one person with my name in the whole world so it isn't difficult you worthless sack of turds. My service record is a matter of public record and I would suggest that you are just some nerd coward who wouldn't know how to spell courage or honour if you had a dictionary because the only book you read is the fiction you drivel on about from your silly little bible. I'd cut your balls off and make you eat them if you had any ya fuckin eunuch
Ky Wilcockson (2 months ago)
+Patrick B my mum created me and she has let me live my life and make my mistakes and my celebrated my victories like any loving parent. She has dictated nothing but instilled values of love, honesty, integrity, loyalty and moral courage. But she also encouraged me to question the world and follow logic, mathematics and science and never to make assumptions or follow the crowd like a blind sheep. I will continue to do this and question the hatred and disturbing views of moronic hate mongers who propagate ridiculous propoganda about "FTM" in an era that was decades before the surgery was available for those who wanted to try... To debase scientific fact with homophobic slander and rhetoric just because you can't understand science has been well established and proved countless times over millenia is childish, puerile and essentially destroys the tiny amount of credibility this mentally challenged zealot had before he spoke. He, and those who follow this type of idiocy are exactly the same as ISIS and as a man who has deployed on 4 tours of Afghanistan and one in Nigeria/Chad fighting these extremists I find your type of hideous extremism both dangerous and offensive. Do us all a favour, read a book!! Learn mathematics, understand physics, open your mind and learn. Put down your religious drivel and understand the real world. Also, the irony of the fact that people like me have spent our lives defending your rights and your freedom to spout this kind of shit is not lost on me or my brothers and sisters who have done the same. I have friends who gave their all so you can sit in your armchair spouting shit and have the religious freedom to do that... You're welcome. Now grow up
Patrick B (2 months ago)
I wonder.. are you(yes, you) the type that will admit being wrong and willingly jump... or will you need to be pushed into the lake of fire.. Calling truth hate is filth and bending reality to fit your perversions is forbidden. “Do what thou wilt” but remember.. the one that created you was very specific as to how you should be living. It’s simple.. Laugh now, cry later.
Blue Sicx (2 months ago)
Henning van Wershofen Yes. Because hatred and narrow mindedness will always exist.
Ky Wilcockson (5 months ago)
I would bet a years wages that he votes Republican too... idiot!!
Paul Gavrilin (2 days ago)
spotted the gay, anti-straight, lgbqxyz, femenazi liberal...
Doc Tyler (7 days ago)
I will take that bet! lol
Doyounodaway (11 days ago)
Conspiracies by Hans 4 ,I think you are a tranny or maybe your father is.
James Hannah (2 months ago)
Woah, woah, woah. don't put ANY political party in his category. Even yours. Based on your comment I'd bet a year's wages you're a racist....and I agree with you this guy is an idiot
Pete is never wrong (3 months ago)
+welcome2havoc To thick to be Left or Right.. This guy is a fucking moron. It would be safe to assume he does not have the intelligence to vote.
Turd Ferguson (5 months ago)
😂 why are they all trannies? It's like a tranny convention!
Fingolfin74 (3 months ago)
+Conspiracies by Hans 3 Does that mean they are all temple knights and stone masons, too? Do they know where this gigantic treasure is hidded that I saw in the movies? I think the conspiracy is bigger than you imagined...

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