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Lion King Funny pics

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I give full credit to the artists of these pictures. Especially to Juffs, and Kati-Kopa. I don't know how to use music on this so... maybe you can find a song and play it while this is too.
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FREE FIRE TABIB GAMER (7 months ago)
lionkingfactsguy (7 months ago)
Nightmelody777 (1 year ago)
Hm maybe I can help you. Which Editor you use?
Nightmelody777 (1 year ago)
ah okay windows movie maker Have you ever download a song with an converter? Download a Song set a order for this take in your first picture, in top of the programm is the word "music" click on it, use your downloaded song & then wait a minute & you have the song with the pictures I hope I can help
Nightmelody777 (1 year ago)
2:37 xD
*sees thumbnail* he looks...familiar
+Unleashed Chaos I know...
Unleashed Chaos (2 years ago)
Sorry, you sounded like you didn't know
+Unleashed Chaos I know... I am a huge fan of Kingdom hearts...
Unleashed Chaos (2 years ago)
Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2 (When you go to the Pride Lands, he turns into a lion).
Adriene Cadorna (2 years ago)
ikr! it's from a game right?
Thierry Nd (2 years ago)
use busa
thedinosaurking (3 years ago)
I wish scar lived and became a good guy and meet kion
Edgy Thing (2 years ago)
no the other
thedinosaurking (2 years ago)
+the white bepper what scar
Edgy Thing (2 years ago)
... how dare you speak of that name
Victoria Hane (4 years ago)
i like madagascar 
darling dear (2 years ago)
and all of US random personS care because????
Epicboltz Wildspirit (4 years ago)
Can you put a link or something to the comics, they are hard to read...even in full screen?
FlaresLuna (4 years ago)
2:37 Lol im gonna die that funny!! that part when its like "*squeak* yes?" lol
Rene Verhage (5 years ago)
Lol sora
Theangelsrunited (5 years ago)
can't even read the comics so...... meh might dislike
Cow Appreciator (5 years ago)
i could barely read some of the comics. -.-
abi ravenhill (6 years ago)
LOL that is very funny
shinypepper (6 years ago)
The last one lol
Frida Grundström (6 years ago)
its the bad kitty XD poor scar/taka
Gus Ferguson (6 years ago)
i got some of the jokes the last one was my favorite and next friday im off to see madagascar 3

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