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Arnica Montana - Sea sand and sun (HD Chillout summer music) High Quality 1080p

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Arnica Montana - Sea sand and sun Chillout summer music by InspiringWallpapers.net Lyrics: Hands in the sand, Feet in the sea Facing the sun, An empty mind A free body Sea, sand and sun. When everything around is trouble and torment turbulence and tease nothing can be found in chaos and dissent deeper and free step out and turn around,let your mind ascend, close your eyes and feel sea sand and sun... when everything is found to fall to discontent,distress and worries when nothing is as sound and all the bare intent disperse away.. fall in the background let your heart go on ascend and close your eyes and feel sea sand and sun.. Hands in the sand, Feet in the sea Facing the sun, An empty mind A free body Sea, sand and sun.
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stefanno capriati (2 months ago)
2019 esta canción marca una etapa muy grande que fue en mi vida y la tengo conmigo todos los días, esta canción es un arquetipo de un momento de plenitud y felicidad en mi vida. Mezclando por su puesto las raíces mexicanas y La Paz de nuestros ancestros.
Equalizer (3 months ago)
Magnificent track.
david k (5 months ago)
great song. I listened for the first time at the Royal hideaway Playacar. Truly magical!
FREED0M09 (8 months ago)
Vikas Walia (8 months ago)
Seen from sea-vision Everything is fine as everything falls in line. Sea vision is what emptiness implies not something somewhere high on the seventh heaven.
EclipseWarrior (9 months ago)
An enchanting beautiful song of the waters of the beach. Would love to play this on my Koto for my next annual concert in my university’s cultural talent show. Thanks so much for the awesome kind upload.
Ramanathan C (9 months ago)
Really nice & melody song
Johnny Deez (10 months ago)
I heard this song when i visited this resort 'Royal Hideaway' in Cancun Playacar Mexico. Good memories Mexico.
david k (5 months ago)
great small resort.. first time for me. Playacar is a great location. The beach was one of the best and shops accross the street was very convenient.
Paris (10 months ago)
Delightful un uplifting. Thanks for sharing.
norberto diaz romero (1 year ago)
Lyrics corrected: Hands in the sand, Feet in the Sea, Face in the Sun, An Empty Mind, A Free Body. Sea, Sand & Sun When everything around is trouble and torment, turbulence and tears. And nothing can be found for chaos and dissent, fever and fear Step out and turn around, Let your mind ascend. Then close your eyes and feel Sea, Sand & Sun. When everything is found to fall to discontent, distress and worries When nothing else is sound and only bad intent, just persevere. Leave all in the background. Let your heart consent Then close your eyes and feel Sea, Sand & Sun.
Briseida Roman (1 year ago)
Es simplemente una deliciosa cancion!!!
the (1 year ago)
deep_and high (2 years ago)
Predivno, predivno... <3
Maelle Johnston (3 years ago)
Wow that brought tears to my eyes!
Ayhan Btn (4 years ago)
SuperMrozzy (4 years ago)
That is just my favorite song .I listen lot of chill out music..but this one has magic :)
Steven Huber (8 months ago)
Thanks 😊👍
guendolinka (9 months ago)
also this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woOpaBjcTYw
Steven Huber (9 months ago)
All magic 😊👍
lily´s t (4 years ago)
Me encanta , me fascina , me transporta este tema ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Osvaldo Espinoza (5 years ago)
Yo tambien la estoy buscando pero no la he encontrado jeje, Saludos !
Maria Sol Binnier (5 years ago)
hay una version de esta cancion instrumental, la encontre en un video de relajacion, . no hay manera de que encuentre la version en donde lo que cantan es solo instrumental
mixpantzinco (11 months ago)
Wow Sí María, es justa la búsqueda que ando haciendo, esa versión es hermosa, así conocí esta canción, seguramente escuchamos el mismo video de relajación aquí que lo retiraron. Gracias Sech 099 por el aporte. Tengan todos Feliz tiempo. Me gustará que escuchen mi programa de música New Age ;)
Sech 099 Buscaba lo mismo, gracias!!
Sech 099 (1 year ago)
Miento, es esta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76a6mbhXqik
Sech 099 (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45CzBTzXLgQ Ahí está. :)
Carlos Pereira (5 years ago)
Great song. Love it

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