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Japan Finally DID IT.

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Text Comments (1830)
Adityaa ravi (1 day ago)
Guys, please don't disable the subtitles... Makes it hard to watch your videos if I am in the library or something especially when I forget to bring my headphones...
ok linux i click the button but it says "subscribed", now it says "subscribe".... but you know more than me XD
Aiden Grima (2 months ago)
I find ironic how technology is being named after fully independent countries now. Just look malta up.
jmbrady1 (2 months ago)
I refuse to use chrome
xXRedWolfXx (2 months ago)
Linus. Please dont show another one of THESE add's again. Cant stand premium games. Yakno the ones like clash of kings or clash of clans or whatever names they comeup with. FFXV a new empire also. they hook you in with (reskinned) gameplay and then block/strangle you till you pay for coins resources or energy. #NotMyLinus
xXRedWolfXx (2 months ago)
if you need an Ad read though message me. happy to advertise my photography haha
rythmcubed (2 months ago)
linus seemed really chill and happy in this one instead of lowkey full of rage like usual lol...
Thomas Remme (2 months ago)
"I want coins!" - "well...?" :D
flameshana9 (2 months ago)
Inb4 Microsoft's sandbox is considered full of security holes so nobody recommends using it.
Sgt Moose (2 months ago)
Everyone go download Firefox then! I always knew Bookface was evil.
PCRage2000 (2 months ago)
The off camera voices sucks; If they are going to be speaking put them in the shot. It just feels like your constantly being interrupted.
Guds777 (3 months ago)
I am 40% Chromium. I am Bender, i am great.
Noah chive (3 months ago)
Google controls the world
Naota Akatsuki (3 months ago)
Google doing anti-trust stuff... Microsoft was sued for this in the past, Google should be too.
Where do they dump the by products of molten salt created energy?
Sandbox user data ?
Terry Doherty (3 months ago)
really advertising mobile games? im unsubing
John Doe (3 months ago)
"Google. Now we're evil.* (Actually, we've always been, but you schmucks never knew muhahaha!)"
Bowsette (3 months ago)
Omg that little Japanese thing is cute, but not $300 cute 👎🏼
Bowsette (3 months ago)
XBOX Anaconda-“Don’t want none unless you RTX hon!”
Bowsette (3 months ago)
Bowsette (3 months ago)
Who uses edge?
J4k7193R (3 months ago)
Firefox till the end
75ur15 (3 months ago)
@2:03 We had this in xp. The program was called sandboxie, windows 7 killed it with new security measures..I miss it
RabblerouserGT (3 months ago)
Can you tell us that this is a news crunch type of thing? I was expecting to find the Japan story and had to trudge through all of this expecting it was a singular-topic video.
Thomas Britton (3 months ago)
He sure has a hard-on for the iphone! Keep your old one cause you never know when you’ll find out “this app is not compatible with your device” especially when you’ve paid for an app. So one app I had on my old ipad wont install on my new one, and my favorite photo editing program now has IAPs and Ads
RazgrizRevenge (3 months ago)
Time to shut Facebook down
TANVIR (3 months ago)
Isn’t chromium a virus?
Master RBG (3 months ago)
Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a darn!
Tylan Holmes (3 months ago)
I didnt realize this channel was a thing until I scrolled down at the end of the video.
Jack Evans (3 months ago)
That game sounds pretty good... too bad it's just going to be another micro-transaction ridden POS. "Get a bonus 200 gold coins." Yep.
elemileTLDR (4 months ago)
Windows 10 + Chrome + FB is normie *SHIET.*
Maddy Carbuncle (4 months ago)
I feel like you guys are trying to be like some other Youtubers with the nudge/wink bad jokes and everything, especially on Tech Linked. That is not needed. LTT has always been fun without having to rely on bad jokes, off-camera banter and everything. Please just be your usual selves - plenty of us love it! And of course find some other ways to evolve while still retaining the core LTT/LMG personality. ✌️❤️
ASID Popzz (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure that Japan thing is an effort to get Japanese people to increase the birth rate
Wesley vandeurzen (4 months ago)
Marcus (4 months ago)
Jails existed like forever in BSD...
Cory R (4 months ago)
Why would people who care about these features have Windows Home edition installed? Especially when Pro version is essentially the same or less cost if you buy it right
awesomeferret (4 months ago)
But Linus, 2020 IS next year! (° ͜ʖ͡°)
ShroudedWolf51 (4 months ago)
Let's hope that Lenovo can get a phone right for once. Their history with phones is...well...oof.
ShroudedWolf51 (4 months ago)
Why not? You can have a name for a collection of items and individual names for individual items.
ShroudedWolf51 (4 months ago)
Oh, cool. Windows Sandbox is effectively built-in Sandboxie without the tedious setup. Nice.
ShroudedWolf51 (4 months ago)
I wouldn't be even remotely surprised about Google screwing over competition. It would hardly be the first time that's happened. Bastards.
BobDaBilda (4 months ago)
This is the best ongoing storyline of a news video I've ever seen.
MetalforOden (4 months ago)
sounds like microsoft is getting a taste of its own medicine. controlling the os market
Bad Game (4 months ago)
Cringy intros Dislike :D
KanJyro (4 months ago)
thanks for the clickbate
Carl Willows (4 months ago)
"antifreeze to store...coldness" lol
R0DSTER (4 months ago)
i can’t enjoy these videos, with linus and everyone acting so bluntly silly in them 😒
mal35m (4 months ago)
@TechLinked Is Japan trying to commit demographic suicide?
Benjamin Slayton (4 months ago)
I really dislike Google's data monopoly.
GetGoodTryHard (4 months ago)
they're really trying to kill off pathetic genetics.
Susz. VR (4 months ago)
2:30 the best moment 😆
A T (4 months ago)
if i see more viking war of clans commercials i'm gonna go insane
Alex (4 months ago)
They could add well use Gecko. Why didn't they?
SamuraiMo YouMaySayMo (4 months ago)
Firefox 4 life
Why the f*ck neflix,spotify and other apps need access to calendar or contacts?? just deny it lol
hyou zan ren (4 months ago)
this basicly monopoly and try to kill competitors...LAW SUITS INCOMMING!!!
Daniel Nilsson (4 months ago)
But chrome is so slow. Takes forever to start before i even can type in any adress.
Myke Prior (4 months ago)
So...what happens if someone's app is designed to get out of the sandbox? Sounds like I should just stick to virtualbox
Channel LuckySpock (4 months ago)
No sandbox for windows 10 home users, ffs microsoft.
Mr 3raqi (4 months ago)
Astaldoath (4 months ago)
As long as you dont need to replace them every 18 months like the Iphone. Background guy "Like kids"
Stefan Chircop (4 months ago)
Project Malta, Malta Inc... Are we Maltese a part of this company? heheheee :p https://www.google.com/search?q=Malta&rlz=1C1GCEU_enMT821MT821&oq=Malta+&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3j0j69i65.1419j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
IO9802 (4 months ago)
7:34 "like kids" lol
Karl Kütt (4 months ago)
People didn't quit Edge because of its slow video loading. They quit Edge because of it's use of the Bing search engine.
Cory Vachon (4 months ago)
Didn't Google steal most of it's code from Mozilla to make Chrome?
Dan (4 months ago)
BuT GooGlE Is sUcH A mOrAL cOmPaNy ThAt CarEs AbOuT uS -fanboy who spends 12 hours a day insulting Apple online
SemmyRace (4 months ago)
I don't think this Google web browsing monopoly is any good.
savage1267 (4 months ago)
That first story sounds made up.
Daniel Contos (4 months ago)
Oh boy if only there was a law restricting companies from slowing down competitors......oh wait? 😕
Randon Courter (4 months ago)
(1) Japan Finally DID IT. - Youtube (Not Responding) OH COME ON!!!
The title doesn't describe the subject of the video, which is the purpose of a title. This title just describes a little side note about the robot that is mentioned at the end of the video. That's not how title's work.
Guda's World (4 months ago)
I used to like Linus & LTT. But he has jerk off rules & mods on his forum, so now I hate him. I'm doing a hit piece of all the really stupid $hit LTT does. Like baking GPU's...... Linus is just a news reader, not a actual tech. Or he'd know better than to bake anything...
Marcel de Jong (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who'd say shut up to the peanut gallery in this video? To me it's annoying, not cute and distracting and turns me off from watching another video. Just have Linus read his script, no need for a hype man.
Snakey Mations (4 months ago)
My windows 10 crashed after doing a dual boot I’m on windows 7 now, don’t ask why I installed this instead of 10 I’m switching to ten soon
aldo s (4 months ago)
Japan did great on their birth control first anime then...
kraid2001 (4 months ago)
the entity
NinjaRider777R (4 months ago)
*_"Google will control some aspects of the internet"_* Wow, you're late to the party. Between Google, and them owning Youtube, combined with Facebook, Twitter, and every other Social Media platform, it's a giant Kairetsu (look it up, Kairetsus exist in every country around the world) that controls 90% of the internet at this point and they're ruling it with an Iron Fist banning everyone who says things they don't like.
FuNot FuMe (4 months ago)
So an anonymous source claims Google used anti-competitive practices against M$ and M$ didn't do anything? I wonder what AOL has to say about this?
Shaun Riggle (4 months ago)
I don't think it's possible to get "HIGH AS A KITE" if you FAIL TO INHALE....THUMBS DOWN. LOL
Clovet Music (4 months ago)
I was hoping that you were gonna say that they made uncensored hentai
quit w (4 months ago)
already exist
Kevin Dammers (4 months ago)
why cripple edgeXD who except my 90yo grandpa uses edge
Retro Boob (4 months ago)
Look at this little bitch bending over for google
Flying Endeavor (4 months ago)
lol xD I love that intro. Feeling Lucky.. yet xD
Laze Ponder (4 months ago)
Isn´t this a re-upload? O_o
Oreo2 (4 months ago)
Half of the video is a advertisement.
Eliot Hochberg (4 months ago)
Ironically, what Google is accused of is almost exactly what Microsoft did with Explorer 3. I saw it first hand..
Shervin Suresh (4 months ago)
“You don’t need to replace the battery every 18 months” “ like kids” Omg I’m rofling
Tasnimul Hasan (4 months ago)
And how many YT channels do you have?
Cynical (4 months ago)
Sandboxes for PC isnt anything new. Ive had Sandboxie for nearly 10 years now. But I guess a built in one is pretty great too.
linuxguy 11 (4 months ago)
Linux and Firefox FTW
Mackingzie (4 months ago)
And you lost my support.
Mackingzie (4 months ago)
You think microsoft ownining everything is good
SapuSeven (4 months ago)
Role Playing Games Games
Tenebrousable (4 months ago)
Monopoly isn't one player dominating because he's the best. Monopoly is one player dominating when laws don't allow other player entering the market.
multiplexed (4 months ago)
Elon clearly does NOT know how to smoke weed. He really didn't inhale.
WɅVeCɅst (4 months ago)
ive NEVER used chrome or chromium. Fvck google.
mjouwbuis (4 months ago)
So why would Edge surrender to Chromium? MS knows from the heart how bad monopolies are for the Internet for the companies that aren't part of them. They should just put in a "broken" mode for rendering Youtube. They also know "broken" mode from the heart. Strange story, not MS-like at all.
Will Sigg (4 months ago)
so guys we did it
ilooktheweb (4 months ago)
Just use virtual box.
FuckinNicname (4 months ago)
Lenovo Slidephone... looks like the Mi Mix 3 or the Honor Magic 2... just sayan

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