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Microsoft & Sony Announce Strategic Partnership and Activision Hosts Secret Call of Duty Event!

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In an unexpected turn of events, Microsoft and Sony have announced that they are joining forces with a new partnership. Meanwhile, Activision is hosting a secret event for several YouTubers and livestreamers... be sure to check out the links below! • COD 2019: Best of Both Worlds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCS1Fe_qgD4 • Robert Bowling Teases MW2 Remastered! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1oLu9tOjbo • Video Specific Links & Sources Microsoft and Sony Partnership: https://news.microsoft.com/2019/05/16/sony-and-microsoft-to-explore-strategic-partnership/ Activision Announces COD Mobile News: https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-05/Call-of-Duty-Mobile-Fresh-Intel-A-Preview-of-Whats-to-Come • Stay Connected Click to Subscribe! (It's Free) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUhzIOc-x_m3NqBvT7UCrw?sub_confirmation=1 My Let's Play Channel: http://youtube.com/NerosLetsPlays Twitter: http://twitter.com/NerosCinema Facebook: http://facebook.com/NerosCinema Twitch: http://twitch.tv/NerosCinema Intro/Outro: April Showers by ProleteR https://proleter.bandcamp.com/track/april-showers #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare4
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NerosCinema (3 days ago)
HELLO NOTIFICATION SQUAD! Some crazy news today and it's only going to get crazier as we learn what Activision and those YouTubers are up to... today is the day they are said to be in Los Angeles, so new details should be coming soon
Killer Cube 145 (2 days ago)
MW4 crossplay with new consoles Xbox scarlet and ps5
apeflawless (2 days ago)
If they unite, it will be the PS 5 & Xbox 2020 ?
Sean Kljuco (3 days ago)
Just so you know Sony actually wanted cross play in the ps3 and xbox360 but because xbox360 was winning in sales they refused so now the roles reversed and Sony is winning and denying Microsoft
SummerS (3 days ago)
If a game is on both platforms it should be allowed to crossplay. Or ps4 or xbox one disc should register on other console at least & perhaps download game but disc still needs to be in console to play game. Anyway I'm about to become a noob again for next 6-12 months just ordered my first gaming pc waiting on it being built & delivered I can't wait
Dankstar Memes (8 hours ago)
Call of Duty is already a mobile game. Why would we have another mobile game?
OMGitzDaTruth (10 hours ago)
Unite against Consolism !!
Drunk On Perks (13 hours ago)
I play on ps4 but I would love cross play on all games and party chat !
Imaginary Fries (17 hours ago)
Good we need Console wars to end so that instead of focusing on what another person is playing on Both consoles communities can focus on ending the way companies treat their players like free money bags and shit
Adrian Trujillo (20 hours ago)
Please no more beef between the consoles 🙌🏽
Weirdo Playz31 (1 day ago)
Finally the war is over
Bradley clarke (1 day ago)
Can’t wait for Xbox and Sony to come together once and for all, I feel like they are going to make big moves 👍
Rochol r (1 day ago)
F GB yd
GregyP (1 day ago)
huge about time
Mr Bacon (1 day ago)
Everyone the console civil war has ended!!!!!!!!
jman7481 (1 day ago)
I’m excited for this myself
REAPER (1 day ago)
Does this mean Microsoft,ps,Xbox crossplay?
J V (1 day ago)
Hopefully sony comes to there senses and this never happens
jman7481 (1 day ago)
J V 😂😂😂 it’s happening
Chris 2x (1 day ago)
Call of Duty CROSS PLATFORM!!!
atomic wolf (1 day ago)
Microsoft and switch are working together it's about time so he came to their senses we all should be Gamers together
Ian Elijah Iragu (2 days ago)
Sony (Apple) Microsoft (Android) 😂
jman7481 (1 day ago)
Ian Elijah Iragu id say the other way around
Robert De La Rosa (2 days ago)
Avengers..... assemble...
SpicyBoiYT (2 days ago)
It's like taking down the Berlin wall
OG_Skullkid stream (2 days ago)
There are live trailers for modernwarfar 4 as of right now... how is it that we dont have info on it... I dont care at all for mw4 I'm wanting mobile. Tired of the console and PC scrubs not accepting mobile. I'm done being screwed by triple a games on PC and console. Time to move to an open platform like mobile where things are better the community is better and the performance is better for the experience. All the mw4 scrubs thinking this is for them lmfao cod mobile has been in the news for almost a year now... its awaiting a global launch. Any idea that it's anything more is willful ignorance.
radkins80 (2 days ago)
Xbox for life!
Wilhem Almodovar (2 days ago)
Does this mean they’ll get God of War? And We’ll get Gears of War?
Wilhem Almodovar (1 day ago)
jman7481 thx bro, I’ll def check it out
jman7481 (1 day ago)
Wilhem Almodovar yup watch dealers gaming he did a video on it
What is best? Like: Ps4 Comment: Xbox
STRANGExR0YALTY (2 days ago)
Commodore 64
Wilhem Almodovar (2 days ago)
PLOT TWIST: There’s no PS5, or “Xbox 2/720” Behold. The Playbox Station X
Sami سامي (2 days ago)
I already have Call of Duty mobile
Wilhem Almodovar (2 days ago)
Full cross play, friends lists, parties and all?!?!
JawZz (2 days ago)
Is it coincidence that Sony and Microsoft unite at the same time in game of thrones, Winterfelle (Jon Snow) and the South (Danearys) work together.
jman7481 (1 day ago)
JawZz or like konoah and the 7 villages
ShuHari (2 days ago)
Listen, theyre just trolling us. COD 2019 is MW4, and COD mobile is the mobile version of COD MW4. So everything in COD mobile is in MW4.
Brandon M (2 days ago)
This is great news, except for the push for cloud gaming 🤮🤮
Haris (2 days ago)
Ps will still lead the market as they have best exclusives
Barbad III (2 days ago)
some one (2 days ago)
I had a feeling Microsoft was ditching consoles I believe they foresaw them failing in about 10 years so they just hopped out early
Akuma Sin (2 days ago)
Microsoft and Sony fear Nintendo lmao
Cheesy raptor (2 days ago)
i want crossplay on black ops 4
Jonathan Morales (2 days ago)
This better be good and not another flop
Jawa a (2 days ago)
Yessssss unite!!! 360 crushed the ps3 & the ps4 crushed the xbox one! That's just the facts
Police 159 (2 days ago)
Honestly I wish Microsoft and Sony could become one. Gaming would be glorious! And F mobile. Make that shit for console.
Make DLC And betas come out at the same time
MindstorM (2 days ago)
All you Fortnite haters that think cross platform play is a great thing. You can thank Fortnite.
BIGDAWG 91331 (2 days ago)
Hmmm lets see how it goes
Kalen Head (2 days ago)
Xbox lobbies are terrible so I’m down to play against them
titanfallgamez 14 (2 days ago)
Josh Goode (2 days ago)
I'll do some unsubbing to some Tubers if I see COD:Mobile crap.
SweatyPanda 2020 (2 days ago)
Sony is working with Microsoft because Sony doesn't have the server infrastructure to launch cloud gaming and streaming type platforms for next gen but Xbox has stable servers so now Sony is gonna use Xbox servers for next gen
Edgar Hernandez (2 days ago)
Do you guys not have phones?!?!
MarcThe Sharkk (2 days ago)
Now PC will be all alone
Jacob Stewart (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't want cross platform?
Frankthetank (2 days ago)
Nobody cares about mobile
Tyquan Douglas (2 days ago)
They need to take the PlayStation plus off ps4..do anyone agree??😞😒😒
savage like (2 days ago)
Just don’t understand why they just won’t add call of duty online on console.
Logaweed (2 days ago)
Not being able to play with PlayStation players while you play on Xbox is the modern day equivalence of black kids not being able to go to the same schools as their white friends in the dirty south 60 years ago.
its 3boud (2 days ago)
*Together against PC*
Chris84 (2 days ago)
Five Gum (2 days ago)
So cross play
破坏73 Hadez (2 days ago)
Its call of duty mobile how the hell is that secret hint:A c t i v i s i o n
Kai the Guy (2 days ago)
They have to unite to survive against the new wave of gaming, in the form of stuff like Google Stadia.
TheSanhokMeme 115 (2 days ago)
Finally... CoD gamers can unite!!!
jman7481 (1 day ago)
TheSanhokMeme 115 yuppppppp
Freddie Alejandro (2 days ago)
If you can't deal with the enemy, join them... (Xbox)
mohmar2010 (2 days ago)
It's funny that you can get cod points on cod mobile
Vincent Matlock (2 days ago)
Xbox is at 40 something mill, Sony is at damn near 100. The Xbox division makes like 10 bill off of said 40 something, while Sony makes around 14 bill with their 100 miill. No matter how you slice it, they got drastically outsold yet they make almost as much money as their competitors while selling significantly less, AND that’s not counting future xcloud customers... either JUST 40 mill, even the hardware sales are going down yet they sell an insane amount of software. Just like Xbox live, Sony knows it’s the editors of gaming whether you like it or not, gamepass is rumored to make 30% of software and services at 9 million subs ONLY ON XBOX AND PC. I’m sorry, but to any company that is a need to pay attention. Your competition is doing worse than you yet somehow makes back almost the same amount of money? Sony not stupid like these fanboys would have you believe with their Xbox has no hames because it’s on pc and mobile, why tf would Sony NOT want that. Means more money for them which means even bigger and better games for all of us. It’s a no brainer.
God Of Ostrichs (2 days ago)
Omg finally I love y'all PS4 players now
Quentin Benoit (2 days ago)
Who cares about cross play or Xbox
Waheed Saeed (2 days ago)
It's not going to be MW4
Aidan Guevara (2 days ago)
Waheed Saeed I heavily doubt the next CoD game will be "MW4" or "Ghosts 2". I had enough of CoD fanboys claiming that will be the CoD this year. It will just be the mobile game revealed again lmao
Pyrex TV (2 days ago)
You can use a third party sever to play with your mate on a different console
Bill Smith (2 days ago)
What if COD 2019 is cod mobile?
CosmicWave99 (2 days ago)
I remember the Microsoft vs Sony War but nowadays you can’t even call it a battle. Xbox got the better hardware while PlayStation got the better games. Obvious winner is whoever has the better selection of titles. Back then during the old gen XB360 days you would say they were on top but ever since Sony acquired tons of studios and had so many exclusives set to come out XB1 has been crushed. I still play Xbox out of tradition but I am just gonna end up getting a PS4 if they don’t start making more games crossplay like COD and Battlefield. I also want to see the frickin exclusivity deal between Activision and Sony end so it doesn’t divide the community anymore. More players mean more matches to hop into and have fun in.
The Gent (2 days ago)
Hm, sure. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Sony this way.
Josiah Peters (2 days ago)
The one thing that I think that it’s not for cod mobile. I really don’t think they would bring out doc disrespect nor do I think he would go out for it cod mobile either But that just is a thought I could be totally wrong. 😆
Graham Stewart (2 days ago)
Call of Duty: Mobl
Jarod Honaker (2 days ago)
Sounds like they where both like aye you make money I make money we both make money let’s progress our industry for once
Phil Kozla (2 days ago)
All I know is Activision needs to get their shit togeather asap ... A event for mobile is hilarious.. they get some info out for the hype engine.
Banana Jesus (2 days ago)
Wow, still cant tell if he's over exaggerating with that voice...
Super Nes (2 days ago)
As a playstation gamer, I'd rather suck vomit through a sock then be associated with Microsoft. I play Shoodas and raycin games, I love xbox
Brandon Trembly (2 days ago)
If there woulda been cross-play between ps3 and 360 back in the day, i think the war of the consoles woulda been practically non-existent. I feel that way because it woulda created a completely different atmosphere in the gaming community and industry as a whole.
Match Styx (2 days ago)
There literally could be a console in-game war events between the two consoles...
Lil Miyagi (2 days ago)
Lol if big you tubers are recording MW4 Nero why aren’t you hanging with the big dogs
Nick Lepsch (2 days ago)
Ummm...how are you not at this event!!??
robert michelsen (2 days ago)
I pesonally dont care if its mobile, bo4 made me so mad i sold all my gaming stuff . So free on my phone ? Cool , at least i wont need to a new console
Ishmael A (2 days ago)
Call Of Duty Online is happening
zExcer (2 days ago)
If your subscribers like call of duty mobile , you like call of duty mobile .
Jamiemk (2 days ago)
We can finally end this war once and for all.
A FACE FOR RADIO (2 days ago)
I’ve long wanted this to happen!!!!! 👍🏾
Yassin Hani (2 days ago)
No more 50/50 friends on each console
jbm_313 (2 days ago)
ACTUALLY, Microsoft was unwilling to work with Sony on the previous generation of consoles (expected due to them having the better selling console), which in turn resulted in Sony doing the same this generation. Nevertheless, this is still good news.
Peter Peter (2 days ago)
We didnt need a whole event for a mobile cod. A tweet would have been good enough
Sony and Microsoft cross play would be ok, but not pc.
J A (2 days ago)
Just because PUBG is easy and good on mobile, doesn’t even equate to any type of call of duty being good on mobile. I’m good. Activision is going to take the cash from MW4 and use it all on mobile and rip us off 6 months after MW4 launches.
JerryNova (2 days ago)
I saw this and had to wait a few hours because I was working. Work has never gone by slower.
Iam Focusedsimply (2 days ago)
At least we can expect cod lobbies to become more fuller by the next cod hopefully and less laggier
Airsoft Reg (2 days ago)
I love that they’re uniting but what’s the point of buying either one ya know what I mean? Both of them do the same damn thing as a video game console
radiogeek89 (2 days ago)
Are there actually people excited for COD mobile 😂😂!!!!
hattrickk333 (2 days ago)
Cross platform could bring more fans to the game and will create more lobby’s
Mr slender2 (2 days ago)
I’m actually really excited for cod mobile I’ll have something to do at work other than my job😂😂
KeonXD (2 days ago)
Pretty sure theres going to be some type of leak for mw4 when they are playing cod mobile and they will officially reveal the 2019 cod on E3
Billy McGee (2 days ago)
I have a good feeling about CoD Mobile. MAYBE theyre putting it out to keep making money while MW4 is doing its thing WITHOUT insane micro transactions. ??
OG Pimpin (2 days ago)
i’m going to give majority of the credit for this to Fortnite
Fire & Fury Gaming (2 days ago)
CoD Mobile still gonna be light years better than MW4. Still praying it’s not MW4
Dion (2 days ago)
Cloud gaming? Not interested. 😐
toughluck8012 (2 days ago)
Nero post a ww2 video. I miss those
THE CRAZY GUY (2 days ago)
Well call of duty on cross play would be great you would be able too play older titles and it would have a healthy player base ,has for sales I really don't think Microsoft cares especially when they got a beast of a console like Xbox one X

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