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3 Easy Steps to Hollywood Glam Style – Overstock.com

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If you long for the luxe life, then Hollywood Glam is your interior design match. Hollywood Glam is where luxury meets sophistication. A soft, feminine color palette dominates this elegant style, while mirrored finishes and metallic details add a glitzy edge to the design. When it comes to infusing the space with texture think shag, crushed velvet, and lots of faux fur. Read more Glam decorating ideas: http://bit.ly/2wc6SSG Shop Glam Furniture & Decor: http://bit.ly/2fJo6k4 Subscribe to Our Overstock Channel on YouTube:  http://bit.ly/2dSFnRR Like Overstock on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2dkPKhn Follow Overstock on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2dQH5DP Follow Overstock on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2dFYkZv Follow Overstock on Instagram:  http://bit.ly/2dZQWvh
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