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Sea and Sand RV Park, Depoe Bay, OR

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Produced by Michael Blakeley/ Driftworks Productions for RV Parks in Oregon LLC, this narrated video tour of Lincoln County’s Sea and Sand RV Park will let you see and KNOW this facility... EVEN FROM THE AIR, before you ever begin your RV adventure! See more at www.RVParksinOregon.com © Copyright 2014 RV Parks in Oregon, LLC
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justin linnane (4 months ago)
Modern RVs are just so damn ugly and looking at these older campsites you can just imagine how beautiful it would have been with a classic 1960s and 70s RVs and campers parked in the wooded area . what difference to the appaling oversized boxes we see now. And all the big ugly trucks instead of cool sedans and station wagons!
Claire Zenitram (7 months ago)
How much the per month
Chris Pearce (10 months ago)
Looks like if we get a toy hauler long enough to fit our drift boat, we won't be able to stay at a 40 foot and shorter park. 43 feet must be just too far over the line.
Wallace Jenkins (2 years ago)
RaiN ReFLeX (2 years ago)
How much per night.?
MATHIAS NIEMEIER (2 years ago)
Do they still have that JERK..the maintenance guy..STEVE , I think his name was?Real weirdo!
Michael J Render (2 years ago)
whats the price per night. Mike
Shady Thot (2 years ago)
Hows the wifi did he say anything about it.....?
TooTrue2 (2 years ago)
The wifi sucks. It says for checking email and searches only... and if you can do that you're lucky. Decent T mobile and Verizon coverage in that area though.
Bob Lightyear (2 years ago)
Is the narrator trying to lull us to sleep or just trying to hypnotise people??
justin linnane (4 months ago)
Bob Lightyear I'm not sure but I am certain he's sitting in the sound booth wearing women's underwear !!lol
conisa04 (3 years ago)
We will put this on our "MUST SEE" RV parks here in Oregon. Beautiful! Thanks for the video.
Boondockabillies (3 years ago)
Cool video! I had no idea someone else was doing aerial videography for the coast. Nice voice too! :)
ronsea21 (2 years ago)
Boondockabillies (2 years ago)
Thanks! We are in Arizona and may never return to Oregon. We're loving all the sunshine and interesting boondocking opps. What didn't you like about that Depoe Bay campground? Just curious. 
MATHIAS NIEMEIER (2 years ago)

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