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5 Parking Garage Solution You Should See

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Amazing parking garage solutions ideas for your car. These five ideas will impress you. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/LUqhNV 5. Gaze Box 4. IdealPark 3. Living Room Garage 2. Car Tent 1. Smart Parking Solution Fastest Car Parking Skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aEXKwo0UEQ #parkinggarage #parkinggaragesolution #parking Subscribe: https://goo.gl/fhQpvq Website: http://topunknown.com Facebook: https://goo.gl/Yd0Pgl Twitter: https://goo.gl/vNm2a2 Pininterest: https://goo.gl/xV0RmZ Youtube: https://goo.gl/2ULgqg Thank you for watching Ton Unknown! Do you have an idea for a future Top 10? Leave a comment below! Who knows - you may see your idea in an upcoming list! And as always, if you love our lists smash that like button and subscribe for new videos every day. Copyright © All Rights Reserved by Top Unknown
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Top Unknown (1 year ago)
Subscribe: https://goo.gl/LUqhNV
hero panti video (5 months ago)
Top Unknown hii
Herphool Singh (7 months ago)
hindi moove
prem dangi (7 months ago)
raed moh'd (9 months ago)
Top Unknown
clampfan101 (4 days ago)
5. It... it’s a box... 4. Okay, that’s pretty cool! Secret lair! Mwahaha! 3. Looks like a fancy expensive version of 4, though I guess it’s really nice for apartments. 2. It’s an umbrella... 1. That looks very helpful.
Andile Mhlongo (6 days ago)
Trump hahahahahaha
kjh311 (11 days ago)
Whoever thought up the car umbrella must have been stoned
rnb007 (16 days ago)
I want to be a rich wife of someone, like jamie chua, hmm
clinton white (18 days ago)
Charlie Brown (18 days ago)
This is some GTA V shit
Md Arsadalam (20 days ago)
Kara dis allu hii
Tony Chen (29 days ago)
Too troublesome
M F (1 month ago)
nice, all i need is a car
Alice (1 month ago)
Imagine if the hidden garage one started lowering while you were still in the car
Brandon Abel (1 month ago)
The tent one should be called... The hobo garage
Heero Jillo (1 month ago)
No.5 is not the solution to save space for parking here..instead, it actually occupied even more space just to set up one. The one with tent on the top of the car isn’t either. However, both of them are the good option if you want to protect your car from unwanted and unexpected damage. The best one, I do agree, that is actually the number 1 if parking in the city wide. But if you live in uptown area, number 4 is very great. Number 3, or 2, which is built the parking in your flat, is not that good as it seems. Not only the space for you are becoming your car’s, but also costing more time and money just to build one with the building as well.
Chelsea Davies (1 month ago)
Oneo Siaw (1 month ago)
No. 2 shit, my phone is in the car and I hv to wait for a minute just to get in my car to take it
Edwin Ma (1 month ago)
Is the car tent company still alive?
xiaolong gan (1 month ago)
*I'm watching videos about garages but can't even afford a car.* Logic 101.
xe (1 month ago)
King Zartan (1 month ago)
I can see a lot of problems with #3.
An2nio Productions (1 month ago)
Why can’t you just stay in the car until it reaches the floor? Instead of using a separate elevator?
King Zartan (1 month ago)
An2nio Productions ... The dumber it is, the more sense it makes to rich people.
zven gally (1 month ago)
So many haters talking about this is only for the rich...no shit. Sounds like jealousy. If I had the money i would buy YOUR house, kick u out, knock the house down and park my big wheel there.
jack bauer (1 month ago)
5 stupid parking solutions FOVORITE - CASKET COFFIN TYPE CARPARK
guowen chen (1 month ago)
use condo living room as car park, what a car slave!
Devalt (1 month ago)
I would trade the Gaze Box for an automated roller door any day.
Devalt (1 month ago)
How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
M C (1 month ago)
Rich people won't need, ordinary people cannot afford.
Doyoukown Uay (1 month ago)
lol my toyota wont need this lol
Blues Shi (1 month ago)
No.1, No.3 and No.4 are all useless...
Mashimaro spc (1 month ago)
First, I need a car. Second, I need a house. So this video is not for "me".
grant koniski (2 months ago)
the car tent was a joke right?
KennyPowers (2 months ago)
this is like porn to me because parking is scarce asf in my city.
Gr8 B8 (2 months ago)
Nr 1 is sick unless you have a 10m $ koeniggsegg agrea rs1
DIEPLAYBR (2 months ago)
2:04 *I have this car:* in GTA Pegassi Vacca
Danny B (2 months ago)
Yay an umbrella for my car xD
Kevin Kent (2 months ago)
The living room parking garage serves no purpose other than adding $2,000/month to your condo fee. Oh yeah, and you’ll look like a complete douchebag with your car in your living room.
christopher Jon (2 months ago)
These people are the ones driving around in 6 figure cars whilst they lecture us on climate change and the evils of fossil fuels...that said these are creative.
Leandro FR (2 months ago)
3:57 I´m trying to imagine when everybody is going to work.
Big Mix Up Records (2 months ago)
Totally got baited here by the thumbnail
Mario (2 months ago)
Too much technology. A power failure, a mechanical failure, and you're stuck...
An2nio Productions (1 month ago)
Mario Then they will demand a free rental car from the building while it gets fixed -_-
Ehi Iyere (2 months ago)
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Alex Smith (2 months ago)
Seeing landmodo on the roof is painful. So many scratches!!!!
Catie R (2 months ago)
A word of advice to the creator of this new garage I noticed around the edging there is small opening it. reds to seal air tight because if a bad rain storm comes the car could be sitting underwater and the creator could face lawsuits and problems due to car damage so save yourself troubles and make sure its air tight.
KSENI&MANI NEW GARAGE (3 months ago)
we love our cars :)
immigrant (3 months ago)
Yes that is exactly what people do as soon they enter the house the pick up the magazine and start reading it
Graham Wright (3 months ago)
living room garage looks very cool and James Bond style until you park your car with a glowing turbo and it develops a fault and bursts into flames. I suppose you could have the benefit of sitting on a comfy sofa whilst watching the fire. Plus all the other toxic shit that leaches off from car's will slowly fill that space and find their way into your apartment.
Gurnard Herded (3 months ago)
Why does YouTube allow 7 ads for a 11 minute video?
Ahmed Aljasem (3 months ago)
and here is the one milion dollar question ....what happen if its rain ???
Momin Nz (4 months ago)
not very smart!!!!
Ann Robertson (4 months ago)
Hey doesn't Mitt Romney have a car elevator?
shadowx314k (4 months ago)
You must see cause you cant afford to own and dont forget you must see all 6 ads on a 12 minute video *"GREAT CONTENT CREATOR"*
Ben Reeves (4 months ago)
The first garage wasn't that cool
OakhillSailor (4 months ago)
Why would you put your car in the living room? It is not always clean you know.
ZSJ311 (4 months ago)
Car tent is gay
hotrodmtf (5 months ago)
Gay guys :(
sanjay bhutoria (5 months ago)
Smart parking system is one the crowded city are looking for
Jim Grow (5 months ago)
Number 3. is the total pantie dropper!!!!!
Victor (5 months ago)
Being jealous is a terrible human emotion, they just use youtube for advertising
Cambodia Ass (5 months ago)
Gargantuan Beast (5 months ago)
why does a car need a umbrella.
bob k (5 months ago)
Diversions for the crazy rich. I am looking forward to a small 4 wheel electric bike. The revolution is here, everyone will want electric bikes, they are super fun, practical.
Mehak taj annu (5 months ago)
Mehak taj
Sama. Office (5 months ago)
What if you missed up on parking in number 4
Нам хотя бы польские реформы сделать!!!(1-ый шаг массовой средней и маленькой индустрии)Речь о конкуренции с развитой Европой попросту не идет.......
Теперь ты понимаешь отчего я терпеть не могу социализм и коммунизм!!!!))))))
Moji Moji (5 months ago)
" Thunderbirds Are Go "
MC CG (5 months ago)
I see This only feasible if Car rental businesses like budget, enterprise run a Pilot project for this concept then maybe it will break out to larger masses... I dont see a random company implementing this due to added costs of annual maintenence, upkeep , etc which will create a dependency on a third party where as if you park a car on land you can forget about it !! its not a big deal.
Jadons Kitchen (6 months ago)
If you like this video visit my YouTube channel Jadons kitchen and another is cousins&co122 pls subscribe like and comment
Mars Z (6 months ago)
I'd rather leave house and start the car in 10 seconds
sole Muñoz (6 months ago)
Me aburi
Leo Benja (6 months ago)
Yo tengo una idea de como potreger tu carro uando lo tienes parqueado en tu casa o bajo la sombra de un arbol, la.verdad es una idea brillante ..!
rotaryskratch (6 months ago)
Some of the most stupidestest ideas I ever done seen.
Autobahn Vault, LLC (6 months ago)
What's up with the two dudes holding hands running down the beach? They're strong enough to hold each other while running on the sand but can't hold an umbrella?
papy nounn (6 months ago)
*Parfois c'est bien d'être riche...* 😘😀
A'dder (6 months ago)
Щас во всей рекламе европы пидоров пихают? задолбала толерантность...
doubleXParker (3 months ago)
intersting to discuss/ auch interessant https://youtu.be/RuZ9yueyUYM https://youtu.be/yTEG2nO5aPk https://youtu.be/wyhHpWq_7_o https://youtu.be/E_Iyeiq59mU like us, thank u
Alejandro López (6 months ago)
Seth Winters (6 months ago)
If Tony Stark knew about the living room car garage, he would definitely add that to his mansion.
Zeno Vice (6 months ago)
Um, I hate to break it to you MORONS, but this technology has been being used in New York and other places in the U.S. for over THIRTY-FORTY YEARS!!! Mr. Yin Yang Wang Dang Doodle did NOT "invent" this parking method/system. You jerks are either 1) stupid or 2) lying a$$holes!!!
jojo e (6 months ago)
Holy shit, so many ads on this video
DJKOOLKAT (6 months ago)
aurelei (6 months ago)
im not that rich
A I (6 months ago)
It's all fun and games until your Porsche gets flooded...
Top Unknown (6 months ago)
hahhaha now way there are fuses
Barnaby (7 months ago)
R* should introduce these ideas in GTA V especially number 3 for the apartments.
Li Kaili (7 months ago)
The Living Room Garage solution will be a joke in Beijing, China
ivor worrell (7 months ago)
*Very technologically impressive and highly useful video, thank you.*
Dylan Connolly (7 months ago)
Ok6^ mmnnmop.comccxxddxAXgm llc l
Kyle Gardner (7 months ago)
The car tent ad is really progressive...
桜井 (7 months ago)
It takes 10 minutes to drive your car in the living room garage, never smart. and the car tent is useless when a hurricane comes.
Alex K. (7 months ago)
That cost more than the actual car.
Gazmend Iseni (7 months ago)
Roger Miller (7 months ago)
More ads please!... says nobody.
Mikkel Tyllesen (7 months ago)
5 and 2, what a joke.
Tejash The Gamer (7 months ago)
Double Six (7 months ago)
No deposit required, just your soul🤫
Reggie R2 (7 months ago)
Smart parking is really cool. im surprised i havent seen it more. makes complete sense.
nr2 is not a garage and nr1 is for idustrial use
Dystar 924 (7 months ago)
They would take away the car at the price of the parking, instead... 🎦🅿️💫🤣🏗
Real Racks (7 months ago)
How can I buy smart garage

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