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Girls can melt glass?!?! ;) STONEY SUNDAY #252

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Thank you for watching!! ALL EPISODES: http://stoneysunday.com ASK STONEY SUNDAY: http://stoneysunday.com/askstoneysunday Make every day Stoney, add, like, or follow: http://twitter.com/stoneysunday http://instagram.com/stoneysunday http://facebook.com/stoneysunday Boveda & Vaporizers: http://coralreefer420.com/vapeworld (don't forget code coral2015)
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Text Comments (18)
Brian Hall (3 years ago)
I tried to finish it but I couldn't.. The Audio is like nails on a chock board...
Jason Moss (3 years ago)
Despite all technical difficulties, it was a wonderful Stoney Sunday. I always enjoy catching them live then headed back for the replay. I see you have less than 100 until 100,000. Congratulations, Coral!
Hi Coral, It's Dr.Autoflower this is my new channel I've been working on so I've kinda been focusing on Philippines videos lately. Just wanted to stop by and say how proud I am of you and huge early congrats on the 100000 subs :) I subbed again with the new channel so I'm 99916 ;) Much love from the Philippines and hope you get to met my wife one day she is a big fan of your :) Never stop doing what you are doing
Daquan Edwards (3 years ago)
Match one time
sam squanch (3 years ago)
coral, you should try some of the crystallized cbd that @cbd_international on instagram is selling. and review it! im super skeptical of supposed hemp sourced CBD "legal" products... as we all know theres a lot of snake oil idiots on the cbd wagon. but i have their cbd in front of me and have been testing it. its to my knowledge the ONLY legitimate legal cbd product. cleanliness, taste, effect, really an outstanding product. i did a full review on my ig @beast_coast_cannabidroid i really suggest trying it.
420colorado (3 years ago)
they can melt glass but not steel beams
Ed Stack (3 years ago)
Love the glass studio shop videos!
Coral Reefer (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for watching!
Jennifer David (3 years ago)
Are you gonna stay @ the gauge on ur ears?
Nicholearaptor420 (3 years ago)
She has stated before that she plans on staying at the size she's at
Jennifer David (3 years ago)
I was so bummed that u were here in Washington but in Seattle where i'm from...Renton. Now I live in Spokane,NEXT YEAR I am GONNA be there so mI can meet someone so strong about the cause & is very passionate not to mention,so sweet!!!
Jennifer David (3 years ago)
I enjoy watching you blow glass,& to see how cool it turns out.
Jennifer David (3 years ago)
How long did it take to get so famous to get to be so lucky to get samples from so many great things from well known companies&glass blowers my dad blows glass & he made a really pretty standing colorful fish. I would love to gift it to u!!!!
garctown (3 years ago)
If you're coming to the freedom rally, I hope I get the chance to say high!
Jesse Sauve (3 years ago)
It was terrible Audio but thanks for spending some time with us today!
Midwest DankAlumni (3 years ago)
+Coral Reefer that would be so awesome! i just got to watch, was at a family reunion today in the sticks, had no signal, still smoked a joint with a tasty tip with my #toneysundayshirt on earlier though. Stay high friend
Jesse Sauve (3 years ago)
+Coral Reefer It was my pleasure, I look forward to many more smoking sessions with you!
Coral Reefer (3 years ago)
+Jesse Sauve Thanks for watching! I'm looking into microphones for sure
Jesse Sauve (3 years ago)
+Jesse Sauve Had fun and look forward to next Stoney Sunday!

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