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Ridiculous EXPENSIVE Things Floyd Mayweather Owns

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At 40 years old, Floyd Mayweather remains one of the most successful and well known boxers of all time--and he’s still in the game. If you’re one of the top athletes in your sport, you get paid the big money. And Mayweather makes sure you remember that. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 8. A Mansion In Miami So it seems a mansion and Penthouse in Las Vegas isn’t enough for one singular person to own. That’s fine, or at least, that’s fine for Mayweather, as he also has a Mansion in Miami that he calls his own. Mayweather dropped $7.7 million in cash on this little 5,200 sq ft modern pool property that would be extravagant for most of us, but is only the fraction of the size of his house in Las Vegas, so there’s that to keep in mind. And we’d like to reiterate, he paid in cash for this 5 bedroom house which is located on La Gorce Island on Miami Beach. 7. Shoe Closet No celebrity’s endless walk in closet is complete without a huge shoe collection. These shelves of sneakers are just a little part of Mayweather’s whole shoe collection and is a photo that he posted himself on his instagram, because if there’s anyone more willing to show off his belongings, it’s the man himself. According to Mayweather, only 80 pairs of shoes could fit into the picture, which leaves a lot to the imagination when someone says “only 80 pairs of shoes.” And it seems he also has a thing for Louboutins since that’s what all of these are. 6. Mercedes Party Bus Also referred to as a Land Yacht, aside from one of the most expensive cars ever, and 2 private jets, another mode of transportation Floyd Mayweather bought for himself is a Mercedes Party Bus whose interior is akin to the environment you’d find in a metropolitan nightclub. This customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cost the professional boxer $300,000 which is chump change at this point. It not only comes with a 55 in TV that features Direct TV and Apple TV, there’s also lots of seating room, a bar, heated massage chairs, and a surround sound stereo. It seems no matter he goes, it has to be in style. 5. More Cars Now that we’ve covered that Trevita, planes, and a bus, let’s go a little more into depth with the rest of his transportation collection, that being his horde of cars he keeps in that private garage. In an interview with ESPN, Mayweather stated that the cars he owns come out to about $15 million. It’s said that he’s owned hundreds of cars throughout the years and that a portion of those cars were 16 Rolls-Royces. And how does he pay for all these luxury cars? If you haven’t learned by now, then remember that Floyd Mayweather loves to pay in cash--cash that often comes in the protection of a designer duffle bag. 4. An Engagement Ring Okay, we’ll give him this one. If you had the money, it makes sense you would want to give your fiance one extravagant ring. Now split from Mayweather, on again off again partner Shantel Jackson was once presented with the $10 million engagement ring you see sitting on her finger. Jackson and Mayweather split not long after, and Mayweather was not holding back as to the reasons why, which he discussed on his social media pages. The terms of their split are pretty dark and messy, though no one is sure whether or not Jackson got to keep the ring. 3. Tickets To His Own Fight This sounds way ridiculous at first since, well, why would a boxer need to buy tickets to his own fight? It’s easily explained, however, that Floyd Mayweather bought the tickets to give out to friends and family, a cost that totalled to $605,000. The match was against Canelo Alvarez which took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. All that money came out to equal 300 tickets. All that seemed worth it, too, since he ended up beating Canelo that match. 2. That $6.4 Million Watch Collection We know that Mayweather is a man who loves jewelry. Okay, he loves anything expensive, but you’ve got to admit the man has an eye for not just cars but accessories. And that includes a collection of 8 Rolex watches, 8 Audermars Piguet watches, 1 Rainbow Tourbillion, 1 Piaget Galaxy, 3 Franck Muller watches, 2 Aximums, and 1 Hublot Big Bang King--all of which total to around $6.4 million. How do we know exactly how many of each watch he has and how much it all costs? Well he tweets it all out, of course. 1. Custom iPod First of all, who even owns an iPod anymore that they didn’t buy from at least the past decade? Floyd Mayweather, that’s who. He posted a photo on instagram of his custom-made diamond encrusted iPod. In the background, you can see that the Apple earphones are wrapped around a wad of $100 bills, which Mayweather posted with the caption “money is music to my ears.” It’s said to have a value of $50,000 and comes attached to a chain that has a gold plated, diamond encrusted pendant that reads “Mayweather.”
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Text Comments (1568)
Alita Rochelle Copney (14 hours ago)
He spends money foolishly.
DAV (1 day ago)
This man has no concept when it comes to money. I am willing to be this man will be penniless one day!!!
Papa Bush (1 day ago)
Awww, he likes to carry ladies pocketbooks.
Noteman (2 days ago)
Who cares? Still black. Narcissistic much?
paul hiles (2 days ago)
White people LOVVVVE when he buys bullshit .. They will HATE him when he buys black schools to educate our kids... FARMLAND , ORGANIC MARKETS..cleaning the HOOD up .. Our own clothes , Shoes , etc. WHEN FLOYD DOES THINGS TO HELP THE BLACK NATION .. THE DEVIL IS COMING FOR SURE .. BUT DEATH RESPECTS PURPOSE .. And where all gonna die ANYWAY .. GO OUT LIKE A SOLDIER & NOT A PUSSYFIED NEGRO U DIGG .. GET SMART FLOYD .. FUCK FLOSSIN ..WHAT WOULD JESUS DO WITH THE MONEY .. IM DONE HERE ..!!!!..
Moses Ben Israel (3 days ago)
I hope he die today
Moses Ben Israel (3 days ago)
He Illuminati
David Kool (4 days ago)
Respect to Mayweather he got his money fair honest hard working way he didn't steal or any kind if corruption was involved....Honest money is a happy money! Money equals Quality of life in all aspects!!! 👍 👍 👍 Well deserved....
Delon Thomas (4 days ago)
Born poor live happy till the casket drop show respect help charity
Boogie (4 days ago)
It must be great to be wealthy... he's definitely blessed... bt his arrogance gives him an ugly image...
wepush foru (4 days ago)
That’s right black man stay gettin it you deserve it
jesse joe (4 days ago)
JR (5 days ago)
Fuck Floyd, why didn't he take that money and open up a charter school for the youth or a Boys and girls club? He's a stupid ass nigga that why, You don't hear nothing about him doing something for the city he came from, all you see is a bunch of material shit that don't mean nothing, he need to do something for his people and stop thinking all that bullshit he is buying mean something. When God take him away all that material shit won't mean nothing. Do something worth while my nigga, it's your money but stop being a stupid ass.
Tyrone Reese (5 days ago)
I could never hate a man for living his life the way he wants if he has the means.. I'd probably do the same thing..at first..but it'll get to the point to where I'd have to change some shit..he fought..but he didn't get there alone
Marshall WOne (5 days ago)
He worked for his things I cannot be mad with him about this except for he RUNS from Manny pacquiao I want my money back 😂😂😂😂😂
Alberto Merelo (5 days ago)
Las Vegas is not the gambling capital of the world. It's Macao.
Ahness Qritik (6 days ago)
Cant blame floyd for being like this, i guess he has never been to his motherland in africa nor visited any poor black community.
Dymez187 (6 days ago)
i'm pretty sure Mayweather doesn't own anything with rhinestones in it lol.... that chuck tailor pendent is pure diamonds.
Todd Toure (6 days ago)
Floyd's Management is TOPS fpr the Deals he's Experienced. I heard that Floyd Does Give Back but doesnt Verbalize it. If that's the Case good for him. Enjoy it, you Earned it Legitimately. Would I Stunt like this when Im Wealthy/ Id say get there first, But My Investments would be in People , (Create employment) Properties, Paintings , Certain Investment Advisors that the Wealthiest Use, as well as Tax Planning , and Estate Planning. Because when you Come from Nothing, you dont want to Return to Nothing after a 20Yr Run, especailly for your Children. Yet Im Pretty Sure , that Floyd's Covered that Base, since he's Just as Smart in the Ring. I congradulate Floyd, do I agree with everything he says ? No, After all He's Human like the rest of us, but I Seriously Admire and Respect his Accomplishments and His Mental Strength to Get it Done. You cant Take that away from the Man.
Stefan Van Beekveld (6 days ago)
I'm richer than him https://youtu.be/5JS3lq4o2sY
PENIS DIRT 🤩 (6 days ago)
that ring could make 20 people rich . 500k a person 🙄
Dreday Jones (7 days ago)
hope he making Damn good investments ....all that foolish money spending...you can sho tell. Difference between a white weathlty man and black rich man...they laughing at him!!!
Tony Tallor (7 days ago)
He will be broke again that’s almost a guarantee..facts
Alexander Weber (7 days ago)
Money 4 Life 💵 🥊 💵
Nate Hill (7 days ago)
Lol nice iPod - looks like a Barbie version - iPods are so handy nowadays too! Lmao
Nate Hill (7 days ago)
Aaaannnnd he can’t read. He can have all the snakeskin shorts he wants - I prefer to be able to read.
Rebecca Swilling (8 days ago)
Wow it’s amazing a person would spend this kind of money on himself with the world starving and homeless everywhere. He would have done so much with his money to better the less fortunate ppl of the world
Timothy Harrell (8 days ago)
You just mad cause he rich as fuck and you broke
Parch Adams (8 days ago)
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David Bell (9 days ago)
It’s actually a collection of watches that costs 24 mil he bought a 18 mil watch
Wayne Semana (10 days ago)
we know that you have alot money, but money is nothing you don't need to show up to the world,
Jayy Yayo (11 days ago)
The first car is from gta
Hayden Livingston (11 days ago)
Did anyone notice she said kernisseg 0:32
He said he don't ware Jordan but why he ware Jordan 1 in that cover photo.
Ju Man (11 days ago)
Ill knock out this weak ass "good boxer"
ThaLivest One (12 days ago)
KikoMachine (12 days ago)
Tickets to his own fight ofc it’s for the judge so he can win
Y. Delgado (13 days ago)
Jesus!!! This man want attention!!! He deserves everything, he worked really hard for it! but why brag so much???
Edwin Gallardo (14 days ago)
president manny hambug na hende nakatulung Africa kababayan neyang nag herap "
Mike L (15 days ago)
I think he should help poor people Or hunger children’s because in future you will be happy and you will say at least I did something but cars or jury temporary things they don’t live with forever but the people you help they will live forever and they will always mention your name
Sanket Bhagat (15 days ago)
He worked hard for his money he deserves this lifestyle. Love from indian fan Floyd.
H 24 (16 days ago)
May weather had to take up his ass and suck another man off to get that money ... no thanks I’m good being poor
Morics B (17 days ago)
Fuck yg
Mokran Dm (17 days ago)
me work for 60 dolar 12 hours but iam.happye 😀😀😀😀 why iam happye becuas iam idiot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fukc me karton life
Nicole Sanchez (17 days ago)
Pinche vato pallaso meca vien gordo por presumido
Wayne R (18 days ago)
Normally Rich celebrities are given everything for free Why does Floyd have to buy everything
Jojet Shardonay (18 days ago)
Ignorant gayweather
day 2 day (20 days ago)
He makes and spends it, makes more, spends more! But , he will soon run out of the ability to make rhat kind of money. And he will have to sell shit , that's what happens when you but to much shit...
elisha Vidzakayo (20 days ago)
You can also walk helping poor so as God can pay back the day he will call you back big up super man come to Africa Well come we wish to see you around 🙌🏻👏🏻💪🏻
George Kaks (21 days ago)
Arrogant monkey !
Zainodien Petersen (21 days ago)
Not fast money can make u happy doesn't mean...that u own everything in this world...anything can hppnd u and everything leave behind ..in this world
zladaz zafi (21 days ago)
Two times she said iPad instead of iPod after realising it by saying "iPod" the third time... Just saying
He1senburger (22 days ago)
9:09 8 Audemaaar Pigeeeyy watches... rofl
Pamela Suzuki (23 days ago)
Why dont you give some of your money to the poor like other legends do
Waynez Chen (24 days ago)
He will go back to basic
Ayoo Marco (24 days ago)
Floyd is a boxer/Businessman he did business with warren buffet
dry potato and jam (25 days ago)
The dude can still get the flu...I want him to pay cash outta that.
paul burke (26 days ago)
Money is a beautiful thing it will buy love or hate peace or war women or men materials respect fame power sex everything except eternal life and happiness. You have to go to Jesus Christ God of gods for that. John 3:16 REPENT or go to hell rich or poor. Captain Jesus Incarnate Son of Jesus Christ God of gods END OF LINE
lei ann cayetano (26 days ago)
wheres the judges?
Gordon Hanson (28 days ago)
oh my when i grown up I want to be like you sir
Gordon Hanson (28 days ago)
oh my when i grown up I want to be like you sir
Jeffrey hauck (28 days ago)
He will be broke in 3 years he already doing gimmick fights to make up for no income after McGregor fight
iqubal manhas (28 days ago)
Money buys happyness beleive me no money no honey baby.
John Oslo Kefir (28 days ago)
Is it just me that dont like the looks of jewels that are used this way? I like the more cleaner look
Richard Lewis (29 days ago)
I think at the beginning of the game of life you have to go up down left right left right B, A , B, A select, start...
yashodutt shelare (30 days ago)
Thanks for veryyyy intresting information about King Floyd Mayweather 👑✔️💟
CKrim (1 month ago)
May weather must be rich but but???? He is not blless with wife like real wife that doesnt care qbout money but a light of his house
Mahdi Kassem (1 month ago)
9:32 I pod not I pad
Mahdi Kassem (1 month ago)
But will he have all this money with him in the after life???
Israel Gomez (30 days ago)
No, that's why he's spending it and enjoying it now.
ClasiX Stars (1 month ago)
Robber: give your money(holding knife) Floyd: you don’t want to do this Robber: turn around punk Floyd turns around Robber: please don’t kill me here man you can have whatever you want
Jose Cordova (1 month ago)
Make this go viral maywether is a move fast in the underworld in the move slow world
relicsun (1 month ago)
I don’t see anything wrong on what’s he’s doing. He earned it and worked hard for it.
C C (1 month ago)
What a piece of hobo shit.
Vincent Tooles (1 month ago)
Right out the gate this video was wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️. There were 3 Koenigsegg Trivia's made and sold... they gave it the name "three whites" because they made 3 of them 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
daphne reyes (1 month ago)
Who's freaking care of his life idiots
Mel Jack (1 month ago)
This is what scumbags usually do if they get a lot of money all of a sudden. Donno how to use it wisely.
Ian Dog (1 month ago)
Cant wait for this floppy to become dead broke, give it 10 odd years. He is black after all.
Im a hater and a fan at the same time
Im a hater and a fan at the same time
William Million (1 month ago)
soon the fool and his money will part
Trent Riggins (1 month ago)
Update floyd got a 18 million dollar watch now
Dorito Boudreaux (1 month ago)
He has a 18million dollar watch
John Prasanth (1 month ago)
what the fuck if u gain whole world and loose your life
Chris Parker (1 month ago)
When you been rich and fucked so many hoes for so long it becomes meaningless so they spend money on meaningless things things and choose meaningless thots to fuck nun new
mujibur rahman (1 month ago)
Nice fake made in Chinese watch Fake made 🇨🇳 China gold watch Fake Made in China 🇨🇳 Floyd Mayweather🤣 Fake news media Like CNA
Over cross_o9 Atienza (1 month ago)
Yes he really deserve to buy all this expensive stuffs guys..but hey MR. I want you to know that theres a lot of people around the globe that need even small help to buy food ..wake up man your not immortal you cant bring your money when you die so do some good deeds
Jose Mejia (1 month ago)
If Canelo could have a rematch in 2019 Canelo would destroy mayweather
B&W (1 month ago)
lol he forgot when he dies his not allowed to take it with em!
o alquimista (1 month ago)
Este é rico mesmo.kkk
Ankit Pant (1 month ago)
U said ipad 😂
Kicha Sam (1 month ago)
I bet you he will be in streets after a decade. We can say he deserves it or any fanatic word to be optimistic, but money is different when you're not respecting it when it's with you by doing good deeds, sure one day it will leave you.
Eima Nord (1 month ago)
Fijian Skux (1 month ago)
Did anyone else noticed that she said "ipad" twice? For the last item the "ipod"
Louis P. (1 month ago)
And then they die, and then they face God...
Carlos Alcocer (1 month ago)
The most stupid way to spend money!!!
Gede Astawan (1 month ago)
great boxer... that has great life of rich
The Rock Says (1 month ago)
Bc, चूतिया। 🤒
nanjirouh echizen (1 month ago)
You must be the riches person in this world but when u die u leave in this world with empty hand like a poor people -sorry for my bad english
Worgu Fidelity. (1 month ago)
Baby Damss (1 month ago)
Idol ineed money:)

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