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5 Large Waves VS Buildings

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Why would they construct buildings so close to the ocean? Theses are five large waves VS Buildings. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) USGS (CC), John Bennict (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/topfivesyoutube Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.
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Text Comments (734)
Очень круто завараживает
Liam Walker (2 days ago)
Does this guys voice make you want to fall asleep
Pritpal Singh (3 days ago)
We are forcing nature to be harsh.
Dig Baddy (3 days ago)
What the fuck was this video? Went from a top 5 to random shit
Lia Gonçalves (3 days ago)
Sempre tem um que vem e comenta: Jesus está voltando 😂
Chaz Rylee Adres (6 days ago)
I liked because you not add scary sounds only cool ones
Ikmalreza 1998 (7 days ago)
Imagine sleeping or taking a nap then waking up to this. 😂
ian thomas (8 days ago)
Boring.... I lasted 1 min.....
Sidhardha Malempati (8 days ago)
Mother Nature’s silent weapon
WinterBornActual (9 days ago)
It never ceases to amaze me how many people haven't figured out that it is the job of the sea to eat away at the land. It's been doing it for billions of years and is very, very good at it.
Richard Tibbitts (9 days ago)
Theses? Plural of thesis? Or just stupidity? Like youses...
‎ ‎ (10 days ago)
5 waves, 10 minutes vídeo..something is wrong
sumerbc (10 days ago)
I'll have the lobster wide a huge side of saltwater..... up the side of the head....
oğluşum efoç (10 days ago)
Böyle yerlerde ev yapanlara ve alıp oturanlara Allah akıl versin gerçekten akıl işi değil.🤔
Venom symbiot (11 days ago)
D M (11 days ago)
It is just plain stupid and ridiculous to build a structure so close to rough water just for a “view”. These waves will eventually erode the supports and possibly cause injury or death with a collapse! Sometimes man is not as smart as he thinks he is!
Kj Bladen (12 days ago)
What point have I reached in my life where im watching "Large waves VS buildings" videos
evan truiyen (12 days ago)
Mental illness
propfella (12 days ago)
You know things are bad when your basement has ocean views.
Kimberly Weitl (12 days ago)
Serious click bait
kamurray67 (12 days ago)
You know what makes a poor quality video worse? A narrator that tries to sound witty and intelligent when they aren't!
Prior of the Ori (12 days ago)
Whatever it takes to make a 10min video to keep the youtube "career" going, I suppose.
Woody Hayes (13 days ago)
Too many ads!
0:00 Saw that on the news (yes I'm spanish) and when saw that i hoped there wasn't anybody and doors were shut off..
diana quigley (15 days ago)
That one at ilfracombe the tide gets really high there it's quite scary to see how far up and down the sea goes.
Danie de Waal (17 days ago)
You hoped the people in the restaurant got their money back.......did they pay before the meal?
...you have the most annoying voice, thumbs down and clicking not interested in this channel...
burza62 (19 days ago)
7:48 Why is the sun green???
xzabath1 (19 days ago)
Number 1 has that satellite Internet though.
David Shepherd (19 days ago)
My fervent wish is for the narrator to get hit by a huge wave.
Mark Stuart (20 days ago)
Can anyone tell me where the location of the cliff is in no.1?
Carl Vandenberg (20 days ago)
The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.
worker999 all time (20 days ago)
Essouli mohammed (21 days ago)
les taxes du fameux carbone climatico-industriel
Vic Lagina (23 days ago)
Lame and way too long
bisogna essere proprio dei coglioni per costruire case cosi vicino all'oceano!!!!
Gavin Frost (23 days ago)
Is this a primary school child read by an adult actor?
baz (24 days ago)
Heres more that DID'NT make the list lol . thats funny
SickPrid3 (24 days ago)
2:46 i bet the barrier has no angle on it whatsoever, that is why the waves are going over it example of bad design
Big T (25 days ago)
Awful. Reported for being complete shite at YouTube
coc0s (25 days ago)
This video gets a well-earned thumbs down.
IGOTAJOP America (26 days ago)
Don't worry the average person's insurance rates went up to pay for it.
Moon Shine (26 days ago)
well this is the price you have to pay for sea view flat ?
John Bird (26 days ago)
Slainte Ron (29 days ago)
Gumboot Zone (29 days ago)
Number 1 doesn't show any waves at all!
Demonoid S (1 month ago)
If it were more interesting I'd be able to get through all the ads
pauldzim (1 month ago)
House right next to cliff: "Well, I'm f**ked"
yatesie (1 month ago)
you win Top Fives terrible video designed for click bait and i know my comment helps you earn more money but your videos are terrible
L0j1k (1 month ago)
How tf this fuccen returded channel get 600k subs?
Herm Ask (1 month ago)
Video edited by a fear mongering insurance salesman born nowhere near a coast. My suggestion : stay away from the Netherlands. Their reclaiming land from the sea might just be too much for you.
Mayra Monge (1 month ago)
I was waiting for the #1wave, but nothing happen.😣😠😤
Ed Lincoln (1 month ago)
I guess you could count the camera person amongst one of these videos for taking the camera away at the wrong time. Just like telling a joke and not including the punch line.
doug925 (1 month ago)
MH0709 (1 month ago)
The sea doesn't bother the English - it has protected the country from invasion for a thousand years and facilitated an empire.
jellyfishbones0 (26 days ago)
the romans, the vikings, the normans, the french, none of them invaded england
deedee green (1 month ago)
The sea was angry that day my friends; like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.
Zyxon (1 month ago)
Dwij Sampat (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure large waves are tsunamis no hate
Halloween Jack (1 month ago)
Never underestimate the power of the ocean!
diving for daze (1 month ago)
dude ur voice is so gay
킴밀러 (1 month ago)
여보세요 당신들이나 우리나 참 욕심은 인간이 다 들 같고 있군요
Brother Esquire (1 month ago)
이향숙 (1 month ago)
오 마이갓!
Greg Miller (1 month ago)
First one 40' face
Adrian Smith (1 month ago)
Ridiculous waste if time if you are drawn in by the (bogus) title.
Laila Longhurst (1 month ago)
Wow I didn't know that this kind of thing could happen
PooDot StinkPants (1 month ago)
*Just had to make this video **10:04**.... by any means necessary*
joanne hodge (1 month ago)
At 5:12 homeowner tried to do some protection by using stone boulders, this may have slowed down the erosion to his home. It would have been more effective if everyone had taken the same action. I think this preventive measure should be investigated as global warming would be affecting our coastlines. E.g. in my country the sea is claiming the land and you are seeing street lights, derelict houses, tree stumps, in the sea. The sea coming inland is cause of concern.
Raynster Rayner (1 month ago)
Wow a tsunami disaster
Stephanie Rose (1 month ago)
This video is boring compared to the ones I just watched. They were mind blowing.
monbebe0926 (1 month ago)
let me guess *overdramatic voice* "What a terrible place to have a building at"
MrSnos420 (1 month ago)
How crazy would it be to be in the Porto potty when that wave hit it.
Jupiter Moon (1 month ago)
It's crazy seeing the clip of Portland, I was only there yesterday!!!
Bondulance (1 month ago)
*When you need the 10 minutes so you have random footage*
Moe (1 month ago)
0:13 We 3 million viewers just witnessed a guy probably die. He freaking flying out from the balcony after the wave hits the house. How can't no one in the comment section see this?I hope that person is alright, so horrible.
душа и сердечко взлетают совместно с волнами! !!!! фантастика!!!!
Peter Martin (1 month ago)
Better sell that beach front property, before it is worthless.
nycbklynrmp (1 month ago)
glad usa has building codes, that condo would never be near coast like that i never get the fact people standing in edge when they see these waves noticed you excluded tsunami?
Samson Maximus (1 month ago)
people like to see feel and hear the waves near the beach ignoring the risk waves pose. unbelievable.
Taniya Green (1 month ago)
that restaurant should make their Windows Bulletproof because bullet proof windows are real strong very strong because that wave broke that glass like it was a crystal glass
Richard Hansen (1 month ago)
dont go yet we have more clips that didnt make the list ? hahahah so why did you bring it to the list then if it didnt make the list ;) hahahah
Zeta Reticulum (1 month ago)
I dont care. I will buy a house at the beach.
Kw Hemphill (1 month ago)
#3 get their money back, Hell no, don't eat in a restaurant on the ocean.
Star Anna (1 month ago)
Kw Hemphill I ABSOLUTELY love eating at Lake Restaurants. Especially Lake Michigan
Keith Sage (1 month ago)
These people wanted a view..they got it.
Keith Sage (1 month ago)
That car is now a rusty piece of junk.
glenntree1 (1 month ago)
The sea is rising every day ,so expect the worst is to come .
Mahogany Mahogany (1 month ago)
They need to put some concrete structures up there like a wall, to help fight against soil erosion.
Jack Le Ripper (1 month ago)
Jack Le Ripper (1 month ago)
SwimEzekiel ) no you definitely don’t know why do you......you really are a bit slow sir 😂
SwimEzekiel (1 month ago)
And i literally have no idea, why your comment is in caps lock .
Myles Away (1 month ago)
yay... another top 5 list channel with a hackneyed commentator trying to sound clever uploading stolen videos. No thanks.
Wyatt Smith (1 month ago)
Haters gonna hate
Danii Niila (1 month ago)
Human beings with their pride, arrogance, ignorance and greed being washed away where they shouldn't had destroyed the nature to built those ugly sitings, no respect for the nature no respect for themselves it serves them right!
John Manno (1 month ago)
Zach Jones (1 month ago)
Number 3 is in no way shape or form a rogue wave
Lucimar Alves (1 month ago)
Its called tide and strong wind lmao
Morgan Olfursson (1 month ago)
They got their money back ? How is it the restaurant's fault if a wave broke the window ? YOu go to a restaurant , you seat by a window right next to the ocean, You notice that the winds are string and the waves are large, you keep on eating and then when something happens , you blame the restaurant ? You beg a fucking belief . That's exactly what is wrong with the world, self-righteous, self-indulgent, self-victimizing people always pointing fingers at others. I have a large property with a large fence around it (actually a double fence with 7 inches between the two and everywhere on the fences it is written that dogs are guarding the place and that they will attack you if you try to break in. It is also written NOT to put your hands through the barres as the dogs will see it as an infraction. two 13 years old decided to pet the dogs by putting their hands through the barres (and get that ), right under the sign . WE have 17 dogs , two of them bit the kids, and one of the kids lost a finger tip . And the parents dared complaining . How fucking stupid can people be ! You see a sign , you see a double fence , you see two massive mastiffs growling at you on the other side , and what you do, you put your hands through the fence . I am a veterinarian and i told the parents , i won't even retrieve your kid's fingertip from my dog's stomach . Serves your kid right , he will think twice next time .
Danny Di Buono (1 month ago)
It looks like the first few floor of the building in the island of Tenerife not just got wet but their balconies glass got blown away before the video started. Very scary. This is why you should never build next to the ocean and never buy a house there either. You just never know when a big wave will hit either from a storm, hurricane, and even a tsunami from an earthquake.
Alara101 Ozyigit (1 month ago)
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MADELEINE CONLON (1 month ago)
Imagine just surfing or being in the water and next thing you know, you’re in a parking lot 😂
Carl Esq (1 month ago)
yay my town ilfracombe,yeah we get some great waves
Ana Cláudia (1 month ago)
Meu Deus as pessoas não tem noção do perigo em vez de sair fica para serem engolidos pela água.
Himself Lee (1 month ago)
True. Some people have no sense of danger and no common sense at all.
Joseph Stokes (1 month ago)
Did an adult review this before release??
Donald Baker (1 month ago)
We're slowly turning the bottom of the sea into an under water landfill (seafill).
URBEX - From Italy (1 month ago)
Mareggiata Rapallo 2018 was more incredible

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