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The Secret By Rhonda Byrne Is A scam!

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Click the following link to check my facts on The Secret By Rhonda Byrne scam : http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2013/05/15/the-secret-is-a-scam/ The Secret is a scam that has been run on people world wide. It is time for Rhonda Byrne to be called out for the snake oil sales women she is. Do not waste another penny on this scam.
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William Ogden (3 years ago)
Rhonda Byrne is a criminal profiting on the deep unhappiness of human beings by falsely presenting herself as an expert and selling bogus solutions to the naive and desperate. She should be in jail serving a prison sentence, not having her book acclaimed on the Oprah show. Oprah should be ashamed of herself for promoting this garbage to her mostly female audience, of which many stupidly look to her as a role model because she's rich and famous. I feel that she had a moral duty to protect those women who followed her and not lead them astray. I think that the entire thing reflects badly on her as a person.
Cesar (1 month ago)
William Ogden Personally it doesn’t bother that people believe in that nonsense “law of attraction.” What bothers me is that this cunt tried to claim this as scientific and has convinced others of this.
Cesar (1 month ago)
Kevin Jackson Bro, you are retarded. If it’s about “action,” then the book should be called “how to get out bed in the morning.” Except that’s not the case, this book makes absurdly ambitious claims, calls them scientific, and then takes poor ignorant people’s money.
Kevin Jackson (6 months ago)
Oprah did'nt make HER billions through following the concepts of the "Secret" she made her money through tv, being a newscaster then, movies, books, more tv shows, investments, movies etc ie A C T I O N!!!!!
Anthony Hall (1 year ago)
William Ogden it couldn't be put any better.
Key Smith (6 days ago)
Somethings coming over me.......... By baby gotta secret.
Black women particularly support these cons along with Oprah and our last president .I have a mind of my own. Always been a leader in my own life made my own mistakes and learned. Don't have a lot of friends who look like me because I don't need them to thrive. Oh yes I am a conservative progressive Very Black beautiful woman.
Sandip Paul (1 month ago)
You r true this LOA is a Bullshit
Angel Herron (1 month ago)
What about Abraham Hicks???
Ethan Vanderbuilt (1 month ago)
Abraham Hicks is a complete con job.
KOS DEL (1 month ago)
I can categorically say that the Law of Attraction doe NOT create wealth. If you want to be successful and rich, then learn, plan and take action. Action always beats inaction. I wasted a lot of time and effort on the Law of Attraction that did not work. Then I decided to take action. Yes, I had many failures but I learnt from them and became successful. So folks, please don't waste your time. Also, remember the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal were not built by the LOA. Hard work, sweat, tears and effort. That's the magic formula.
Ecom Mentor (1 month ago)
Why does 1% of have most of the money? Because 99% of people don’t believe they can have the life of their dreams so it doesn’t happen in the first place. You may not have the skill set but you can learn. What you think becomes what you are and it becomes your life. You can get the book for free and you can steam it online or free online. 1% apply the law of attraction and get there. It’s real. I’ve had countless upon countless instances where it has worked for me. If it hasn’t worked for you it’s because you don’t believe it is possible and you didn’t do it the right way. I must say I got a lot of things and they didn’t make me happy so I suggest you leave god to create your future because he knows what’s best for you in the long run. Something may seem great today but years later it may lose its luster. Therefore, let go, relax, god loves you, count your blessings. And you will have a great life.
Lighthouse Pictures (2 months ago)
Miracles can happen,but my experience was because i had close relationship with Jesus,not because of modern age gurus
CactusHeart79 (3 months ago)
LOA “gurus” = HOPIUM dealers 😒
Spira Lotus (3 months ago)
Barely made it through the first minute. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
DIno Topčagić (3 months ago)
I know a lot of people who are so positive, yet have cancer, are killed in an accident, being poor, and such.
nhprman (4 months ago)
The same thing can be said about Karma. Both are alike in their monstrous lie that everyone gets what they deserve. Some "name it and claim it" fundamentalists believe this, too. Tell that to the sick, the poor in Third World nations, and the abused. Horrible. This guy speaks the truth here. Thanks for exposing it!
K. ALMAZ (6 months ago)
Secret is to write ur own book and sell it)))
wegotonelove (6 months ago)
How is it a scam? Rhonda Byrne seems to not fully understand the secret, yet she explains it in the most simplistic way. The people profiting off the law of attraction alone is the real scam because they don't understand it. The law is not about the ends to meet your needs. It simply will never work that way and it is no quick fix solution. The law is a spiritual one which says light attracts light and dark attracts dark. This is too simplistic and it of course does not work this way. The truth is there is only one path to salvation and that is through divine love. You have to commit your very being to love. Only, to do so to get what you want will never work. Your intentions need to be pure. The law is about purity of thought and of intent.
Anthony Hall (6 months ago)
joey racanelli (6 months ago)
This has been existing 3000 years ago.now you want the truth you want to put your words into action then go and check out for yourself.go to hamalya mountain then talk the talk.look at story of Buddha .son of a king ,has more money and luxurious than I know.6 years to get enlighten and left everything behind for that vibration.he manifest all kinds of things just by vibration.people will only only learn when show them not by words.ignorance will kill the world.
Trevor Foster (7 months ago)
The law of attraction obviously works. If you are happy and smiling when walking by a crowd of people, people are going to react to you much better. Its reciprocation. There doesnt have to be some ethereal bs. You smile at the world, the world smiles back. Fuckn think its a scam haaha. So retarded
Joe Peterson (7 months ago)
LOA is Wishful Thinking in a fancy dress...
abdirahman mohamed (7 months ago)
Not everyone wants a super nice car or to be rich.the law of attraction is all about finding out what it is that you truly want and it will enovoke a postive emotion,which then attract experiences and situations that will lead u closer to what it is that u want. When we are attuned with who we our as an individual's you come to find out we all have different desires, some maybe the same but not all.
The Guy Who Thinks A Lot (7 months ago)
If the law of attraction was about what you say it is, it would have been a completely dead idea that nobody would talk about. The only reason why the law of attraction has any publicity at all, is because it exploits humans imagination. The whole crap about the law of attraction is thinking/visualizing what you want and it will happen. Most people will then use it to visualize things based on selfishness, meanwhile the self-help movement gurus laugh all their way to the bank. You don't need some "law" to figure out what you want. All you need is to: - write down what you want - why you want it - how realistic is it to achieve want you want - what you need to look for - what actions to take When you know what you want and you know it is realistic to achieve it, you will start too look out for things and maybe even put yourself out there for others to find you. When you do these things, you will find or get opportunities naturally, which you then act upon. The law of attraction gurus have simply taken a natural process and made it into science fiction so they can sell more of their shit. Nobody would buy their shit if these gurus would say what I say because what I say requires you to make effort.
Linda Spontak (9 months ago)
lol LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!
helene Tavo (9 months ago)
I seriously cant understand how people can believe "just" thinking it will make it happen...i read the book before watching this...and when i initially read it i did realise "action" was needed too as well..im quite dumbfounded that pple actually just sitting at home willale things happen
Right! Its funny, you know how people who fail at their chosen career become teachers? All these get rich gurus got rich through teaching others to get rich haha. They have no concept of the real world. Scammers. I used to believe this crap and was going to be rich teaching it but found out it was lies and abandoned it.
MRTBLACKMANN (10 months ago)
Ethan Vanderbuilt Deep man. Yeah only 1% of the world gets all the wealth. It sucks that some people have it better than others but that’s life. I know people will accuse you of being negative but knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss. Very insightful video!
OnlyTwoShoes (11 months ago)
Lincoln got his brains blown out. Guess he was having too many negative thoughts about being assassinated lmfao
Brian Mark (11 months ago)
I wanted and believed I could be a Rock Star and a professional basket ball star. I really believed in the law of attraction. It never happened. Maybe it's because I have no musical talent and that I'm only 5' 2'' tall. What do you think?
The Mask (5 months ago)
You want a little bit too much. Why not focus on helping others?
Ethan Vanderbuilt (11 months ago)
So you are tying to say that just believing is not enough to give you everything you want in the world? I think you may be on to something. The law of reality.
donkee (11 months ago)
rhonda gotta get those dollaz and you know it
Silber make up (11 months ago)
I agree with you, you're right and in this video you've made a great exposition of Rhonda Byrne's scan!
john w Riddell (11 months ago)
Ethan , you are sad man indeed yes Rhonda may be a scam but being happy and a postive energy is no scam, you are the con artist i have proved over and over again in my life it is true... without work law of attraction don't work...but it has many times in a short time worked for me and my daughter like magic...i myself wouldn't bye the book i would just tune in to Abraham Hicks or doctor Wayne Dyer on youtube and then practice being happy for a while your life will change
Miscellaneous Stuff (11 months ago)
This Secret Law of Attraction perfectly worked for Rhonda Byrne, who successfully attracted few bucks out of her readers pockets... and the fame of this book, trumpeted forth by a clique of admiring simplest ones, the resounding echo of empty heads.. what a miserable bunch of wretches who believe they can achieve success by just projecting an image of it..
scorpion56321 (1 year ago)
Agree with you !00%.I was sucked into this BULLSHIT for 10 years.Got nuthin but crap.OOPS...Must of missed something to fix in myself etc etc..LOLOL How people that are in dire situations in life gravitate towards this is understandable..but lets get real....Its a total waste of time that can destroy on many levels.Give it up peeps and stop giving these LOA 'Teachers"your money.Nobodys getting rich but them whom are sucking you in to this BULLSHIT.
alan james (1 year ago)
mate what was it that mr holmes would say if you have eliminated all the proberble whatever remains no matter how inproberble must be the truth next time u hungry and you imagine a juicy sandwich u run to the kitchen open the fridge door and lo cheese bacon then the mrs walks through the door with bread and tomotoes thats the loa at work its easy imagine believe then just know in fact u used the loa to do the bloody video  this great wisdom has come from the centre of the universe newcastle upon tyne england in the centre of this great city theres a statue of earl grey who abolished slavery in 1832 u should have never left and rhondas class shes a decendant of one of the tollpottle matres who started the worlds 1st working peoples movment well ok maybe a bit poetic lisence there bit like the secret all the best ethan i love u alan from fcunited of newcastle oh and this is where vanderbiult learned to biuld ships lol
Tyronne Ratcliff (1 year ago)
The secret isn't sitting indian style on mountain tops in Tibet meditating. The real secret to success is learning from smart people,taking massive action and making the necessary corrections along the way. And of course having a good attitude will help you do anything a lot more effectively.
Jen Werner (1 year ago)
Jayson T (1 year ago)
Well said, sir!
Grant Huling (1 year ago)
Fascinating how this particular scam is such a Big Lie that you have to just remind people of a basic premise of reality.
Travis Hickey (1 year ago)
It's both scarcity and corruption (mostly in the government) that causes the 1% to be so rich.
Mike Richard (1 year ago)
Travis Hickey is accurate.
Alan Page (1 year ago)
The Secret will only teach you to be positive in life...
Chandrakant Mahapatra (1 year ago)
I first watched the movie as a wide-eyed 12-year-old that was looking for answers and comfort. As a kid that was being bullied to death in school, 'The Secret', at first, seemed like the perfect solution. However, it's the biggest lie I was ever told. Applying the Law of Attraction brought me years of anxiety, disillusionment, and confusion. The movie and the books instilled the perception in me that if only I could visualize, imagine and believe hard enough, I'd become a famous pop star or a business tycoon.The book preys on the credulity of millions of people seeking material success and recognition and is premised on severely misguided and dangerous notions of what constitutes happiness, how the universe functions and what ultimately is the meaning of life. The Universe works largely based on happestance, luck, and a multiplicity of other factors that determine the destinies of people which no amount of visualization can change. Ultimately, when I sacrificed so much for my so-called wildly impractical dreams, hoping that the Secret would work for me, I realized how deeply delusional I had been all these years because of silly ideas about life propounded by a charlatan.
Mbaliegh026 Dube (6 months ago)
Chandrakant Mahapatra hi there, the secret will definitely confuse you. Try Joseph Murphy- Power of the subconscious mind
Earla Weese (11 months ago)
Chandrakant Mahapatra *Bless your soul.... I’m sorry that happened to you.* ☹️
Renee Crotty (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I was lead to believe by Esther hicks.. Until I actually stopped listening to her and read the bible myself! Friend, I promise you, being an ex-fan of Esther hicks, that she has totally deceived you. Jesus is completely different. Yes... Gandhi and Buddha may be like Esther.. But definitely not Jesus. Jesus warned people so many times throughout the bible about people like Esther hicks. The spirit that speaks through her is a demon.. They can come across as peaceful and loving. thats how they win you over. And it wants nothing more than to distract you from the TRUTH. It has you under its spell and its having a field day. Jesus is God. He loves and cares about you so much, doesn't matter who you are or what you have done. Please seek him. Ask Jesus to show you the truth. PLEASE READ THIS BOOK: DEATH OF A GURU. It totally shook me back to reality. Written by an ex hindu pundit who realised everything he was taught, all the meditation, the spirits etc, was wrong! God bless you. Please trust me as someone who knows exactly how it feels and used to defend Esther, bob proctor, the secret EVERYTHING! God bless you x
The Mask (5 months ago)
Loved that comment!
Gabrielle Sapeg (1 year ago)
honestly, you deserve everything you get if you buy into this LoA silliness.
Zack Zefferini (1 year ago)
Liked and subbed you sir are doing a great deed for the viewing public
Subjohny (1 year ago)
Hey man! You are awesome! Thank you for your human spirit and soul! Everytime someone want me to be involved in "super deal" I say ....wait till tomorrow I am going to check some videos by Ethan Vanderbilt
Ethan Vanderbuilt (1 year ago)
Catherina Knight (1 year ago)
Catherina Knight (1 year ago)
highest highlights (1 year ago)
Everyone has ther own beliefs. The law of attraction is real. I've hit the lottery by using the law of attraction. I'm completely healthy now from using the law of attraction. So, rather u believe it or not, doesn't matter to me but u are cutting yourself short from being the creator of your reality. by the way, the law of attraction existed way before she wrote the book. its called the secret', because many doesn't know about it.  peace always
rockhackim mrhackim (1 year ago)
الإنجليزية In my opinion, there is a truth in the teachings of the Law of Attraction, for example: we have to be happy in our present so that we can achieve our goals and this is true that unhappy people has no inner motivation and power to go forward in there life. Secondly, our focus must be related to what we want to accomplish in our lives. It is logical,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but do we attract things with our thoughts and our vibrations? I'm not sure and I do not know
SuperFancy Bear (1 year ago)
Evidently ignoramuses and imbeciles are willing to believe anything -- including a "movie" overflowing with logical fallacies, emotional appeal, confirmation bias, fraud, unsound arguments, and outright lies. Why wasn't it a HUGE news story that so many of the "gurus" in THE SECRET ended up suing each other out of greed and bruised egos? Not very "attractive" now is it according to the law of attraction (itself a logical fallacy). The gurus are not experts in anything except dog and pony shows, hyperbole, and copywriting (lies) and selling garbage from the platform to an audience of desperate, greedy, idiots.
Ashley Pearson (2 years ago)
is the secret a box
Erick McNerney (2 years ago)
I would like to see that Emerson quote in its full context.
Yamuna Tamang Thokar (2 years ago)
I notice many people keep on talking about Mofedest Miracle (google search it). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this course that created by well known motivator?
James Hill (2 years ago)
YES !!!!
Daniel Budd (2 years ago)
Thank you for exposing this scam. This scam has also entered into a lot of Christian churches, known as the Word of Faith movement aka prosperity Gospel. I don't consider Christianity itself to be a scam. But many have made a scam out of Christianity. And the church has been given a bad name because of it.
Denise Simpson (2 years ago)
Preach it, brother!!!!
Kizza X (2 years ago)
The Secret and its ilk are scams aimed at the feeble minded.
Peter Paluska (2 years ago)
Honestly, I wouldn't even bother to make a video about The Secret. Some people may have actually applied the principles of the book (and other similar books) and achieved solid success in their lives. The vast majority did not, I will grant you that. I bet you're familiar with Pareto's Principle. People are just generally lazy and don't take action. We can't blame any book for that.
peter p (2 years ago)
hello mr ethan, why every rich person tells the same thing about law of attraction,ok lets pretend that the secret and every writer there is a scam,what about napoleon hill?prentice mulford? etc etc
Darth MadV (2 years ago)
It's pretty clear it's a scam, the women is obsessed with money you can tell just by the way she's marketed the book which is super repetitive and says 'the secret' about a billion times, the whole book could of been done in 50 pages.. she's dragged it out to sell this simple philosophy as a book and film she's obsessed with making money she has her eyes set on getting rich and it's clear in her book.
peter p (2 years ago)
poor argument but anyway,it's your life !
Ethan Vanderbuilt (2 years ago)
I suggest you create real value in peoples lives and not lie to them to get their money.
peter p (2 years ago)
Ethan Vanderbuilt and what do you suggest?
Ethan Vanderbuilt (2 years ago)
Because lying to you allows them to profit from your gullibility.
Hyphon Lee (2 years ago)
Wow, take it you didnt get it then. It took nothing from me and gave me so much, little bit of faith is all some people need, you should try it sometime. God bless you.
Hyphon Lee (2 years ago)
Lena Bean well done for getting through you tuff times its a dark road, when we are in these times we are very sensitive to who we are and how hard things get but then we are better we become numb to ourselves and dont use universal laws- not just attraction but all of them- and walk around with our eyes closed and held back by programmed self beliefs. I use these practices in my everyday life . I hear you on capitalism but its not just for that and that frustrates me why all these preaches use profit as the main goal. Universal laws aid my family my friends through my success in myself working with these laws, internal wealth that is far more important to me than my bank balance money is subsidiary of success its not in the for front of my mind. I also suffered and still time to time battle the big D but with the set of skills I have learnt I can use this to my advantage. The universal is available for all of us, it will never be proven nor will everybody use it, but it doesn't mean its not there and it doesnt start wars and cause propaganda and works for me.
Lena Bean (2 years ago)
Richie Lambert positive psychology works wonders. I even listened to a lot of the law of attraction stuff back when I was depressed, and it helped by giving me an optimistic outlook on life. However, it is not literally true. Really, the law of attraction is just he same materialistic, capitalist, consumerist, and even social Darwinist values that "spiritual" people claim to be against.
S W (2 years ago)
This snake oil book is no different from any of the others written on the fictional subject of the law of attraction. What gullible people need to realize before they buy this nonsense is " It doesn't matter how many of these books they read, if they don't have a real life plan then nothing is going to happen anyway.".
The Fake Brit (2 years ago)
The only strongest force in the universe is the Strong Nuclear Force. No secrets there :))
Living Thedream (2 years ago)
Great Video! I was also thinking the other day this Law Of Attraction stuff, Has caused so many people to be Unhappy? The Rate of Depression & Anxiety is rising, why are people not living a joyous peaceful life with all their Manifestations? You can manifest all your desires and still feel empty, what's the point.
Steve Watson (2 years ago)
Hey Ethan, thanks for the video. I agree with you, it is a scam, if you think about it logically it cannot work. Now we got endless guru's online making money out of people, it's pretty sickening really.
nazanin harb (2 years ago)
weird how a "lie" helped me creat my dream life, but you can keep believing it's a lie nobody's gonna stop you from believing what you want but you should stop telling people to not believe in the things that makes them happy it's their life not yours, peace.
Kevin Jackson (24 days ago)
+servasius ndjunga you can spin it however you wish however, any success or attempt at success involves action! Thoughts mean jack without physical application of thoughts. If you think for one moment that just thinking about being a millionaire without some sort of action being initiated, I have some real estate for sale on planet Pluto. Even winning the Lottery requires action! You have to purchase a lotto ticket(Action) to win!
servasius ndjunga (24 days ago)
+Kevin Jackson , you thought before you did. Action is born out of thought; consciously or unconsciously.
Ecom Mentor (1 month ago)
nazanin harb thank you!!!
Katie Jakey (7 months ago)
You go girl! The mind is a powerful thing!
Kevin Jackson (7 months ago)
You created what you did through ACTION PERIOD NOT THOUGHT!!
Limitless 1 (2 years ago)
i am so happy to see that there are people with logic and reason people with wisedom ! THANKS AGAIN ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :)
Ethan Vanderbuilt (2 years ago)
You are very welcome. We are harder to find every day as nonsense like "The Secret" becomes mainstream.
B Free (2 years ago)
The secret is real, however its Satanic.
naughtyEagle (2 years ago)
hey ethan can you forward some new links if i give you in the more description? i ve found 2 recent evidence links about these con artists in the movie and how they later on scammed many people after that secret movie.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (2 years ago)
Sure send them over.
ellerox17 (2 years ago)
You're assuming that everybody wants to be a billionnaire. The Secret is much like anything else, take what you need - leave the rest. The Secret has not cost me a penny, I was infact practising it before I knew it was a thing - it's more about setting goals for yourself. Once you have set those goals you are more motivated to aim for those goals. Positive mental attitude/faith...whatever you want to call it. As long as you're taking positive steps in your life and you're happy with where you're heading, does it matter?
A A (2 years ago)
It's the "reality" of your world maybe. "Reality" is all subjective, and can be changed anytime you choose.
B A (2 years ago)
The secret is badass changed my life
I am blacker (2 years ago)
As specialist, I'm sure Mofedest Miracle can be good way to understand the real secrets laws of attraction. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.
Orlando (2 years ago)
Your views and opinions are quite legitimate, for you but doesn't mean that it's other people's truth. There are quite a few people in history that were labeled as scam including Jesus Christ himself. The Secret is not my favorite book but it's still a good book and what's highlight in that book is nothing new. Have you ever listen to Earl Nightingale? read James Allen's As a Man Thinketh or Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich? Maybe I misunderstood The Secret but it's written nowhere in the book that you don't need to do anything but think positive. Even you said it yourself, have an idea (Think) and act upon it by attracting the people and situations you need. That's what the law after attraction is all about. There is no coincidence in life.
SW Sweetie (4 months ago)
+MrCrazyClaw - So I take it, you know where His body is??? If so, don't keep it to yourself, man! Tell the rest of us!!!
Kevin Jackson (7 months ago)
Think and Act! Thats how you grow rich!!
MrCrazyClaw (1 year ago)
Jesus is also a scam
fugly75 (3 years ago)
Hi Ethan great video .. Just a question here, how would you explain Oprah's belief in the law of attraction & the Secret. Oprah doesn't need our money she already has enough but she came on Larry King & talked about her belief in the law of attraction and so did other successful people like Jim Carey & Will Smith.
fugly75 (3 years ago)
+Ethan Vanderbuilt Thanks Ethan.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 years ago)
+fugly75 In my opinion, it is the same as the many unfounded religious beliefs that many celebrates have. Many Scientologists are successful actors. Does that make Scientology true and the key to success? In my opinion, it does not. Doing the work is what makes you a success.
guyoflife (3 years ago)
The babies born with birth defects could be said take on the negative vibrations of their mothers and people around her. The law of attraction is based on the beliefs you hold and action. Because action is another step in the process. You create your reality and then it reinforces the belief and so on. Try it. Allow your mind to settle and center and neutralize your focus and transform your beliefs and see what happens.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 years ago)
+guyoflife It would seem as a baby you were exposed to the vibrations of a fool for an extended period of time.
Sonja S. (3 years ago)
The North Koreans can simply manifests rice out of their happy thoughts. Shame on you Rhonda Byrne:(
I wonder did the law of attraction work for slaves, could they think their way out of slavery I think not
Ecom Mentor (1 month ago)
There’s a lot of slaves that escaped. So actually yes. But if you think about it. We are all slaves. If you stop working and run out of money you’ll be homeless. You HAVE to work, it’s slavery. How is there freedom when we have to go to a job everyday of the week.
Earthly Earthly (3 months ago)
YoungHustla WTF!!!!!! you must be on drugs WTF is your statement about! A curse!! And he only cursed a specific ethnic group WTF?!!! Sorry but Our public school system had failed you. Put down fictional and graphical novels and read non-fictional scientific or historical books
Flexx Media TV (9 months ago)
YoungHustla this is False!
YoungHustla (1 year ago)
Slavery was a curse from God to his chosen people who broke his commandments so if we follow our true god then yes
ZiplineShazam (3 years ago)
Here's a question for Esther "Abraham" Hicks: She gives seminars about the "Law of Attraction" on Cruise Ships. The Average voyage of a Cruise Ship dumps about 21,000 gallons of sewage and garbage into the ocean per trip. This means that she is contributing to the pollution of our oceans. How can this be justified by the Law of Attraction ?? These Cruises are literally causing the oceans to Attract Garbage into them at an unnatural rate !!! I would like to know why Abraham does not make better choices for choosing a venue to preach about the Law of Attraction.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
+MrBeautifulba1 I hate con artists too
ZiplineShazam (3 years ago)
+BOUTRICHBIZNESS I guess until someone can give me a reasonable answer. And I love the irony of your question. Well done !
+MrBeautifulba1 How many times are you gonna copy and paste this shit
Brian Styles (3 years ago)
The secret works. I use it e everyday with awesome results. It's one of the universal laws. So..I would have to disagree with most of you on here.
Phillip Wombacher (1 year ago)
The claim that the law of attraction is the strongest force in the universe is a scientific proposition and therefore must be subject to the rigor of scientific inquiry.. so please define the specific properties of this “force” and please show me a testable model
Mr. Miyagi (2 years ago)
No its not that simple, I am not being as positive as I should be at the moment but in the past when I experienced positive effects of the LOA I wasn't necessarily trying to attract wealth.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
+Mr. Miyagi have you became wealthy using it?
Mr. Miyagi (2 years ago)
The only way you will understand it is if you give it a try yourself , even for just a day but try be open minded.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
Give examples? Be specific? Not just parking spots .
Igor Hawkingz (3 years ago)
I've known Ethan Vanderbuilt on youtube for sometime. I never subscribed. He helped me avoid sooo many scams. I thank you sir for this. From Forex trading scams to Self help industry scams...man I'm dissappointed because almost everything is a scam. What does that say about humanity? anyways i'm subscribing to this channel today. :D
Nikola013 (1 year ago)
Forex is not scam but people are lazy to learn how to manage their money and most of the time they're greedy.
Strategic Thinker (1 year ago)
My saying is (and I hope it becomes popular) "The world is a scam."
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
+Ethan Vanderbuilt there is a book called SHAM
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 years ago)
+Igor Hawkingz I am glad I could be of help and thank you for your subscription.
Klajdi Plasari (3 years ago)
Of course its a scam, or better yet a bunch of nonsense. Singing kumbaya and thinking positive can help you achieve anything. Give me a break, it reminds me of that saying theres a sucker born every minute or in this case every second.
Armon Koochek (3 years ago)
LOL!! I always knew it was a scam, I remember somewhere in her book reading how she was able to teach herself calculus because she learned "The Secret" and all of its mental powers it gave her...rofl, I taught myself calculus back in community college when i had a shitty teacher who didnt explain anything correct. I ended up with a B and yet i learned i t literally on my own. I am the all powerful! A genius of the wildest mental powers!!! quick!! follow me to freedom and i shall show you the way to the light!!! rofl, shes such a clown this lady who made this book..
Amber Spirit (3 years ago)
I guess most people missed the part of the movie where they said that is you see opportunities that the universe is sending you, GRAB it! Faith without work is dead. I dont care how little that opportunity is just graaaaab it! And thats how its goin to work
Amber Spirit (2 years ago)
I didnt say LOA is the same with the bible I said maybe they got something out from the bible and developed it for some unknnown purpose thats why there are some principles that are pretty much the same...if its true or not bible is still the best resource in the world for me so dont get me wrong.
Daniel Budd (2 years ago)
+Amber Spirit Law of Attraction has nothing to do with the Bible. They are two different things. But prosperity preachers; like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and Joel Osteen; are teaching law of attraction instead of the true Gospel. But people get deceived and assume that they're preaching from the word of God. But the things that they teach don't line up with the Bible. It's like a repackaged version of The Secret. Law of Attraction is the same thing as "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. And Rhonda Byrne is a false prophet. And Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland are false prophets.
Amber Spirit (2 years ago)
lol you all misunderstood me....what is altered state? its just a focus not being disturbed its not delta or theta I diddnt mean that. You clearly are judging me already ike an evil possessed bro....Just bcoz I said this doesnt mean I believe it LOA. Note that true LOA is the word of God you do as it says then you life is good full of abundance not neccessarily earlthy abundance, get my point. I am just reffering to what the orther guy said that LOA is somewhat like the bible but it doesnt mean LOA is bible or it is something true to believe into.
Daniel Budd (2 years ago)
+Amber Spirit The reason why you can't trust your heart is because it is wicked. You need to rooted and grounded in God's word aka the Bible. But instead, you are giving heed to seducing spirits. Those seducing spirits are going to cause you to spend eternity in Hell, unless you repent and turn away from them before it's too late.
Boneguard Steel (2 years ago)
+Amber Spirit​​ God never asked us to get ourselves into altered states... Isaiah 1:18 says... Come let us reason together... God does not want to stop us from thinking... God wants to commune with us, communicate with us, like we communicate with each other. Jesus said that the work of God is like the wind... No man can know scientifically how God works... Jesus said don't pray like the heathens do... Law of Attraction recommends exactly that. It also makes God impersonal... And it denies the sacrifice of Jesus. It is very dangerous... Our feet must be rooted in the Word of God... The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things... How then can we trust it? Law of Attraction says trust your heart.
James Teague (3 years ago)
This might be true. Didn't people get checks in the mail from sitting around after Obama got elected? No, but seriously this was a towel rag of a movie that was ripped off like you said. This has got to be a billion dollar industry that spans a hundred years or more.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
They prey on the poor and uneducated
Saptarshi Ghosh (3 years ago)
I have tried LOA even before I saw the movie. I don't know how or when I started. I ask you, whoever read this comment to try to understand with an open and imaginative mind. all the questions you have will be answered. what Rhonda said is only a part of some really big equation. obviously at her "stage" it wont be possible to comprehend all. but just beacuse she can't explain it all doesn't mean she is wrong entirely. all those questions about babies being born deformed, or animals being tortured will be answered. like all scientific research you need to keep on looking. I hope some day you will be amazed. love you
Joseph Svennson (1 year ago)
+Ashley Taylor and he was never heard from again.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
Give specific examples please
david sandlin (3 years ago)
i thought the secret was written by that guy who killed people in a desert sweatlodge ceremony.
UpMyPSI (3 years ago)
So much about this "movement" disturbs me, yet it's possible to experiment with some of the ideas and get results! Whoa, now what? What if LoA is just a souped up version of Creative Visualization (because people get hung up on the word "visualize"), for example. I'm just encouraging people to think here, to question where this information originates. Yes, the mind is powerful, because we have an Imagination, and the ability to imagine. That is the foundation of all these systems no matter what they tell you.
lifefource (3 years ago)
And that idiot O. Winfrey promoted her and her book didn't she? Kinda like that fraud who wrote the book "A Million Little Pieces" or something like that.
The Secret leaves out the important factor that you must take action. It's not just asking for something and foolishly believing it will come.
Dee Rai (1 month ago)
yeh, so if you want to manifest winning the lottery, ermmmm what action can you take other than buying the damn lottery ticket daily????? its just a glorified version of positive daydreaming...hence LoA is FAKE !
Also on another note the only way it works is you have to believe beyond a shadow of doubt you can have whatever you want. And most ppl will never get to that part. Its actually easier to believe in small achievements and build your way up
Exactly. The true secret is that after you master positive thinking..... you also have to take action quickly when certain opportunities come. Also everyone does not want the same things.... so to assume that theres not enough to go around would mean you have the assumption that the same things make everyone happy.
Chris Baybay (1 year ago)
Its good to take action when needed. But i have effortlessly attracted alot of things. Alot of those things were for free. Law of attraction gives you what you think, feel and compensate for. And all the law of attraction is, is running into the correct people that your on the same feelings with for great opportunities and whatever your thinking about. Of course, You must do your work to get where you need to be to provide value, then you attract money. But thoughts do attract us to things and people. It works. But there are so many people who are lazy and will never believe something just because they are stuck in the "real world" and will never do anything exciting with their lives. The "real world isnt that the law of attraction" doesnt work, the real world is you either make things work for you or you dont. Havent you ran into old friends? A phone is ringing and for some reason you know who it is? You just know some things will happen and you fall perfectly into those circumstance. Whats the mystery? Your creating what you will do in situations that you run into. You can change it by focusing on different outcomes. People do this all of the time right in front of you. How are any of these very normal things, that absolutely everyone has experienced at one point or another, hocus pocus? The evidense is there. Just listen to a rich man talk about crazy business deals that make him richer. Thoughts. become. Things.
Strabbs12345 (3 years ago)
I don't think there's any problem in promoting positive thought and visualisation? There are conman and suckers and always will be, but I think it's a harmless fad!
lesrima88 (2 years ago)
+Romy Karlen scam
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
+Romy Karlen how much have you made? Where did the checks come from. Give examples
Romy Karlen (3 years ago)
+Strabbs12345 Right and hey doesn’t the secret say if we complain and be negative of others it will come back. The Law of attraction is mirroring back to you what you feel and think. Would you stand on front of a mirror and say I am not there, the universe just gives you back what you say more as you feel It's a frequency. But don't worry they are just did not understand LOA yet. Don't get angry at them because they waste their words on negative and even agree. The secret said if you agree on others negative than you agree to them and the Universe gives you back what you send out. I study the Law of attraction long enough. They just don't know how to apply, it's not what you get it's how you react. If a wish don't come trough it doesn't mean it will not. Einstein ones said does that don't believe in Magic will never see it I gotten unexpected checks in the mail things always worked out and I keep believing in good thing coming Go to the http://www.thesecret.tv/ read the stories Yes you have to take actions sometimes it's required to talk action Just let him talk and let him be doing his stuff I don't have to judge him he is just what he believes Okay be happy and keep up you believes Good Job!
Joey Locker (3 years ago)
Also animals, terrible things happens to millions of animals everyday yet they can't even think that far.
Oliver K. (3 years ago)
I bought books and a DVD of this bullshit for my ex-girfriend. Can't believe how naive some people are.
Dominique M (3 years ago)
Dude, you rock. I too have made a video for my YouTube channel on this subject, which I am in the process of editing right now. I'm a lifestyle consultant with a background in psychology and philosophy. I use a number of different resources and healing modalities to help people to accomplish their goals (no, that's not an ad for what I do--its context) and not only am I losing friends and co-workers in my field to this bunk and hokum, but I am helping countless, COUNTLESS clients who've hit rock bottom after the high of living this horrid LoA pyramid scheme cult of the individual lifestyle. These people are truly suffering. I'm helping many more people who've been "let go with love" by their LoA friends and family because their cancer or their talk about their day to day lives or any number of other things have made them a source of "negative energy" according to their LoA friends and family (hmm...sounds a lot like Scientology's concept of PTS's or potential trouble sources--i.e. someone who might tell their scientologist friend or family member, hey buddy, this is bullsh*t--what a scarily familiar concept). It's a horrible, horrible lifestyle which leads to the loss of empathy, the potential development of personality disorders like sociopathy and narcissism and at the very least leads to tendencies toward these severe personality issues and which can and does ruin relationships, finances and lives. Thank you so much for adding to the growing number of rational, logical people aiming to debunk this dangerous nonsense!
+Dominique M I too want to see this video? Where is it?
Dominique M (3 years ago)
Thank you! I will.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 years ago)
+Dominique Miller You are very welcome. I look forward to watching your video. Please link it here when you complete it.
iTzEbz (3 years ago)
I partially agree with you, there is something incredibly dodgy about those teachers, I was a follower of Abraham Hicks for years until I realized anyone could claim they channel from above and it seems like they are always trying to promote/push a product a CD, a Book, a Tour. It seems those at the top are the only millionaires, similar to Christianity prosperity pastors, it's very dodgy to me.
Daniel Budd (2 years ago)
iTzEbz Christianity itself is not a scam, but the "prosperity preachers" are actually false prophets who secretly invaded the church and brought in damnable heresies. And these false prophets (Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and Creflo Dollar; to name a few) have given Christianity a bad reputation. And many have permanently turned away from the faith because of it.
ZiplineShazam (2 years ago)
+Ashley Taylor Yes !!! Exactly !!  
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
+MrBeautifulba1 if it were true then why not give the information away for free? It would help the world.
ZiplineShazam (3 years ago)
+iTzEbz I agree with you. Abraham Hicks promotes a lot of her seminars on "Law of Attraction" cruises. Well, the funny thing about cruises is that the average cruise ship dumps about 21,000 gallons of sewage and garbage into the ocean per trip !!! I would love to know how Abraham justifies this with the Law of Attraction.
Jesus Sifuentes (3 years ago)
This segment makes me laugh every single time I see it! You have a flare for theatre my friend! By the way have you read SHAM by Steve Salerno? It's a provocative book and attack on the New Age Self Help movement. Highly recommend it. http://amzn.com/1400054109
Ethan Vanderbuilt (3 years ago)
+Jesus Sifuentes Thank you for the recommendation of SHAM http://amzn.to/1Kr7oxA. It looks like a very interesting read.
frank john (3 years ago)
you nailed it man good work
the7figuremaker (4 years ago)
I respect your opinion but I disagree with you about the secret. The secret is very real. I was doing some of the things in the book before I knew anything about the secret. Amazing things was happening to me over and over again. That made me a believer that the secret was real.
Ashley Taylor (2 years ago)
Be specific , give examples
Romy Karlen (3 years ago)
+the7figuremaker Same her good thing happened to me thanks for standing up for the secret :-)
Bella (3 years ago)
+UpMyPSI I understand, I feel that your subconscious are those thoughts that whisper in your mind telling you that you can't do something, or that you aren't good enough... That riches will never happen to you. Just my opinion, once I was able to silence those types of thoughts. It's like the world has opened up to me. I'm not rich but I'm certainly on my way to what I think wealth and success is.
UpMyPSI (3 years ago)
+kikawi08 The danger is we don't really know what the "subconscious" is (besides a concept about experience). Congrats on the good that came to you, but what if this money came to you because of some other reaction inside you?
stripes (4 years ago)
LOA = wishful thinking and a mind virus. It's a technique old as time itself,I first encountered this in religion where it is called praying. This mind virus will damage your brain to the point of no return. Be smart and try to find your own way in the world or be dumb and just accept what others tell you what to do.It's a mind virus that changes the pathways in your brain.Very dangerous stuff,just ignore it,be skeptical.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (4 years ago)
+slevin741 I like that idea of a mind virus for this scam.
Ron Morrow (4 years ago)
So as a man thinks, so he is. EVERYTHING in this world started out with thought. Like attracts like. Opposites repel. It is that simple. For those who are naturally pessimistic and negative the law of attraction will repel you. For those who are hopeful and humble the law of attraction will motivate you. Some people just love being negative. They think that reality is the best way of life. I personally believe in creating my own reality.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (4 years ago)
+Ron Morrow With even the slightest bit of learning you will find out that people do not understand the world around them and have spent all recorded time trying to do so.  Fairy tales like this are one method that people use to deal with this reality.  In this case, the fairy tale is used to scam people out of lots of money.
Ron Morrow (4 years ago)
Or mabey we try and complicate it. I guess the glass is always half empty from your perspective. You believe what you experience.
Ethan Vanderbuilt (4 years ago)
Life is not that simple.  The world is incredibly complex.  Man tries to make the world simple with fairy tales like this.
Tanukiyama (4 years ago)
Excellent video! 
thenewageriseth (4 years ago)
I followed it in my early teens, dropped it later in my teens, picked it up again in 2010 and dropped it in 2013, for the LAST time. I saw, with my own eyes how the concept makes some people really judgemental and victim-blaming on a site called PowerfulIntentions.org, although there were nice ppl there, there were a lot of creeps and holier than thou folk...I even ran into a pervert there... I would encourage anyone to STAY away from that site as it's like a CULT. In general, LOA did not do wonders for my self-esteem...I'd like it to fade away into obscurity...
Ethan Vanderbuilt (4 years ago)
I would like it to fade away as well.
Curtis Florence (4 years ago)
Whether you think it is or whether you think it isn't, you're right
Lee Fly (1 year ago)
Curtis F Switzerland

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