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Jawahir Ahmed

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Halyey Yusuf (15 days ago)
Puntlanders are completely on another level when compered to other somalis in terms of politics. They are highly organized folks. In terms of beauty they have the most exotic women. In terms of planing they are the people who made somalia 🇸🇴 stand on its feet again. Proud to be from the land of punt land of struggle land of warriors. Taleeh ayl. Land of beauty. Iman. Jawahir waris. Land of kings 🤴 and queens 👑. Land of the lighthouses land of the seas 🌊. The tip of the horn the first place sun rises from. The tip of the horn.
HAMUD Bare (9 months ago)
mslh walashey ankufano Jawahir inollow inbadhan
Shangma Dawad (10 months ago)
Horay usoco eedo mcn jawahir
Faiza Ahmed (2 years ago)
adolf hitler (2 years ago)
you are the beauty sol sister may god keep you jawahir

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