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Microsoft 90% Done Acquiring Obsidian Entertainment (New Studio) | PSN Name Change Confirmed

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There has been a lot of great news recently for both Xbox and Playstation. Sony finally confirmed today that PSN name changes are happeneing starting in 2019. On top of that we are getting reports and rumors that Microsoft is 90% finished acquiring Obsidian Entertainment as another new first party studio. Source:https://kotaku.com/sources-microsoft-is-close-to-buying-obsidian-1829614135 Source:https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/10/10/psn-online-id-change-feature-entering-playstation-preview-program-soon/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/xMBGx
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otherZinc (7 days ago)
@II MBG II, Sony has the *Same* Uncharted, God of War, TLOU, Days Gone Games; where's *The Variety?* Sony gets away with making the exact same games and M$ can't give XBOX fans Billion Dollar Franchises like Forza Motorsport, Gears, Forza Horizon Open World, and Halo the worlds Best Selling Console Exclusive, Sony has *No* First Person Shooters, Multiplayer, RTS, nor Racing Games. *Where's Sonys Diversity???* When is Sony going to buy a Studio?
Valan (10 days ago)
Obsidian was in trouble with many layoffs. This is the best scenario for them.
Stiven_PH (11 days ago)
Sony and nintendo has the best game developer #facts
Riteous Right Hand (11 days ago)
KOTOR 3, or GTFO!!!
Brian Ogilby (11 days ago)
Im a mainly Playstation playing multiplatform gamer and Obsidian fan like many (they just have always been great) and I am glad Microsoft has gotten Obsidian. Its good for gaming competition and the great games Obsidian makes will be even better with the extra funding. And I will be happy to get a Xbox to add to my PC, Playstation and Nintendo since Phil Spencer seems determined to move Xbox in a more SinglePlayer Microtransactionless direction so Microsoft will no doubt be hands off on Obsidians Xbox exclusives.
LIQUID SNAKE (11 days ago)
Obsidian? Microsoft😂
Justice 4ALL (11 days ago)
Im getting a xbox in 2 years when all these studios start releasing there games.
KitanMax Corona (11 days ago)
The larger question though is will anyone other than fanboys of Obsidian as a developer even care about this new possible 1st party eclusive. Cause here is the big question that many are just racing over with this whole thing about the Xbox next gen console. What is the point of putting out a console if the Xbox one is nearly end of life and Xbox's main compeitor has almost what 70% more units sold. Will anyone even care about these new studios Xbox is obtaining. The level that Xbox has to get to in order to achieve a good next generation at the current rate is insane.
KitanMax Corona (6 days ago)
Oh also everyone here does know NEW VEGAS's lead writer John Gonzale jumped ship. From obsidian and now works for gurrelia games lol. He wrote horizon zero Dawn LMFAO. And that was back in 2013 he quit and was hired on.
Count's CRyPt (11 days ago)
Obsidian is a good acquisition for Microsoft. They need a good rpg series because Fable has been suffering since part 3 and also it'd be nice to have something besides an action rpg. I hope they are working on a true fable sequel instead of using the name to promote another mediocre title.
JustOnAverage (11 days ago)
I watched one of your videos a couple days ago and now you're all over my recommended.
Север КБ (11 days ago)
Obsidian never never done their games. Armored warfare, they start and left
Whôlf Houston (12 days ago)
I liked that little owl, it reminded me my childhood. When entertainment was healthy and decorous.
Owen Wilson (12 days ago)
Obsidian should make another fallout new Vegas type of game
Owen Wilson (12 days ago)
You fucked up mate, you’re meant to play the old unchartered before playing 4. Going through drakes whole story makes the ending of 4 a lot more heart touching.
The Haven (12 days ago)
Phil and MS didn't come to fuck around and I love it!
TheButcher DS (12 days ago)
As a playstation fan I am happy for Microsoft , Big move for them , This will hopefully make Sony work even harder , or maybe they think about acquiring a new studio themselves , THATS A HEALTHY COMPETITION FOR US , THE CONSUMERS
Craig Anderson (12 days ago)
I can change my ID as much as I want on Steam and Valve charges = FREE Greedy bullshit Sony :( Microsoft buying Obsidian is terrible. An amazing independent studio been acquired by a big business is scary. Microsoft is known not to work well with their studios, and I fear that once MS owns Obsidian, they will be controlled and the quality of their games will go down, like what happened to Bioware when EA bought them. I hope I'm wrong.
Zulesyak (12 days ago)
Woow... Quite impressed with MS acquiring Obsidian. Xbox exclusive RPG will be quite something in the future.
PHXNTXM (12 days ago)
My name was always good on PSN. My original name on the PS3 was cool, and my PS4 PSN ID is even cooler. I might just fuck around and make my PSN ID even better now that we have the option. It’s cool that all of the 12 year olds that fucked around thinking that their names were a joke, can finally move beyond their regret and grow up. 🤣 As for Microsoft, I am so glad that they are purchasing new studios. Microsoft Studios was in dire need of bolstering their lineup in 1st party properties. However, I’m just hoping that these games are of quality. If Microsoft doesn’t copy Sony and allow their new studios much needed creative freedom, then we will have a repeat of this generation. With all of the Quantum Break’s, Sea of Thieves’, Dead Rising’s etc. I don’t want that. I want to see Microsoft pull up with a legitimate lineup that can challenge the likes of Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War etc. Microsoft has never really had a lineup that strong, and I think it is far overdue.
Afro Aura (12 days ago)
That's great news with Obsidian, from Star Wars: KotOR 2, Fallout New Vega and I've just finished Pillars of Eternity. Its a good catch let's see what they can do with Microsoft behind them... Although as I hear it Microsoft did have some issues with Obsidian!! Let's hope Phil can rectify what the idiots did before this
ONE ZEINZ (12 days ago)
Sony For Life!!!
Platinum_Panzer (12 days ago)
Finally! I was lazy and named my PSN IHAVENONAME and have been wanting to change it. Glad I'll be able to.
Platinum_Panzer (12 days ago)
PHXNTXM Eh, thinkin of making the same as my YouTube name. Still not sure.
PHXNTXM (12 days ago)
Did you finally find a real name?
Jeremiah Briney (12 days ago)
Wow u dotn deserve a change Lol
Anthony Jackson (12 days ago)
Microsoft needs to keep that damn checkbook open and acquire more studios than Sony if they want to make impact next gen. They are in the right direction and they should get Sega on board.
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Perhaps with Sega and its own IPs, but I seriously doubt that neither Nintendo or Sony would be interested to get Relic or Creative Assembly, who are both owned by Sega....however both would more than well fit under Microsoft, as both ofc have long history as developers of PC strategy games and both have worked with Microsoft before, CA on Halo Wars 2, and Relic currently working on Age of Empires IV.
Pastry Store (11 days ago)
+Balnazzardi If bankruptcy will ever happened to Sega (most likely tho), either Nintendo or Sony that will take over. It's just some of these japanese business cultural shit you know. I know this kind of shit for too long working in a Japanese company.
Balnazzardi (11 days ago)
Pastry Store, well some Japanese definitely know how to fuck things up with that kind of attitude (just look at Konami)....but ye, like said there was just rumours flouting around some time ago about possible deal between Sega and Microsoft, but I dont see that happening unless Sega would be in serious financial trouble...even then more likely scenario is that the company itself would go bankrupt and MS (or some other company) would merely acquire rights to their franchises and buy studios that Sega currently owns.
Pastry Store (11 days ago)
Never happened on Sega. Call me racist but that's how the "nihongo" done their business. They only stick to themselves. Source? I was employee of Japanese logistic company named Nippon Express and I know how they handle their business policy.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Well there were rumours at some point that they would have been looking at buying Sega....would be huge deal, but whether that actually happens or not, I have my doubts.
wiidiwii (12 days ago)
5:30 I'm pretty sure some of their past games were big budget triple a games. Like stick of truth... They were also working on a new triple a game for take twos new publishing arm private division. Wouldnt be surprised if that game still comes out multiplat like we happy few did... But who knows maybe private division /take two were able to work something out with Microsoft to make that title and exclusive.
Savage Squirtle91 (12 days ago)
Really looking forward to seeing Obsidian becoming part of Microsoft's 1st party line-up. Obsidian along with Playground Games will fill that much needed RPG category that Microsoft is currently lacking.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Indeed.....its baffling really how long Microsoft has gone without RPG exclusive franchise....After Bioware bought EA, they lost that Bioware console exclusivety and after Fable 3....well its been really quiet. Now they hopefully will revive Fable with Playground Games and hopefully Obsidian is able to make them great RPGs as well....I kind of hope that Microsoft would acquire rights to Forgotten Realms license in games, and let Obsidian work on that fantasy world again.
First Born (12 days ago)
I know you think I hate Xbox but I used to have one. basically I got tired of investing into a dead horse that's never going to move. So I buried it, and now I am PlayStation and I'm loving the games. But like you said time will tell who was right. One last question how long are you going to keep investing into a dead horse? Take care brother.
Nathan_ Drake123 (12 days ago)
Man I can’t wait for next-gen, it’s just too much hype and I’m just ready for all the exclusives
Andres Escobar (12 days ago)
Rumors are currently Sumo Digital, Iron Galaxy, and Playful seem legitimate. The Playdead rumor seems less likely. I really also want to know what 3rd party deals they are cooking up!
SuperSaiyan3985 (12 days ago)
So ready to change my name. I will always love Dragon Ball, but it doesn't exactly invoke the impressions I'd like in people haha.
Jeremiah Briney (12 days ago)
Fuck u goku dickrider Jk
Cesar Zepeda (12 days ago)
Don't know if anybody has noticed but phil spencer isn't just talking around he's taking action and getting things done my respects for him
Ronnie Patterson (12 days ago)
Well MS fans are gonna get what they wished for with the suits opening up the checkbook . MS is surely gonna reach the 2 billion Candy Crush Casuals , with AA > Sea of Zzzzz tittles out the wazzou , & Sony / Nintendo are gonna continue to release AAA God of War & Breath of the Wild titles for the hardcore . The industry grows as a whole , & we all win !
Ronnie Patterson (12 days ago)
@U A You gotta point there broski ! Im satisfied with my PS4/Switch combo , but dont think I aint forgot about my O G Xbox/360 combo from back in tha day ! Im just a little paranoid about Microsoft setting the standard with thier practices is all. Everyone on consoles paying for online multi-player , rests squarely in thier laps ya know.
U A (12 days ago)
Sony is trying to go after those candy crush casuals too, if you listen to their shareholder meeting last year they're looking more for engagement, microtransactions etc as well. Nintendo locks content behind Amiibos
ScottM1 (12 days ago)
Good old Sony making PSN name change profitable. I'm so shocked...
Nowimonthegrid (12 days ago)
Even as a Sony "leaning" guy i'm happy to hear Obsidian is likely to be acquired they can help diversify a MS 1st party portfolio that desperately needs it. For Obsidian they were one of those studios that always seemed to end up taking care of someone one else's baby (New Vegas, KotOR 2). I always looked at them as a nanny studio looking after someone else's kid and it would be nice to see them get their own "baby" for lack of a better term.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Lets not forget Neverwinter Nights 2 as well.....so ye, they always were looking after continuation of some franchise or another, when Bioware or Bethesda were working on something else....if you want to use "mocking language", you might say they were the "B-team" for these other developers. Like "this game needs sequel ASAP, we dont have time to do it, would you be interested in doing it"? Anyhow I dont know exactly whats the situation in Obsidian atm, how much of their old talent is still there....from what I understand Pillars of Eternity games are otherwise quite good, but where they lack is good storytelling/writing. Hopefully under MS they would be able to patch that thing up.
Sam Lancey (12 days ago)
I think when the next gen consoles come out a lot of current gen game will benefit from it a lot due to the dynamic resolution a lot of them have
Xpert UnSeen (12 days ago)
The Xbox UI is so cheap and ugly you can't even get cool backgrounds like PlayStation.
Gunnar Brunstig (12 days ago)
Obsidian is a great choice 😀 hopefully Microsoft sacks the morons that have pulled the plug, or puched releases before the games are done. And starts to give the studios enough funds and freedom and above all Time to make some real console seller 😀 But for now I'm not sure that I trust that this will be a good thing for gamers in general! It might be something that ruins Obsidians core, when decisions are made higher up by non gamers thats only gambling on stock markets.
glifautis (12 days ago)
RIP Obsidian
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Quite the opposite, they are going to flourish under MS, just like Ninja Theory will.....in few years, you will see that.
GamingForDays RAW (12 days ago)
Sony’s recent decisions with PlayStation like this (PSN Name Changes) & crossplay are showing us why they’re ready to become greater! While Xbox is over here still charging us to pay to play free2play games😂😂😂
Emmet Farrell (11 days ago)
You pay for psn anyway and sony were the ones holding crossplay back
Ellis Scott (11 days ago)
GamingForDays RAW Xbox has had name changes forever. Paying to play free to play games is bs but don’t blow sunshine up Sony’s ass for doing something the competition has had for years now. Both companies are as bad as one another
Jeremiah Briney (12 days ago)
Wanna play free games I have a free to play paywall to a free to play game with a free paywall free to play paywall
sporty1guy 079 (12 days ago)
Now if EA loose the license for Star Wars game Obsidian can make Star Wars old Knights of the Republic 3 would be hugh win for Xbox Scarlett if not they can make another RPG will be as good as well
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
Balnazzardi GTA IV timed excluisve type of deals cant be measured only at money they can get back at selling GTAs or GTA dlcs but what does it do to brand value, how many people bought X360 over PS3 because of that deal and how much money they got over game sales because of those people. Its not 1+1 math but as i said KOTOR will not bring enough dollars or customers to justify that investment.
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
sporty1guy 079 It would be beyond cool it would be EPIC but as i said there is almost zero change for that happening. And i really think MS dont see it as a system seller IP.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
Wolfgang Von Hertzen, look MS paid tens of millions for timed exclusivety of GTA IV's 2 DLCs back in the day....they also bought Rare with big sum of money and I doubt if they even have made money back from that "investment".... In the end, its not just about whether MS would want the rights or not, , this is about what DISNEY who ultimate owns all the rights and makes the decisions would want....atm they still let EA keep the license, and I very much doubt they would let Microsoft, let alone Sony have the rights to make Star Wars games, cause they very much like to keep Star Wars games as multiplatform titles.
sporty1guy 079 (12 days ago)
+Wolfgang Von Hertzen I guess MS can lose some money if its don't people don't invest its..but ok I see what you saying its not all about who can can afford it..even MS turn down deal not fitting for them.. all companies do it too so yeah..but yes I played both Star Wars Old Knights Republic games they are good and there old..now if 3 some how come out and the engine to used on Mass affect recently would be really huge or the newest Unreal Engine..but agree I think it a long shot will see another one.... I'm just saying it would be cool
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
sporty1guy 079 Oh dear god..... its not about who have afford to buy it!!! Its about who can get their money back after investing that kind of money on it!! Mate how old are you? How can you know so little about business? Have you even played og KOTORS? I have beaten both and waited whole last gen to get a sequel. And i would love to get KOTOR3 BUT i dont see that happening.
Nick G (12 days ago)
The PSN ID change highlights why it took so long because the solution still isn't clean. Change it, yep. Still have your old name tied to you, yep. It's interesting they can't break the connection cleanly. Ah well, it's finally here.
First Born (12 days ago)
Here's my predictions I think Xbox is going to do there Showcase of scarlet and then Sony is going to blow their minds with the PlayStation 5. I think Xbox is going to shoot themselves in the foot again like they did in 2013.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
+PHXNTXM Sigh, and how The fuck is that exactly? Back in 2013 Microsoft didnt give players any choice in The matter...there werent 2 options ( other than Don Mattricks infamous " get Xbox 360 then, thats offline device" comment). MS has made it very clear already that their streaming service is NOT going to replace traditional console, and while there has been only rumours thus far, IT seems that Microsoft is developing both cheaper console/device for streaming ( this wouldnt have any disc drive ofc) and then traditional next gen console. Seriously do you really think that Microsoft, and Phil Spencer especially would repeat mistakes of the past by coming up with present where they wouldnt Make clear that players have these two different choices? Also there Even might Be that 3rd " service" option that Microsoft apparently IS already going to introduce with Xbox One X, the one where you pay monthly fee for Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and for the console....and after certain amount of time ,you get to keep the console for yourself (so IT would be similar as paying for some product in parts each month, rather than spending several hundred to pay for the console at once). I personally think that by giving players all these different options, Microsoft could get much more new players behind them next gen. Especially If their "play on any device without actual console" promise with that streaming service goes through, then only sky is the limit on how much more players they would get for their games, and where only the price of the games, bad connections and possible Xbox Live Gold feed might hinder them a bit....anyhow If you Look at Xbox Game Pass ota really been huge success for Microsoft, so I think they know what they are doing and as long as their new 1st party studios can deliver with their new IPs, I think you are going to see Microsoft coming back big time in next generation. Even If Xcloud would take customers away from buying traditional console, I really donr think MS would care, just as they dont really care about whether people buy and play their games on Windows 10 or Xbox. The matter of fact IS actually that it IS hard to make profit from console sales alone, at the beginning of every generation all manufacturers dony gain any profit from console sales, its only after certain amount of consoles are sold that they start to actually make profit. The main sources of profit comes from the game sales (although ofc here too it depends on the game,Its budget, how much IT sells, how much money is gained through possible micro-transactions) Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass and in the future from Xcloud.... I understand perfectly that not everyone is Happy to see this kind of from product to service kind of transformation, but that kind of business practice could potentially win Microsoft next gen, especially If they can Back it up with good hardware with the actual next gen Xbox with competitive Price and better lineup of those 1st party exclusives
PHXNTXM (12 days ago)
I think that xCloud is going to hinder the launch of the Xbox Scarlett, in the same way that all of the restrictive DRM policies totally thrashed the Xbox One’s launch. If Microsoft doesn’t get their verbiage right, the Scarlett’s launch will literally be the reverse of the One’s, but with the same effect.
Anthony Jackson (12 days ago)
Lol if anything Sony will be left in dust next gen with the full resources put into Xbox now. Do you not see the chess moves Microsoft is doing. They also have better engineers than Sony so expect a greater reveal for Scarlett. And Phil is not Don so Microsoft will not allow Sony to cruise like this gen.
Balnazzardi (12 days ago)
+First Born right...well Im going to say that your predictions are going to be proved quite wrong in upcoming years....I mean just look at how things have improved slowly but surely since that 2013....but I know Its useless for me to try to convince you that Microsoft is going to Make big combat next console generation, but time is going to tell that I was right, unlike you who clearly IS not having any kind of Faith in Microsoft I have....and why IS that you might Ask? Because Phil Spencer. As long as he is head of Xbox I feel confident that they are moving in right direction and acquiring these new 1st party studios is huge part of that
ulic qel-droma (12 days ago)
I've been on PlayStation for years, and you know there is a lot of personal information that is required for signing up for plus membership, why in the hell would I pick some silly ass name that's tied to personal information in my account. it was never about the wack ass gamer tag, but the information tied to it that could possibly be exposed due to constant name changes.
Jeremiah Briney (12 days ago)
Yeah im fine with my name even though one letter was misspelled thats why its so special
Game Head (12 days ago)
Bout time
hokuspokus (12 days ago)
Thank you for now reporting on gaming. Always enjoyed your hopefulness and enthusiasm for console gaming.
U A (12 days ago)
Now Microsoft has the better 1st party lineup especially with more studios incoming. Sony only has 3 studios that can deliver consistent quality, Microsoft has 6 and possible more.
Joy Boy (11 days ago)
+U A Guerilla Games: Killzone 2-3, Horizon Media Molecule: LBP 1-2, Tearaway San Diego: MLB series Suckerpunch: Infamous series, Sly Cooper series Japan Studio: Gravity Rush, Bloodborne, Astrobot, The Last Guardian, Demon Souls, Knack Polyphony: GT series even though Sport was poorly received at launch but has done ok financially at 3 mil plus London Studio: the weirder studio of the bunch that did the eye toy, Singstar, PS Home, London Heist for VR Sony Bend: Siphon Filter series(MGS-esque), Uncharted Vita games, Killzone Vita game
Marvel DC82 (11 days ago)
U A Not poor at all. I just choose to play on THE BEST CONSOLE
Marvel DC82 (11 days ago)
U A lol just like the Xbox One X
U A (11 days ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn lol just a watered down Witcher 3 wannabe, both Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild embarrassed that game. Go back to making Killzone oh wait that series failed
U A (11 days ago)
Marvel DC82 Poor little peasant lol can't afford a console
coverandoacasa (12 days ago)
guess what games will be included on game pass in the next months ahah
Mathew Hastings (12 days ago)
Even though they have acquired these studios and I have no doubt that they will make great games for Xbox, I wonder about two things. One is Xcloud and how I get the feeling that Microsoft will eventually focus on this and stop making the hardware and if so, then how is that going to fit In with Exclusives?. Secondly, while these studio purchases are a good move for Microsoft, they are going to take time to bear the fruit of these acquisitions, and people are pretty impatient these days when games like Red Dead and even the earlier Halos took years to develop.
Mr. Manager (12 days ago)
Haven't played any of Obsidian's games, but I've heard good things about them. Hope it works out for Xbox.
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
When you got a PS4 you barely got a dislike or thumbs down to your vids and since then you jumped from 11K subs to 12K maybe in a week's time. The whole point is to show you how those triggered Ponies are stupid who have the mind of a 5 year old. Keep it up bro. 👍
THE MASTER OF ANTICS (12 days ago)
dude we get f##ked up by microsoft all the exclusve games it will be playble on phones.
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
+Owen Wilson Not unbiased. I said nothing wrong. I wasnt even accusing him of doing anyything. On the contrary i praised him and i'm a fan of MBG and i think what he did was smart. I own both an X and Pro myself. But surely i prefer Xbox. But i was only stating facts and trying to trigger some Pony morons around here.
Owen Wilson (12 days ago)
Mega Drive ? It just shows he is un bias now and you kinda sound like the Xbox fanboy bud
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
+David molner jr Captain and soon to be Admiral ! 👍
Mega Drive (12 days ago)
+Stanetti Els You saw how this imbecile got triggered and attacked you when you barely mentioned him. He's a moron that comes everyday on Xbox channels. Go check yesterday's Dealer and MBG video where he has dozens of comment. What can you say about this guy's sad life. Waking up everyday angry and jealous and clicking on "Refresh" every 5 min to see if Crap's video has came out so he would barge in like a Pony sheep and start with his hate. Try to find if there is an Xbox fan or myself who does that on any PS channel.
WeeWeeJumbo (12 days ago)
The PSN ID-change debacle really highlights the weakness of Sony network engineering in the early aughts. I'm glad I don't need to change my name. I'm glad they're getting it squared away before they spend another ridiculous, embarrassing generation suffering this problem. Obsidian and Ninja Theory are both big wins for Xbox
broccoli assassin (12 days ago)
Well if you're that dumb ass who named yourself asseater69 during your first time making an psn id, you deserve it imo 😂
PHXNTXM (12 days ago)
WeeWeeJumbo You make Sony’s ignorance towards PSN ID name changes sound as detrimental as Microsoft complete failures with their 1st party studios and exclusives this entire generation.
Jimmy Turner (12 days ago)
Sony and xbox fanboys when a game is exclusive on the other console "ANTI CONSUMER!!!" Xbox and sony fanboys when their plastic gets an exclusive "ha ha take that other team!"
I got a PS4 and pc don't need to worry about Xbox exclusives hell you can soon play them on a phone or tablet if no one had an Xbox they could still play the games
OddEyes (12 days ago)
Jimmy Turner so you gonna answer the question?
Jimmy Turner (12 days ago)
+Major Glitch also the "you gotta work on your insults" lol fucker said found the xbot. Lololol
Jimmy Turner (12 days ago)
+Major Glitch ok you're just autistic. Glad you cleared that up. Lol says shitty joke that doesn't make sense, gets told it's a shitty joke, goes on to say I didn't get the joke. What are you giving me by calling me an xbot? A taste of my own medicine? Do you know what that saying means? Well obviously not.
Major Glitch (12 days ago)
Jimmy Turner just giving you a taste of you own medicine. Too bad you didn’t catch on. BTW... you really got to work on your insults. You lack creativity and class. Poor thing. 😘
2477daysaweek (12 days ago)
I feel after this next generation of system's there wont be many true exlusive's cause of cloud streaming gaming
PHXNTXM (12 days ago)
Yeah, for Microsoft, sure. Not for Sony and Nintendo. They won’t yield the exclusivity of their household franchises as easily as Microsoft is willing to.
Jake Long (12 days ago)
True exclusives on xbox or gaming in general? because true exclusives are already a thing of the past on xbox.
Expert Gaming HD (12 days ago)
I doubt it
Dia Nuevo (12 days ago)
It could be a great move, as long as obsidian starts making actual AAA games, not just niche games. Because the last thing xbox needs is another b title exclusive. They need a new system seller or a game thst makes us say "im glad i got this xbox". So it all depends on what obsidian dec9des to do because another pillars of eternity would just be joke.
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
Dia Nuevo WTF are you talking about?? You CLEARLY stated "making actual AAA games". So yeah you mentioned budget just there. Pillars is amazing game but they have to dumb down their games a lot if they want xbox users to get them.
I would almost be okay with this buyout, were it not for the fact that MS will likely merge/ shutdown the studio in 5 - 10 years.
Dia Nuevo (12 days ago)
+Wolfgang Von Hertzen poe 1 and 2 are b class though. Never mentioned budget. Just statung that its only a good move if obsidian makes a game that can actuallly sale and not just some underselling b titles like Pillars.
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
What does game budget got to do with game being niche or not? Obsidian games are not b class games like SoT or SoD2.
Mario Sanon (12 days ago)
About time but why a beta tho for something so simple to change your name. I just want to share the same name like my xbox's gamertag.
Knight1725 (12 days ago)
MaizeRage19x (12 days ago)
People think Sony is just gonna sit still as Microsoft is acquiring new studios. Sony WILL answer!
U A (11 days ago)
PreeStyle Smith yeah because Sony Japan with Knack, the MLB studio, Poly Phony with Gran Turd Sport, the mediocre Sucker Punch studio with the mediocre Infamous are all game of the year material, even Guerrilla Games didn't win any Game of the Year because they got destroyed by Breath of the Wild. Get real, out of all of Sony studios only 3 studios deliver quality consistently. Guerrilla Games delivered that turd Killzone Shadow fall. They're not reliable because they can make a good game and then make a complete trash game. Sony doesn't win game of the year either. 2014 Game of the year: Shadow of Mordor/DQ Inquisition 2015: Witcher 3 2016: Overwatch 2017: Breath of the Wild 2018: Probably Red Dead 2 Get rekt you pathetic trash troll LMAO
MaizeRage19x (12 days ago)
Holy shit. Attack of the nerds
RedStormPro (12 days ago)
+Aiden Kojima and Insomniac are NOT Sony owned studios.
PreeStyle Smith (12 days ago)
U A Most of Sony's studios have been GOTY material, you're one ignorant dude. Tell me the last time a MS game was nominated for GOTY? The last time they've won one? The ratings and accolades don't lie, you do!! Their only great studio is Playground and they've only made Racing game.
Kurt Hardy (12 days ago)
We need that God of War playthrough.
thatscheese27 (10 days ago)
Seems like he deleted any "pro" ps4 videos.. Wonder if twitter pressured him lol
Expert Gaming HD (12 days ago)
I just finished the story of God of war now i need to do the side quests
GameNGrind (12 days ago)
Obsidian is an awesome quality rpg studio, Microsoft just needs to give them creative freedom.
Demon Orb (11 days ago)
First they need to hire over a hundred new employees, they became an indie quality studio after publishers screwed them over
Jake Long (12 days ago)
+Marty The thing is that I never said that they were comparable to EA.
Marty (12 days ago)
+Jake Long Microsoft is not EA man. Night and day
Nathan_ Drake123 (12 days ago)
GameNGrind They will, I believe in them
Jake Long (12 days ago)
I mean, MS has promised creative freedom for their devs but microsoft isn't the most truthful company out there.
Blue Velocity (12 days ago)
Obsidian is the right move to take hopefully there will more stduio announcements at XO2018. I hope for a japanese developer, though I know that is unlikely, but it something that Microsoft are severely lacking the most in. I want Microsoft to be able to make games that were previously unachievable by indie devs whether this is due to budget, resources and looks like Microsoft are going for this too. Like it or not anyone says who says this is bad is lying. The studio almost went under, I prefer the studio's wellbeing financially in check, rather than having the same fate as telltale
Owen Wilson (12 days ago)
Blue Velocity ps is big in Japan but so I doubt it
Nowimonthegrid (12 days ago)
Blue Velocity I get where you are coming from with a Japanese Developer but MS just has no Ins in that country. The Japanese are just super brand loyal to home grown companies (a trait a lot of countries would do well to embrace more). I think MS best bet is to find Western Studio's who take inspiration from what Japanese developers are doing (at least the more successful ones). I'm not saying make blatant rip offs but just something that changes up the flavor of their 1st party line up enough to keep things fresh.
Kevin Mac (12 days ago)
Stormlands is back. Next they need to buy Platinum games so we can get Scalebound.
Lightning (12 days ago)
Fuck no, PlatinumGames is probably my favorite Studio, I want to keep buying their games in my PC, PS4 or Switch. They need to keep being a thid dev, so all people can enjoy their quality games.
Dilapidated Banana (12 days ago)
+Wolfgang Von Hertzen Guess what? I found NO source of Platinum being at fault. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-01-09-microsoft-kills-scalebound https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-06-01-why-platinum-games-may-never-work-with-a-publisher-again The first link doesn't explain the "why", but it does infer that Microsoft are the ones to blame for the cancellation of scalebound. The second link goes into detail of how fucked Platinum was if Nier did not sell well because of Microsoft You know what i DID find on hid outrageous claims? https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/5nck00/people_need_to_realize_that_platinum_games_is_to This reddit post. It tries to rile up people into thinking that it was 100% Platinum's fault. Guess what they did not do? PROVIDE A SOURCE. There are a TON of posts of these morons blaming Platinum when they don't have any credible evidence It was true that they were working on multiple projects, but Microsoft was advertising the game, spent money on it, showed gameplay etc. Which means they are not 100% NOT at fault.
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
U A Source to those lies of yours?
Dilapidated Banana (12 days ago)
+Kevin Mac It's hard to tell a joke from something serious online. I apologize for calling you out like that bro. Just sick of misinformation, you know? Someone said that scalebound was coming back earlier this morning and i was excited until i checked online and there was nothing on it. Still pretty salty about it :(
Kevin Mac (12 days ago)
+Dilapidated Banana maybe I'm not as funny as I thought. Nobody seems to appreciate, much less get the joke.
deadhead ???????? (12 days ago)
So basically sony can't do a name change properly
Timothy Weakly (11 days ago)
+Duckpo988 Forgive us uneducated folks. Our ignorance must really be hard to deal with but I feel your attitude makes you look like a educated prick and nothing more. All I'm saying with my simple mind is Sony could call any company Google apple Microsoft Amazon or anyone who has this issue resolved and has had it resolved for years and let them know their issues they've been having and see if there engineers have any advice for them or mayb your right. They may say they don't know. But I'm assuming they might know something since you on YouTube know so much about it and you're not employed by any of them so you would assume and forgive for me for assuming that other companies could lend a hand if asked on this apparent complex issue in regards to name change.
Timothy Weakly (11 days ago)
+josiah james Yes its probably the best time I've had being a gamer. Cheers.
josiah james (11 days ago)
+Timothy Weakly fair enough and good point. I did complain about Fanboys and then immediately throw unnecessary fuel into the fire as you worded it. Wasn't my attention but regardless you are right. I should have used a steam reference instead. ;~) all that being said I do still find it silly that people are complaining about this good change happening. And I still hold my opinion that it's just the fan boys making noise about it, and yes, next gen is going to be crazy. Cheers
Wolfgang Von Hertzen (12 days ago)
Timothy Weakly I have NEVER claimed all 80M plus bought PS4 because its exclusives BUT as you said IF people were objective and would not go with emotions PS4 would be selling even better. Ofcourse there are millions of kids who got either console because their friends have that system BUT it does not change big picture too much. Sales were even last gen and now PS4 is dominating. Something have changed a lot. Gamepass sure is good service if you like to play 1st party games day one cheap like i use it. But to pay it month after month? And only get older games and one good 1st party game every now and then? I just dont see "value" there,
Timothy Weakly (12 days ago)
+Wolfgang Von Hertzen All I'm saying is that 85 million didn't buy ps4 because of games or exsculsives or anything related to that and I don't believe there is a accurate number for those who do and to use the vocal minority on YouTube or Twitter who speak out as a measuring tool for the rest of the millions is blind as well. I don't really care what others think about either systems because for as I know I paid for my games and consoles myself...who are they to me...or even you....my son has a one s....only wants to play that blackout game when it releases....he dips in their exsculsives every once in awhile...but there are a group of people probably the younger generation like our children who don't care...I can't live without halo so I bought a xbox...but I'm not going to say everyone else did the same..that 40 to 50million! If I can guess that I should be playing the lottery. I'll use another example because all it takes is one to prove your statement wrong that ALL sales are from the great games Sony has...I have two co workers who both bought xbox one s for two different reasons other than there 1st party....one left ps4 because he saw the value of gamepass and now just lives off of that...another got one for his daughter so she can play fortnite with her friends...."even though Microsoft needs to remove that paywall". It's way way more reasons why ps4 is selling well but uncharted or god of war isn't the only reason...I'm assuming someone bought a ps4 because they remember playing twisted metal black and that memory made them go with playstation lol. 85 million I'm sure some did lol. With cross play and cross progression and streaming coming mayb the data will be more accurate because you won't need either console to play games or play with your friends...well on Microsoft's side will see if Sony which I'm sure there looking into it will do the same. Either way I'm looking forward to sucker punch games that has me written all over it....but my one purchase don't equal 80 million. Math just doesn't add up.
The Spawning Venom (12 days ago)
Another good video man
Peter Parker (12 days ago)
Getting Obsidian will be a huge win for Microsoft. Let’s hope they make the same deal with Obsidian like Ninja Theory. Next gen is gonna be a war zone. They already failed on not acquiring BioWare so this will be good.
Major Glitch (12 days ago)
I really hope MS doesn’t pull an MS and force Obsidian to crap out always online games crammed with micro-transactions. Sea of Thieves anyone?
Realms (12 days ago)
It's not just about owning good studios it's about trusting those studios and giving them creative freedom but so far MS seems more interested in copying EA's GaaS model than delivering genuine good gaming experiences.
"They now have the resources to make the games that they want."* *Subject to approval and internal reviews, subject to cancellation and support of features not in the original design document, i.e. microtransactions/ DLC (charged content), etc, etc... I'm sure you get the point. But apart from that, I'm sure they will have all the creative freedom that will make them the envy of the entire industry. So instead of controlling their own destiny, they get to keep their lights on, but at the cost of being controlled by a massive corp.
Peter Parker (12 days ago)
Mathew Hastings not implying. Saying
Celestial Dragon (12 days ago)
Meh, acquiring good studios don't mean jack shit. Just look at how many great studios was/is under EA's belt. Pandemic Studios was great. Dead. Dice was okay. Dying. Bioware was legendary. Dying. It all comes down to good and smart management from the higher ups. And from what I've seen, Microsoft hasn't a fuckin clue what they're doing for the past generation. Let's hope they fix the mess that is Xbox next gen, and don't fuck themselves up this time. You shouldn't hold your breath though.
Infinity Hand (12 days ago)
Fake Xbox fans: "Xbox just needs more 1st party studios" *Xbox buys Obsidian* Fake Xbox fans: "Wow Xbox ruining another studio, rip Obsidian"
otherZinc (7 days ago)
@Infinity Hand, II MBG II has been an extremely Fraudulent Fake XBOX for several months now, exactly like Rand al Thor 19. They are click seekers.
Enrique Suarez (9 days ago)
You so much salty
Riteous Right Hand (9 days ago)
+Aft3r Boss yeah, I saw it. Just gotta reset the console. No big deal. There was a legitimate OS update that did this once.
Aft3r Boss (9 days ago)
+Riteous Right Hand Well, just giving you a heads up, there's a glitch that's currently going around damaging ps4 consoles. You might want to check yours. If I were you I'd be very concerned about this. If you're confident that it won't affect your console, then you shouldn't worry about it and don't take my advice. But in case you do change your mind, the instructions on how to prevent your ps4 from bricking is in the following article. All arguments aside, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many consoles that were sold, it doesn't matter which company stole which other company's idea, it doesn't matter which console has the most exclusives games..which console is superior... ..none of this matter anymore. If Sony doesn't get its shit together to make sure their consoles don't brick because of a glitch, there won't be any PS4 console letft to play your games on. You can stay here and keep defending Sony and bash Microsoft if you want. As for me, I'm going back to gaming, knowing that my Xbox One X is safe. Peace out ! https://comicbook.com/gaming/amp/2018/10/13/playstation-4-psn-bug-glitch-breaking-consoles/
Riteous Right Hand (9 days ago)
+Aft3r Boss PSVR has seen solid support. PSP was a major hit, I don't know what you're talking about on that one. There are rumors MS IS developing a similar, low cost console, specifically for streaming. That's what the PSTV was, so they are doing that. The Vita was an amazing piece of tech, that didnt find its audience. Thanks to cost prohibitive memory cards, and slow(then non-existent) game support from Sony, and 3rd parties. There were initial reports that MS WAS going to get into the handheld market. Blueprints/designs even leaked on what it might have looked like. That never went anywhere though. I'm not saying people don't want BC on PS4. What I'm saying is that it's no bar to sales. And that point has been born out through the last 2 generations. The PS4 Pro was always meant to be a half step. The 1X is basically a next gen console. That released too close to next gen, and Now MS HAS to release another machine quickly to keep pace with power demands. And yes, you are a fanboy if you are going to downplay Sony's innovations, like MS came up with that shit out of the blue. Which is what you did. And the difference between "stolen" and "innovated" was YOUR logic my friend. You were the one that brought that up, in defense of MS.

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