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Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

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Music video by Keri Hilson performing Pretty Girl Rock. (C) 2010 Mosley Music/Interscope Records
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Text Comments (51364)
Divine Babez (30 minutes ago)
I love the part when she used the TLC moves❤️😍
Sandeep singh Bedi (4 hours ago)
Love u keri hilson
Shyell Jadai (6 hours ago)
Who came to the comments knowing it would be a "WHO STILL HERE AT 2018" comment?
Guppy Male (8 hours ago)
They don't care good person,make another person belive from what they got
rose rosemary (17 hours ago)
I love songs that make a girl feel like she’s on top and a queen with confidence like no man or women can knock her down
GirlMeetsEvil (15 hours ago)
rose rosemary yesss do you have any recommendations?
Luvuyo Hadebe (17 hours ago)
I still remember all these lyrics maaaaaannn, Never gets old
Playaa Tae Tae concieted (20 hours ago)
Then ending when she was wearing that white shirt omgggg shes so beautifulllllllll her smile matched her shirt her hair perfectly matched her smile and skin color omggg
Don't hate on my favorite song
Maria Mongwaketse (1 day ago)
Pendułum (1 day ago)
She came, and then dipped
Jay Brooks (1 day ago)
Can we fans bring her back please!!!!
Flawless X (1 day ago)
Get Keri Hilson to 90 Million views!!!!
JERIKA RIVERA (1 day ago)
Still love this
Raquel Marie (2 days ago)
Corie-Ann Crosby (2 days ago)
October 2018😂❤️?
Ava West (2 days ago)
Until 3019
Matthew Mendoza (2 days ago)
Matthew Mendoza (2 days ago)
Bria Johnson (2 days ago)
When I was 4 me and my mom would sing it in the car because I was obsessed with it and I thought about it one day and now I'm here!❤
Emily Thompson (3 days ago)
iconic song
Jordan Waters (3 days ago)
Inspiration song right here us ladies know we’re 10s 😛💦
jan Perry (3 days ago)
Well, she ain’t lying
Lagen Rain (3 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Nesha Smitherman (3 days ago)
I love this song 💯♥♥♥🔥🔥🔥
Zion Mccollom (3 days ago)
OBR _ (4 days ago)
Please come Back KERI!
Carlos Eduardo Santos (4 days ago)
Music is not that incredible, but the video is a masterpiece!
mangopeachxx (5 days ago)
this is not the kind of music i usually listen to but i saw a little clip of it and remembered my mom used to play this a lot so a had to watch it, surprisingly i find myself smiling throughout the video and i really enjoyed it okay i was curious as to what year it was posted on this channel and saw november 16 which is my birthday and if the album release date is correct on google then it was released on my sisters’ birthday 😂
*Reign Monae* (5 days ago)
first of all this video ICONIC af✨
Alesha Breezy (6 days ago)
AwoXOXO (6 days ago)
all of us are beautiful inside and out no matter what
harlaineable (6 days ago)
Bring this anthem back. Kerry I miss you
Joyce Ann Feliciano (7 days ago)
Old but gold
DJ Timmy (7 days ago)
She was okay.
Who noticed she from almost Christmas ❤️❤️
Kwqsi (7 days ago)
2018 who still playin this ‼️
How To Channel (8 days ago)
we love a confident queen
Baddie Kashayla (8 days ago)
This song changed my life <3
Jasmine Lopez (8 days ago)
October 2018?
Jada Smith (8 days ago)
This makes me feel amazing
Watermelon Girls (8 days ago)
She is literally a legend ❤️
Benoit Ngah (8 days ago)
Keri Hilson pls come backkkk
Keri mooned me wieiner and balls.
Niswagg (9 days ago)
I used to sing this with my mom all the time when I was younger I still love this song
Shawwttyy Kaee (9 days ago)
Childhood memories when I was only 5 😂❤️😍
Nakeisha Brothers (9 days ago)
Nakeisha Brothers (9 days ago)
little daggers (9 days ago)
The TLC part is really cool
kcgirl 56 (10 days ago)
Duane Jr (10 days ago)
0:00 - 0:33 the way you act when you got your first pay😂❤
Baby Springwater (11 days ago)
She's not even that pretty
CollegeKid1906 (11 days ago)
Even though I work in a warehouse driving a forklift and cutting steel, I still find myself humming and even singing this little tune today’s date October 11, 2018 Time 04:31 A.M. Lunch Break Bitch 💃💃💃
Leaticia Tolle (11 days ago)
Beyoncé don't hate her coz she's beautiful
Bob Shmurda (11 days ago)
You ain’t that fine biotch.
Alexander Hill (11 days ago)
i listen to hardcore rap and i still listen to this song in 2018
kïrä Åvä (11 days ago)
koko brp (12 days ago)
2018 anyone
tompparaideri (12 days ago)
Took me a long time to get the theme of the video. I’m slow
Got a deal
wgaf (13 days ago)
Confidence boost for when youre having those days
Keesh Ang (12 days ago)
Nope can’t hate. She is very beautiful!
Karen Serrano (13 days ago)
Hey my ex lover. He'll never read this but nice try. I C's youuuu. Cheow.
Quashona Hardesty (13 days ago)
So shes Beyonce, Janet and T-Boz?!? I always loved this video...shes very beautiful and talented...she acts as well!
Quashona Hardesty (13 days ago)
So she eas Beyonce, Janet, and T-Boz?!?...I always loved this video...and her music...Shes very pretty and talented...she acts as well!
I’m Gonna Shock You (13 days ago)
Old but gold
Solomon Hayes-Brown (13 days ago)
NY NY (13 days ago)
She fine
New brand studio (13 days ago)
I love her ass so much I need to kiss it
New brand studio (13 days ago)
shes sexy ass
Nana Amoanimah Mends (14 days ago)
Mad 'cause I'm cuter than the girl that's with ya!!! Keri Hilson Berilison Octoberlisten😭😭
Ali Elsayed (14 days ago)
She did Josephine Baker very very well
Blessing Skipwith (14 days ago)
My sis beged me to death to listen. To this
Suzanne Ramos (15 days ago)
shes a rely pretty blond
Nahh Hhan (15 days ago)
Guys listen to Tiwah hillz feat. Keri hilson -beautiful👑
jada boyles (15 days ago)
Its sad that songs don't have that beautiful message to it anymore to tell girls that tell girls they are beautiful no matter what they look like.
Modish__ye (15 days ago)
I am still listening to this song in 2018!!!!!
Hafiza xx (15 days ago)
This mv is everything wtf
Nobody Somebody (15 days ago)
ernest mallory (15 days ago)
She is sooooo fine 😍😍😍
JakulaithWolff (16 days ago)
Underrated lady <3 :(
Jean Bizimana (16 days ago)
Am the one
It's me Hide (16 days ago)
Til now, this still one of my fave songs
Rain Stjohn (18 days ago)
Hopefully she put new album out soon.🌸🌸
BBW GANG (18 days ago)
I'm here..are you?
J-F AkA - TrikyT (18 days ago)
You r beautiful damn yeah you hot sweety❤🚨❤🚨❤
Shawnelle Martineaux (19 days ago)
Yes! Dot hate.
Barry Cunningham (19 days ago)
badd bitty
Lola White (20 days ago)
I love Kerri! I hope she comes out with new music. I say keep rocking no matter WHO disapproved!
Celeste Toglena (20 days ago)
"Beautiful" is my favorite word !😂🤣😉😊😀
Ashkan Khani (20 days ago)
worst music i ever hear
John Ralph Gacus (20 days ago)
October 2018 anyone?? Hit like
David Foley (21 days ago)
Chills during the TLC part
Raquel Cottingham (21 days ago)
My favorite song pretty girl rock you go girl with that song
allysa nicecool (21 days ago)
I remember listening to this in the 6th or 7th grade 😞
It's Tameia (21 days ago)
:Dyas :Dits me (21 days ago)
Me I guess
MaliaLoves (21 days ago)
I have strange music listening tendencies when I travel. I'm from L.A., and whenever I go to a city on the east coast I listen to Pitbull or Enrique Iglesias. The midwest it's Skrillex, and anywhere else in the US it's Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande. But, whenever I leave the country, I listen to this song, specifically, with a mixture of other songs from artists I listed. I'm a strange person 😅
Lemon. Juice (22 days ago)
joshua Denson (22 days ago)
They are showing all the styles from the 90"s.
joshua Denson (22 days ago)
This song is lovely. I am in love with it.
Carrissa Montez (22 days ago)
This song is low key the reason I'm conceited

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