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Residents in Pacifica, California, are told to evacuate after part of a cliff begins to crumble.
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Ales Jamsek (1 year ago)
Erosion on this cliffs is 700km.down the coast area.California geology institute know this 40.year ago.
Ales Jamsek (1 year ago)
In 60.tis.geologist in California talk about dangerest for building house on this area.Building corporation sad,, we dont need geologyst,we are free market.we want build beautiful houses with windows to the ocean side.High quality.Now we see what happened 38 year after this building proyect.
Andrew Wade (1 year ago)
Am I a bad person for laughing out loud? (we have a big yuppie infestation in the UK, together with Boomers they have made housing unaffordable and trashed many, many views with their ugly colonies, I mean "homes")
Christopher De Leon (1 year ago)
I want to believe u but the CNN tells me to run
Fatal born (1 year ago)
So are you fool and in there walking around like its all good
Tom Mallon (1 year ago)
House built on a sand foundation.....
Poor people that live there near a cliff
NSK life (2 years ago)
Dislike because it's cnn >:)
Alien_Industries (2 years ago)
this is clickbait, the heading should say "CNN report on possible house collapse"
T Jac (2 years ago)
dumbasses wanted to stay
1965 Ghia (2 years ago)
who ever owns that property, paid way too much...now its 0$.
Riding Mower (2 years ago)
I did not see anything falling into the ocean . need to rename the video with better description and less fluff.
lordieshepherd (2 years ago)
Click bait
exefile (3 years ago)
Mother Nature always win.
Ace High (3 years ago)
The Realtor's want you to think that if you buy in the next row of houses you'll have "New Ocean Front Views" don't fall for it pardon the pun. What is going to happen next all you corrupt Realtor's is that the street behind these falling house's are next to go, leaving no way into those houses as they are sure to follow. So the second row and there street will be gone within ten years and don't think that adding more boulders down on the beach will do a damn thing to slow it down. The Real Estate on and near this bluff is worthless, climate change will surely speed things along. Don't panic there are no shortages of slimy Realtor's that will sucker someone into buying there, but get out fast you guy's in the next row your ocean view fantasy will be short lived.
Belinda Elisa (3 years ago)
I hope some city official goes to each apartment and removes those appliances (refrigerator, microwave, etc.), because those things don't belong in the ocean.
James Blankenship (1 month ago)
Belinda Elisa I lived there. they scraped the ground clean. very little went in
BG Davis (3 years ago)
Total bullcrap. No houses or buildings are falling into the ocean, so why the dishonest (typical CNN) headline: "HOUSES ON THE CLIFF'S EDGE FALLING INTO THE OCEAN!!"
VideoRocketz007 Millar (3 years ago)
Unless you lived there best not to say opposite. This was five years ago. The street in front of the apt is gone and now those ppl are the cliff. Lived in Westlake had chance to purchase home. WFB said the ocean encroaching on properties ie the cliffs unstable and homes should not even be built The powers that be signed off and let the county and city have at it Erosion is horrible esp since weather patterns changed since deforestation of planets natural water pattern in Brazil and Africa rain forests are gone That's why we have these destructive weather patterns take care Class dismissed
Melissa Sue H. (3 years ago)
That whole portion of the coast is unstable and people are fools to build there. The San Andreas Fault goes into the sea near there and no part of the place is safe to live on. If the winter storm waves coming in on the Pacific Ocean don't undermine your property and dump your house into the surf, the fault will eventually shift and knock everything down.
Melissa Sue H. (3 years ago)
+BG Davis BG, the fracture zone on either side of the fault, especially in the case of a large fault like the San Andreas is fairly wide. Combine that with the sandstone substrate and the materials that the houses are built on become extremely unstable. They are very easily eroded. I still can't understand why you persist in taking the fault out of the picture. The map of the fault clearly shows it going into the ocean just north of Pacifica. It crosses the Golden Gate and runs through Drakes Bay, across Point Reyes, along the west side of Tomales Bay and along the east side of Bodega Head before descending again to the ocean floor to end off Cape Mendocino.
VideoRocketz007 Millar (3 years ago)
+BG Davis u r correct Sorry about that friend
BG Davis (3 years ago)
+VideoRocketz007 Millar Hate to disrupt your imagination, but 101 doesn't run along the beach.  It runs along the Bay.
BG Davis (3 years ago)
+Allyssa Andrews Yes,  I know where the fault is (I used to live a short bike ride from where it has split the surface in Woodside), and Crystal Springs (where I've spend many hours biking and jogging) is many miles inland as stated.  The Pacifica problem is coastal erosion; has nothing to do with fault slippage.  Even though it's more satisfyingly dramatic to think it's fault related. 
Ace High (3 years ago)
Realtor huh?
Monroe Jack (3 years ago)
This was 2010. If you drive down the street, now THEY have the cliff which is across the street. The entire opposite side where he was standing and the apts are GONE. Wow wee!!!!
VideoRocketz007 Millar (3 years ago)
Yep. I told neighbors there I knew to move They said I was crazy nope I'm not OSHA told powers to be no build but supervisors went over their head so OSHA signed off buildings made Apts really stupid😢
Marc Barber (3 years ago)
01:21  Who the fuck wears a male wedding band anymore? LOL. .....now about that AOL account of his...
Marc Barber (3 years ago)
"This apt complex has been ordered evacuated" (as he walks in)
Steve Rogers (2 years ago)
Would have been funny if it collapsed while he was standing on the patio. Not too bright.
Clash On99 (3 years ago)
And they probably rent that view for like 3k a month.
lafther210 (4 years ago)
The problem is not erosion, it is that they built homes on a cliff.
+lafther210 They build homes on a cliff, -ok, but on a sand cliff!!!! :D
420SanJuan (4 years ago)
thats what cliffs do, who builds a freaking house there to begin with? idiots
CK Wunch (4 years ago)
SELL seafront property TODAY. Just hide all the "erosion signs" and put a blanket over the wreck of the neighbors advertise it as "secluded" with easy access to the beach. Or you could just get zoning and put in a staircase.
Greg Shuffield (4 years ago)
Its hard to believe dumbasses build homes that close to potential disaster
willow woods (4 years ago)
mother nature always wins.
Amira Lozse (5 years ago)
.... dont build on sand when water is nearby ...
FONOS DOG (5 years ago)
Cori Burns (5 years ago)
OMG. Actually I had a cousin who lived in Malibu in one of those cliff houses, the same thing happened to him three times. Awful.
BG Davis (3 years ago)
+Cori Burns The first time might be "awful"-depends on the circumstance. The other two times are stupid. There should be something like an Economic Darwin Award for people like this.
Cori Burns (3 years ago)
+ThamesOrIsis we have told him, and all he ses is that he likes the,area. Well he won't like it if he winds up in the ocean. he can't even get insurance any more.
Amir Hamza (5 years ago)
really should sit back and watch this video recording before heading on explore places bit.ly/14cV6T5?=mudzb
m459 (5 years ago)
Grew up in Pacifica during the 60s and 70s. We always refered to that section of beach from mussel rock to Sharp park beach as Manor beach (They call it something else now). I don't recall that area ever being landfill, as stated by another user. You're right. Houses and the apartments were build some ways from sanding cliffs, some further then others. It was only a matter of time before the cliffs eroded back. Manor beach was once a good party place on friday nites in the 60s and 70s.
j smit (5 years ago)
hayden butterworth (6 years ago)
Jake Smackey (6 years ago)
Ty Brady (6 years ago)
Crazy!, thanks for the interesting info!
Jake Smackey (6 years ago)
mountain without no buildings on it, it's a reason! If u buy property, do a soil test so the land can leach the sewage out from your property, if your land is not in the city limits.Lots of ppl don't know this and have horror stories. Real estate agents don't disclose a whole lot of info. So u have to do your homework. If there is no solid ground on a hill (i.e. Pacifica) never get a home or apt in a place like that. Constant erosion from ocean water undermines the cliff. Now this mess:(
Jake Smackey (6 years ago)
Yes. Cal OSHA always tells these stupid politicians not to build on these landfills, but the city politicians u vote for go over the govt's heads. OSHA has the communities sign waivers that if anything goes wrong, they can't sue the govt. The Feds always protect that's their job.But their hands are tied when local govt goes over their heads. Pacifica never should have been built, there is no land mass, it's all landfill, i.e. any place you find property and it was an orchard before, or just a
Jake Smackey (6 years ago)
This was a landfill over 35 years ago when they made Pacifica. The engineers were told by the City not to build, but went over their heads (the politicians said it's ok). The State of California OSHA told them not to build, and had the city sign a waiver that if anything fails, it's not the state's fault. You have to realize people, the govt does what it can to prevent this. It's the city politicians who go over their heads and ok these dangerous projects. So sad. Check out first b4 movingin!
Lanibear (7 years ago)
The apartments were built when there was a lot of cliff there. It has been eroding for the past thirty years but it finally hit the apartments then.
Lanibear (7 years ago)
There were so many freaking helicopters flying around for like a week. it sucked for all of us who live near there because we got very little early morning sleep. As soon as it was bright enough to film there were about nine helicopters out there circling the coastline.
z1d (7 years ago)
shit D:
Ghosttkillaa1 (7 years ago)
Does his boots have fur inside???
Ty Brady (7 years ago)
So was there a planning department that approved the plans to build on a cliff made of sand!?!?
RGTsilversteam (7 years ago)
sexy guy
callofpaul (7 years ago)
@Yermak29 don't bring you're religious shit on to a video about falling cliff ok jackass.
Yermak29 (7 years ago)
If I recall, even the Bible talks about the wise man building his house on the rocks....while the foolish man builds his house on the sand.
unleavenedbread340 (7 years ago)
@LiberalElitistMedia Those people aren't really rich. Pacifica California is pretty damn blue collar.
LiberalElitistMedia (8 years ago)
This is Awful! These poor rich people/ To fucking bad they don't have a nuclear reactor next door with a core breech
Eduardo Acosta (8 years ago)
got to have that great view.

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