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Clothing Haul For Women Over 40 (2018)

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I’m sharing a clothing haul for other women over 40. My fashion needs and tastes have changed in my 40s, and retailers are creating clothes with the mature woman in mind. In this clothing haul, I want you to be inspired. I want to encourage you to dress for your personality and feel confident with the tops or skirts that you do buy. Some women over 40 want to feel casual chic and not frumpy. I will show you tops that show my personality, while hiding certain trouble spots like my tummy. I found a skirt and even a bathing suit that helps me feel confident and casual chic. I will show you outfit ideas from Ann Taylor Loft, J Crew, Kohls, Ann Taylor, Chico’s and Francesca’s, that will inspire you to celebrate your fashion sense with just a bit of class, just a bit of cuteness. As a woman over 40 I should know exactly how to dress for my age and body type. And yet I keep watching other women’s clothing hauls for inspiration. Your body parts move around as you age so I think we will need to keep adjusting our fashion. And that’s okay. It’s also okay to gain inspiration from other women’s clothing hauls. We’re not comparing, we are learning new ways to dress more confidently and feel casual chic. Direct Links: http://bit.ly/NavyShellWithZippers http://bit.ly/StripedBellSleeveDress http://bit.ly/JCrewSkirt http://bit.ly/LinenCrochetSleeveless http://bit.ly/RoyalBlueTee http://bit.ly/AquaMedallionDress http://bit.ly/ParrotStrapTank http://bit.ly/BellSleeveStripedBlouse http://bit.ly/CapriLightWashJeans http://bit.ly/LongGrayTunic http://bit.ly/OldNavyTShirts http://bit.ly/SparkleyNecklace http://bit.ly/DenimChicos Red Bathing Suit: https://amzn.to/2Kayfkv Adidas Peach Shoes: https://amzn.to/2HWKOQ0 (on sale too) POP over and say hi: Facebook: LauriePOP Ideas Instagram: traveltipsbylaurie Blog: https://traveltipsbylaurie.com Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions that POP into my head are my honest ones.
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BassPlayerSusan (5 months ago)
So well put. It seems to me that if you are a 40-something woman, there are so many ways to avoid looking frumpy. I don't have the same body -type as TravelTipsbyLauriie does, but I get what she's saying. The key is to always look well put-together. And not try to look like you're in your 20s . For example, I like to wear distressed jeans, but the "distressed" parts are much more subtle than a 20 year old would wear. I can still wear a bikini, but not the same style I did 20 years ago (I like a bit more coverage).
TravelTipsbyLaurie (5 months ago)
Susan, I totally agree. It also depends on what mood I'm in that day lol. Thanks again for watching!
L Houck (7 months ago)
Great video!
TravelTipsbyLaurie (7 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Marthilde Lambert (7 months ago)
Thank you for your post. You have given me wonderful ideas, for me, I am also in my mid-40s and I think about looking fashionable but not stealing a teen look. I recently started a site that talks about fashion and color, specifically the color red and how it can improve attitude and mood. The site name is www.rougeonfeet.com. I hope you have a chance to look at it and share your thoughts.
Laura Lea Frederick (7 months ago)
New Sub :) I am 48 and if the truth be known I probably dress a little too young for my age but I am loving the 70's vibe that is back and I am rocking it.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (7 months ago)
Girl, I bet you can rock it! Do it! I want to so bad, but it's not natural to me. But I love it on someone who naturally rocks it. Thanks for watching!
Lisa Payne (8 months ago)
It's called a French tuck for the shirt.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (8 months ago)
Ooh la la! Thanks for watching, Lisa.
Connie Seward (9 months ago)
Just found your channel. We have a very similar body shape. So excited to find a fashion you tuber with the same proportions!
TravelTipsbyLaurie (9 months ago)
Oh, yay! Connie, we have to be so smart when shopping sometimes, right? Thank you for watching!
Emily Williams (9 months ago)
What kind of bra would you wear with the parrot top? I never buy spaghetti strap things because I don't care for strapless bras. I think maybe I don't have enough to hold them up. LOL.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (9 months ago)
Strapless for sure. But if you don't have a great strapless, it wouldn't be worth it. They're having good sales this weekend too over at Loft. Thank you for watching Emily!
Emily Williams (9 months ago)
I was thrilled to come across your video. I'm so glad to see someone doing clothing hauls and try ons who is not like 19! (I'm 50).
TravelTipsbyLaurie (9 months ago)
Woohoo! Misery loves company-just kidding. I'm not in misery; just adjusting. :)
Amy Beth (10 months ago)
Really enjoyed this! This 49 year old appreciates seeing a haul like this!
TravelTipsbyLaurie (9 months ago)
Super! Don't miss my summer outfits video. Thank you for watching, Amy.
Sherismiley (10 months ago)
New subscriber !!! You are soo cute in your clothes!!! Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to watching many more of your videos !
TravelTipsbyLaurie (10 months ago)
Thank you for watching! Hopefully you're inspired to put outfits together.
Nan (10 months ago)
Liked your selection. So cute !
TravelTipsbyLaurie (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!
heyNeda joon (10 months ago)
I like your taste try JJill you will love it
heyNeda joon (10 months ago)
LauriePOP yep I watched that too 😀
TravelTipsbyLaurie (10 months ago)
I do love their style but have to wait until clearance. Then I forget to go there. There's one by my house now. Don't miss my Summer Outfits video: http://bit.ly/SummerOutfitsOver40 But thank you for watching!!
cherry maniego (10 months ago)
Glad I go in your channel. Love this 👍
TravelTipsbyLaurie (10 months ago)
Thank you so much!!
Wanda Amorose (10 months ago)
Loved all your purchases! So pretty and practical.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Trendy Women's Fashion (10 months ago)
It is liked your presentation by me.
Millicent Evans (11 months ago)
I must say this is very informative i am very careful.in the clothes i wear and for me what i wear is all i can control for myself because of my condtion i have been a lady who likes to look good from a young lady into a mature lady i have to have my clothes very comfortable and i like to have my shoes bags to match i just really like to look neat tidy and looking good lol i am.not vain lol i just like to look good 🦋🌻🦋
TravelTipsbyLaurie (11 months ago)
Oops I forgot you commented on that one as well. Ha. Sorry about that.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (11 months ago)
Millicent! Thank you for watching! I'm not vain either. I'm glad these gave you some tips. You may want to watch my What NOT to Wear on the Airplane video sometime.
Jamie Kebart (11 months ago)
Finally! A woman over 40
TravelTipsbyLaurie (11 months ago)
46! Thanks for watching, Jamie. Hope you're inspired!
Jo-Ann den Dekker (11 months ago)
I so enjoyed this. I just turned "50" this past December. I've had the last 5 years struggling with incredible difficult weight gain. Cause was hypothyroidism and diabetes combined. It was traumatic. The uncontrolled thyroid caused me to double in size. Seriously! It has been traumatic. I describe myself as an apple with legs. I have finally seen some results with a weight loss of 34 lbs. long story short I'm able to work and looking for you tubers who are developing videos for over 40 with fashion and beauty and hair ideas. I may never get back down to my size 8-10 but I'm feeling better therefore wanting to dress and look better for me! Please continue to share! Love from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦
TravelTipsbyLaurie (11 months ago)
Oh my word, Jo-Ann. I didn't realize I had not replied to you. So sorry! Congratulations on the loss! Every pound is so hard! There are so many of us fighting the frumpy look. Mental confidence comes first because of who we are and who created us, then being okay with our body, and expressing ourselves the way we want to. Such fun inspiration out there. Hot and Flashy is great (YouTube), and there's the 40 Plus Style Community on Facebook. Don't miss my makeup over 40 playlist. Hooded eye looks, natural makeup looks, etc. I appreciate you watching and commenting!
Debbie Follmer (1 year ago)
Love the bathing suit, it looks so good !
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
Oh geesh, thanks! Thank you for watching and commenting Debbie!
Debbie Follmer (1 year ago)
Oh my, I loved the excercise moves you did in the cropped jeans! Just put a smile on my face 🙂
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
Hahaha that's the sign of a quality pair of jeans, right?
Allyson Estes (1 year ago)
This was awesome! I'm 47, and, GIRL, I feel ya! The areas you try to hide are the exact same as mine! However, you really shouldn't be concerned about your tummy; it's so flat! That bathing suit looked fantastic on you, and you don't look pregnant at all! (We are always so, so hard on ourselves!) Every outfit you showed looked fantastic, and I so wish I had it in me to be feminine and chic. I'm much more of a "tomboy", though, and I've always been that way. I'm okay with that. :) Just a couple of things: 1) Have you ever tried dresses from Salaam clothing? They are made in Vermont, and they are so awesome!! I love them! They are one of the few dresses that I wear, and the beautiful dress you bought is very similar to the ones at Salaam. I always get the "Lucy" style because it's not low cut and it skims the body in just the right way...no "cling" at all. 2) Where did you say you got the leggings? I so need some of them in my life!! Thank you for such a great video!!
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
Allyson, I'll totally look them up tonight! Thanks so much! My tummy was made for holding babies, but the Lord only gave us one. Love my tomboy friends; I'm tomboy some days...except for camping; don't enjoy it...ha. Thank you for watching and for your comments.
Helen Davies (1 year ago)
Loved this. Specially the navy shell. Thanks Laurie
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
Helen, I did too. VERY high quality. Did you like the side zippers? I don't think they're too over the top so I like them. Thank you for watching!
rtm12252 (1 year ago)
You look great but- dressing too old- Try ‘30s’
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
I'm not sure what you mean?
L A (1 year ago)
What's a clothing "haul"? Like an "overhaul"?
L A (1 year ago)
LauriePOP That will be the day. Well, learn something new everyday.
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
L A, it's like what you hauled away from the store. Other YouTubers use that term. Now you're one hip chic!
Joan E (1 year ago)
Loved your fashion video Laurie!! I like how you included jewelry pieces and traveling shoes to make full outfits. Love the swim suit!! Adorable polka dots never go out of style~ 🌹 Joan
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
Joan, you're the sweetest! Thanks for saying that and for watching!
Chrissy8675309 C (1 year ago)
The way you like jewelry you shoukd check out @hopecreationsig on Instagram. She make gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She is amazing and pirced quite reasonably. You looked great in your swimsuit and it was cute with the white polkadots. The clothes you picked are really cute! I have lost 140 pounds thr past 3 years but I have lymphadema and my upper legs are so big and misshapen. Have a blessed week!
TravelTipsbyLaurie (1 year ago)
I think your legs are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'll check them out Chrissy. Thank you so much!

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