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Jade and Julie compare diets

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Dr Christian uses the food tubes to show the girls how vast the difference in their diets are. Next Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2vTPS_1xEo In this documentary series, two people suffering from the effects of severe diets are placed in a medically supervised environment and swap diets for five days, after which they follow a healthy eating plan for three months before returning for a final weigh-in and health screening. The program also features Dr. Christian Jessen providing the two participants healthy eating tips and journalist Anna Richardson testing the latest fad diets.
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Text Comments (11083)
Cat415 (9 hours ago)
Neither of these people are healthy...
Amelia M (11 hours ago)
I weigh more than Jade and I’m 11...😶
berta lee (16 hours ago)
Do you like better Chad wild clay Chad wild clay
pøwērfūll wøflē :3 (18 hours ago)
Ok I eat when I'm bored -_-
Jessica (23 hours ago)
Neither of them are on the healthy side of weight.
Lil Loz (1 day ago)
Finally a realistically truly skinny guest. Usually they are just thin. On that note I do hope both of them get to their correct weight. One is truly too thin the other one truly too fat. Nice show by the way very inspirational. Ps. Not for one second I believe she eats all that. Maybe if she throws up after wards. If she did are even few bites of these she wouldn’t be so underweight. Imo at least
제니Jenni (1 day ago)
I'm 41 kg and i think i eat more than her in this video
A W (1 day ago)
Julie is lying!!!
MaisieGaming (1 day ago)
Poor man. He must feel awkward with two, almost naked, women by his side......
I like super skinny hope my body like jade
Libby Ki Ray (1 day ago)
GGs Life (2 days ago)
I weigh more than jade a and I am a child
Vivianna Paez (2 days ago)
I lool like Jade but feel like Julie😭💔
Moist Tortillas (2 days ago)
I Swear I Drink More Coffee Than Her
kristinishere (3 days ago)
right so if the anorexic girl replaced her coffee with actual food she'd be in the same position as the fat one. they have the same problem.
IAmAProudGryffindor (3 days ago)
I hate how Jane was giving Julie weird and disgusted looks when Jane's diet was being shown
ZacB (3 days ago)
I would rather be skinny and then eat more than be fat and have a restricted diet.
L-1-3 (5 days ago)
Emily Jay (5 days ago)
A. bajaj (5 days ago)
Nice to see a human and a pig. Very nice. Wake up ya Indian
Kaylee Kriebel (6 days ago)
The skinny girl is judgy and rude, I believe the other girl could loose weight but that tiny twig is giving her rude looks, she thinks she's so much better than her because she don't weigh more than 70 lbs
The Dómino Effect (6 days ago)
Jaden,i feel so bad for her she looks so sad
Shannon Kelley (6 days ago)
You could tell that the skinny girl was judging the other girl like your not eating any healthier then her MA’AM
Fox Plays (7 days ago)
*Weight Dosent matter but, don’t get too big or get TOO skinny you might you know, die..*
SEXI CLEAN (7 days ago)
I'd rather be the bigger one here... .
Cara-Ann McLeod (7 days ago)
Julie is the most beautiful person. Size doesn’t matter.
Cara-Ann McLeod (6 days ago)
norah it’s ok. have a good day.
norah (6 days ago)
@Cara-Ann McLeod ok i undetstand sorry
Cara-Ann McLeod (6 days ago)
norah i never said that. i said size didn’t matter. you can be fat, you can be skinny, you can be an alien. i don’t care. they make a thing called “super skinny vs super sized” just to show what the heavier person eats.
norah (6 days ago)
@Cara-Ann McLeod you hate skinny bodies?
Cara-Ann McLeod (6 days ago)
norah what does aahh mean?
Rose Greenstone (7 days ago)
Okay how much is a stone in kilograms
s s (7 days ago)
What a waste of food!!
WOW I’m 13 and I weigh more than the skinny girl
hi im lydia (9 days ago)
im 12 and i weigh about 67 pounds 😢 this makes me feel bad
Screaming Measles (7 days ago)
It just depends on how your height lines up with your weight
Little Strawberry (10 days ago)
how tall is jade
Little Strawberry (10 days ago)
how come this vid comes up when you search "proana" how weird
Trash Teen 2.0 (11 days ago)
I would do anything to have that flat of a stomach. I'm already becoming anorexic because of how much I hate myself and body.
Gem Mill (11 days ago)
5 stone ffs I am 9 stone
Clara Mercury (11 days ago)
The food in the tube puts me off my appetite
Sea Turtle (11 days ago)
jade, i saw ya make that face at julieーcome on girl, youre both unhealthy chill out .
Angela (12 days ago)
If I could touch her she’d snap
Park Jimine (13 days ago)
I barely even eat I eat 2 a day
Hazel Lapidario (13 days ago)
“i like food. i like it so i eat it.” same sis same
Legacy Archive (13 days ago)
The skinny one is still cute, the big one is just nasty.
GUINEA PIG ARMY (13 days ago)
I like em big I like em chunky
James Wayne (13 days ago)
I don't understand how these people live without fibre? How do they take shits? Most of my diet is fibre, if you were to look at my plate its mostly green, red and orange from all the vegetables with a little bit of meat and some rice or pasta on average.
Lulu Wyndham (13 days ago)
Have some damn respect Jade u rude bitch like stop being so judgemental. like... Woah u r not perfect either. It's called honesty.
Karee Picard (14 days ago)
This is sizised
Josie Bear (14 days ago)
Holy, I’m 132 pounds and 5’3 and I really only eat apples and ice
Ella Shish (14 days ago)
When an adult is lighter than your 11yo self
Brandon E (15 days ago)
FACT: the less food you eat+the smaller you are, the longer you will live.
Adeline Cannon (15 days ago)
This us very dangerous
And I did not no a adult can be that big like you 😅👌 I already knew that LMBO 😂
The skinny pile reached a higher level than the supersize pile because of the coffee.
groove communicator (16 days ago)
This is kind of rude because they are basicly body standing julie
Kadence Rae (16 days ago)
The 70lb woman was kinda judging the other girl
Harry Potter fan 4life (16 days ago)
“I like food. I like it so I eat it.” Me:Dead 😂
Closed Forever (16 days ago)
My aunt is the size of that heavy chick.
Broccoli boi UA (17 days ago)
I absolutely hate this video........ I just kinda feel like it’s weight shaming just a little bit. Honestly if I were in that room, I would ligit have at least one panic attack
҉ (17 days ago)
fats deserve the rope
Nugbugfan Mcnuggy (17 days ago)
I like food i like food so i eat it. I like cars i like cars so i eat it. I like my friends i like my friends so i eat them.
vvelvettearss (17 days ago)
why on earth would you have cheese and onion rolls for lunch? just why? thats not food, maybe bit of protein and sustainance but mostly processed crap , unneeded pastry flour, all not necessary and excess carbs zero nutrition and ice crean for breakfast really? ew. even if youre overweight how could you live off loading that garbage into your body on a daily basis. makes me feel sick however i know when you keep it up your taste buds change so the way it is i guess but still disgusting
Kelly Hudler (18 days ago)
They chose a really skinny girl and compared her to a regular fat girl to make it look worse to be skinny they need to put an obese or morbid obese girl to make it fair.
AxZer_ia (18 days ago)
Ok I think people aren’t focusing on how she said I like food I like it so I eat it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG SAME
Amee Metcalfe (18 days ago)
Just let the be you don't need diet comparison JUST LET THEM BE
aliitleboy. (18 days ago)
Yeah! Let them be! Lets them die and let no- one help them!
Sophie Withey (18 days ago)
“I like it so I eat it” - that’s legit mee
Ex Dee (19 days ago)
*the first result when you search proana lmao*
Diana Zuniga (19 days ago)
My god she’s flat
Cookie Muffin (19 days ago)
That ending tho I like food,i like food........so I eat it Omfg I lost it
Annie Kuzmin (19 days ago)
Skinny girl is so rude its disgusting
Unknown Rat (19 days ago)
The dude looked so rude
Freajin Bored yysy (19 days ago)
Is the high amounts of caffine the reason why Jade is such a bitch?
Kevin The best (19 days ago)
A super fit bitch!
jams wanted (19 days ago)
Damn I eat like 500 calories a day
Gamer Girl (19 days ago)
Sophie Merissa (19 days ago)
what monster eats *plain* toast?
Eww, eww, eww, yuck, yuck, yuck, gross, gross, gross.
Ellie B. (20 days ago)
I feel bad bc I eat a little bit less than Julie and I'm still not gaining height, I'm slightly underweight but I want my body to be perfect for my standards..
Ketofication (20 days ago)
Anime Lover4life (21 days ago)
My gosh she’s smol.
Dd Mane (21 days ago)
Hi I am on the way home 🏡 should we get do it later I want know I don’t wan like go oooo
Saryu Reddy (21 days ago)
Saryu Reddy (21 days ago)
Saryu Reddy (21 days ago)
256 (21 days ago)
Bro that looked wayyyy more than ten cups of coffee
256 (20 days ago)
smokinglion oh I think they do I’ve been stupid this whole time lmao
smokinglion (20 days ago)
256 don’t they put a whole weeks worth of food into the tubes? or have i just been stoopid this whole time...
Foxy 6537 (21 days ago)
I like Food I and eat it because I like it 😐😑😐
Aria Blue (21 days ago)
Gabby Camargo (22 days ago)
“I like food. I like it so I eat it.” No sh*t Sherlock
Islander Samurai (22 days ago)
The skinny gurl was lighter than my little cousin and he is only 6 oh wait I'm islander so it makes sense that we eat alot 😂😂😂😂😂😂
kade mctavish (22 days ago)
*smol* VS *huge*
Naomi Hebble (22 days ago)
2:34 me
Jessica Brewster (22 days ago)
When the video ended there was an ice cream ad😂😂😂😂
Isha Mahmood (22 days ago)
I'm 4 stones and I'm 8 she is and adults and she's 5 stones like whatttt
Isha Mahmood (22 days ago)
MissDevil666x (22 days ago)
I am 5.2
Glowceli (22 days ago)
oi moi goid
Andrea Gomez (22 days ago)
The guy stands there with two girls in their underwear....
Boiled Butterfly (22 days ago)
“I like food, so I eat it.” And best sentence award goes to!
Peyton Did it (23 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for Julie just cause she looked so uncomfortable. But Yknow Julie it’s always good to eat healthy but if u wanna look like that...THATS PERFECTLY FINE and if u love ur body that great but it still better to eat some healthy food but I’m not judging who am i to judge u.
Teddy Leaf (23 days ago)
Well.... At least the skinny girl said “Your fat.” To the other BUT WHY IN THE WORLD DID A GROWN MAN STAND THERE WASTE GOOD FOOD (ice cream) WHILE TO GIRLS ARE IN THERE UNDERS!
broken love (23 days ago)
You guys should not judge a person like this that is so rude it hurts people's feelings when you do that type of stuff😒😒
Jade Edmondston (23 days ago)
Hey she’s jade and I’m jade
Mahir Ullah (23 days ago)
I like food. I like it so I eat it.
Uriah Adkins (23 days ago)
My gosh she's small me. gosh your a fat ass
Appelsinan (23 days ago)
2:35 - 2:40 This is me 100%

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