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Jade and Julie compare diets

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Dr Christian uses the food tubes to show the girls how vast the difference in their diets are. Next Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2vTPS_1xEo In this documentary series, two people suffering from the effects of severe diets are placed in a medically supervised environment and swap diets for five days, after which they follow a healthy eating plan for three months before returning for a final weigh-in and health screening. The program also features Dr. Christian Jessen providing the two participants healthy eating tips and journalist Anna Richardson testing the latest fad diets.
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Satanic DevilMan (6 hours ago)
00:19 Whoa! Thats crazy! *is an american and couldn't tell you what 23 stone means if you put a gun to my head*
Bloxburg Girls (10 hours ago)
Jade is the same weight and I’m 9
Elizabeth Bell (21 hours ago)
They are both perfect in every way!!!!
Abby Schmid (12 hours ago)
not when health problems come in.
GraceV 721 (22 hours ago)
I hate it when the skinny girl is like making rude faces at the other girls diet I just think it is so rude to judge that person
Ella’s Galaxy (1 day ago)
I’m 5 stone and I’m 11. I’m not fat, I’m me.
Rose Official (4 days ago)
I’m friggin 5 stone And I’m 10 years old
Sans Undertale (4 days ago)
Paps: turn that frown upside down! Me:🙃
CUT - (4 days ago)
avocado juice. (5 days ago)
Kin Cozad (5 days ago)
2:35 Me
Grim Reaper (5 days ago)
Jade is extremely underweight!! Her diet needs improvement. Someone for her age should not be that small. (She is about 79 lbs {according to conversions and comments} and looks like shes in her 20's. I am 14 and I am a 113 lbs. Still a few pounds underweight but definitely healthier than her.)
Izabelle Otis (5 days ago)
2:37 *I See It. I Want It. I Like It. I EAT IT.*
Dxm 2hi (5 days ago)
I dindnt know a human could be that small ME: yeah cos ur bigger than moto moto
bowlchamps37 (5 days ago)
1:30 Yeah, 1kg caffeine is not healthy
Alex Qgarcia (6 days ago)
Lost abittite
Alenka Burgar (6 days ago)
Subscribe to pewdirpie!!! Quick save our king
Kadence Grace (7 days ago)
BloomingHaku (7 days ago)
“I like food” “ I like it so I eat it” *mood*
Cogan Family (7 days ago)
I feel bad for for Julia because when hey showed her breakfast jade rolled her eyes 😞
Jessica Unicorn (7 days ago)
The end is me in a nutshell 2:35- onwards
Frederikke Veddinge (7 days ago)
Frederikke Veddinge (7 days ago)
No...Just, no
Sindiya L (7 days ago)
I like food. I eat it coz I like it. XD wtf
Charis Axiopoulos (8 days ago)
So secret is to stop consuming sugar
Luciid MinD (8 days ago)
She got a dick
Catherine Pryor (8 days ago)
I'm really trying hard to loose weight I do exercise and I my diet is eating little food and healthy food :3 basically nothing eating anything :/
Us: Africans: Us: Africans: Relly.
Kool Kid (8 days ago)
I clicked on this thinking it was some buzzfeed video lol
Oofer Gaming (8 days ago)
She must be so self-conscious in that outfit.
catlover39 0 (8 days ago)
"I like it so I eat it" you go girl😂😂😂
- 태 (8 days ago)
how do people eat that much and not have stomach ache constantly?
Hektic YT (8 days ago)
oh moy good
The chipstick Channel (9 days ago)
5 stone 9... jades flatness is scaring me
moogan ._. jamz (9 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the way they say caffeine is kind of satisfying?
Leah Ibragimov (9 days ago)
"I like food, i like it so i eat it"
Becca Bex (9 days ago)
I’m 13 and I weigh 8stone is that bad??
eagles eye (10 days ago)
Waste of food
Gatcha Goober (10 days ago)
Jade is a bitch
Stacey Robinson (10 days ago)
I think they should re-name this show "how to give people an eating disorder".
IB Games (10 days ago)
No offence but to be honest Idk but I think that none of them is healthier that the other ! Because one is obesed and one is Anorexic
IB Games (10 days ago)
Jade is Anorexic
Eleri Haf Feiven (10 days ago)
My god what a way to meet
StripyStuff (10 days ago)
Skinny woman is underweight she needs some meat on those bones
Hayatenatsuga Akatsuki (10 days ago)
why are they sending it down tubes? dumb idea
Lucy Haverty (11 days ago)
Julie definitely lied about her food diary
olivi a (11 days ago)
im 12 and im under 90 pounds do to my eating disorder :p
Beautiful Erin (11 days ago)
U can’t judge about people’s weight
Galaxy Cat (11 days ago)
Jacqui Lage (11 days ago)
idc girl (11 days ago)
Look at all that food that was wasted smh
*why am I watching this when I'm eating*
Cocco Classen (12 days ago)
“I like it so I eat it” Ummm well I like books sooooo (grabs nearest book) TWO WEEKS LATER Doctor-umm ma’m, I have found paper in your digestive system..... please tell me how it got their... Me-I like it so I eat it Doctor- (grabs his medical degree and eats it furiously)
D H (12 days ago)
I like food. I like it so I eat it *video cuts off*
Sophia Sandoval (12 days ago)
I feel bad😢
Isabella Lockwood (12 days ago)
0:05 do you see the face the nostrils are the eyes and the lips are the mouth there is no nose
Elizabeth Montag (12 days ago)
0:14 when I check my grades
Gacha Summer Edits (13 days ago)
This is how i feel at mine school lmao im so fat
Faith Dyer (13 days ago)
It takes time to loose weight
yousra and ritaj (13 days ago)
Imagine how cringey this was without music or the narrator......
Ross PlayzGacha (13 days ago)
Oh hell nah.
Braxton Carter (13 days ago)
A beached whale and a walking skeleton.
Maykiele Lima (13 days ago)
Madison Runge (14 days ago)
I have caffeine addiction
Alicia U (14 days ago)
Julie complimenting Jade while Jade is judging julie wow ....
Cookie_playz (14 days ago)
I weigh more than the skinny girl I WEIGH 90 SOMETHIN POUNDS IM ONLY 10
Cookie_playz (13 days ago)
+apocalypticrabies now I weight 100 pounds.
apocalypticrabies (13 days ago)
that's a normal weight though? im 13 and weigh 125 :/
dakota 305 (14 days ago)
she’s 76 and she’s 330 bruhh
GaChA MaTiOnS (14 days ago)
I like food. I like it so I EAT it. Huh I thought she was on a diet
Ellie Bull (15 days ago)
We know u like food that’s why you are obese
Ellie Bull (15 days ago)
A normal adult it about 7 pounds. It’s just cause your fat and you can only put on weight now fat ogre
Jonathan Vlogs (15 days ago)
What about me I literally barely eat anything, I’m 14 years old, 5’8, 115 lbs
Rodney Garbutt (15 days ago)
Had a needs to put on weight
Jada I mean
Yaleni Sotelo (15 days ago)
I am overwieght to and I am trying to make a change
Midnight Gacha (16 days ago)
Well their brave to just be in their bra and underwear I’d never do that
Aarna Verma (16 days ago)
This is just rude. They are calling Julie fat.
kermit the frog (16 days ago)
I rat McDonalds
Emilia Rose (16 days ago)
I weigh almost double what jade weighs
Chad Keech (16 days ago)
I love when people talk like Forrest Gump. I like food.... I like it so I eat it
Fre Ak (16 days ago)
Superskinny is hot
WhateverItTakes (16 days ago)
Why does he say a week’s worth of food? It’s obviously a day’s worth of food.
The Dixon Girls (16 days ago)
I'm the 5 stone person but I'm 4 stone 'cause i'm a child.
Mya Nelson (17 days ago)
Mya Nelson (17 days ago)
Mya Nelson (17 days ago)
Fatty Skinny sub nő dönt 😂😂😂😂😂
Carolyn Dolan (17 days ago)
Me:*sees cake and tastes a tiny bit* Also me:*gains 200 pounds*
lil unicorn 101 (18 days ago)
this is just insulting
Octopus Food (22 days ago)
5 stone 9 😵
Pogo Stick (23 days ago)
Sarah Koob (23 days ago)
im on the big girls team because the skinny girl is like 😱 just like she should mind her own business because shes petty
Sarah Koob (23 days ago)
So the skinny girl legit looks like her butt is a squearded box
MyWifeTookTheKids (23 days ago)
I’m only 10 and I’m 9.3 stone and I’m actually tall as well
UnicornsPoop Rainbows (24 days ago)
She's way to skinny compared to julie.....😱
Omega (24 days ago)
Crushed Belette (25 days ago)
They really wanted us to watch the boobs of this anorexic bitch
Hannah Stone (25 days ago)
When she said at the I like… so I eat it
Pedro Amaral (25 days ago)
Nice BBW!!!
Gonzalo Molina (26 days ago)
Cambiar a español Personally this product helped me too, when I decided to lose weight the only solution was this product http://bit.ly/2SoM3uB I hope you help friends.
doggo___ __lover (26 days ago)
The bigger girl should not be ashamed about her body she would love her self as she is because she is super pretty
Monserrate Bravo (26 days ago)
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's fat www i like the skinny one bettr
krate Mitchell (26 days ago)
The 2 things to make a person lose weight, nicotine and caffeine
Blubl Bop (26 days ago)
Omg why are you people being so damn rude to the fat girl? I found the other one more annoying and bitch.

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