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When To Wear A T-Shirt - Men And T Shirts - Men's Casual Style Tips - Fashion Advice

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Text Comments (46)
Rhn P (1 year ago)
Wearing shirts without ironing means feels like awkward though
Rhn P (1 year ago)
I preferred to wear/have t shirts instead of shirts simply because of the fact that I don't need to iron anymore and of course I am saving my time and all😂
Tesayeke (3 years ago)
i love wearing t-shirts, now i sell them, is there any dressing tips u can improvise/adapted wearing t-shirts, with jeans, shorts, pants or a way to look little bit more official.
Marz Cos (3 years ago)
ur a robot
Marz Cos (3 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style "I an a real Person!" sounds like something a robot would say
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+Marz Cos I am a real person! Have you seen my latest videos? This is a 2011 video and I always try to get better. :)
crazy69 07 (3 years ago)
cool totally with your views.....
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+crazy69 07 glad you liked it
Chew Zhaohang (4 years ago)
We prefer t shirt in Malaysia and we wear t shirt daily
Chew Zhaohang (4 years ago)
You have to know that in Malaysia, the weather is so hot that almost we, the Malaysian does not own a jacket in our entire life ,because we are not gonna use it unless we have to travel to other country
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Chew Zhaohang A good alternative for t shirt would be polo shirts and summer dress shirts: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/hot-weather-dressing/
IKB 79 (4 years ago)
what's going on with your left lapel?
Vaiune (4 years ago)
Antonio, I am tall and slim so no T-shirt ever fits me off-the-rack. Should I try and buy slim tees in stores (or online) and then get them tailored (they'd have to take the chest in about 4-5'' or more, and there's often a lot of fabric under the arm) or should I order custom T-shirts? What are good stores/websites for someone like me to buy short and long-sleeved tees?
Andrew (3 years ago)
+Vaiune if you're still trying to find a place for nice fitting t-shirts I'd check out Gustin. I'm 6'1 145lbs so I'm on the skinny side and most t-shirts are either too full or too short. Gustins medium shirts are a prefect fit for me. If you don't mind a substantial wait time and paying a little extra for a quality tee then I highly suggest you check them out. If not for t-shirts then there other products are also highly recommended.
Vaiune (4 years ago)
+Real Men Real Style  None of those links actually sell t-shirts, only white undershirts. Well, thank you for the reply anyway, I might try the mall+tailor route, I hope the tailor can take out all the fabric without making the shirt look weird. XD
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Vaiune great hearing from you. You can choose from these products that I have used and do recommend: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/resources/mens-stores/ These website should be helpful:  http://ribbedtee.com/#2 http://www.5thandlamar.com/ https://fifthandbrannan.com/ Hope this helps!
Nathan Beilke (5 years ago)
How do you wear a tshirt with a blazer/sport coat? Is v-neck the best option?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Nathan Beilke great to hear from you Nathan. Lightly patterned dress shirt would work with a sport coat. This article should help: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/sports-jacket-with-jeans/
Adhrit D (5 years ago)
#dukanee.com. It really feels comfortable in T-shirt.  As you told to wear jacket with T-shirt in video. Which kind of t-shirt should be wear with it. I mean with collar or without collar.
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
You are welcome sir.
AsangaSP (5 years ago)
Why asking this questions. Just have very fit physique then every thing fits.
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
glad it works for you!
Charlie Greenfield (6 years ago)
Pro tip for metal concerts: Do not wear a collar shirt, jewlery, chains, jackets, blazers, or steel-toed boots if you plan to get in the mosh pit. Do not bring your wallet. Always wear a T-SHIRT and jeans. Preferably one representing the band.
Josh (6 years ago)
To whom wrote that letter, I thank you because that was my exact thought and question, and I thank you Mr. Antonio for not only addressing that question but for making me a little bit more sharper.
Lonewolf777able (6 years ago)
I wanna wear a t shirt inside my suit it's kinda've laid back relaxed and cool
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@mhielsena I can add it to the list. You don't normally see suspenders without a jacket over them, which at least theoretically hides them, but there certainly are casual ones out there meant to be worn visibly...so I guess we'd better do a video!
Miel Seña (7 years ago)
can you do a video on ways to how to dress casual for men..with suspenders?
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@itiroeto You might actually find the collar on a light safari or button-fronted short-sleeved shirt helpful for keeping sweat off -- but there's certainly room for T-shirts when people are being active in tropical climates.
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@skibumwin I can't link in the comments, but we've done a few videos specifically for younger men -- check our channel's archives out!
Ronan (7 years ago)
can you do a video on ways to dress for younger guys, like 16 to 20
Henrique Eto (7 years ago)
Well,in a hot place like Brazil I usually use T-shirt,because with a collared shirt you sweat more!But I try to avoid tee because as @RealMenRealStyle said,it is not as cool as a shirt :D
Kobelkid (7 years ago)
@DrDeim Dafür, dass du 15 bist, ist dein Englisch aber sehr gut Oo
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@ditbot You can even layer and stay warm:)
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@Xtil This is a great question - in the que for early 2012 - sorry so long - but I have to spend some time with family:) !
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@Nudation Of course I do - you all only see me in these vids dressed up! I'll hit more casual style options as time goes on!
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@TheWolfMusic12 Will answer this one here in the next two months bud!
Static Wolf (7 years ago)
you spoke of having a jacket on with a T-shirt.. what kind of T-shirts would be good with a sport jacket or blazer? When would it be proper to wear a T-shirt with a sport jacket?
Xtil (7 years ago)
Can you cover what can be done for very cold days? Particularly for head wear since it keeps me warm but also messes up my hair. Arrive early and fix my hair in the bathroom perhaps?
ditbot (7 years ago)
I WEAR HEEPS OF T-SHIRTS....As pajamas. In highschool in invested in lots of wacky t-shirts and they are still not going to waste!
Franz Deim (7 years ago)
@RealMenRealStyle haha clubs in europe are amazing xD I'm just 15 and I get into every club I want without a faked ID. PS: big compliment for you antonio! love your blog. I recently started wearing a sport jacket to school (what's ok because I'm in a really good school) and I get a lots of compliments. I just got a pocket quare and people love it. Big thank you again. Greetings from Austria!
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@Rich949 Anytime I can bring a purple gumdrop shaped figure from the 80s into my videos - I will!
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@uhelp06 I'm going to try to tackle casual dressing more in the next 100 vids! Stay tuned!
jesus chainz (7 years ago)
hey,Antonio i was wondering how should i dress like casual .I just started to dress like a real gentlemen and sometimes its very uncomfortable wearing a suit.
Rich949 (7 years ago)
Heh, nice grimace example. You have a nice tie dimple here. Thanks for the video! Discothèque!
Real Men Real Style (7 years ago)
@DBrownofdc That's what they call clubs in Europe! I guess I could have just called them bars/clubs - but I just like the word disco-tech - sounds cooler!
Brother Nature (7 years ago)
a disco-tech!?!?!? what are you, 78 years old!!??? :-D btw you should do a video on scarf knots / wrap styles for winter.

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