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Getting dressed in the 14th century

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Two women get dressed in the medieval fashion of 14th century England. Costumes based on the illustrations in the Luttrell Psalter. Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Women: Kirsty Hannah, Lucy Sherre Cooper Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart Voice-over: Martha Milne https://www.instagram.com/machinequilter/ Location: The Saxonhouse http://www.saxonhouse.co.uk/ Hair: Anita Cudbertson Carpentry: Peter Halse Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/potshop1/ Music: Luttrell Psalter plainchant arranged by Kate Witney and recorded by Bryan Rudd Stella Splendens performed by Azhriaz Dularne and Sara Rollit, recorded by Brian Rudd
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Text Comments (3338)
Jeff D (6 minutes ago)
thats cool
Jon Bovi (16 minutes ago)
6:06 woman in 14th century wear hijab, so why 21st century woman dont?
Erodoeht (1 hour ago)
What did they smell like? Did they leave poop on their butts? Did they not wipe?
Reynard the Fox (1 hour ago)
...aaaannnnddddd.... just as they finished getting dressed for the day, night began to fall, and they started the undressing process....
Mega Baha (1 hour ago)
This is hijab, nice woman
rushan akmal (2 hours ago)
Muslim in medieval time
Erlia Rahma (4 hours ago)
Beutifull dress
TheBeybladeSport (4 hours ago)
Nice. Jesus Bless
konan barbarian (4 hours ago)
So...the christial woman used to be covered ljke the muslim woman backthen..so why this crusade against islam and the muslim clothings ? I wonder?
Raza Hussain (5 hours ago)
It's obviously fake. First video camera was invented in 1888. Good try tho
christakara27 (5 hours ago)
How many click this video and not interested on the history?
polymathecian (5 hours ago)
Thank you for your sacrifice, ancestors.
Jean Pierre maximus (6 hours ago)
So did we need to play holymusic.mp3 too
Loveguy Mate (11 hours ago)
We came a long way.... Thanks to Common sense and ingenuity
Darjaboo (12 hours ago)
European history is the most beautiful, such a rich culture.
TheBeybladeSport (4 hours ago)
Yes. Jesus Bless.. love from India
tubeme206 (15 hours ago)
what happen if they have to rush to the hospital
hogensan (18 hours ago)
The <1%
Steven V (19 hours ago)
"Its good to be the king"
farhan khan (19 hours ago)
It's called hijab these days.
Therese (6 hours ago)
*Trash bag
peter lee (21 hours ago)
Fuck me ur give me a stork on
Kurniawan Adi Prasetyo (22 hours ago)
can't do some quickie things to your woman..
Perfume World (1 day ago)
Beatufil VideoThanks
Mike Triz (1 day ago)
I'm coughing up a lung watching her get dressed...
Samid Seno (1 day ago)
The top evolution of fashion, just like syar'i in islam. But now? Back to stone age.
RKT 2 (1 day ago)
I want this kind of dress back for women again in the west. Women walking around uncovered are destroying western civilization.
Therese (6 hours ago)
Not really. Decay of morals is destroying our civilization.
RASHID FARHAN (1 day ago)
What about Islam?????
bayu subkhi (1 day ago)
Women in 14s wear hijab tho
Spacial (1 day ago)
The glass windows are another common feature. We know this because, well, we've all seen it in the movies.
Mars Redplanet (1 day ago)
Thats hijab.
Q Tech HD (1 day ago)
In old ages, women used to dress the way to show about their dignity
Zumba Zumba (1 day ago)
so them 14th cen gals goes commando daily and how am i here?
akam akam (1 day ago)
Why has bra?
Oryza Pratama (1 day ago)
They just look more muslim than now
Terry Dean Channel (1 day ago)
Where to find a wife of this nature?
Pickle Person (1 day ago)
This is why it takes women so long to get ready
tranquil Nice (1 day ago)
i'm pretty sure this is how arabs dress in the 21st century
Andy Sanger (1 day ago)
How about getting undressed in the 14th century 😁
zvczvcvzxcv (1 day ago)
Kind of saucy getting dressed right in front of the window with the light shining in.
David Vasquez (1 day ago)
Now they practically walk naked at Wal*Mart.
fanjapanischermusik (1 day ago)
so they used to make fire right where they've had slept. a nightmare to any firefighter.
ekim andersom (1 day ago)
At 0:28 i lost interest
rusty nuts (1 day ago)
They were stanky up under there! 🐟💩🤢
4 Deuce (1 day ago)
Thank God for thongs & miniskirts
G. Kurfurst (1 day ago)
Not sure about the music... Shouldn't it be like some minstrel folk music instead?
Now women's hate clothes... I wish she would go back few centuries back, when women's used to wear nothing 😁
Lost Redditor 🏵 (8 hours ago)
who said women hate clothes??? lmao i love clothes???
Bu Zhidao (1 day ago)
This life in modern day Poland today.
PhiL B (1 day ago)
By the time the dressing is complete, gotta go pee and start all over again
XVI 47182 (2 days ago)
6:50 That's a Hijab! Shit! What the fuck? Hijab in 14th Century in Europe? What? What?
XVI 47182 (2 days ago)
She's Gorgeous 😍😍😍
Muhammad Ali (2 days ago)
Better make some videos on undressing too
Lost Redditor 🏵 (8 hours ago)
play the video backwards XD
atif khan (2 days ago)
So.... That's why women still take time to get ready.. previously it was the dress..now since they need to utilise all of that time..they spend it on dress + make up.. Got it. Old habits seldom change!!!
YouTube Moderator (2 days ago)
This video is FAR from historically accurate.
YouTube Moderator (2 hours ago)
+Lost Redditor 🏵 Exactly!
Lost Redditor 🏵 (8 hours ago)
daffystruck (2 days ago)
Who else came for the beautiful and the sunlight :-)
Czecher86 (2 days ago)
just like muslims these days..
garsia42 (2 days ago)
Are you sure? Already they've done boob job in 14th century.
Bill M. (2 days ago)
Okay, now let's have one called, "Getting Naked in the 14th Century" 😬
Warner Robins (2 days ago)
So women ran around peeing were ever they wanted. Wow they were as lucky as men back then.
Kiyoshi Nariko (2 days ago)
You body is beautiful, very pleasing to the eyes.
Kiyoshi Nariko (7 hours ago)
+Lost Redditor 🏵 Okay
Lost Redditor 🏵 (8 hours ago)
SPReddy Reds (2 days ago)
The belt she wore is all the dress women wear nowadays.
Goofy Newfy (2 days ago)
Is this sexual?
askhan111 (2 days ago)
Very grateful
Reverend Al (2 days ago)
Nuns were highly fashionable in the 14th century.
M W (2 days ago)
Getting dressed, followed by the Bubonic plague
Elvermen Zero (2 days ago)
my eye ah!!! my eye ah!!! why blocking the good view why.......😭😭😭😭😭😭
So Specially Me (2 days ago)
Everybody would have stunk like fire smoke too. No way round that one.
So Specially Me (2 days ago)
That very first outfit is SO practical and has many great qualities that todays garments lack. Then .. of course, fashion set in big time and things got more and more intricate and yes, stunning .. but I love the simplicity of the first look.
Christian Geiselmann (2 days ago)
Phantastic idea to hide everything in smoke.
AL T Tude (2 days ago)
Going commando with the loose clothing is hot. They just needed some good razors to tame the cat in the lap.
jstrahan2 (2 days ago)
Men must have had great difficulty removing all those layers.
Iftikhar Ahmad (2 days ago)
So I see 14th century cristians wearing hijab!!🙄🙄
Avery Tyler MGTOW (2 days ago)
deepsudeep (2 days ago)
That looks so middle eastern!
Spongebob Squarepants (2 days ago)
This music freaks me out “A well fitting pair of hoes”
El Hade (2 days ago)
This outfits would probably be banned now in the West.
jeeshadow (2 days ago)
halfway thru the process, her dad comes in and says, "we just had dinner, get some good sleep!"
Arianna Abreu (3 days ago)
It's funny now people call Muslim woman oppressed for wearing a veil. When the veil is CENTURIES old 😹😹😹 the heck
HGST (3 days ago)
I like how the sun rays shines thru her smock
Music by Samrat (3 days ago)
Compare it with 2019 Miami beach
jurisprudens (2 days ago)
I'm sure, in the 14th century Florida, they wore even less than nowadays.
sammyvh11 (3 days ago)
Too clean looking for those days especially in the winter. Everything was soiled and smelled unless you were in the 1%. Not a great time to live.
Dave30867 (3 days ago)
Now i know where the meaning a cold woman comes from within the male community anyways . 🤣
Man0fMeans (3 days ago)
I could tell those girls still had hot bodies
Did they bathe not often too?? 😷
Michelle Coppola (3 days ago)
No boob support? (shudders)
Homan Ho (3 days ago)
In medieval time, there were no fireplace in houses? The house filled in smoke.
jurisprudens (2 days ago)
Depended on your wealth.
agung prawira (4 days ago)
It is a christian women way of dress, or moslem women? Coz right now they hate those kind of way even trough is not themself wearing it.. Only the moslem women do it till now, and they dont care what other people try to tell them what they can or not what to wear.
mick hanks (4 days ago)
Sounds about right. My girl starts dressing in the 14th century and is ready to go in the 21 first.
Laughing Man (4 days ago)
So basically they were Muslim?
Therese (6 hours ago)
Obviously not.
BackWoods Outlaw (4 days ago)
“The hoes where held in place” lmao gotta keep those hoes in check
Citadel (4 days ago)
What a great video. Heritage people. Remember it.
thomas bishop (4 days ago)
did men likewise wear robes (note the style of music), togas, kilts, smocks, yukatas, kaftans or tunics before indoor plumbing and running water? thank god for indoor plumbing and showers, as well as automatic washing machines.
jurisprudens (2 days ago)
I heard that having an automatic washer at home in today's San Francisco is a "luxury". ;)
Shawna Graham (5 days ago)
Let’s not forget everyone stunk to high hell because they never bathed
_Paws_ (5 days ago)
6:13 So it was like hijab and was a sort of popular in some parts of Europe. According to some paintings, it was a widespread fashion but not worn by everyone.
Johan (5 days ago)
I don't think women shaved their legs in the medieval times.
its hard to learn when theres Church singers next to my head
frep you (6 days ago)
what a pain in the @$$ lol
ODYSSEY ARTS (6 days ago)
Excellent series, very well done. History of costume dress and fashion is fascinating. To those that believe things were impractical back then, think again. Conditions were different. Industrial manufactured clothing didn't exist. Everything was handmade, with natural materials that breathe. Yes, they had bedbugs, but they knew how to get rid of them, too. Today there is an epidemic of bedbugs in Western countries, due to the ongoing immigrant invasions, coming from poor countries. Modernity brought so many advantages and benefits, yet we are regressing. They possessed no electricity, no cars, no phones, none of all that we have today. Yet, life was quite civilized. If an EMP strikes us today, we will be back in cave man mode. Few will have useful skills for survival. The place technology has brought us to has two sides.
1ray234 (6 days ago)
Where are you my darling ???
bgtcsjm (6 days ago)
Seriously, I never thought they would dress like a Muslim today. I've heard that they used to cover their heads but those garments are really similar to those worn by Muslim. 😮
Merlin (7 days ago)
600 years later, they still take this long to get dressed if not longer.
Red Planet Industries (7 days ago)
Sexier if you play it in reverse.

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