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India's First Instagram Crorepati | The Aashna Shroff Story | BeerBiceps Interview

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Aashna Shroff's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aashnashroff/ Aashna Shroff's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_Qcz3B9qsIT1U2upD9btQ Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/RanveerAllahbadia INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps https://www.instagram.com/beerbiceps/ TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy https://twitter.com/BeerBicepsGuy TAMIL BeerBiceps : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoM4EsNWQdKlNEK_guukNQ What’s good guys, in today’s video I am going to be interviewing the social media superstar Aashna Shroff who has made her blog TheSnobJournal into a brand in the past 4-5 years and is now earning in 5 figures every month! In this interview, she talks about her experiences growing up as a middle class kid and how that has shaped her into what she is today. Her journey as a female entrepreneur is really inspiring not just for young women her age but everyone who dreams of achieving her dreams.This Indian entrepreneur story is a women in business inspiration story everyone needs to know. I hope this motivational speech helps you with all the motivation & inspiration you need at this point in your life! This is one of our first videos in the women entrepreneurship series & you should expect more such videos ---------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps TWITTER : @beerbicepsguy facebook.com/beerbiceps BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness, health, lifestyle, fashion, men's grooming and personality development channel Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (1756)
vicky kirad (1 hour ago)
Hey ranveer today I'm know one but my biggest goal is one day you'll invite me on your show when i become something love you brother you are my mentor
Ruhin Sandhi (8 hours ago)
Her mothr is truly blessd to have a daughtr like this...they are swappin responsibilities with time...grt to hear your story...i want u to earn more n serve ur family and poor both...
Bella patel (12 hours ago)
Very inspirational...T Y...
Vinay Kumar (17 hours ago)
Both of you are loking good together!!
Salman Shahid (1 day ago)
you know that your instagram followers are just at the distance of *(I G R O C K E T D O T C O M)* ....
s pai (2 days ago)
I want a genuine answer. How much tax does blogger pay ? It's important to highlight that as well.
Gopal Patro (5 days ago)
So guyzz..need to be alert please unfollow evry1
Bhawna Sharma (5 days ago)
Harsh Shah (5 days ago)
Very nice video rv
Po-Nish Vlogs (5 days ago)
Throughout the time she was speaking i could connect as i pursue the same thinking, same behaviour n yes stubbornness too😉
Varun Mahajan (6 days ago)
I never use Instagram
aman pehal (8 days ago)
Thank my man, badly needed it.
Kika Longkumer (8 days ago)
Pretty 💗 Personality 💗 Voice💗
firefox (13 days ago)
these days people are respecting such bloggers, what happeend to docs, engineers, lawyers and all?
Muhammad Ali (13 days ago)
You can earn more than that, if u ....🍌😜
Surprise ATV (18 days ago)
Nice #SurpriseATV
Anirudh Bhaskaran (21 days ago)
These Kardashian-types should NOT be endorsed as "successful" or "self-made" or MOST IMPORTANTLY, "entrepreneurs"... They incentivize young Indians to pursue these useless paths to fame & money, instead of focusing on fields that contribute to national growth. The US already has a dime a dozen of these fruitcakes & their little social-media "trends"... In this case, India is better late forever! Look at the promising startups Vivek Bindra has been interviewing recently... Those are the "young & successful" Indians we must support & publicize... not these triflers.
Hardik Siroha (22 days ago)
She is a genuine lady but one new trend worldwide is that a lot of cheap Instagram hoes are getting rich out of tharki guys testosterone.
Om Kar (24 days ago)
"If you see someone achieved success before you, clap as hard as you want to hear from the people when you achieve success."
Sam Sindhi (28 days ago)
Gareeb log China se import kese krte h Bhai....??
Ayushi Bansal (29 days ago)
I have no idea who she is. But proud of her nonetheless! You, lady, are an inspiration for us.
SAKSHI RAJPUT (29 days ago)
Truely inspiring Di
bro! I must say that my extremely important 10 minutes aren't wasted this video has pumped me up a lot. I have just started making cover songs on my youtube channel After watching this video i am really satisfied by my decision because i feel that following my passion will get me on top some day
Nidhi Shah (19 days ago)
That's amazing!! Follow your passion because very few people get to do that in real life. Good luck!! May be I'll keep an eye out for you...
Rahul Titon (1 month ago)
very inspiring vedio ☺🙂 the girl looks very emotional but now she is haapy 🤗😄😃😄 its her hardwork and smartness 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Maria Madonna (1 month ago)
I wonder why I have done masters and looking towards Phd..haha
hrila öö (1 month ago)
In India !!!Guys would never success this much....Girls always success mostly.....this is India....
Zombie Keeda (1 month ago)
Kuch logo ki gareebi, inconvenience hi meri ameeri hia cb -_-
Zombie Keeda (1 month ago)
Some people are so lucky in every term. Let it be financially, physically, clear skin, mental & emotional fitness as well. ;(
Soma Barik (12 days ago)
Daljeet Singh (1 month ago)
aashna has so attitude hate you
Ipshita Thakur (1 month ago)
Your videos... Are always motivation .. whatever it may be...
That Slim Girl (1 month ago)
I also want to be successful in my life😔i m working hard
#Fashionguru Guru (1 month ago)
Aladin's School (1 month ago)
Trisha Rudra (1 month ago)
There are a lot of sides to social media influencing that are rarely ever seen...for one, and I say this from experience, unless you have a staggering amount of followers on Instagram already, your posts won't be noticed. So your options are, pay a social media marketing company, boost your posts with money, and get sponsored ads. The algorithms work that way and once you have enough boosts, your profile will be highlighted. That's how you start with 1k followers and up. Second, the 'blogger' in question may not always have it easy, but from what I have seen, majority of such celebrities are already earning, or they have a job to back them up, or they rely on their family..So if you are someone who's struggling to make a career simply by blogging, it will take a LONG time to go anywhere. Fun fact, you need money to earn money. I'm not against social media influencers, but they have spoilt the market for serious, hard working bloggers..I don't say they haven't worked hard, but their way and our way is so different. I also find brands/restaurants/hotels/etc are equally responsible for this hype. They encourage and young minds are easily influenced. And last but not the least, jo dikta hai, woh bikta hai...the more you show-off, the more popular you are. Pity!
Gaurav (1 month ago)
Influencer marketing never works every time, but this lady have done a hardwork #brilliant
Lomikali Yeptho (1 month ago)
I never see her on instagram 😲
snehil haldar (1 month ago)
That the benifit of being a girl you got beauty to sell and earn a tone of cash. But unfortunately I m a man and as a man I need to do a lot of hardwork to earn a single penny. I wish in the next life I should become a girl then I will get millions of followers , subscribers and I m gonna earn a tone of cash by just doing photoshoots, and posting Instagram selfie etc. Life would be so easy.
Hiba Salman (1 month ago)
Truly inspirational
arya gupta (1 month ago)
Someone please help me i don't know kya kru mein. Mere ghar ki financial condition bhht khrab h i need job mein patna mei hu nd 12th mei currently study kr rhi hu please please help somebody i need a job 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Wish Trends (1 month ago)
Im literally thrilled by this video. Really inspired me
MEP SKY VED (1 month ago)
I think she didnt only earn money fr ig..
Gausiya aain (1 month ago)
Aaa (1 month ago)
Motivation of the day ❤️
Abhay singh (1 month ago)
Very genuine
Mr. Deadpool (1 month ago)
Social media influencers..... this is those moments where I'm really glad that i don't use any social media.
Mr. Deadpool (1 month ago)
@amber arshad what ? I'm from South India , i don't understand what you said
amber arshad (1 month ago)
Kaisay kamaty ho mujy bi btao
Abdealii (1 month ago)
That's really encouraging 🔥
pallavi upadhyay (1 month ago)
Too much layer.. first time I see .
sss s (1 month ago)
Aqsa Nazir (1 month ago)
Background music??? Name
Wandy Patil (1 month ago)
I’m really glad to see how humble she s...I like her!!
harendra rana (1 month ago)
Are bear bhai shaab jub iske pass back support tha tubhi to kiya isne ye sub kisi garib ko bol ke dikhao ya middle low class family ko bol ke dekho aajtak kis amir ke bache apne nalayak dekhe life me koi koi kuch kba kuch ker hi leta hai kuch aisha exprience lao jo hume such me inspair ker sake like jo down to earth ho
S (1 month ago)
Wake up people, stop following bloggers and influences they just sell products to you. It's a new form of advertising
Chethan Sagar (1 month ago)
I will now start to follow her because of her story and personality 🙏
kishalay majumder (1 month ago)
She kinda looks like monali thakur
Ranjit Bora (1 month ago)
Whatever u do in life remember one u day u have die no matter what.... No point of becoming rich in this life rather do something on which u will be remember for generations to come.....
Ashu Creation (1 month ago)
Click bait
SnEakY HoG (1 month ago)
*So she sold Chinese Product?*
Bareeraikhlaq VLOGS (1 month ago)
Wooooowwww thats goood Amazing 😍😍😍😍 *Do checkout my vlogs as wel stay connected and keep supporting*
P 4 Pakistan (1 month ago)
Yes please
Blast On Studio (1 month ago)
Very honest . Super examplee for everyone
Sahiba Kaur (1 month ago)
It’s so funny to see how people working hard, getting into iims and just sacrificing their life end up earning the same amount as these useless, fake and illiterate Instagrammers . I hate her face
nithin chandra (1 month ago)
What if someone hacks her Insta and deletes the account permanently 😂😂
angel_pihu_ 815 (1 month ago)
She will create another, she is popular, everyone will find her
angel_pihu_ 815 (1 month ago)
@SnEakY HoG fix your English
SnEakY HoG (1 month ago)
I had be so happy lol
sharin cherry (1 month ago)
don say it
The bong glam life (1 month ago)
I've seen on a Instagram post that she brought followers !
The bong glam life (1 month ago)
@angel_pihu_ 815 they posted it with prove... That she brought followers !
#DPX Explorer# (1 month ago)
@angel_pihu_ 815 hello 🙋, I am new in vlogs, I do create travel and fitness vligs.. Will you watch and give your comment on the same.. And if u like please subscribe
angel_pihu_ 815 (1 month ago)
Fake post dearie
#DPX Explorer# (1 month ago)
cute girl hello plz watch my video.. and if u like then only subscribe
YJ's Tech (1 month ago)
she's so humble & inspiring
Gopi Chavan (1 month ago)
You really doing great thing bro...thanks for introducing such inspiring people...!!!
Ayush Majithia (1 month ago)
Gopi Chavan Well I recently started creating content and it would really mean the world to me if you checked out my channel once.
Gopi Chavan (1 month ago)
@Ayush Majithia yeah sure why not???
Ayush Majithia (1 month ago)
Gopi Chavan Could I ask you for a favor? It would really mean the world to me.
Shweta Dubey (1 month ago)
M still thinking to make a blog 😅
Rahul Supan (1 month ago)
aur kya bolu... degree ki value nhi rahi ab! These peoples are earning more than the degree holders!
menka_ magic (1 day ago)
@Rakesh Kukkemane so true
Donna K (7 days ago)
Lol don’t be bitter... find your passion and blog
Indronil Chatterjee (10 days ago)
Rahul Supan Degree were never meant for earning money in the first place.. unless that degree coincide with market demands and hence business..!see its all about business..! This girl succeeded because of her relentless effort and ofcourse "looks" she used it to her advantage and used the market~ Same way a YouTuber earns a lot by promoting ads A Computer science graduate can fetch 10 times as much comparing to all these if he can manipulate the finance spectra of a Mnc....... knowledge and degree is different, comparing it with someone making some bucks is like severely underestimating that subject or profession
Aishwarya Aish (1 month ago)
Damn 😘😘 love love love aashna 🥰
Shreenivas Lifestyle (1 month ago)
Amazing interview bro it helps so many people's 👍
Shreenivas Lifestyle (1 month ago)
@Ayush Majithia ok
Ayush Majithia (1 month ago)
Shreenivas Lifestyle Well I recently started creating content for YouTube and it would really mean the world to me if you checked it out once.
Shreenivas Lifestyle (1 month ago)
@Ayush Majithia yes sure
Ayush Majithia (1 month ago)
Shreenivas Lifestyle Could I ask you for a favor?
The Food Lord (1 month ago)
It would be great to get a rundown on how she cracked those 6 figure deals from that initial 5k..
Gaurav Jaiswal (1 month ago)
Shikha Mukherjee (2 months ago)
She is like the Indian version of boss girl on Netflix!
Sandeep Yadav (2 months ago)
Beer biceps let's have interview with famous personalities
Rakesh Poojary (2 months ago)
Ur doing good motivating job keep going bro
Mansi Negi (2 months ago)
I can relate...thanku so much 💙
Vineeta Gupta (2 months ago)
This video has really inspired me a lot. Such an inspiration 🖤
presentlymine (2 months ago)
Highly inspiring video for a blogger!
Shantilal Menaria (2 months ago)
- Iamrajj
Shantilal Menaria (2 months ago)
Eshu Shrivastava (2 months ago)
I am not talking about anybody it is about me ranveer bhaiya i known i need to do study or i have to so i want to do study and i am doing dca right now then college but my point is if i want to something or i want to acehive something i need to pay the price for it but i don"t want to do hard work so could you tell me how to feel good with our own body and i think main krna nahi chatha hardwork
Nimisha Jain (2 months ago)
Fake !
2 in 1 food and makeup (2 months ago)
I like it
Kamal Maddhesia (2 months ago)
Fakeness overloaded
Paul Neligonda (2 months ago)
This is truly inspiring..😊
Ruhi Rajita (2 months ago)
Is she dating Armaan Malik?
Pulkit Srivastava (2 months ago)
This is so damn relatable to me. ❤
sudheephyd (3 months ago)
India is a Big Meme!!
Green T (3 months ago)
Why is he talking like a teenage girl with girly expressions?
akash karmakar (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/XkP-FCNA7jA subscribe this channel..
Ritu Bhansali (3 months ago)
I felt so so so good after watching this video. The determination she has towards her work is genuinely the best thing. She surely has motivated me alot. After watching this I'm literally like muje bhi kuch banna hai and I will give my 100% time and effort to what I wanna become. Thank you beer biceps for this video 😊❤
Raman Sharma (3 months ago)
I really like and appreciate your videos, because these days , they are working like motivations for me. I have gone to so many interviews but I am still unemployed, I really don't know , whats going on.Because Now, Neither I have money nor that zeal to put it up. I am really tired and disappointed from myself.I can't even find a job for myself.Really don't know if I will survive or not, whether I will get a job or not. But thanx for motivating, only for a time being.But , yeah for few secs I forgot What I am .
Nihar Deshmukh (3 months ago)
Tax bharti hai kya ye?
Vedant's vlog (3 months ago)
Both are looking so cute together
Rajnj Sahay (3 months ago)
Satya vachan (3 months ago)
Very inspiring!!
harshit gupta (3 months ago)
Nice Video man, very inspiring but i think the subtitles could be smaller as it gets a bit distracting !! appreciate the great content and insights
sagar aher (3 months ago)
Just some makeup and shit on you, and you become an influencer. Wow, amazing.
Almost God (3 months ago)
Chuchiya dabao iski

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