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Only the Best Garage & Diner Player Homes - Fallout 4 Mods

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Text Comments (401)
Corey Rogers (1 day ago)
I heard ox's phone
shaun klem (16 days ago)
Look at honey breeze player home
Yeti Smith (2 months ago)
I think there needs to be a mod that when you go into a player home with Preston Garby he says " Perfect place for a Preston Garby "
Sniperhack1982 Williams (3 months ago)
three words make shift homes
Simon Pierson (4 months ago)
i know you dont play skyrim Ox but if you ever did Elianora also made 1 of the best player homes for skyrim legendry edition caled: "summer set cabin BHO" i recomend it as its another show case of her amazing mod skill and player home design
AngelRaivan 8579 (4 months ago)
Not that it needed confirmation but i think Oxhorns description of the blackboard writing makes it pretty clear that a 'gym' is merely a misspelled Jim in his world.
William_BroBrine (6 months ago)
25:26 I always wanted this!!!
Anarchy Antz (6 months ago)
A Player home behind the slog. Have you heard about that farm run bu ghouls? Isn't that something!
MiSt 526 (6 months ago)
BTW, in the Slog Diner you didn't notice but the benches in the Diner all connect to the Slog's workbench cloud storage. Also that little square platform with the blue lights is supposed to have an armor dummy standing on it but sometimes it doesn't show up the first time you enter the diner due to some glitch in the vanilla game.
Grieving Sage (6 months ago)
That White/blue helmet @ 3:02!!! I need that. I am playing a Deadshot inspired playthough. That helmet would be perfect!
Ross Norris (6 months ago)
Ellie the awesome, and she chose my favorite places to set up a home early.
RedRocketTV needs to do all the game design he just too damn good
Dom the Bomb (7 months ago)
Scrolling through to find more videos I didn't watch and found a thumbnail of some vids from 4 years ago and you have a 5 mile long beard and glasses that make you look 90 years old! I am surprised.
Dom the Bomb (7 months ago)
Mg uncle owns a garage so I could live there if I wanted. Sleeping on the ragpile, drinking water from the water cooler... now I seriously want to try it. For my YouTube channel....
BoyBlue (7 months ago)
anyone else: a toilet oxhorn: a pooping station
N00B_887 (7 months ago)
Hey ox, long time fan first time commenter, are there any shop player homes.
Fenix Arges (7 months ago)
Some of the personnel did turn on the Overseer at Vault 111, perhaps one of the former guards stopped at the Starlight Drive-In and was attacked by the molerats.
Vance Mcfadyen (7 months ago)
To bad none of them is for xbox
SirDanku (8 months ago)
I think with the main menu garage that the sole survivor made the garage a player home and the wrecked Mr.Handy is codsworth but destroyed
Hybrid 9 (8 months ago)
Currently planning a fallout 4 man cave/Garage and workshop build,
th3gr8makar0sc 666 (8 months ago)
I'm amazed nobodies squatting in hospitals or gas stations
Captain Morgan (9 months ago)
22:00 we can hear your phone going off in the background
TheCursedController (9 months ago)
Heya Ox. While watching the red rocket part it reminded me of my atom cats red rocket settlement. Still tweaking but i'll fill you in when its done.
Quendi Voncken (10 months ago)
haw did joe doe de bich bat en boebs
Caringan Coystopitum (10 months ago)
Oooh, I slept on a fold-out-bed as well, but only for 3 years. But contrary to you, my back still hurts, when I think about it...
FredRated1967 (10 months ago)
Say, got a question about the Rockin' Red Rocket mod. If I have a supply line to that settlement, can I access my building materials inside the player home to mod things like weapins and armor and cradt chems and explosives?
ATC Sinister (11 months ago)
What pip boy is that?! I like the look
kinkyfella1994 (11 months ago)
I cant tell if your sarcastic in the intro for this and the cave/crypt video hahaha :p
Brutal Bro (11 months ago)
But Ox I already rebuilt the Slog Diner with that Filled food and drink shelves mod you reviewed! Ooooh no! I suppose....I could just rip down the Grand Opening sign and....Cocktail the place for the insurance....<.<
Lauren E (11 months ago)
The slog diner was interesting in a twisted way, a dude was trapped in their by his friend and starved to death
Metalicbat 2 (1 year ago)
Pls make vids with more xbox stuff we are still here
TheMalevolentSpoon (1 year ago)
"How many benches you pressed, and how many bells you dumbed, with the curls and jumps and all of that." Probably the greatest phrase describing exercise I've ever heard. 10/10
Jeffrey Thurman (1 year ago)
I want to have a cigar with this guy so bad
Paul Ossou (1 year ago)
As an update to your Atom Cats comment. RedrocketTV who you feature in the beginning just released an amazing Atom Cats garage mod that turns a warehouse across the way into a multi floor power armor workshop. Very well done as is all their mods.
Matt Christie (1 year ago)
There's a mod that has a trap door in the Red Rocket where the terminal is. Not very exciting, but doesn't alter the main building.
I really need to get a gaming PC
xxxtentacionin topic (1 year ago)
Oxhorn is the best he helps me find stuff in the game i want 😎👏
saintpeter 13 (1 year ago)
Ya fyi , the red rocket home by elianora is quite clitchy , I had many problems with it . Too bad cause I love the location
joooodah (1 year ago)
Love the mod reviews! I wish you could slow down your camera pans when looking around though. I really appreciate all the information you provide in the "read more" section. Keep up the good work- it's SO delightful :) :)
Mike, from Texas (1 year ago)
*Ox!* Your tone makes it seem like you think there's something wrong with trying to keep oneself in decent shape.
Perfect spot for a molerat den
NekoInk13 (1 year ago)
Second play-through and I’ve made my base in the red rocket near Sanctuary :)
Lauren E (1 year ago)
The diner behind the slog had a note and skeleton suggesting a man was trapped in there to starve by someone he clearly trusted. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable there, his betrayal doesn't sit right with me. What a shame through, I love that mod
Fin Wilcox (1 year ago)
is the iventory sorter vanilla or is it a mod?
Dade G. (1 year ago)
Yes just about every diner and red rocket I want to turn into another player home
Clem (1 year ago)
"Wepon detecting ring" Come on Ox, I thought  you were better than that...
Gloyd Orangeboar (1 year ago)
is this Starlight mod compatible with the Starlight bus barricade?
i Draw (1 year ago)
The player homes in a nuclear post-apocalypse look nicer than my real house.
Mikosch2 (1 year ago)
Of course Preston read that one. After all he needs something to do all the time you're out doing the work for him...
hooe y (1 year ago)
You think you read that, Preston? Why don't you ever THINK a settlement needs our help? Huh? HUH??
IKEA Catalogue (1 year ago)
I haven't really noticed it untill now but i enjoy how you say pooping station instead of toilet😂
Midnight 34 (1 year ago)
Omg i cant stop watching your mod videos i just cant!!😀😀😄
P W (1 year ago)
"We've got a nice bathtub over here and Pooping Station"
LMW (1 year ago)
And who calls a toilet a "pooping station" ??
LMW (1 year ago)
Does Preston have a sword?
MCPunk55 (1 year ago)
These may be amazing player homes but I prefer to craft my own.
MCPunk55 (1 year ago)
I can't drink coffee and I must avoid drinks with higher amoutns of caffeine, like Coke. I came down with a somewhat serious depression a year and so ago. I underwent treatment but when I told my psychiatrist what caffeine was doing to me, she said it was not because I mixed it with the anti-depressant she precribed, and honestly nothing like that was written in the information buletin for it. Turns out the depression made a permanent mark on how my brain handles caffeine and most likely alcohol so I'm afraid I can't enjoy your videos while drinking anything with caffeine.
ShahS 1221 (1 year ago)
Hey Oxhorn! Would you consider doing a list for additional animation mods? Like I saw there was a mod to have npcs be able to use bathtubs with a lounging animation. Stuff like that. Would be interesting to see what's out there! :D
Codsworth (1 year ago)
How did you know about my deep seeded wanting of a home in a dirty post apocalyptic roadside diner?
Max Bizzarri (1 year ago)
Do you dislike MxR? Probably a bit straight forward but I think your videos are much better and you post more, they have more detail and your voice makes the lore and reviews much more interesting or if it's sad or scary or happy, more alive
AlienSkyProductions (1 year ago)
That diner at the beginning :o it's beautiful!! I wish I wasn't on PS4 now.
Ryan Anderson (1 year ago)
I made a cool diner in my Sim settlements build and was about to post it, but then cdante on Nexus decided to be a little bitch and block me. Then Kinggath acted like a bitch too and blocked me from the forum for me telling cdante to stop harassing me. Thats on top of all the crap I dealt with last year with actual pro-nazi modders in the discord groups. Apparently most of the modding community really is morons and hateful assholes. I'm now hoping for the Creation Club to replace or exile those people...
Kavinsky Smith (1 year ago)
I know what your thinking: Why is preston standing and not in the pillary I put him in at the red rock truck stop then?
XanderGames (1 year ago)
Do You wanna make a video for the ps 4
Raymond Lee (1 year ago)
Ah, so that's what 'toasting your bagel' means....
namedpistacio leonard (1 year ago)
Perfect spot for a mirelurk den
speed0spank (1 year ago)
Oxhorn, you should get Casper mattress as a sponsor so you can get a new bed. There is no way your adult bed should be less comfy than a pull out couch. Shill for a new bed, man.
Oxhorn (1 year ago)
Hah oh I have a new bed these days. That was when I was in college.
5dmc1 (1 year ago)
@oxhorn unless you already picked up the original Barter Bobble Head, the mod author deleted the original from the fish cannery to prevent duplicates.
Knockrotter (1 year ago)
Mole Rat den? Meme makers get to work?
Bella_Iris (1 year ago)
I really loved how the title was shown after the garage door opened.
TheOnlyJuan (1 year ago)
is the starlight blue compatible with other moods for starlight drive in?
TheWellReadLady (1 year ago)
Those RedRocketTV house mods are gorgeous! So well done.
Elianora (1 year ago)
Excellent video. I love how you appreciate all the work that goes into making these, and sound so excited when talking about the mods :)
Sn0man (1 year ago)
The modding queen herself...
Amanda Walker (1 year ago)
I love how the dog bed says "Use your own bed!" when you mouse-over it.
Rick Salvator (1 year ago)
me again - should have been clearer that I am a PC player of Fallout and would love if Oxhorn created a video that walks PC players through finding and installing mods
Peter Crisp (1 year ago)
I love your enthusiasm for this game. You obviously love playing this game and it shines through in your voice. Amazing work :-).
adam larson (1 year ago)
OMG I JUST FOUND OUT SOMETHING ABOUT THE Mysterious Stranger he is a easter egg from The man with no name trilogy (both of them come when they are needed and leave when they're job is done).
joostjuhh26 (1 year ago)
Hey I am dutch and I always wonderd what happend to europe Befor and after de Nukes and fallout...??????
Sn0man (1 year ago)
We don't know. It's the same as with South America, Australia and Africa as well. Presumably radiation got to it if the world is meant to be destroyed, but who knows?
noizyboy 4421 (1 year ago)
ox please do a video explaining that sewage pipe area near taffington boathouse that area confused me it had a weird holotape and it wasn't rly explained that would be good
TheKipper Doe (1 year ago)
All perfect places for a mirelurk... nest
Elektrick (1 year ago)
Do the Replicated Man from Fallout 3! When you actually do Fallout 3....
Ahmad Momenai (1 year ago)
you should show us how you normally play,like your show your power armor(s) and guns and weapons and your fav mods and settlements,also im curious if you use the settlement in the city,i dunno the name,srry,but its like a tiny alley which was filled with some raiders,i like that one cuz its like a little private home out in nowhere,thanks for entertaining us, really love your vids ps.i guess i should say not the settlement in diamond city, in Boston city.
Florian Wolf (1 year ago)
11:28 zitate:" ... and a poopingstation." :'D too good ^^.
Mi3ter_T (1 year ago)
Awesome decorated settlements! Please check out mine
End me (1 year ago)
We're cruising around the Commonwealth to find the best diners, drive ins and *MIRELURK DENS*
Space2Jump Gaming (1 year ago)
Would be nice if you could do this for the settlement blueprints!
Riley Hester (1 year ago)
Quick question, Oxhorn. I saw you used the Place Anywhere mod to scrap items that aren't normally scrappable. Does that mean you don't need a mod like Scrap Anything in order to scrap anything? Does Place Anywhere do the same thing?
Sam B. (1 year ago)
Oxhorn plz do a review on Aloots Homeplate mod its so amazing and it has a nice little backstory behind why all of it is there
Mitchell Horton (1 year ago)
Okay this is 100% unrelated to this video, but you are 100% responsible for inspiring my new FO4 playthrough. And tonight I was doing the steps to get the "best" ending where only the Institute dies, and I realized two things. That ending is intentional, and it's ONLY available through metagaming or through RPing a character with a very strict moral code, COMBINED with critical thinking and reading the lore. Consider this. The Institute motto is "Humanity, reimagined." That sounds like they want to remake themselves into a different, better creature. Like the original purpose of the FEV research, in fact. The program of kidnapping people and replacing them with synths makes little sense on the surface beyond pure maliciousness, or testing of an unknown purpose. While most gen 3 synths are made to human specs so that they are virtually indistinguishable from a regular human, Coursers prove that the Institute is capable of creating superhumans using their Gen 3 program (Coursers aren't that dangerous in-game in my opinion, but it's clear from the way they talk no normal human should hold a candle to them unless they're decked in power armor) Edit; forgot this part: The FEV experiments also make sense; if they could control the supermutant mutations to grant their synths the radiation resistance and limited physical benefits without the gross muscular changes and psychological issues, they would have a huge advantage in the wasteland. And since they would be artificially produced, the FEV's side effect of infertility is of no concern to them. Here's what I think is happening. The Institute wants to upload themselves into perfected synth bodies as their endgame. The "regular" gen 3 synths you see in the Institute are basically the Gen 3.0. Mostly blank servants. Then you have the "replacers" who duplicate the personality of the kidnapped individual to an uncanny degree. Nick also shows their successes in fully transplanting personlities into synth minds. Curie could possibly also count as supporting this, as it's clear the synth mind is designed to readily accept a wide range of personality imprints from various sources. Now, if they perfected that personality cloning technology, combined that with a perfected physical specimen from the Courser program, and add in a perfected strain of FEV, and you put them together, you get everyone in the Institute (or the elites at least) in Courser++ bodies, immune to radiation, with the ability to repeat the process, granting a form of immortality (not unlike the Tleilaxu in Dune, who eventually used a similar ghola cloning process to achieve immortality of a sort). This also fits with "child Shaun"; perhaps Shaun was hoping to place his mind in a child body before releasing the Sole Survivor, and letting them raise him. This also implies that once that transformation took place, they would see humans as competition for resources, and would begin a purge; possibly by using their test-replacers who they went ahead and put in positions of power to bring about conflict and wars amongst the Commonwealth. This also resolves the biggest sour note for me; why the Institute murdered the reps from the CPG. Prior to this theory, which fits perfectly, my only theory was based on something you mentioned in their lore; perhaps the larger Institute leadership wasn't behind the attack, but an isolationist faction within the Institute used it as a way to force the Institute into remaining underground. Edit: I should explain I think. This gives the Institute a motivation to cripple the CPG in it's infancy; since their synth project was already underway, they would want to prevent any topside organizations from forming who could challenge them once they completed their transformations and claimed the surface. One has to wonder, even, if maybe the Institute wasn't behind the fall of the Minutemen as well. It wouldn't take much for a few well placed or well financed synths to coax the Gunners into that attack. Or perhaps the Minuteman traitor was a synth and flipped sides at the right moment to completely destroy the Minutemen, knowing they could pose a threat in 50ish years when the plan was due to come to fruition. Hope you read this, I'd love to hear what you think.
Kathryn Free (1 year ago)
Everyone thinks Prestons annoying. He's probably my favorite companion.
Sn0man (1 year ago)
The only reason I dislike him is due to all the radiant quests he gives. He's ok in combat, but other than that I'm largely indifferent to him. I travelled with him predominantly to get his perk, but that's about it.
Justin Konkle (1 year ago)
Hey Oxhorn ever notice any show mods it seems like a fun idea
Tobias Rieper (1 year ago)
Yeah the Main Menu Garage.... finally..... Thank you for showing.
JUMANJI 2 JUST SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE WITH THE PRE VIDEO AD. THE ROCK CAN PISS OFF MATE KEVIN HART TOO. Ah hell they even got Jack Black in on it... Not happy with this one America.
Leo Lovelace (1 year ago)
i guess that vault 111 security guard just thought "well the bombs just droped i dont need to do my job anymore" and leaves and gets a drink at the star light diner
Cassie Moyles (1 year ago)
can you do flying or high up player homes? like up on highways or I trees or something!! please! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Derrick :} (1 year ago)
Perfect spot for a mirelurk nest ❤️😂
T1mbrW0lf (1 year ago)
Good thing that Slog Diner home is reasonably secure, because Deathclaws routinely spawn by the Mass Turnpike bridge just to the east of it . . .
Alexander Ourens (1 year ago)
Oxhorn, please do a video on laser rifles and their recoil. I have a theory about it I'd be willing to share if you did.
Dsl03 Aka dunx (1 year ago)
did anyone else here his phone go off
hey oxhorn how are you man? sorry i missed ur live stream last night but hopefully watchin this vid makes up for that

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